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International Business and Economic Resources:

Materials available in the Library of Congress, Business Reading Room

Compiled by Joseph O'Hara Sams
Business Reference Services. Science, Technology, & Business Division
Library of Congress, Washington, DC

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Government Agencies

  • Political Handbook of the World 1997 / edited by Arthur S. Bank, Alan J. Day, and Thomas C. Muller. -- Binghamton, NY : CSA Publications, Binghamton University, 1997.
    LC Call Number: JF37. P6 1997
    Directory provides information on government organizations, institutions, heads of state, cabinet members, national legislatures, political parties, mass media, intergovernmental organizations, and political information on nearly every country in the world.
  • Statesman Yearbook 1998-99 / edited by Barry Turner. -- 135th ed. -- New York : St. Martin's Press, c1998.
    LC Call Number: JA51. S7 135th ed. 1998-99
    Essential political and economic guide to all the countries of the world.
  • The United States Government Manual 1998/99. Office of the Federal Register, National Archives and Records Administration. -- Washington, D.C. : U.S. G.P.O., 1998.
    LC Call Number: JK421.A3 1998/99
    Official handbook of the Federal Government, provides comprehensive information of the agencies of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches. Includes information on quasi-official agencies, international organizations within in the U.S., as well as boards, commissions, and committees.
  • Worldwide Government Directory, with International Organizations. Worldwide Government Directories, Inc. -- Bethesda, MD : Worldwide Government Directories, Inc., 1996.
    LC Call Number: JF37.L345 1996
    Contains detailed contact information on the leadership of 195 countries throughout the world.

Organizations and Associations

  • Encyclopedia of Associations. -- Farmington Hills, MI : Gale Research, c1999.
    LC Call Number: AS22.E5 1999
    A guide to 23,000 national international organizations, including : trade, business, and commercial entities.
  • Encyclopedia of Associations : International Organizations. -- Farmington Hills, MI : Gale Research, c1999.
    LC Call Number: AS8.E53 1999
    A guide to more than 20,500 international nonprofit membership organizations including multinational and bi-national groups.
  • Gale Encyclopedia of Business and Professional Associations / Editor Michael B. Huellmantel. -- Detroit, MI : Gale Research Inc., c1999.
    LC Call Number: HD2425.G34 1995
    A guide to more than 8,000 business, professional, trade and related organizations.
  • National Trade and Professional Associations. Columbia Books, Inc. -- Washington, D.C. : Columbia Books, Inc., 1999.
    LC Call Number: HD2425.D53 1999
    Directory lists over 7,600 trade associations, professional societies, labor unions, and similar national groups.


  • Gale Country and World Ranking Reporter. -- 2nd ed. -- Detroit, MI : Gale Research, Inc. c1997-
    Provides in-depth statistical and rankings information about cities, countries, companies, services, brands, and various activities throughout the world.
  • The International Financial Statistics Locator : A Research and Information Guide / Domenica M. Barbuto. New York : Garland Publishing, Inc., c1995.
    LC Call Number: HG151.7.B37 1995
    The publication identifies statistical information sources and provides access to 22 various resources including print and electronic sources, that contain current and historical financial and economic statistics. Sources cover key financial and economic statistical information on established international markets.
  • International Financial Statistics Yearbook. Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund.
    LC Call Number: HG61.I57
    The annual issue of International Financial Statistics consist of country pages and world tables which includes data on country exchange rates, money and banking, international liquidity, interests rates, production, prices, and country balance of payments report. The introduction also includes definitions and descriptions of international financial and economic terms.
  • Statistical Abstract of the World. -- 3rd ed. -- New York : Gale Research, Inc., c1997.
    LC Call Number: HA154.S68 1997-
    Profiles 185 UN member nations. Serves as a comprehensive guide to world information covering economic, geography, demographics, health care, organizations, government, science, and technology statistical information.
  • World Development Indicators. -- Washington, D.C. : The World Bank, c1999.
    LC Call Number: HC159.15.W656 1999
    Presents important and comprehensive information on the economic development and conditions of the world, and provides a continuing survey of the quality and availability of internationally comparable indicators.
  • World Economic Outlook. Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund, c1997-
    LC Call Number: HC10.W7979
    The World Economic Outlook conducts projections and analysis on economic developments and policies on IMF member countries and the global economic system. The publication examines exchange rates, monetary and financial policies, and economic growth.
  • World Resources / A joint publication by The World Resources Institute, United Nations Environment Programme, United Nations Development Programme and The World Bank. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 1998-
    Provides information on the environment and development. The publication consist of information on the management of natural resources, as well as sustainable and economic development. Includes economic indicators, data on global conditions, and data tables.


  • African Business Handbook : A Comprehensive Guide to Business Resources for African Trade and Investment / Michael E.M. Sudarkasa, Esq. -- Washington, D.C. : 21st Century African, Inc., 1996-1997.
    LC Call Number: HF3878.U6A33
    This handbook has been compiled as a useful resource guide for U.S. companies interested in exploring business opportunities in Africa.
  • American Business in China, 1998-1999 / Editor Davisson K. Chang. -- 2nd ed. -- Torrance, CA : Caravel, Inc., c1998.
    LC Call Number: HF3128.A6 1998/1999
    A publication for individuals and investors interested in doing business in China.
  • China Business : The Portable Encyclopedia for Doing Business with China / Christine Genzberger. -- San Rafael, CA : World Trade Press, c1995.
    LC Call Number: HC427.92.C4636 1995
    Provides information needed to evaluate the prospects of doing business in China. It is a comprehensive information source providing a country overview, foreign investment information, current issues, foreign trade environment, trade policies, business climate, marketing, labor, business law, financial institutions, currency & foreign exchange, taxation, (etc.).
  • Doing Business in Asia / Sanjyot P. Dunung. -- 2nd ed. -- San Francisco : Jossey-Bass Publishers, c1998.
    LC Call Number: HF1583.D86 1998
    Guide provides business, economic, and cultural information on countries in Asia, in addition to important contacts and other business phone numbers.
  • Doing Business in Today's India / Douglas Bullis. -- Wesport, Conn. : Quorum Books, c1998.
    LC Call Number: HC435.2.B86 1998
    A useful publication providing a comprehensive and important information on India's political and economic outlook, business law, Indian history for the business person, directory listings, as well as business, finance, and investment conditions and prospects in India.
  • International Business Information : how to find it, how to use it / by Ruth A. Pagell and Michael Halperin. Phoenix, Ariz. : Oryx Press, c1998, 2nd ed. 455 p.
    LC Call Number: HF54.5.P33 1998.
    Describes the key international business publications, and databases, as well as provides the subject background necessary to understand these areas. Publication consist of five parts : Part I. Introduction; Part II. Company Information - Accounting Standards and Practices, Directory Sources, Financial and Electronic Sources, Corporate Affiliations, and Special Topics; Part III. Marketing - International Marketing Issues, Sources, and Research, Advertising, exporting and importing; Part IV. Industrial and Economic Statistics - Economic Statistics, and Industry Information; and Part V. International Transactions - International Trade, Payments and Financial Markets.
  • Latin American Markets : A Guide to Company and Industry Information Sources. -- 3rd ed. -- Washington, D.C. : Washington Researchers, Ltd., c1997.
    LC Call Number: HF3230.5.A48L39 1997
    Publication helps locate information in virtually all small, and large, developed and emerging Latin American countries. Guide assists in identifying and tracking markets, monitor Latin American companies, industries and locate trade partners.


  • Columbia Journal of World Business. (Published since 1965) Greenwich, CT : JAI Press.
    LC Call Number: HF5001.C64
    Provides insights on international business. Includes studies and opinions on topics of interest to business leaders and managers. The studies are written by prominent business leaders, leading academic researchers, and high-ranking government officials.
  • Euromoney. -- Began with June 1969. -- London : Euromoney Publications
    LC Call Number: HG3881.E665
    Monthly magazine featuring business, financial, investment and market information in Europe.
  • Federal Reserve Bulletin. -- Issued by the Federal Reserve Board in Washington, D.C. -- Washington, D.C. : U.S. G.P.O., 1915-
    LC Call Number: HG2401 .A5
    A monthly report published by the the Federal Reserve Board to Congress reporting on the U.S. monetary policy, and the financial and economic state of the U.S.
  • The Foreign Exchange Bulletin. [1993-] Lexington, MA : DRI/McGraw-Hill.
    LC Call Number: HG3810.F68
    The Foreign Exchange Bulletin provides a monthly update of exchange rate data on 25 countries. Also included are currency outlooks, exchange rate forecasts, financial updates, inflation outlooks, interest rates, policy updates, as well as economic background and indicators for each of the 25 countries. Industrial Development Global Report. -- Oxford : Published by Oxford University for the United Nations, 1995-
  • Industrial development global report. Oxford ; New York : Published by Oxford University Press for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, 1995-1997. 3 v. ; 30 cm. 1995-1997.
    Continued by Industrial Development Report.
    LC Call Number: HC59.69.I53
    This publication reports on the state of industrialization by focusing on the long-term dynamics of investment and economic growth, particularly with developing countries.
  • OECD Economic Surveys. -- Paris : Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.
    Economic reports and analysis covering economic and financial trends of OECD member countries, as well as national public financial analysis and industrial policy.
  • OECD Observer. -- Paris : Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, 1962-
    LC Call Number: HC240.A1 O2 (Latest issues also located in BRS)
    Provides current economic, financial and industry analysis on OECD member countries.
  • Selected Statistical Indicators of Caribbean Countries. - Economic Commission of Latin America and the Caribbean, Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee. -- Port-of-Spain : United Nations, 1987-
    LC Call Number: HC151.A1 S45
    Provides economic and financial data on the Caribbean countries.
  • World Bank Country Reports - economic analysis covering countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

News Sources

  • Asia Business. (Located in the BRS reference collection, 5th floor Adams Bldg.)
  • Asian Wall Street Journal. Dow Jones & Company (Daily news paper)
  • Business Asia. -- London : The Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd.
    LC Call Number: LC Call Number: (located in BRS)
    Weekly report on up-to-date business, financial, investment and market information in Asia. Includes regional and country economic data.
  • The Economist. -- (Began in 1843) -- London : The Economist Newspaper Limited, current issues available.
    LC Call Number: HG11.E2
    A weekly publication covering business, finance, economic, political, science and technology issues through out the world.
  • The Financial Times. -- Hong Kong : Jones Pub. Co. (Asia), Inc., 1976-
    LC Call Number: (Newspaper)
    Provides current business, financial, investment, market and company ratings information in Asia.
  • Far East Economic Review. (Published since 1946) Hong Kong : Review Publishing Company Limited.
    LC Call Number: HC411.F18
    This is a weekly publication that is a world renowned source on Asian current affairs, business, finance, economics and government policy.
  • Global Banking / Roy C. Smith and Ingo Walter. Oxford : Oxford University Press, c1997.
    LC Call Number: HG3881.S5434 1997. 486 p.
    Examines in detail the structure and dynamics of international commercial banking, assessment of cross-border risk and management, and the creation of a regulatory framework in the global market.

Regional/Country Profiles

  • Asia 1997 Yearbook. Hong Kong : Review Publishing Company, [38th ed.], c1997-
    LC Call Number: HC411.F19 38th ed. 1997-
    A comprehensive annual review of political and economic events in 36 Asian countries. The publication looks at currencies, stock markets, industry, technology developments, as well as regional issues such as trade, energy, commodities and military affairs. Figures used are taken from the World Bank's annual World Development Report.
  • Asian Development Outlook / Asian Development Bank. Manila : Asian Development Bank, c1996-
    LC Call Number: HC411.A17 1997/1998
    Provides annual economic reports on developing member countries of the Asian Development Bank. The publication also analyzes current economic performance and prospects for developing member countries as well as reviews and assess important policy issues.
  • Asian Economic Outlook. Eddystone, Penn. : Wefa Group, c1996- EIU Country Profiles, annual
    LC Call Number: HC411.A7546
    Publication covers Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Pakistan, The Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. Each country covered includes short-term and long-term economic forecasts and analysis, economic policy, latest developments, monthly and annual economic indicator tables.
  • EIU Country Profile. (Annual Reports.) London : Economist Intelligence Unit.
    Published each year on 180 countries, providing a detailed overview of each country. Includes data covering economic analysis, business environment, natural resources, government, economic infrastructure, industry production, trade and foreign economic relations. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) also publishes an additional set of seven different types of EIU reports some published quarterly, semi-annually, and annually that covers the business and government of individual countries. Other reports include : Country Reports (quarterly), Country Forecasts (quarterly), Country Risk Service (quarterly), Business Reports (quarterly), Investing, Licensing & Trading Conditions Abroad (semi-annual), Financing Foreign Operations (semi-annual), and Business Newsletters.
  • Wefa Group, Inc. publication's
    Publications conduct economic and financial analysis, quarterly, monthly and annual.
  • Asian Economic Outlook 1999
    Eurasia Economic Outlook 1999
    Industrialized Countries Monthly Monitor
    Latin America Monthly
    World Economic
    World Economic Outlook : Developing countries
  • Economic Survey of Latin America and the Caribbean. -- Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. -- Santiago, Chile : United Nations, 1995-
    LC Call Number: HC161.U525
    Covers aspects of economic performance dating back to early 20th century, also contains analysis and reports on individual countries in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Industry Sector Profiles

  • Agriculture, Mining, and Construction USA. -- Detroit, MI : Gale Research, Inc., c1998-
    LC Call Number: HD9715.U5A64
    Provides industry analysis, statistics and leading companies in agriculture, mining and construction.
  • Manufacturing USA. -- Detroit, MI : Gale Research, Inc., c1998-
    LC Call Number: HD9721.M364
    Provides industry analysis, statistics and leading companies in manufacturing.
  • Service Industries USA. -- Detroit, MI : Gale Research, Inc., c1998-
    LC Call Number: HD9981.1.S47
    Provides industry analysis, statistics and leading companies in the service sector.
  • Transportation and Public Utilities USA. -- Detroit, MI : Gale Research, Inc., c1998-
    LC Call Number: HE202.5.T72
    Provides industry analysis, statistics and leading companies in the transportation, and public utilities industries.

Company Directories

  • Asia's 7,500 Largest Companies. (1st ed. 1985) London : ELC International, 1998-
    LC Call Number: HG4234.85.A85
    Covers the largest companies in ten Asian-Pacific countries : China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, and Thailand. The publication also provides company rankings, sales, profits, assets, shareholder data, privately owned companies, the biggest financial winners and losers, trade index, table listing the International Standard Industrial Classifications (ISIC), directory and country economic indicators.
  • Duns Asia/Pacific Key Business Enterprises. Murray Hill, NJ : Dun & Bradstreet Information Services.
    LC Call Number: HG4234.85.Z65D86
    Duns Asia Pacific Key Business Enterprises consist of a selection of well-known public and private companies within in a number of commercial and industrial areas throughout the Asia/Pacific region.
  • Globe World Directories for Land, Sea and Air Traffic. (Published since 1948.) Oslo : Globe Directories, 1998-
    LC Call Number: HE9.A1G5 1998.
    The directory is comprised of more than 3,500 ports and towns, and 45,000 firms involved in international shipping, forwarding and transportation trade. Contents include freight and air freight forwarders, Container Transport/Service, Custom Brokers, Removal, Packing & Storage, Road Transport Contractors, Shipbrokers & Agents, Shipowners & Management, and Warehousing for each geographic region. Also included is an index to countries, ports, towns and airports.
  • Hoover's Handbook of World Business. (First published in 1992) Austin, TX : Reference Press, c1997-
    LC Call Number: HG.4009.H66
    Covers valuable information on 250 of the world's most influential companies outside the U.S. Contents include rankings of global businesses, rankings and analysis of industry, the world financial sector, services, trading partners, and world stock markets. The handbook also provides company profiles and indexes of profiles by industry, corporate headquarters location, brands and companies.

Financial and Stock Market Data

  • Global Stockpicker's Guide. Austin, TX : Meridians Securities Markets, c1997-
    LC Call Number: HG4661.G55 1996.
    The Global Stockpicker's Guide provides information on major companies from stock markets, and over 40 exchanges across the globe that have been identified as being key areas of interest to international investors. The guide ranks the top 50 companies looking at market capitalization, trading value and volume, P/E and P/BV ratios, dividend yield, price gain, revenues, and profit.
  • Dow Jones Guide to the Global Stock Market / (Published since 1994) by the editors of Dow Jones & Company, Inc. New York : Dow Jones & Company, Inc.
    LC Call Number: HG4661.D68
    This publication includes world stock market information and indexes on 29 countries. In addition, 120 industry groups are compiled into nine sectors. Also included is an industry index, market sector code definitions, as well as industry group codes and definitions.
  • Global Short-term Market Record. (Began in 1989) New York : Moody's Investors Service, current issues available.
    LC Call Number: HG4001.M74
    Presents quarterly up-to-date global information on all short-term debt ratings for multinational corporations. The publication provides company name and location, contact officers, financial information on commercial paper, bank certificates of deposits, and other short-term financial instruments that are issued in the U.S. and overseas.
  • International Financial Bulletin. Lexington, MA : DRI/McGraw-Hill, Inc. Foreign Exchange Service. located in the Social Science Reading Room at the Business Reference Desk.
    A monthly publication providing exchange rate history and forecast, economic indicators, as well as international economic and financial market analysis and forecasts.
  • The Practice of Multinational Banking / Dara Khambata. Westport, CT : Quorum Books, 1996.
    LC Call Number: HG3881.K465 1996
    This book is designed to assist the reader in understanding the environment and global operation of multinational banks focusing on policy and concept oriented issues. Contents are suitable for the practitioner as well as the academic community.
  • Value Line Investment Survey. -- New York, NY : Value Line Pub., Inc.
    Weekly (most current issues located in BRS)
    LC Call Number: HG4501.V262
    Provides current information and reports for investors on company ratings.
  • World Market Share Reporter. New York : Gale Research Inc.
    LC Call Number: HD2757.15.W67
    A unique compilation of global market share data consisting of corporate market shares, institutional shares, brand market shares, product, commodity, services, and facility shares, as well as a number of other shares. Also included is listings of SIC and ISIC codes, and indexing by company, products, services and issues, brands and industrial classification.

Internet Resources

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  • Directories

  • Banking on the Web -- Banks of the World
    Institut für Beitriebswirtschaftliche Geldwirtschaff. Universität Göttingen. External Link
    Links are arranged by region of the world and broad category including cyberbanks, investment banks, offshore banking, credit unions, and the World Bank.
  • CI: Corporate Information
    The Winthrop Corporation External Link
    An extensive listing of Internet sites, along with some print resources, that provide corporate information on companies in the United States and in over 100 other countries. Most of the resources, which are listed by country, are free, but a few fee-based services are also listed.
  • The International Chamber of Commerce & City-State-Province Directory External Link
    Provides addresses and other contact information of chambers of commerce in the US and other countries. Links to e-mail and web sites are included when available.
  • World Chambers Network
    Managed by the International Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris, and the G77 Chambers Trade Network. External Link
    Links to the homepages of over 1080 chambers and associations of chambers around the world. May search the database by continent, country, trade information centers, and trade opportunities.
  • Stock Exchanges Around the World External Link
    "Features a list of world stock exchanges, securities commissions and other regulatory agencies, as well as stock market resources."
  • Yahoo! Exchanges External Link
    Alphabetical listing of world stock exchanges. For some, includes a one line annotation.
  • Economic Development

  • Global Development Finance (World Bank) External Link
    "Combines a diagnosis of recent trends and prospects for capital flows to developing countries with an analysis of important policy issues" (The World Bank Web site as viewed 14/03/2011)
  • The Virtual Library on Microcredit External Link
    In English, Spanish, French, and Japanese. "The VLM was set up to be a repository of information on microcredit (in a broad meaning of the term to include microcredit, community development, NGOs, poverty, environment, microenterprises etc.). Its main aim is to support microfinance and related activities with information on policies, strategies, tools, case studies etc. Topically, the following are covered: informal credit, microcredit, community-based finance, community organization, participation, roles of NGOs, credit access for women, microenterprises, linking savings and credit, Capacity Building for Microfinance, credit unions and cooperatives etc ... . Urban and rural areas of low-income and transitional economies in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Central/Eastern Europe are the primary focus. " From the Site FAQ as viewed 6/30/2001
  • World Bank Group External Link
    Provides information on the activities and publications of the World Bank Users may also search the Projects Database for basic data on all projects since 1947, or link to a variety of other services of the world bank and International Monetary Fund including:
  • JOLIS, the library catalog of the Joint Libraries of the World Bank Group; External Link
  • Development indicators External Link
  • Publications External Link
  • Information on World Bank Depository Libraries External Link
  • Regions and countries External Link


  • Global Edge
    (Formerly known as 'International Business Resources Index')
    Michigan State University - Center for International Business Education and Research (MSU-CIBER). External Link
    Lists primarily free non-commercial Internet resources of use to academicians, students, and business people engaged in international business. Resources may be searched or browsed by region or broad topic.
  • Research Guide for International Business
    Rutgers University Libraries. External Link
    Includes links to full-text documents (such as country studies) available from the federal government, as well as economic and financial information from international and inter-governmental organizations. Links to the Rutgers Business Research Guide,External Link which includes related resources such as directories of companies in selected countries, business news sources, and stock market reports from around the world.
  • International Trade

  • International Trade/Import-Export Portal External Link
    A searchable database of some 3000 annotated and indexed international trade and export/import resources on the Internet sponsored by the Federation of International Trade Associations, a membership organization of world trade clubs, chambers of commerce, associations focused on international logistics such as freight forwarders, professional associations, and associations supporting exporters and international trade. Users may either browse by broad categories or search across categories by keywords, as well as link to recent news articles relating to world trade. Also in Spanish.
  • Global Offset and Countertrade Association (Formerly American Countertrade Association) External Link
    This association web site, whose members include US manufacturers, exporters and international trade financiers, provides definitions of countertrade terms, and links to additional resources on countertrade and barter, clearings, credit insurance and enhancements, offtake arrangements, and counterpurchase.
  • American Export Register (Thomas Publishing Company) (Registration required) External Link
    A searchable database of 45,000 U.S. export companies.
  • Foreign Trade Statistics (U.S. Census Bureau)
    Includes links to the most recent month of "U.S. International Trade in Goods and Services" (FT900) and selected historical trade data, including top trading partners and U.S. trade balances by country.
  • Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the United States (U.S. International Trade Commission. Office of Tariff Affairs and Trade Agreements)
    Based on the international Harmonized System, a global classification system describing world trade in goods, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule provides tariff rates and statistical categories for all merchandise imported into the United States.
  • International Trade Data System (U.S. Customs Service)
    A pilot project growing out of the National Performance Review to streamline the import/export procedures. Initial efforts are focused on processing broker manifests and collecting fees electronically.
  • Market Access and Compliance: The Trade Compliance Center (US International Trade Administration)
    The Trade Compliance Center monitors foreign compliance with trade agreements with the U.S. and provides information on market conditions in trade policies and import regulations in other countries. The site links to TARA, a database of U.S. trade and related agreements, as well as to a variety of Market access reports, (including Country Commercial Guides, National Trade Estimate Report on Foreign Trade Barriers, Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices, and Trade Policy Review Summaries).
  • Directory of Export Assistance Centers. U.S. Commercial Service
    A directory of both U.S. and international offices of U.S. Commercial Service for export assistance. Can be searched by country, state, city, or zip code.
  • Trade Information Center (U.S. International Trade Administration.)
    The Trade Information Center (TIC), operated by the ITA on behalf of nineteen US federal agencies making up the Trade Promotion Coordinating Committee (TPCC), brings together information on all U.S. Federal Government export assistance programs. Includes links to a variety of trade resources including the country commercial guides, business holidays around the world, tariff and tax information on U.S. products exported other countries, Basic Guide to Exporting, and resources for locating online trade leads. Links to individual countries provide useful information on doing business in that country, including business travel and etiquette , customs information and import documentation, financing regulations and contacts, general economic and marketing information, news and events, laws and procedures for licensing and investing, product-specific information, pertinent U.S. government regulations.
  • United States Customs Service: Importing and Exporting
    Provides an overview of importing and exporting issues including links to information on duty rates, the Harmonized Tariff Schedule, U.S. customs districts and port codes, rulings and regulations, forms, and a link to the text of the Service's publication, Importing into the United States.
  • Economics

  • Handbook of International Economic Statistics, 1998. (U.S. Central Intelligence Agency) [PDF Format: 2.21 MB/ 82 p. ]
    Also available for purchase from the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.
    Provides basic statistics on the economic performance of major countries and regions.
  • World Economic Outlook (International Monetary Fund) External Link
    "The World Economic Outlook presents the IMF staff's analysis and projections of economic developments at the global level, in major country groups (classified by region, stage of development, etc.), and in many individual countries. It focuses on major economic policy issues as well as on the analysis of economic developments and prospects..." (IMF Web site, as viewed 7/7/01)

    These semi-annual reports on world economic developments are available in pdf format on the International Monetary Fund site. From the main IMF page. Enter "world economic outlook" in the search box to locate the latest reports available on the site.

Library of Congress Subject Headings

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