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Collage of Russian newspapers.  Photo by A. Cannon

Russian Newspapers
at the Library of Congress

Angela Cannon
Reference Specialist for Russian and South Slavic

Index:  Introduction  [no city given] - Moskovskaia oblast'   Moscow    Murmansk - Sankt Peterburg  Saransk - Zhukovskii  Foreign Countries/CIS  Title Index

What the Bibliography Contains

This bibliography lists the Library of Congress' extensive collection of over 1600 Russian newspapers, beginning with the 1715 issues of Viedomosti o voennykh i innykh dielakh, and ending with current publications, whether received in paper, microfilm, or electronic format. It includes all newspapers published in the current territory of Russia regardless of the language of publication, as well as all Russian-language newspapers published anywhere else in the world. However, it does not contain non-Russian language titles from the former Soviet Union published in republics that became independent countries. For example, Russian language newspapers from Estonia may be found, but not Estonian or German language newspapers published in Estonia. The bibliography also contains a few Russian-related anomalies such as French-language newspapers published in France by the Soviet Embassy in Paris or by notable figures of the Russian emigration such as Aleksandr Kerenskii.

How the Bibliography Is Organized

Entries are organized by country of publication and then by city of publication.

City names are given in their current form with see references from older names. For instance, all newspapers from Leningrad and Petrograd are listed under Sankt-Peterburg. City names from countries other than Russia are listed in the vernacular for that country. For example, Parizh is spelled Paris and L'vov is spelled L'viv.

In the field "Dates of Publication" are dates showing the longevity of the newspapers. Information about which dates the Library of Congress holds in its collections appears in the "LC Has" field. For microfilm holdings the number of reels is also provided to facilitate interlibrary loan requests. A plus sign after the number of reels indicates that the title is still being received. Microfilm circulates via interlibrary loan, but bound volumes and paper issues do not.

Calendar Reform

In 1918 the Soviet Union switched calendars from the Julian to the Gregorian (the calendar used in the West). The dates listed in the bibliography for pre-revolutionary Russian titles, including some from 1917, are given in Julian, whereas the dates for post-1917 are given in Gregorian (new style). For transitional times, the Julian (old style) is listed first with the new style dates (Gregorian) following in parentheses. For example, the range of dates Oct 25, 1906-Oct 27 (Nov 9), 1918 should be interpreted as Oct 25, 1906 (Julian, old style) and Oct 27, 1918 (Julian, old style), but understood that Oct 27 (old style) is the same as Nov 9 (Gregorian, new style). Sometimes the abbreviations o.s and n.s, for old style and new style respectively, are used.

Spelling Reform

In 1917-1918 Russia introduced spelling reform that simplified the alphabet by eliminating certain letters. For pre-revolutionary and émigré newspapers, titles are given first in the transliteration of the old spelling and then after an equal sign in the modern spelling. For example, Moskovskiia viedomosti = Moskovskie vedomosti. All Cyrillic titles are rendered into Latin script using the Library of Congress romanization system.

Title Changes

Minor title changes appear in the same entry separated by an equal sign. The corresponding dates of publication for each title change are separated by a semi-colon. Previous and continuing titles that show more than minor title changes are listed in the Notes field and the titles are given their own separate entries.

Where Are the Russian Newspapers Located in the Library of Congress?

Russian newspapers are housed in several locations in the Library of Congress. In general, microfilm of titles from Russia and current paper issues of all Russian-language titles are held in the European Reading Room. Microfilm of Russian-language titles not from Russia and bound volumes of Russian newspapers are held in the Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room. However, there are pockets of holdings elsewhere. Abbreviations for locations are:

Russian Newspaper Microfilm Sets

The Library of Congress holds several large microfilm sets of newspapers that are not analyzed in this bibliography. They include Odnodnevnye gazety SSSR 1917-1983 [One-Day Newspapers, 1917-1983], LC Call Number:   Microfilm 98/3 (P), held in MicroRR, and Nesovetskie gazety/Anti-Soviet Newspapers, LC Call Number:   Microfilm 2009/75, held in Eur. Use the accompanying guides to the sets to discover their contents: Odnodnevnye gazety: Z6956.S65G75 1994 v.2-3; Nesovetskie gazety: Z9656.S65 R47 2003. The first guide is held in the Main Reading Room and the second is in the European Reading Room Russian Reference section. In addition to these film sets, another large collection of Russian newspapers is not included in this bibliography. It is called the New Soviet and Baltic Independent Serials Collection from the perestroika era. A finding aid is available at This set is in the process of being microfilmed. The film should be available in 2013. Another large microfilm set for post-Soviet era newspapers is Late Soviet and Post-Soviet Transitional Press, LC Call Number: Microfilm 2011/69, held in the European Reading Room. This collection was amassed by the University of California, Berkeley, and they have provided a database to its contents at

Look Online for Russian Newspapers

The Library of Congress subscribes to a number of databases that have full-text of Russian newspapers. They include databases from East View Information Services (Russian Central Newspapers [UDB-COM], Russian Regional Newspapers [UDB-REG], Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine [UDB-EUR], Military & Security Periodicals [UDB-MIL], Ukrainian Publications [UDB-UKR], and Library and Information Sciences [UDB-LIB]. Other subscription databases with Russian newspapers are Press Reader, Emerging Markets, and Factiva. Factiva and Emerging Markets have so many Russian newspapers with unclear holdings that it is impossible to list them all in this bibliography. Most have coverage for the past five years. The holdings for online newspapers are listed under the field entitled "Via Subcription Database."
Titles to which we subscribe via a subscription database are available only in one of the Library of Congress buildings. They are not freely accessible via the Internet. However, if there is a free website with at least current issues available, the address is given in the field "URL." A freely available Russian website, "Gazetnye starosti," has digitized selected issues or fragments of many older Russian newspapers both before and after 1917. With reproductions of mastheads, this site often gives the look and feel of the newspapers. See  External link Another valuable website for investigating Russian newspapers is a union catalog of holdings called Gazety Rossii (1703-1917) at the Russian National Library, the Russian State Library, and the State Public Historical Library. See  External link

Russian Newspaper Indexes

Russian newspapers are rarely indexed; if a paper is indexed it is noted in the "Index" field. For central Russian newspapers published during the Soviet and post-Soviet era, a selected contents index is available under the title Letopis' gazetnykh statei. Although LGS began publication in 1936, LC lacks some of the earlier issues. Under call number AI15.L35 are 1936, 1940:17, 1943, 1944-1945 [incomplete], 1949, 1955 [incomplete], 1956-present. Under call number Microfilm 93/6887 are 1953-1980. The subscription database "Russian National Bibliography" has citations for 1998-present. This source is not easy to use in print. The entries are grouped by broad subject category and for a number of years there are no author indexes so each issue must be examined to identify pertinent citations. In addition, it indexes only selected newspapers and selected articles from those newspapers.

Have Pravda and Izvestiia Been Translated?

One of the most frequent questions about Russian newspapers is whether there exists an English translation of Pravda and Izvestiia. Except for 1985-1988 of Pravda, there is no English translation of these titles. However, some English language access is available via the Current Digest of the Soviet Press and its successor Current Digest of the Post-Soviet Press. Beginning in 1949 and continuing to this day, these digests translated selectively important articles from major Russian news sources including Pravda and Izvestiia. LC has the complete run of both digests in print and electronic formats.

Bibliographic Sources for Russian Newspapers

Bibliographic sources for the dates of publication and other bibliographic data are listed with abbreviations and entry numbers in the field "Bibliographic Source." Sometimes bibliographic data is extracted from the newspaper itself if it is clear that LC has the first and/or last issues. This case is indicated by the phrase "The newspaper itself." Due to sketchy bibliographic control of Russian newspapers beginning in the late 1980s, standard bibliographic sources frequently were not helpful, thus, for current newspapers, sometimes the compiler contacted the publishers directly for start dates. This is indicated by the phrase "Email from publisher." The bibliography of reference works consulted with their abbreviations is given below.

Please send comments and questions about the contents of this bibliography to Angela Cannon, Reference Specialist, European Division, [email protected].

Reference Books Consulted:

(Lisovskii) Lisovskii, Nikolai Mikhailovich. Bibliografiia russkoi periodicheskoi pechati. Petrograd: Tip. G.A. Shumakhera i B.D. Brukera, 1915. LC Call Number:   Z6956.R9L39 Held in EUR Russian Reference. Online version: External link

(BPIR) Bibliografiia periodicheskikh izdanii Rossii. Ed. Liusiia Nikitichna Beliaeva. Leningrad: Publichnaia biblioteka imeni M.E. Saltykova-Shchedrina, 1958-61. 4 vols. LC Call Number:   Z6956.R9 L353 Held in EUR Russian Reference. Online version: External link

(RDG) Russkie dorevoliutsionnye gazety v fondakh Gosudarstvennoi biblioteki SSSR imeni V.I. Lenina: Alfavitnyi katalog. Ed. O.N. Nizhneva. 2-e izd., ispr. i dop. Moskva: Gos. biblioteka SSSR im. V.I. Lenina, 1986. LC Call Number:   Z6956.S65 G67 1986 v.1-5 Held in EUR Russian Reference

(GDR) Gazety dorevoliutsionnoi Rossii 1703-1917. Katalog. Sankt-Peterburg: RNB, 2007. LC Call Number:   Z6956.R9 G325 2007 Held in EUR Russian Reference

(GPLSV) Gazety pervykh let sovetskoi vlasti, 1917-1922: Svodnyi bibliograficheskii katalog. Ed. I.V. Morozova. Moskva: Gos. biblioteka SSSR im. V.I. Lenina, 1990. LC Call Number:   Z6956.S65 G39 1990 v.1-4 Held in EUR Russian Reference

(PPR 1917) Periodicheskaia pechat' v Rossii v 1917 godu: Bibliograficheskii ukazatel' / Ed. L.A. Shilov. Leningrad: Gos. publichnaia biblioteka im. M.E. Saltykova-Shchedrina, 1987. LC Call Number:   Z6956.S65 P45 1987 v.1-3. Held in EUR Russian Reference

(Gazety SSSR) Gazety SSSR 1917-1960. Bibliograficheskii spravochnik. Moskva: Kniga, 1970-1984. 5 vols. LC Call Number:   Z6956.R9 G34 Held in EUR Russian Reference

(Odnodnevnye) Odnodnevnye gazety SSSR 1917-1984. Ed. T.S. Grigoriants. Leningrad, 1989. 3 vols (LC holds only vols 2-3 of the original and the reprint). LC Call Number:   Z6956.S65 G75 1989 Held in MRR Reference and GenColl

(NSG) Nesovetskie gazety, 1918-1922 gg.: Katalog sobraniia Rossiiskoi natsional'noi biblioteki. Ed. T.V. Akopian. Sankt-Peterburg : Rossiiskaia natsional'naia biblioteka, 2003. LC Call Number:   Z6956.S65 R67 2003 Held in EUR Russian Reference

(LPIS) Letopis' periodicheskikh izdanii SSSR. Moskva: Vsesoiuznaia knizhnaia palata, 1933- LC Call Number:   Z6956.R9 L36 Held in EUR Russian Reference

(LPIPI) Letopis' periodicheskikh i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii. Novye, pereimenovannye i prekrashchennye izdaniem zhurnaly i gazety. Moskva: Rossiiskaia knizhnaia palata, 1971- LC Call Number:   Z6956.R9 L359 Held in EUR Russian Reference and GenColl

(PPS) Periodicheskaia pechat' SSSR, 1917-1949: Bibliograficheskii ukazatel'. Moskva: Vsesoiuznaia knizhnaia palata, 1955-1963. 10 vols. LC Call Number:   Z6956.R9 V8 Held in EUR Russian Reference

(L'Emigration) L'émigration russe en Europe: Catalogue collectif des périodiques en langue russe. Ed. Tatiana Ossourguine-Bakounine. Paris: Institut d'études slaves, 1976-1977. Vol. 1, 1855-1940. LC Call Number:   Z6956.R9 B25 Held in EUR Russian Reference

(L'Emigration 2) L'émigration russe en Europe: Catalogue collectif des périodiques en langue russe. Ed. Anne-Marie Volkoff. Paris: Institut d'études slaves, 1981. Vol 2, 1940-1979. LC Call Number:   Z6955.V64 1981 Held in EUR Russian Reference

(SKPIPIRZ) Svodnyi katalog periodicheskikh i prodolzhaiushchikhsia izdanii russkogo zarubezh'ia v bibliotekakh Moskvy (1917-1996 gg.). Moskva: ROSSPEN, 1999. LC Call Number:   Z6956.R9 B29 1997 Held in EUR Russian Reference

Library of Congress Bibliographies Consulted:

Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian Newspapers 1917-1953: A Union List. Ed. Paul L. Horecky. Washington: Library of Congress, 1953. LC Call Number:   Z663.47 R85 Held in EUR Russian Reference

Newspapers of the Soviet Union in the Library of Congress (Slavic, 1954-1960; Non-Slavic, 1917-1960). Ed. Paul L. Horecky. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1962. LC Call Number:   Z6956.R9 U55 Held in EUR Russian Reference

Newspapers of East Central and Southeastern Europe. Ed. Robert G. Carlton. Washington, DC: Library of Congress, 1965. LC Call Number:   Z6955 .U52 Held in EUR Eastern Europe Reference

A Check List of Foreign Newspapers in the Library of Congress. Ed. Henry S. Parsons. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Govt. Printing Office, 1929. LC Call Number:   Z6945.U5 C47 1929 Held in EUR Reference

Index:  Introduction  [no city given] - Moskovskaia oblast'   Moscow    Murmansk - Sankt Peterburg  Saransk - Zhukovskii  Foreign Countries/CIS  Title Index

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