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Selected Corporate Annual Reports on Microfiche,

This guide presents an alphabetical listing by company of selected annual reports on microfiche for the years 1975-1983 held in the Business Reading Room of the Library of Congress. Although all reports fall within these fiscal years, holdings for most companies do not cover the complete date range. The reports were received as a gift from the Godfrey Memorial Library, Middletown, CT.

For earlier holdings of annual reports on microfiche, please see our on-line guide to Selected Pre-1974 Corporate Annual Reports on Microfiche. Additionally, Q-File's microfiche collection of SEC filings, Microfiche Database of Corporate Annual Reports and U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Documents for the fiscal years 1978-1997 are available in the Business Reading Room and accessible through a print index.

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Company Dates Notes
  JWT Group, Inc.   1981-1982  
  Jaclyn Incorporated   1975-1982  
  Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.   1975-1982  
  James (Fred S.) & Co., Inc.   1974-1981  
  James River Corporation of Virginia   1980-1982  
  Jamesway Corporation   1976-1979, 1981-1983  
  Jantzen, Inc.   1975-1979   see also: Blue Bell, Inc.
  Japan Fund, Inc. (The)   1975-1978, 1980-1982  
  Jeannette Corporation   1975-1977  
  Jefferson-Pilot Corp.   1975-1982  
  Jensen Industries   1977-1982  
  Jersey-Central Power & Light Co.   1975-1982  
  Jetero Corporation   1977-1981  
  Jetronic Industries, Inc.   1975, 1977-1978, 1980-1983  
  Jewel Companies, Inc.   1976-1979, 1981-1983  
  Jewelcor Incorporated   1976-1983  
  John Hancock Income Securities Corp.   1974, 1976, 1979-1980  
  John Hancock Investors, Inc.   1974-1980  
  Johns-Manville Corporation   1975-1980  
  Johnson & Johnson   1975-1982   FY 1982 ends 1/2/1983
  Johnson (E.F.) Company   1977-1981  
  Johnson Controls, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Johnson Products Co., Inc.   1975-1982  
  Jonathon Logan, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Jorgensen (Earle M.) Company   1975-1982  
  Jostens, Inc.   1974-1982  
  Joy Manufacturing Company   1975-1982  
  Juniper Petroleum Corporation   1979-1981  
  Jupiter Industries, Inc.   1975-1982  
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  November 9, 2010
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