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Industry & Agriculture

As a result of extensive development of basic Ukrainian industries while a part of the USSR, especially those tied to defense, Ukraine inherited a huge industrial potential when the USSR collapsed. The major industries are power generation, fuels, ferrous and non-ferrous processing, chemicals, gas, machine-building, machinery-building, woodworking, and food production. Ukraine is also known for its highly developed defense industry producing and supplying military equipment to the countries throughout the world. Most Ukrainian industrial enterprises are located in the south-eastern part of the country

Ukraine has a moderate climate and mostly flat territory which is very favorable for agricultural development. Agricultural land consists of cultivated land, orchards, gardens, vineyards, and pastures. The main grain crops are winter wheat, spring barley, and corn. Other important agricultural crops include sunflowers and sugar beets.

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Agricultural transformation and land use in Central and Eastern Europe. edited by Stephan J. Goetz, Tanja Jaksch, and Rosemarie Siebert. Aldershot; Burlington : Ashgate, 2001. 340 p.
LC Call Number: HD1920.7 .A655 2001
LC Catalog Record: 2001091685
Table of Contents

Describes the agricultural sector transformation in the former Soviet republics including Ukraine. Particularly useful for those interested in studying agricultural policy.

Economic Development of the Ukraine:
A Guide to Selected Information Sources

 Table of Contents

Economy & Business
Foreign Trade & Investment
Banking & Finance
Industry & Agriculture
Labor Market & Management
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 Building of the National Bank of Ukraine - Author: -Alexander Noskin Date: 8-15-2005

Image above:
Building of the National Bank of Ukraine - Author: Alexander Noskin - Date: 8-15-2005.
From the Wikipedia Commons

Agriculture in the face of changing markets, institutions and policies : challenges and strategies, edited by Alfons Balmann, Jarmila Curtiss, Kristi Dautzenberg, and Kathrin Happe. (Saale): IAMO, 2006. 536 p.
LC Call Number: S469.C36 A375 2006
LC Catalog Record: 2008386897
Table of Contents
Full Text [PDF file 3.5mb/ 553 p.]

Provides an institutional analysis of land market reforms in post-Soviet republics including Ukraine. In particular, describes Ukrainian milk processing industry, its foreign assistance, and rural non-farm employment.

Ahrend, R., de Rosa, D., and Tompson, W. "Russian Manufacturing and the threat of 'Dutch Disease'. A Comparison of Competitiveness Developments In Russian and Ukrainian Industry." OECD Economic Department. Working Papers, January 25, 2007. pp. 1-2, 4-55. Retrieved May 7, 2011, from ABI/INFORM Global. (Document ID: 189912842)

A comprehensive study of the correlation between a country's resources and its economic performance. Attempts to estimate the likelihood of the Russian economy experiencing "Dutch Disease" the situation in which development and export of sizable natural resources at the expense of other sectors of the economy leads to a weakening of those sectors, (so named as an explanation of the decline of the manufacturing sector in the Netherlands following the discovery of a large natural gas field in the late 1950's.)1 This study is particularly useful for those interested in the understanding issues of resources use in transformational countries.

Balmaceda, Margarita M. Energy Leverage in Conditions of External Shock: The Case of Russian Energy Relations with Ukraine and Belarus, 2006-2009. APSA 2009 Toronto Meeting Paper. September 30, 2008. Available at SSRN:

A political-economic analysis of the energy sector in Belarus and Ukraine from the perspective of international relations with Russia.

Berg, Sanford, Chen Lin, and Valeriy Tsaplin. "Regulation of State-Owned and Privatized Utilities: Ukraine Electricity Distribution Company Performance." Journal of Regulatory Economics. Volume 28, number 3, pp. 259-287.
LC Call Number: HD3616.U45 J68
LC Catalog Record: 91642776
Also available online in Business Source Complete via EBSCOhost. Subscription resource: Online access limited to patrons onsite. (accessed May 9, 2011).

Empirical study of the regulation of electricity companies. Focuses on the analysis of the impact of Ukrainian regulatory incentives on utility performance and how ownership affects the behavior of these utilities.

Building market institutions in post-communist agriculture : land, credit, and assistance, edited by David A.J. Macey, William Pyle, and Stephen K. Wegren. Lanham : Lexicon Books, c2004. 229 p.
LC Call Number: HD1992 .B755 2004
LC Catalog Record: 003027904
Table of contents

Provides analysis of government policy and assistance in the area of agricultural transformation in post-soviet countries including Ukraine. Contents of the volume include:
  • Land privatization and land market development: two "unsuccessful" cases, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan / Peter C. Bloch
  • Russia's indeterminate land privatization: psychological aspects / Stephen K. Wegren
  • Successful cases: the Trans-Caucasian states (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) / Zvi Lerman
  • Rural finance without markets in Ukraine, 1991-2000 / David Sedik
  • Agriculture in the Czech Republic: dual production structures, dual credit markets / Dirk J. Bezemer
  • Finance, credit, and investments in Polish agriculture / Liesbeth Dries and Johan F.M. Swinnen
  • Missing the market: Kyrgyz agricultural policy and downstream linkages / Malcolm D. Childress
  • Technical assistance to agribusiness: why the Armenian case is promising but still indeterminate / Craig L. Infanger
  • Building market information systems in the transition economies: the USDA experience / Nancy Cochrane and Stefan Osborne
  • Conclusion / David A.J. Macey and Stephen K. Wegren.

Distortions to agricultural incentives in Europe's transition economies. edited by Kym Anderson and Johan Sinnen. Washington, D.C.: World Bank, c2008. 379 p.
LC Call Number: HD1920.7.Z8 D57 2008
LC Catalog Record: 2007048479
Table of Contents

Provides an overview of the agriculture transformation in post-communist countries including Ukraine. Focuses on political economy of agricultural policy and distortions to its successful implementation.

Demyanenko, Serhiy I., Johnson, Thomas G., Meyers, William H., and Zorya, Sergiy I Refocusing agricultural and rural development policies in Ukraine: action plan for the road ahead. Washington, DC: USAID, 2005. 138 p.
LC Call Number: HD1995.U55 M48 2005
LC Catalog Record: 2007467334

Describes land market, rural development, and agricultural regulatory policy in Ukraine.

Global supply chains, standards and the poor: how the globalization of food systems and standards affects rural development and poverty. edited by Swinnen, J.F.M. Wallingford, UK; Cambridge, MA : CABI, c2007. 322 p.
LC Call Number: TX360.5 .G56 2007
LC Catalog Record:: 2006022824
Table of contents

Provides description and firm quantitative analysis of the food supply process in developing countries including Ukraine. Particularly useful for those interested in the empirical side of food logistics in transitional economies.

Haney, Michael and Shkaratan, Maria. Mine Closure and its Impact on the Community: Five Years After Mine Closure in Romania, Russia, and Ukraine (June 12, 2003). World Bank Policy Research Working Paper No. 3083. Available at SSRN:

Provides the outcomes of qualitative/quantitative research on the correlation between the performance of the coal-mining industry and the well-being of the communities where the mines are located. Based on interviewing local experts, impacted groups, and survey results.

International Energy Agency. Ukraine energy policy review 2006. . Paris : OECD/IEA, c2006. 379 p.
LC Call Number: HD9502.U382 U37 2006
LC Catalog Record: 2007397270
Online Edition [PDF Format 4.49 MB/ 384 p.]

Provides a thorough description of energy sector in Ukraine. Contains information on technological process and economic results of the industry performance.

Osborne, Stefan, Trueblood, Michael A, Agricultural productivity and efficiency in Russia and Ukraine: building on a decade of reform. Washington, DC: United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, 2002. 29 p.
LC Call Number: HD1751 .A91854 no. 813
LC Catalog Record: 2002418535
Online edition [PDF Format: 461 KB / 33 pp.]

Provides a brief comparative analysis of agricultural sector performance in Ukraine and Russia in the 1990's.

Skliarenko, Elena, and Henry Bartel. 2006. "Evaluating the Relative Efficacy of the Marketing Function in the Construction Complex of Ukraine." International Advances in Economic Research Volume 12, number 1, pages 17-32.
LC Call Number: HB1 .I467
LC Catalog Record: 96648026
Also available online in Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost Subscription resource: Online access limited to patrons onsite. (accessed June 21, 2010).

Qualitative and quantitative study on the factors contributing to the economic success of construction companies in Ukraine. Focuses on the role of advertising, promotion, direct sales, and public relations as the marketing tools.

Zatolyuk, Sergiy, and Bridget Allgood. 2004. "Evaluating A Country For Offshore Outsourcing: Software Development Providers In The Ukraine." Information Systems Management volume 21, number 3, pp. 28-33.
LC Call Number: T58.6 .J65
LC Catalog Record: 91645427
Also available online in Business Source Complete via EBSCOhost Subscription resource: Online access limited to patrons onsite. (accessed June 21, 2010).

Provides the outcome of a survey regarding development of Ukrainian software industry.

Zinovchuk, Vitaly. 2007. "Supporting Agribusiness in Ukraine: Cooperatives and Beyond." Management Theory & Studies for Rural Business & Infrastructure Development Volume 9, number 2, pp. 73-81.
LC Call NUmber:
LC Catalog Record:
Also available online in Business Source Complete via EBSCOhost. Subscription resource: Online access limited to patrons onsite. (accessed June 21, 2010).

A research paper on the marketing, financial, and informational dimensions of agricultural infrastructure. Analyzes institutions that support agricultural business in Ukraine with emphasis on cooperatives. Survey and regression analysis are used as the research methods.

 1. For more on Dutch disease, see Moneyterms by Graene Pietersz, Link

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