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Selected Corporate Annual Reports on Microfiche,

This guide presents an alphabetical listing by company of selected annual reports on microfiche for the years 1975-1983 held in the Business Reading Room of the Library of Congress. Although all reports fall within these fiscal years, holdings for most companies do not cover the complete date range. The reports were received as a gift from the Godfrey Memorial Library, Middletown, CT.

For earlier holdings of annual reports on microfiche, please see our on-line guide to Selected Pre-1974 Corporate Annual Reports on Microfiche. Additionally, Q-File's microfiche collection of SEC filings, Microfiche Database of Corporate Annual Reports and U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Documents for the fiscal years 1978-1997 are available in the Business Reading Room and accessible through a print index.

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Company Dates Notes
  IC Industries, Inc.   1975-1982  
  I.C.H. Corporation   1975-1976, 1979-1982  
  ICM Realty   1975-1982  
  ICN Pharmaceuticals, Inc.   1974-1976, 1979-1982  
  IFS Industries, Inc.   1978-1981   see also: International Funeral Services, Inc.
  IMC Magnetics Corporation   1975-1982  
  INA Corporation   1975-1981  
  IPCO Hospital Supply Corp.   1975-1982  
  IPM Technology, Inc.   1982  
  IRT Property Company   1979-1982   see also: Investors Realty Trust
  ISC Financial Corporation   1975  
  ISS International Service System, Inc.   1982  
  ITE Imperial Corp.   1975   see also: Gould, Inc.
  ITI Corporation   1975, 1977-1981  
  IU International Corp.   1974-1982  
  Idaho Power Company   1975-1982  
  Ideal Basic Industries, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Ideal Toy Corporation   1976-1979, 1981-1982  
  Illinois Power Corporation   1975-1982  
  Illinois Tool Works, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Imperial Chemical Industries, Ltd.   1975-1981  
  Imperial Corporation   1981  
  Imperial Corporation of America   1974-1980, 1982  
  Imperial Group Ltd.   1975, 1978  
  Imperial Industries, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Imperial Oil Ltd.   1975-1981  
  Inarco Corporation   1974-1976  
  Inco Ltd.   1976-1981   see also: International Nickel Co. of Canada Ltd.
  Income and Capital Shares, Inc.   1976  
  Indian Head, Inc.   1974, 1976   see also: Thyssen-Boremisza Holdings, Ltd.
  Indiana Gas Company, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Indiana & Michigan Electric Co.   1975-1978, 1982  
  Indiana Standard Oil Company   1975  
  Indianapolis Power & Light Co.   1975-1982  
  Industrial National Corp.   1975-1981  
  Inexco Oil Company   1974-1982  
  Inflight Services, Inc.   1975-1978, 1980-1982  
  Ingersoll-Rand Company   1975-1982  
  Ingredient Technology Corp.   1977-1982  
  Inland Container Corp.   1975-1977  
  Inland Steel Company   1975-1981  
  Inmont Corporation   1974-1976   see also: Carrier Corp.
  Inolex Corporation   1976-1978   see also: American Can Co.
  Insilco Corporation   1975-1982  
  Inspiration Consolidated Copper Co.   1975-1979  
  Institutional Investors Trust   1980-1983, 1975-1977  
  Instron Corporation   1979-1982  
  Instrument Systems Corp.   1975, 1977-1978, 1981  
  Integon Corp.   1974-1979   see also: Ashland Oil, Inc.
  Integrated Resources , Inc.   1975, 1977, 1980-1982  
  Inter-City Gas Ltd.   1979-1982  
  Interco Incorporated   1975-1982  
  Intercole Inc.   1981  
  InterFirst Corp.   1981-1982  
  Interlake, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Intermark, Inc.   1979-1982  
  Intermedco, Inc.   1975   see also: Tilling (Thomas) Ltd.
  International Aluminum Corp.   1976-1980, 1982  
  International Banknote Co., Inc.   1975-1982  
  International Business Machines Corp.   1974, 1980-1981  
  International Controls Corp.   1981-1982  
  International Couriers Corp.   1975-1976  
  International Flavors & Fragrances, Inc.   1975-1982  
  International Foodservice Corp.   1976-1978   see also: Acton Corp.
  International Funeral Services, Inc.   1975-1977   see also: IFS Industries, Inc.
  International Harvester Company   1975-1982  
  International Minerals & Chemicals Corp.   1975-1982  
  International Mining Corp.   1975   see also: Pacific Holding Corp.
  International Multifoods Corp.   1975-1979, 1981-1982  
  International Nickel Co. of Canada Ltd.   1975   see also: Inco Ltd.
  International Paper Company   1975-1982  
  International Proteins Corp.   1975-1982  
  International Rectifier Corp.   1975-1982  
  International Seaway Trading Corp.   1975-1978  
  International Stretch Products, Inc.   1975-1980  
  International Systems & Controls Corp.   1976, 1978  
  International Telephone & Telegraph Corp.   1975-1982  
  InterNorth, Inc.   1980-1982  
  Interpace Corporation   1975-1982  
  Interpool Ltd.   1975-1977  
  Interpublic Group of Companies, Inc. (The)   1975-1982  
  Interstate Bakeries Corp.   1982  
  Interstate Brands Corp.   1975, 1977   see also: DPF, Inc.
  Interstate Power Company   1975-1982  
  Interstate United Corp.   1975-1977   see also: Hanson Industries Inc.
  Interway Corp.   1975-1978   see also: Transamerica Corp.
  Investment Corp. of Florida   1975-1980   see also: Rebus, Inc.
  Investors Diversified Services, Inc.   1975   see also: Alleghany Corp.
  Investors Realty Trust   1975-1978   see also: IRT Property Company
  Ionics, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Iowa Beef Processors, Inc.   1975-1978, 1980  
  Iowa Electric Light & Power Co.   1975-1982  
  Iowa-Illinois Gas & Electric Co.   1975-1982  
  Iowa Power & Light Company   1975-1978  
  Iowa Public Service Company   1975-1979, 1981-1982  
  Iowa Resources, Inc.   1979-1982  
  Iroquois Brands Ltd.   1975-1976, 1978-1982  
  Irvin Industries, Inc.   1975, 1977-1978  
  Irving Bank Corp.   1979-1982  
  Itek Corporation   1975-1978, 1980-1981  
  Itel Corporation   1975-1980  
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