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Selected Asian Business Information Sources


Asia Pacific countries play important roles in the integrated world economy, and the U.S. has special interests in the region. Three of the top trading partners of the United States are in Asia: Japan, China, and South Korea. The US Dept. of Commerce has identified China, South Korea and India as the "Big Emerging Marketings" in the world. Two major world financial centers, Tokyo and Hong Kong, are located in Asia.

This report is intended to provide a guide to selected business and statistical information of Asia Pacific countries. It includes both printed and Intenet sources which provide information on major businesses, financial and statistical sources, country and cultural background information, business news, and market analysis.

The Asia Pacific region in this report is limited to countries in Northeast and Southeast Asia, including: China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. To ensure the currency of the information sources in this report, in general, no materials published before 1995 are included.

All of the printed resources cited in this report are available on reference at the Library of Congress in either the Asian Reading Room or the Business Reading Room. Some titles are available in both reference areas. A few are also available in the reference collections of either the Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room or the Main Reading Room. Some of the printed directories listed are foreign publications and may not be available in local public libraries. However, there is a vast amount of Asian business information available on the Internet. We have selected some of the best Internet sites from multiple sources, including Asian commercial and government agencies, U.S. commercial and government agencies, U.S. and Asian chambers of commerce and foreign trade associations, as well as international organizations engaging in world trade. Resources primarily covering a single counrty are described in the section "Country Resources," while those focusing on multiple countries in the region are described in the section on "Regional Resources." Resources, such as the U.S. State Department Country Commercial Guides, and many resources by international organizations covering nations in many regions of the world are included in the Business Reference Service guide, Multi-Regional International Internet Business Resources. Consequently, when reviewing available resources for a particular country, one should consult not only the country resources, but also the regional and multi-regional resources for the country in question.

Asian company information is also available on fee-based commercial online databases such as Dialog, which provides a wealth of company information, including Asia-Pacifi Directory (File 758), Dun's International Market Identifiers (File 518), Asian Company Profiles (File 505) and Kompass Asia Pacific (File 592). Many large community libraries and academic libraries have access to these fee-for-service online databases, sometimes on a fee-recovery basis.

Regional Resources
Multi-Regional Internet Business Resources
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  September 9, 2011
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