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Peter Drucker: A Tribute

Resources by and about Peter Drucker (1909 - 2005)

Compiled by Jan Herd and Ellen Terrell
Business Reference Services
December 2005
Updated August 2013 and September 2017

This short guide to resources by and about Peter Drucker was originally prepared for an exhibit in the Science and Business Reading Room of the Library of Congress December 2005 - January 2006.


When he died on November 11, 2005, just eight days short of his 96th birthday, Peter F. Drucker was often described as the inventor of modern management.

image of Drucker, from the Claremont graduate University School of Management

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Finding Aids
Print Resources
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Image (above): Photograph of Peter Drucker. Courtesy of the
School of Management
Claremont Graduate University

His books have stood the test of time, and are still considered some of the best business books to read on management and leadership.

  • The End of Economic Man published by The John Day Co. in 1939 was a socio-economic explanation of fascism that so impressed Winston Churchill that he put it on the British army's official reading list.
  • The Effective Executive (Harper & Row, 1967) ranked No. 1 in a Wall Street Journal article, "Keep On Druckin' Blue-chip Books on Business Management" by Ken Ronan, March 17, 2007.
  • The Five Most Important Questions You Will Ever Ask about your Organization, (Jossey-Bass) is a quick read and a self-assessment tool based on the following five questions which many organizations use today to measure success independent of profit margins.
  • Question 1: What Is Our Mission?
  • Question 2: Who Is Our Customer?
  • Question 3: What Does the Customer Value?
  • Question 4: What Are Our Results?
  • Question 5: What Is Our Plan?

Jack Beatty's biography of Drucker entitled, The World According to Peter Drucker, (Free Press, 1998), states "Mr Drucker .. has tried for 60 years to take the capital out of capitalism... He discusses economic life in terms of values, integrity, character, knowledge, vision, responsibility, self-control, social integration, teamwork, community competence, social responsibility, the quality of life, self-fulfilment, leadership... dignity, meaning-but rarely money." Peter Drucker assumed the offensive against shameless greed in the boardroom. This lesson still rings true today.

Finding Aids

Google Book Search External Link

The site provides brief descriptions of books (snippets) by and about Drucker. Search terms are displayed in context. Online bookstore ads are provided for those who wish to purchase a book.

Peter F. Drucker (1909 - Nov. 11, 2005)
Business Library. The University of Western Ontario. External Link

In addition to providing a list of Drucker's articles and books, the site has been updated with links to obituaries of Drucker.

Peter F. Drucker
Drucker School of Management. Claremont Graduate University. Claremont, California. External Link

Drucker School of Management is part of the Claremont Graduate University.

Print Resources

Cohen, William A. Drucker on marketing : lessons from the world's most influential business thinker New York : McGraw-Hill, c2013.
LC Call Number: HF5415 .C54248 2013
LC Catalog Record: 2012016985

Drucker, Peter F. The end of economic man : a study of the new totalitarianism. New York : The John Day Co., c1939.
LC Call Number: D443 .D78
LC Catalog Record: 39012570

Drucker, Peter F. The practice of management. New York, Harper [1954]
LC Call Number: HD70.U5 D7
LC Catalog Record: 54008946

Drucker, Peter F. The effective executive. New York, Harper & Row [1967]
LC Call Number: HD38 .D68
LC Catalog Record: 67011341

Drucker, Peter F. with Joseph A. Maciariello. The daily Drucker : 366 days of insight and motivation for getting the right things done. New York : HarperBusiness, c2004.
LC Call Number: HD31 .D7754 2004
LC Catalog Record: 2004052396
Contributor biographical information
Publisher description

Edersheim, Elizabeth Haas. The Definitive Drucker. New York : McGraw-Hill, c2007.
LC Call Number: HD31 .E356 2007
LC Catalog Record: 2006028011
Table of Contents
Publisher description

Flaherty, John E. Peter Drucker : Shaping the Managerial Mind. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass, c1999.
LC Call Number: HD31 .F537 1999
LC Catalog Record: 99006371
Table of Contents
Publisher descritption

Rosenstein, Bruce Create your future the Peter Drucker way : developing and applying a forward-focused mindset. New York : McGraw-Hill, 2013.
LC Catalog Record: 2013026925

Rosenstein, Bruce Living in more than one world : how Peter Drucker's wisdom can inspire and transform your life. San Francisco : Berrett-Koehler Publishers, c2009.
LC Call Number: HD6955 .R68 2009
LC Catalog Record: 2009018209

Internet Resources

Farewell, Peter Drucker: A Tribute to an Intellectual Giant
Wharton School. University of Pennsylvania. External Link

This tribute to Drucker discusses his relationship to Wharton and includes tributes from various colleagues. The article also includes a link to the text of a lecture by Drucker delivered at Wharton on April 7, 1993, entitled, The New Organization [PDF file; 39KB] which originally appeared on the Wharton web site. External Link

Drucker Archives External Link

Sponsored by the Claremont Graduate University, the Archives contain the life works of Peter Drucker. Included are featured articles, a database which includes citations for awards, certificates, honorary degrees, article and book reviews, manuscripts, correspondence, media, books, and miscellaneous resources.

Media Coverage

Tribute to Drucker by Representative David Dreier. 15 November 2005, Congressional Record, 109th Cong., 1st sess., H10165.
PDF file (44KB) via GPO Access

This is a tribute to Peter Drucker delivered by Representative Dreier on the floor of The U.S. House of Representatives

The Handy Guide to the Gurus of Management, Episode 3: Peter Drucker, by Charles Handy. BBC World Service Radio Broadcast, c2003. External Link

"Scandals nothing new to business guru," by Bruce Rosenstein. USA Today. McLean, Va., Jul 5, 2002, p. B.08 External Link

Interview with Drucker in his later years.

Management Guru Peter Drucker, 95, Dies, by Alex Veiga. AP Wire from Washington Post, Washington, D.C., November 12, 2005. External Link

"The Man Who Invented Management. Why Peter Drucker's ideas still matter," by John A. Byrne. Business Week. November 28, 2005. pages 96-106. External Link

"Peter Drucker's Legacy Includes Simple Advice: It's All About the People," by Scott Thurm and Joann S. Lublin. Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition. November 14, 2005. page B1.

"An American Sage," Wall Street Journal, Eastern edition. November 14, 2005. page A22.

"Peter Drucker Remembered," Innovation Zone: BlogTalkRadio aired 2PM EST on July 12, 2007. External Link

Reminisences of Peter Drucker by talk radio show host Thomas Koupoulos and author Bruce Rosenstein, who was at the time working on a book about Drucker.

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