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   Issue 29, Spring 2018

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The following represent selected journal articles addressing the pharmaceutical industry as of the date of this guide. To locate additional articles, including articles which may be published after the preparation of this guide, please search available journal indexing sources such as EconLit, ABI Inform, Business Source Complete and Web of Science, which are subscription products available to patrons at the Library of Congress, and at other subscribing institutions. To access electronic journals ONSITE at the Library of Congress go to the E-resources Online Catalog.

You may also review later issues of some of the journals cited here. Please consult a reference librarian at your local library External Link or here at the Library of Congress for further assistance.

BERA - Business & Economics Research Advisor - A Quarterly Guide to Business & Economics Topics

Issue 29: Spring 2018

The Business Applications of Pharmacoeconomics:
a guide to resources

Table of Contents

Industry codes
Selected Book Titles
Representative Journal Articles
Conferences, Papers, and Proceedings
Current Legislation
LC Subject Headings

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Boxall, Megan "FTSE 350: Big pharma needs big launches in 2017." Investors Chronicle, January 26, 2017. External Link

Article predicts that 2017 will be a better year for pharmaceuticals with fewer mergers. Examines several companies and their current market value.

Cyran, Robert. "Big Pharma on the Hot Seat." New York Times. January 12, 2017. External Link

This article written shortly after the U.S. election outlines concerns about the U.S.'s stance on pharmaceuticals.

"Encore une fois; the genomic-era-arrives." The Economist. May 5, 2016. External Link

This article examines human-genome sequencing projects and their relationship with R&D in the pharmaceutical field and how it will impact cancer treatments.

Foley, Stephen. "Big pharma ignores R&D at its peril." The Independent, February 6, 2010 External Link

Fernald, K.D.S, H.P.G. Pennings, J.F. van den Bosch, H.R. Commandeur, and E. Claassen. "The moderating role of absorptive capacity and the differential effects of acquisitions and alliances on big pharma firms' innovation performance." February 23, 2017. External Link

This article addresses the key components of pharmacoeconomic models and includes downloads of PowerPoint slides which provide useful statistical information on global pharmaceutical sales, trends and mergers and acquisitions.

Hancock, Jay. "Everyone wants to reduce drug prices, so why can't we do it?" New York Times, September 23, 2017. External Link

Article discusses various proposals to reduce prescription drug costs to include appeals to Congress; and, allowing cheaper imports from other developed countries.

Kaplan, Sheila and Katie Thomas. "Draft order on drug prices proposes easing regulations." New York Times, June 20, 2017. External Link

This article discusses attempts to ease regulatory hurdles for the drug industry in an effort to get prices down.

Morgenson, Gretchen. "Big pharma spends on share buybacks, but R&D? Not so much." New York Times, July 14, 2017. External Link

While this article does acknowledge that the high costs of drugs are related to generating money for research and cures, an analysis of theStandard & Poor's 500 index reveals that money was spent on buybacks and dividends as well.

Quigley, Fran. "Escaping big Pharma's pricing with patent-free drugs." New York Times, July 18, 2017. External Link

Article discusses attempts to tackle 'neglected diseases' or D.N.D.I (Drugs for Neglected Disease Initiative) with patent free drugs that have been abandoned because of lack of profitability.

Smith, Randall. "The private equity firm that quietly profits on top-selling drugs." New York Times, July 8, 2017. External Link

Article details investors who buy rights to royalties on future drug sales resulting in higher prices for drugs.

"Why drug prices in America are so high." The Economist. September 12, 2016. External Link

Article examines that while European governments control drug prices, American companies can set official prices they want.

Last updated: 03/22/2018

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   Issue 29, Spring 2018
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  April 5, 2018
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