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Drone Co-habitation Services operates a Phantom 3 commercial multi-rotor unmanned aircraft


Ambrosio, Donovan, ed. Domestic drones: elements and considerations for the U.S. New York, Nova Science Publishers, [2014]. 151 p.
LC Call Number: TL718.D76 2014
LC Catalog Record: 2014466425

Includes discussion of selected legal references to include Congressional interest and related legislation.

Business Applications of Drone Technology: Innovation and the Use of Unmanned Aircraft

December 2017

Table of Contents

Selected Book Titles
Representative Journal Articles
Conferences, Papers, Proceedings
Current Legislation
Associations /Organizations
Drone Use Outside the U.S.
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Image (left): Drone Co-habitation Services operates a Phantom 3 commercial multi-rotor unmanned aircraft.
Photograph by Dominic Hart.
Courtesy of NASA.
MEDIA ADVISORY M16-120, October 13, 2016

Autonomous flying robots: unmanned aerial vehicles and micro aerial vehicles. Compiled by Kenzo Nonami [et al.]. Tokyo; New York, Springer, c2010.
LC Call Number: UG1242.D7 A88 2010
LC Catalog Record: 2010931387

Provides information on the history of UAV's to include a description of the current research and development of small or miniature unmanned vehicles and micro aerial vehicles, with a focus on rotary wing vehicles and integrated prototypes. Public welfare applications and business models to include weather surveys, precision agriculture, traffic and industrial surveillance to better manage complex businesses and delivery services.

Bergtora Sandvik, Kristin and Marie Gabrielsen Jumbert, eds. The Good Drone. New York, Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2017.
LC Call Number: UG1242.D7 G66 2017
LC Catalog Record: 2016003282

Book discusses the broad spectrum of beneficial and potentially good uses of drones to include precision agriculture, disaster assessment, delivery of goods and services, and environmental and wildlife protection.

Bestaoui Sebbane, Yasmina. Smart autonomous aircraft: flight control and planning for UAV. France, Boca Raton, CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, an Informa Business, [2016]
LC Call Number: UG1242.D7 B47 2016
LC Catalog Record: 2016429798

In addition to case studies, this book examines methods to create smart autonomous aircraft as they relate to flight endurance and payloads.

Dougherty, Martin J. Drones: an illustrated guide to the unmanned aircraft that are filling our skies. New York, Metro Books, [2015].
LC Call Number: UG1242. D7 D68 2015
LC Catalog Record: 2015487151

Includes a discussion of the use of non-military drones to include archaeological monitoring, law enforcement and commercial transportation of goods and services. In addition, the monitoring of underwater areas is examined to include rivers, harbor protection and pipeline inspections.

Dworok, Gerrit and Frank Jacob, eds. The Means to kill: essays on the interdependence of war and technology from ancient Rome to the age of Drones. Jefferson, North Carolina, McFarland & Company, 2016.
LC Call Number: U27.M39 2016
LC Catalog Record: 2015036161

Examines the use of drones from the earliest times (e.g. carrier pigeons), "The Age of World Wars", "The Cold War" and the "Age of New Wars." Cites examples from WWI using aerial cameras to survey battle zones.

Gundlach, Jay. Unmanned aircraft systems innovation at the Naval Research Laboratory. Reston, VA, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc., [2014].
LC Call Number: UG1242.D7 G864 2014
LC Catalog Record: 2014005281

This work discusses anticipated market growth in the aviation industry as a result of investment in drone technology. Remote sensing of vegetation, ocean and coastal research, traffic sensing, contaminant spills and pollution, emergency response and law enforcement teams are examined as a growth industry.

Hardison, Chaitra M., Michael G. Mattock, and Maria C. Lytell, eds. Incentive pay for remotely piloted aircraft career fields. Santa Monica, CA: RAND, c2012.
LC Call Number UG883.I53 2012
LC Catalog Record: 2012001174

Contains information on civilian employment opportunities in the Unmanned-Aircraft-System industry to include nonmilitary RPA Applications.

IHS Jane's all the world's aircraft. Unmanned.Coulsdon, IHS Global, [2014].

LC Call Number: UG1242.D7 I38
LC Catalog Record: 2013207536

This comprehensive reference covers all unmanned aircraft under development, in production or in service around the world, including aerial vehicles, targets and drones.

Krishna, K. R. Push button agriculture: robotics, drones, satellite-guided soil and crop management. Waretown, NJ : Apple Academic Press, 2016.
LC Call Number: S494.5.I5 K74 2016
LC Catalog Record: 2016016120

Discusses uses of drones in agriculture in a variety of agrarian regions to include areas outside the U.S. It is comprehensive and includes bibliographical references.

Mueller, Thomas J., ed. Fixed and flapping wing aerodynamics for micro air vehicle applications. Reston, Va., American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2001.
LC Call Number: TL507 .P75 vol. 195
LC Catalog Record:2002277203

Includes significant background material on the design and construction of micro air vehicle aerodynamics to include a study of thrust and drag in flying birds and application to birdlike micro air vehicles.

Newcome, Laurence R. Unmanned aviation: a brief history of unmanned aerial vehicles. Reston, Va, American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc., 2004.
LC Call Number: UG1242.D7 N48 2004
LC Catalog Record: 200400916

Provides useful historical background information on unmanned aerial vehicles as well as illustrations.

Rose, Simon. Agricultural drones. North Mankato, Minnesota, Capstone Press, 2017.
LC Call Number: S494.5.A3 R67 2017
LC Catalog Record: 2016023851

Although targeted for a younger audience, this book has several illustrations and discusses the many uses of drones to include agriculture.

Scott, Benjamyn I., ed. The law of unmanned aircraft systems: an introduction to the current and future regulation under national, regional and international law. Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands, Kluwer Law International, [2016]. 389 p.
LC Call Number: K4105.L39 2016
LC Catalog Record: 2016296101

Contains information on laws governing drone aircraft in over twenty countries to include the United States.

Madrigal, Alexis C. "Inside Google's Secret Drone-Delivery Program." In The Best Business Writing 2015, edited by Dean Starkman, Martha M. Hamilton and Ryan Chittum. New York, Columbia University Press, [2015].
LC Call Number: HF1008. B48 2015
LC Catalog Record: 2015303395

This book features a number of the "best" examples of writing for business topics and includes a discussion of Google's plans to deliver packages using drones.

Terwilliger, Brent, David Ison, John Robbins, and Dennis Vincenzi. Small unmanned aircraft systems guide: exploring designs, operations. Newcastle, Washington, Aviation Supplies & Academics, Inc. [2017].
LC Call Number: TL685.35.T47 2017
LC Catalog Record: 2016037988

Discusses how the development of new technologies will be applied to precision agriculture, crop/livestock monitoring and inspection, crop treatment, public safety and service (e.g. inspections of infrastructure), law enforcement, etc., will offer business opportunities for a growth industry.

United States. Congress. House. Committee on Small Business. Taking flight: small business utilization of unmanned aircraft : hearing before the Committee on Small Business, United States House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourteenth Congress, first session, hearing held July 15, 2015. Washington : U.S. Government Publishing Office, 2016.Washington, DC : For sale by the Superintendent of Documents, U.S. Government Publishing Office. 70 p.
LC Call Number: KF27 .S6 2015m
LC Catalog Record: 2016388453

Contains transcripts to include questions for the record and answers for the record from Members of the Committee as well as additional commentary from the National Association of Realtors and the Motion Picture Association of America.

Wilson, Daniel H. ed. Popular Mechanics Robots, a new age of bionics, drones & artificial intelligence. New York, Hearst Books, 2015.
LC Call Number: TJ211.15.P.66 2015
LC Catalog Record: 2015510086

Examines the regulations which are impeding the growth of this industry particularly as it applies to commercial use of drones.

Last updated: 12/5/2017

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