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Anderson, Ronald M., Thomas H. Rice and Gerald F. Kominski. Changing the U.S. health care system : key issues in health services, policy, and management. 4th ed. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, 2014.
LC Call Number: RA395.A3 C478 2014
LC Catalog Record: 00050675
Publisher description
Table of Contents

This work includes information on pharmaceutical access and covers a wide range of topics to include pharmaceutical costs, competitive forces, determining drug prices, differential pricing, the effect of generic product on prices, interpreting pharmaceutical price data, drug price changes and measuring prices when new drugs replace old ones.
BERA - Business & Economics Research Advisor - A Quarterly Guide to Business & Economics Topics

Issue 29: Spring 2018

The Business Applications of Pharmacoeconomics:
a guide to resources

Table of Contents

Industry codes
Selected Book Titles
Representative Journal Articles
Conferences, Papers, and Proceedings
Current Legislation
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Ansell, John. Transforming big pharma : assessing the strategic alternatives. Farnham, Surrey; Burlington, Vermont, Gower Publishing Limited, [2013].
LC Call Number: HD9665.5 .A574 2013
LC Catalog Record: 2013006115

This work discusses the pharmaceutical industry in detail and includes useful lists of abbreviations, charts and diagrams, strategic alliances, major drug manufacturers and tables that indicate the longevity of the global best-selling products to include the generic names of these drugs.

Arnold, Renee J.G., ed Pharmacoeconomics: from theory to practice. Raton, Florida, Taylor & Francis, c2010.
LC Call Number: RS100.P433 2010
LC Catalog Record: 2009032763

As the title of this work suggests, 'pharmacoeconomics is the field of study that evaluates the behavior or welfare of individuals, firms, and markets relevant to the use of pharmaceutical products, services, and programs.' Pharmacoeconomics includes in-depth analysis of decision modeling techniques, cost of illness, database analysis, cost-minimization and cost-effectiveness analysis with case studies, future challenges and value of pharmacoeconomics. In addition, this work examines global practices with useful charts for analysis.

Bull, Benedicte and Desmond McNeill. Development issues in global governance : public-private partnerships and market multilateralism. London and New York, Routledge, 2007.
LC Call Number: HD2963 .B85 2007
LC Catalog Record: 2006001757
Table of contents
Publisher description

Work includes discussion of 'The rise of public-private partnerships in the multilateral system — Multilateralism and globalization — Partnerships in context — Global partnerships for health: health for all, or more "big pharma"?.'

Castellblanch, Ramon. Driving down the cost of drugs: battling big pharma in the statehouse. Boulder & London, FirstForumPress, 2012.
LC Call Number: RA401.A4 C37 2012.
LC Catalog Record: 2012000898

This work examines how health-access advocates are actively accounting for the high cost of prescription drugs and how it affects specific groups such as the elderly by looking at case studies from several states. In addition, this work offers historical information on 'blockbuster' drugs from the 1980's to the present and how they reached the top of their market power.

Chetley, Andrew. A healthy business?: world health and the pharmaceutical industry. London and New Jersey, Zed Books, Ltd., 1990.
LC Call Number: HD9665.6.C47 1990
LC Catalog Record: 89035871

Although this is an older work, it contains a useful bibliography detailing issues of not only the twentieth century, but offers insight to issues facing the twenty-first century such as the overuse of antibiotics and pain killers. This work examines world health issues by country to include infant mortality rates and the failure to get medicines to the most needy who suffer from poverty and deprivation.

Christensen, Clayton M., Jerome H. Grossman and Jason Hwang. The innovator's prescription: a disruptive solution for health care. New York, McGraw-Hill, c2009.
LC Call number: RA971 .C56 2009
LC Catalog Record: 2008043957
Table of Contents

In addition to several chapters signaling "disruptive solutions for health care", this book has a chapter which examines the future of the pharmaceutical industry to include patents, research and development. Includes bibliographical references.

Dickson, Jonathan R. and Amy M. Woebler, editors. Prescription drug pricing; cost and control concerns. New York, Nova Science Publishers, Inc., 2011.
LC Call Number: RS100.P73 2011
LC Catalog Record: 2011015645

This work examines 'extraordinary price increases' for several different drug brands and the therapeutic classes that are usually affected: central nervous system, anti-infective, and cardiovascular drugs. It includes charts detailing these increases using percentages from previous years and 'extraordinary price increases,' as well as an analysis of a GAO (Government Accounting Office) report by John E. Dicken entitled: 'Overview of Approaches to Control Prescription Drug Spending in Federal Programs' and discussion of how the Federal Government uses competition between health plans to control prescription drug costs.

Dubovsky, Steven L. and Amelia N. Dubovsky. Psychotropic drug prescriber's survival guide; ethical mental health treatment in the Age of Big Pharma. New York and London, W.W. Norton & Company, 2007.
LC Call Number: RM315.D878 2007
LC Catalog Record: 2006027067
Table of contents

This work examines the pharmaceutical industry's market share influence on clinical practice as it pertains to mental health.

Encyclopedia of American industries, v.1 Manufacturing Industries. 6th edition. Detroit, Mich.: Gale Research, 2011.
LC Call number: HC102 .E53
LC Catalog Record: 2001223283

Arranged by SIC (Standard Industrial Classification Code) with conversion tables for the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System), this work examines the pharmaceutical industry to include: medicinal chemicals and botanical products, pharmaceutical preparations, in vitro and in in vivo diagnostic substances, and biological products, except diagnostic substances. It also includes historical information on the pharmaceutical industry. Recent editions have been published in electronic format only and are available from Gale Cengage's Business Insights Global database. Please note that the database is available for patrons who are on site and other subscribers.

Finkelstein, Stan and Peter Temin. Reasonable Rx: solving the drug price crisis. New Jersey, Pearson Education, Inc., 2008.
LC Call Number: HD9666.4.F55 2008
LC Catalog Record: 2007036128
Table of contents

Although an older work, this book examines a number of key components affecting drug prices and pricing which continue to influence the drug industry today and includes several risk factors, the squandering R&D Resources and arguments both in favor and against lowering drug prices. Includes bibliographical references and useful appendices.

Flood, Colleen M. and Aeyal Gross, editors. The Right to health at the public/private divide: a global comparative study. New York, Cambridge University Press, 2014.
LC Call Number: K3601.R525 2014.
LC Catalog Record: 2013042458

In 2006, a WHO survey found evidence of a substantial increase in patient-led litigation against health authorities and funders over access to medicines around the world. This work, divided into three sections contains essays on the following: National Public Health Systems, Social Health Insurance Systems and mixed private/public systems. Includes an extensive bibliography.

Hein, Wolfgang. Informal norms in global governance: human rights, intellectual property rules and access to medicines. Farnham, Surrey ; Burlington, VT : Ashgate Pub., c2013.
LC Call Number: RA441 .H45 2013
LC Catalog Record: 2012026010

This work chronicles the access to medicines movement in the context of human rights and how to achieve global change in the timely delivery of medicines to people throughout the world.

International yearbook of industrial statistics. Vienna : United Nations Industrial Development Organization ; Aldershot, England ; Brookfield, Vt., USA : Edward Elgar, 1995 - present.
LC Call number: HC10 .I673
LC Catalog Record: 95648426

Issued annually, this work is a result of the cooperation of national statistical offices, the United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD), the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and other international and regional agencies. Contains useful lists of countries which govern the market share.

Kelly, William N. Pharmacy: what it is and how it works. 2nd ed. Boca Raton : CRC Press, c2007.
LC Call Number: RS91 .K36 2007
LC Catalog Record: 2006023249
Table of contents
Publisher description

A guide and basic text for the pharmacy profession and its role in the health care profession. This guide covers a wide range of topics to include the pharmaceutical industry, career-planning information, Web sites, lists of pharmaceutical organizations, discussion questions and references.

Mancuso, David and Isobel M. Grenada, eds.. Pharmaceutical industry : innovation and developments. Hauppauge, N.Y. : Nova Science, c2011.
LC Call Number: RM301.25.P428 2011.
LC Catalog Record: 2011003550

This work includes chapters detailing the effects on innovation for authorized generic pharmaceuticals, drug pricing and drug discovery, pharmaceutical R&D, pharmaceutical patent litigation settlements and promotional spending for prescription drugs. It contains charts analyzing dosage form mapping, therapeutic categories eliminated as decongestants, therapeutic categories eliminated as vitamins. A Table of (Table 1) Federal Income Tax Liability for the Drug Industry, 1990 to 2006 is included which has important information on the U.S. as it reveals tax liability on the basis of residence. In addition, a chapter on 'Pharmaceutical Patent Litigation Settlements: Implications for Competition and Innovation' (Chapter 7) is included.

Pogge, Thomas, Matthew Rimmer and Kim Rubenstein, eds. Incentives for global public health : patent law and access to essential medicines. Cambridge, UK ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2010.
LC Call Number: RA401.A1 143 2010.
LC Catalog Record: 2010010211

This work contains a number of essays addressing patent laws and legislation, pharmaceutical policy, drugs and patents as well as connecting international law with public law. Human rights, health services accessibility, essential drugs and their supply and distribution are also discussed.

Quirke, Viviane and Judy Slinn, eds. Perspectives on twentieth-century pharmaceuticals. Oxford ; New York : Peter Lang, 2009.
LC Call Number: HD9665.5. P47 2009.
LC Catalog Record: 2009049320

This is a volume that addresses the history of the drug industry throughout the twentieth century with a series of papers presented at an international conference in Oxford, England in 2005. It is divided into five major parts and includes essays on the following: 'Different countries, times and perspectives'; 'Different actors: scientists', 'Doctors and patients'; 'Developing, selling and representing drugs'; 'Drug regulation and its limits in the United States'; and 'From Pharma to Biotech.'

Rascati, Karen L. Essentials of pharmacoeconomics, 2nd ed. Philadelphia : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2014.
LC Call Number: RM263 .R37 2009
LC Catalog Record: 2007036322

This work is 'designed for a true beginner' and is a textbook which includes both student and instructor resources. It is organized into basic and advanced topics, and includes useful worksheets to ensure learning such as a 'cost-effectiveness grid.'

Smith, Mickey C. [et al.] Pharmaceutical marketing : principles, environment, and practice. Mickey C. Smith, ... [et al.]. New York : Pharmaceutical Products Press, c2002.
LC Call Number: HD9665.5 .P525 2002
LC Catalog Record: 2002022045
Publisher description

As the title suggests, this work contains information on pricing, research and development, promotion, place factors, the channel system (channel specialists develop in response to specific market needs-e.g. the use of cough and cold remedies). It has a twofold target audience which includes business people without a pharmacy background; and, pharmacy people without a marketing background.

Styhre, Alexander and Mats Sundgren. Venturing into the bioeconomy: professions, innovation, identity. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011.
LC Call Number: HD9665.5 .S79 2011
LC Catalog Record: 2011012477

This work contains a number of useful chapters to include the historical antecedents of biopharmatechnology, the bioeconomy, science-based innovation, the new drug development process, cash flow and innovation research in the university setting.

Thomas, Laura. Global state of pain treatment : access to medicines and palliative care. New York, NY, Human Rights Watch, c2011.
LC Call Number: RB127 .T494 2011
LC Catalog Record: 2012359159

While analyzing the availability of pain treating medicines using surveys conducted throughout the world and including useful and color coded charts detailing the use of morphine and opioids required to treat cancer and HIV/AIDS, this report addresses the world wide problem of effective pain treatment and promotes changing existing drug policies to ensure that affected individuals receive the medicines they need.

Wherry, Frederick F., ed. and Juliet Schor, consulting ed.. The SAGE encyclopedia of economics and society. Vol. 3. First Edition. Los Angeles : SAGE reference, 2015.
LC Call Number: HB61 .S17564 2015
LC Catalog Record: 2015040606

Under the heading, 'Pharmaceutical Industry,' there are several informative discussions highlighting the history of the pharmaceutical industry, identification of the major pharmaceutical corporations and markets in the early 2000s, the drug development process and challenges and opportunities facing the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, the largest pharmaceutical corporations in terms of sales are listed.

Whewell, Rob. Supply chain in the pharmaceutical industry : strategic influences and supply chain responses. Farnham, England; Burlington, VT : Gower, c2010.
LC Call Number: HD9665.5 .W48 2010
LC Catalog Record: 2009010407

This work addresses costs in the pharmaceutical industry to include materials management and business logistics; and applying technology to secure the supply chain to patients. Counterfeit drugs and consequences to include effect on share prices, patient risk and protection are also covered with this work.

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