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In its economic history, Ukraine has evolved first from an agricultural to an industrialized, and then to a service-oriented country. Major industries include coal, electric power, machinery, chemicals, food processing, woodworking, and tourism. The industrialization of Ukraine started in 1930s when it was a part of the Soviet Union. Having inherited a huge industrial potential from the USSR, Ukraine, as an independent country, has lost part of its industrial capacity due to ongoing inner political and economic crises. Dependence on Russian energy supplies is also a problem as are non-economic, social factors, including an under-developed institutional and social infrastructure and corruption, which have further delayed Ukraine's transition to a fully developed industrial/service economy.

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Altman, Morris, "The transition process from alternative theoretical prisms: A comparative analysis of Eastern European and former Soviet Block economies," International Journal of Social Economics, Volume 36, Number 7, pp. 716-742. Retrieved June 9, 2010, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: (AN)274660085 - DOI - 10.1108/03068290910963671)

Provides a comprehensive analysis of economic growth issues during the transition process in Ukraine and Russia using a behavioral-institutional approach

Banaian, King. The Ukrainian economy since independence. Cheltenham, UK; Northampton, Mass: Edward Elgar, c1999. 173 p.
LC Call Number: HC340.19 .B36 1999
LC Catalog Record: 9903828

Provides a description of political and economic processes in Ukraine during the 1990's. Provides both a quantitative analysis of economic phenomena and a qualitative analysis of the political 'impact of economic policy.

Economic Development of the Ukraine:
A Guide to Selected Information Sources

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Economy & Business
Foreign Trade & Investment
Banking & Finance
Industry & Agriculture
Labor Market & Management
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 Building of the National Bank of Ukraine - Author: -Alexander Noskin Date: 8-15-2005

Image above:
Building of the National Bank of Ukraine - Author: Alexander Noskin - Date: 8-15-2005.
From the Wikipedia Commons

Country Profile: Ukraine. London: Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), c1995.
LC Call Number: HC340.19.A1 C677
LC Catalog Record: 97643226
Online from publisher

Provides general information on Ukraine regarding political and economical development.

Doing Business with Ukraine, edited by Marat Terterov. London; Sterling, VA: GMB Pub., 2005.
LC Call Number: HF3630.9.Z6 D65 2005
LC Catalog Record: 2005282637
Publisher Description
Publisher-supplied Author Biographical Information

Provides a precise description of the economic sector in Ukraine. Particularly useful for those interested in becoming familiar with Ukrainian economic structure, industries, markets analysis, and the legal framework for economic activities.

Economic Reform in Ukraine: the Unfinished Agenda. Anders Åslund and Georges de Ménil, editors. Armonk, N.Y. : M.E. Sharpe, 2000. 287 p.
LC Call Number: HC403 .E267 2000
LC Catalog Record: 99086078

Provides an analysis of necessary and current issues and perspectives of macroeconomic policy reforms in Ukraine (late 1980s and 1990s). Useful for those interested in macroeconomic stabilization, fiscal, monetary and social policy, privatization, legal system, and structural reforms development.

Economist Intelligence Unit
Access limited to onsite patrons and other subscribers

Contains analysis of the political and economic situations in different countries including Ukraine.

Europa World
Access limited to onsite patrons and other subscribers

The online version of Europa World Year Book, a resource providing information on different countries including Ukraine. Country profiles include information on location, climate, language, and religion as well as on contemporary political history, constitution and government, and economic affairs. In addition, selected country statistics and a directory of key institutions in the country are included.

The EU & Ukraine : neighbours, friends, partners? Ann Lewis, editor. London: Federal Trust: Marketing and distribution by Kogan Page, 2002. 319 p.
LC Call Number: HC240.25.U38 E85 2002
LC Catalog Record: 2006373935

Provides views of Ukrainian and foreign specialists on Ukraine's integration into the European economy. Focuses on political, legislative, and economic issues regarding cooperation between Ukraine and its European neighbors. Particularly useful for those interested in understanding geopolitical determinants of economic integration.

Gianella, C., and Tompson, W. "Too Little Destruction Too Little Creation: A Schumpeterian Diagnosis of Barriers to Sustained Growth in Ukraine," OECD. Economic Department. Working Papers, September 3, pp.1-2, 5-47. Retrieved June 9, 2010, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 1929122741).

Working paper that provides analysis of economic growth in Ukraine in terms of market economy development.

Golovakha, Evhen, Gorbachuk, Andrij, and Panina, Natalia. Ukraine and Europe: Outcomes of International Comparative Sociological Survey. Kyiv: National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Institute of Sociology, 2007.
141 p.
LC Call Number: HN374 .G65 2007
LC Catalog Record: 2009473047

Provides the outcomes of a sociological survey in European countries including the Ukraine. Contains materials regarding the people's view of the current political and economic situation within their country. Particularly useful for those interested in national opinion on the different dimensions of life in a particular country.

Karatnycky, A., and A. Motyl. "The Key to Kiev. " Foreign Affairs, Volume 88, number 3, 2009. pp. 106-120. Retrieved August 9, 2010, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 214293815).

The article attempts to prove the necessity for the USA and Western Europe to reengage Ukraine in political and economic cooperation due to its important role on the international level.

"Macroeconomic performance and policy: the challenge of sustaining growth." (2007, September). OECD Economic Surveys, Volume 16, September 2007, pages 17-35, 37-63. Retrieved June 9, 2010, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 1339188821).

Analytical summery of economic growth in Ukraine.

Transition to the Market Economy: Critical Perspectives on the world Economy. Paul G. Hare, . and Junior R. Davis, editors. London; New York: Routledge, 1997.
LC Call Number: HC244 .T6996 1997
LC Catalog Record: 96002569
Publisher Description

Provides a brief and precise description of emerging economies, including Ukraine, on the transition to the market stage of their development. Focuses both on economic and non-economic (institutional) dimensions: privatization; structural changes; industrial and agricultural policy; macroeconomic situation; governance; law enforcement etc. Particularly useful for those interested in understanding transition economies in general, as well as specific economies.

Ukraine: accelerating the transition to market: proceedings of an IMF/World Bank seminar., Peter K. Cornelius and Patrick Lenain, eds. Washington, DC: International Monetary Fund, 1997. 291 p.
LC Call Number: HC340.19 .U474 1997
LC Catalog Record: 97000775

Provides both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the economic situation in Ukraine in the 1990s. Contains data and analytical views on the performance of the national economy and on institutional governance in Ukraine.

Ukrainian Economic History: Interpretive Essays. I.S. Koropeckyj, editor. Cambridge, Mass.: Distributed by Harvard University Press for the Harvard Ukrainian Research Institute, 1991. 390 p.
LC Call Number: HC337.U5 U479 1991
LC Catalog Record: 90050460

This collection of essays provides a reader with a historical look at Ukraine's economic development and evolution from the early 9th century to World War I.

Ukraine on the road to Europe., Lutz Hoffmann and Felicias Mollers, editors. Heidelberg; New York : Physica-Verlag, c2001. 313 p.
LC Call Number: HC340.19 .U4795 2001
LC Catalog Record: 00068208

Provides analysis of geopolitical and economic perspectives of Ukraine's integration into the European and world economies.

The Ukraine Within the USSR : An Economic Balance Sheet, I. S Koropeckyj, editor. New York : Praeger Publishers, 1977. 316 p.
LC Call Number: HC337.U5 U477 1977
LC Catalog Record: 77007817

Provides a description of Ukraine's economy during the times of the Soviet Union. Contains both qualitative and quantitative analysis of the national economy. Particularly useful for those interested in economic history.

Internet Resources

Doing Business External Link

Provides information from the World Bank Group regarding research on the legal framework for conducting business activities in different countries including Ukraine. Particularly useful for those interested in business regulation.

Country Commercial Guide-Doing Business in Ukraine

U.S. Commercial Service's guide to doing business in Ukraine that covers such areas as political and economic environment, selling U.S. products and services, leading sectors for U.S. export and investment, trade regulations, customs requirements, investment climate, trade and project financing and business travel to Ukraine.

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