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Czech and Slovak History: An American Bibliography

George J. Kovtun
Former Czechoslovak Area Specialist

Introductory Essay by Stanley B. Winters

Table of Contents


This selective English-language bibliography is based mainly on materials published in the United States. The main source for the selection of the monographs was the Library of Congress computerized catalog. Periodical articles were selected from ca. 70 periodicals, most of them published in America.

The criterion for the selection was usefulness for the study of Czech and Slovak history and for the general reader's interest in historical developments relating to the Czech Lands and Slovakia. Although scholarly quality and factographic reliability received the first consideration, in some instances items that were obviously propagandistic and biased were not omitted if they could be regarded as documentary testimony of certain attitudes or prejudices. The bibliography, the first of its kind and with all the necessary limitations, aims at offering an extensive coverage of the field.

The Soviet invasion in 1968 and its direct consequences were considered, for the purpose of this bibliography, as the last 'historical' events to be recorded here. Items dealing with the so called 'normalization' of the Husak era were included if their roots could be clearly traced to the preceding periods.

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The 'Velvet Revolution' of November 1989 and the following developments, still fresh and unfolding, were not included in this bibliographic record. All items, listed in this volume, were printed no later than 31 December 1993.

Entries in all chapters are arranged alphabetically by author or editor, or, if no author or editor is clearly stated, by title. Chapter 4 contains collections of essays by several authors or by a single author, from which three or more items have been listed separately according to their subject or time period.

My special thanks go to David H. Kraus for his encouragement, practical assistance, and valuable comments during all stages of my work; and to Stanley B. Winters whose friendly interest and expert advice were both rewarding and indispensable.

George J. Kovtun
November 1994

About this Electronic Version

This version contains the same content as the print edition, except that the diacritics have been removed to make searching easier.

Please note that no new material has been added to the bibliography since its completion in 1994.

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