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Selected Corporate Annual Reports on Microfiche,

This guide presents an alphabetical listing by company of selected annual reports on microfiche for the years 1975-1983 held in the Business Reading Room of the Library of Congress. Although all reports fall within these fiscal years, holdings for most companies do not cover the complete date range. The reports were received as a gift from the Godfrey Memorial Library, Middletown, CT.

For earlier holdings of annual reports on microfiche, please see our on-line guide to Selected Pre-1974 Corporate Annual Reports on Microfiche. Additionally, Q-File's microfiche collection of SEC filings, Microfiche Database of Corporate Annual Reports and U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission Documents for the fiscal years 1978-1997 are available in the Business Reading Room and accessible through a print index.

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Company Dates Notes
  M / A-COM, Inc.   1978-1982   see: AMP Incorporated; was: Microwave Associates, Inc.
  MAPCO, Inc.   1975-1982   see: The Williams Companies, Inc.
  MBPLX Corporation   1975-1977   see: Cargill Corp.
  MCA, Inc.   1975-1976   now: MCA Universal
  MCO Holdings, Inc.   1980-1982   now: Maxxam Inc.
  MEDIQ Incorporated   1981-1982  
  MEI Corporation   1975-1982   now: MEI Diversified, Inc.
  MEM Company, Inc.   1975-1982   see: Renaissance Cosmetics, Inc.
  MGIC Investment Corporation   1975-1979   see: Baldwin United Corp.
  MGM Grand Hotels, Inc.   1980-1982   see: Bally Manufacturing Corporation
  MPO Videotronics, Inc.   1974-1980  
  MSI Data Corporation   1982   see: Symbol Technologies Inc.
  MWA Company   1975-1978   see: Mitchell Corp. of Owosso
  MacAndrews and Forbes, Inc.   1974-1977, 1980-1982  
  The E. F. MacDonald Company   1975, 1977-1980   see: Carlson Companies, Inc.
  Macke Company (The)   1974-1979   see: Allegheny Beverage Corp.
  Macks Stores, Inc.   1978-1980   see: Maxway Corporation
  Macmillian, Inc.   1975-1982   see: Maxwell Communications PLC
  MacMillian Bloedel Limited   1979   now: Weyerhaeuser Company
  Macrodyne Industries, Inc.   1975-1982  
  R. H. Macy & Co., Inc.   1975-1982   see: Macy's East & Macy's West
  Madison Fund, Inc.   1974-1982  
  Magic Chef, Inc.   1975-1982   see: Maytag Corporation
  Maine Public Service Co.   1975-1982  
  P. R. Mallory & Company, Inc.   1975-1977   see: Dart Industries
  Malone & Hyde, Inc.   1974-1982   see: Fleming Companies, Inc.
  Mammoth Mart, Inc.   1977   see: Kings Department Stores, Inc.
  Management Assistance Inc.   1980-1982  
  Mangood Corporation   1975-1981  
  Manhattan Industries, Inc.   1976-1983   see: Salent Corporation
  Manhattan Life Corporation (The)   1976-1977, 1979-1981   now: Manhattan National Corp.
  The Manny, Moe & Jack Pep Boys   1976   AKA: Pep Boys
  Manor Care, Inc.   1978-1982   now: HCR Manor Care, Inc.
  Manpower, Inc.   1975   was: Manpower Incorporated of Toledo
  The Mansfield Tire & Rubber Co.   1975-1978  
  Manufacturers Hanover Corp.   1975-1982   see: Chemical Banking Corporation
  Manville Corporation   1981-1982   see: Schuller Corporation
  Marathon Manufacturing Co.   1975-1978   see: Penn Central Corp.
  Marathon Oil Company   1975-1981   see: U.S. Steel Corp.
  Marcade Group Inc. (The)   1983  
  Marcor, Inc.   1976  
  Maremont Corporation   1975-1978   see: Arvin Industries, Inc.
  Marine Midland Banks, Inc.   1975-1982   see: HSBC Bank USA N.A.
  Marion Laboratories, Inc.   1975-1982   see: Marion Merrell Dow Inc.; see: Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.
  Mark Controls Corporation   1975-1982  
  Marlene Industries Corporation   1977-1978   see: Unishops, Inc.
  The Marley Company   1975-1979   see: S.A. Etex Group N.V.
  Marmon Group, Inc. (The)   1978-1979   see: Marmon Corporation
  Marquette Company   1975   see: Gulf & Western Industries, Inc. Natural Resources Group
  Marriott Corporation   1976-1979, 1981-1982  
  Marsh & McLenan Companies, Inc.   1975-1982   AKA: MMC
  Marshall Field & Company   1976-1979, 1981-1982   see: Batus, Inc.
  Marshall Foods, Inc.   1975-1980  
  Marshall Industries   1976-1977, 1979-1980, 1982   see: Avnet/Marshall
  Martek Investors, Inc.   1982  
  Martin Marietta Corporation   1975-1979, 1981-1982  
  Martin Processing, Inc.   1975-1982   now: Ronile, Inc.
  Mary Kay Cosmetics, Inc.   1977-1982  
  Maryland Cup Corporation   1975-1982   see: Fort Howard Paper Corp.
  MASCO Corporation   1975-1982   see: Masco Corp. & Masco Industries
  C. H. Masland & Sons   1975-1982   see: Burlington Industries, Inc.
  Masonite Corporation   1975-1982   see: U.S. Gypsum Company
  Massey-Ferguson Limited   1975-1981, 1983  
  MassMutual Corporate Investors Inc.   1978-1982  
  Masters, Inc.   1974-1979  
  Materials Research Corp.   1975-1982   see: Sony Corporation of America
  Matrix Corporation   1981-1982   see: Bayer U.S.A., Inc.
  Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.   1975, 1977-1982  
  Mattel, Inc.   1976-1979, 1981-1983  
  Maul Brothers, Inc.   1975-1976  
  Maul Technology Corporation   1977-1980  
  Maule Industries, Inc.   1975   see: Lone Star Florida, Inc.; see: Lone Star Industries
  The May Department Stores Co.   1976-1979, 1981-1983   see: Federated Retail Holdings, Inc.
  Mays, (J. W.) Inc.   1976-1979  
  Maytag Company (The)   1976-1982  
  McCord Corporation   1975-1976   see: Ex Cell O Corp.
  McCulloch Oil Corporation   1975-1979   see: MCO Holdings, Inc.; see: Maxxam Inc.
  J. Ray McDermott & Co., Inc.   1975-1982   see: McDermott, Inc.
  McDonald's Corporation   1974-1980, 1982  
  McDonnell Douglas Corp.   1975-1982   see: McDonnell Aircraft & Missile Div.; see: The Boeing Company
  McDonough Company   1976, 1978-1979  
  McDowell Enterprises, Inc.   1979-1982  
  McGraw-Edison Company   1975-1982   see: Cooper Industries, Inc.
  McGraw-Hill, Inc.   1975-1982  
  McGregor-Doniger, Inc.   1975-1976   see: Rapid American Corp.
  McIntosh Corp.   1975   see: Norris Industries, Inc.
  McIntyre Mines Limited   1975-1982   see: Superior Oil Co.
  Arthur G. McKee and Co.   1975-1977   see: The McKee Corp.; see: Davy, Inc.
  McKeon Construction Co.   1975-1979   see: Barratt San Francisco; see: Barratt America, Inc.
  McLean Trucking Company   1975-1981   see: Meridian Trucking Co.
  McLouth Steel Corporation   1975-1980   see: DSC Ltd.
  McMoRan Oil & Gas Co.   1978-1980   see: Freeport McMoRan, Inc.
  McNeil Corporation   1975-1982   see: Pentair, Inc.
  The Mead Corporation   1975-1982   see: MeadWestvaco Corp.
  F. W. Means & Company   1975-1978   see: Means Services, Inc.
  Means Services, Inc.   1979-1980   see: ARA Services, Inc.
  Measurex Corporation   1979-1982   see: Honeywell Measurex Corporation
  Medalist Industries, Inc.   1976-1981   see: Illinois Tool Works Inc.
  Meenan Oil Co, Inc.   1981-1982   see: Star Gas Partners LP
  MEGO International, Inc.   1976-1982  
  Melville Corporation   1976-1982  
  Melville Shoe Corporation   1975   see: Melville Corp.
  Memorex Corporation   1979-1980   see: Burroughs Corp.
  Mensaco Mfg. Company   1975   see: Colt Industries, Inc.
  Mercantile Stores Co, Inc.   1976-1983   see: Dillard's, Inc.
  Mercantile Texas Corporation   1977-1982   see: MCorp
  Merck & Company, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Mercury Savings and Loan Association   1977-1982   see: Mercury Savings & Loan RTC
  Meredith Corporation   1975-1982  
  Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc.   1974-1982  
  Mesa Petroleum Co.   1975-1982   see: Mesa Limited Partnership; see: Mesa Inc.; see: Pioneer Natural Resources Co.
  Mesabi Trust   1976-1983  
  Mesta Machine Company   1975-1981   see: Park Corporation
  Metex Corporation   1977-1982   see: United Capital Corporation
  MetPath Inc.   1979-1980   see: Corning Glass Works
  Metrocare, Inc.   1978-1983  
  Metro-Goldwyn Mayer, Inc.   1974-1979   see: Sony Corporation [et al]
  Metromedia, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Metropolitan Edison Co.   1975-1976  
  Metropolitan Greetings Inc.   1975-1976   see: Metropolitan Consolidated Industries, Inc.; see: United Capital Corporation
  Michael Baker Corporation   1975-1977  
  Michigan Energy Resources Company   1980-1982   see: Michigan Gas Utilities
  Michigan Gas Utilities Co.   1975-1979   was: Michigan Energy Resources Company
  Michigan General Corporation   1975-1982  
  Michigan Sugar Company   1975-1982   see: Savannah Foods & Industries, Inc.
  Mickelberry Corporation   1975-1982  
  Microwave Associates, Inc.   1975-1977   see: M/A Com, Inc.; see: see: AMP Incorporated
  Mid-America Industries, Inc.   1982   see: Parts Industries Corporation
  Mid-Continent Telephone Corp.   1975-1982   see: Alltel Corp.
  MidCon Corp.   1982   see: Occidental Petroleum Corp.
  Middle South Utilities, Inc.   1975-1982   see: Entergy Corporation
  The Midland Company   1975-1982  
  Midland Glass Company, Inc.   1974-1982   see: Anchor Glass Container Corp.
  Midland Mortgage Investors Trust   1975-1979   see: Centennial Group, Inc.
  Midland-Ross Corporation   1975-1982  
  Miles Laboratories, Inc.   1975-1977   see: Miles, Inc.
  Milgo Electronic Corp.   1975   see: Racal Milgo, Inc.
  H. Miller and Sons, Inc.   1975, 1977, 1979-1982   see: Lennar Corporation
  The Miller-Wohl Company, Inc.   1976-1983  
  Milton Bradley Company   1975-1982   see: Hasbro Bradley, Inc.
  Milton Roy Company   1975-1982   see: Sunstrand Corporation
  Minnesota Gas Company   1976-1981   see: Diversified Energies, Inc.
  Minnesota Mining & Mfg. Company   1975-1981   AKA: 3M
  Minnesota Power & Light Company   1975-1980  
  Minnesota Power   1981-1982  
  Mirro Aluminum Company   1975-1982  
  Mission Insurance Group, Inc.   1977-1981  
  Mission Investment Trust   1975-1981   see: Mission West Properties
  Mission West Properties   1982   was: Mission Investment Trust
  Mississippi River Corp.   1975   see: Missouri Pacific Corp.
  Missouri Pacific Corporation   1976-1981   was: Mississippi River Corp.; see: Union Pacific Systems
  Missouri Pacific R. R. Company   1976  
  Missouri Public Service Co.   1975-1982  
  Missouri Portland Cement Co.   1974-1976   see: H.K. Porter Co., Inc.
  Mitchell Energy & Devel. Corp.   1976-1981, 1983   see: Devon Energy Corporation
  MITE Corporation   1976-1982   see: Emhart Corporation
  MoAmCo Corporation   1975  
  MONEY Mortgage Investors   1978-1982  
  Mobil Oil Corporation   1975-1982   see: ExxonMobil
  Mobile Homes Industries, Inc.   1978-1980   see: MHI Group, Inc.
  Modern Maid Food Products, Inc.   1975-1976   see: Dalgety, Inc.
  Modern Merchandising, Inc.   1978-1979, 1981-1982   see: Best Products Co., Inc.
  Modular Computer Systems, Inc.   1980-1982   see: AEG Aktiengesellschaft
  Mohasco Corporation   1975-1982  
  Mohawk Data Sciences Corp.   1975-1979, 1981   see: Qantel Corporation
  Mohawk Rubber Company   1974-1982  
  Molycorp, Inc.   1974-1976   see: Union Oil Co. of California
  Monarch Machine Tool Company (The)   1975-1982   see: Genesis Worldwide Inc.
  Money Management Corporation   1977-1982   see: Banc One Corporation
  Monogram Industries, Inc.   1975-1982   see: The Nortek, Inc.
  Monongahela Power Company   1976-1977  
  Monroe Auto Equipment Company   1975-1976   see: Tenneco, Inc.
  Monsanto Company   1975-1982   see: Pharmacia & Upjohn, Inc.
  Montana-Dakota Utilities, Co.   1975-1982   see: MDU Resources Group, Inc.
  The Montana Power Company   1975-1982   see: NorthWestern Energy
  Montgomery Street Income Securities, Inc.   1978-1982  
  Moog, Incorporated   1975-1982  
  Moore-McCormack Resources, Inc.   1975-1982   see: Southdown, Inc.
  J. P. Morgan & Company, Inc.   1975-1982  
  Morrison-Knudsen Company, Inc.   1975-1982   see: Washington Group International, Inc.
  Morse Electro Products Corp.   1977   see: Pilot Audio Systems, Inc.
  Morse Shoe Inc.   1975, 1977-1979, 1981-1983  
  Mortgage Trust of America   1975-1979   see: Transamerica Realty Investors
  Morton-Norwich Products, Inc.   1975-1982   see: Morton Thiokol, Inc.
  Morton's Shoe Stores, Inc.   1975-1981   see: Morton Shoe Companies, Inc.
  Motorola, Inc.   1976-1982  
  Mott's Super Markets, Inc.   1975, 1977-1979, 1981-1983  
  Mouldings, Inc.   1976-1977  
  Mount Vernon Mills, Inc.   1975-1981  
  Mountain Fuel Supply Co.   1975-1982   see: Questar Corporation
  The Mountain States Tel. & Telegraph Co.   1975-1980  
  Movie Star Inc.   1976-1980, 1982   see: Sandmark Stardust Inc.
  Movielab, Inc.   1975, 1977-1979, 1981-1983  
  Multi-Amp Corporation   1975-1976   see: Indian Head, Inc.
  Munford, Inc.   1975-1978, 1980-1982  
  Munsingwear, Inc.   1975-1982   see: PremiumWear, Inc.
  G. C. Murphy Company   1975-1976, 1978-1983   see: Ames Department Stores, Inc.
  Murphy Oil Corporation   1975-1982  
  Murray Ohio Mfg. Co., Inc. (The)   1974-1982  
  Mutual of Omaha Insurance Co.   1977  
  The L. E. Myers Company   1975-1980, 1982  
  Myers (L. E.) Co International, Ltd. (The)   1981  
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