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Old Russian Manuscripts of the Pushkinskii Dom (IRLAN)

In 1994 the Department of Defense made a long-term loan of microfilming equipment to the Institute of Russian Literature--Pushkin House in St. Petersburg, Russia in order to make available on microfilm medieval Russian manuscripts not hitherto accessible in the United States and to assist the internal preservation and conservation program of the Institute. A small committee of scholars prepared a list of medieval Russian manuscripts to be filmed under the project, which is coordinated by the Library of Congress.

The Pushkin House maintains one of the richest collections of medieval Russian manuscripts in the world. The manuscripts selected for filming by the Library of Congress represent those that are of greatest scholarly value from a linguistic, historical, religious, and artistic point of view.

Researchers may view this microfilm in the European Reading Room. A guide to the reel contents is presented below.

Catalog record for the collection.

Sample image from Pushkinskii Dom collection
Reel Contents Year/Century
S-2* Sbornik; Karel'skoe sobr. no. 476 early 15th-late 17th C. 
S-3 Sbornik sluzhebnyi; kollektsiia V. N. Perettsa, no. 21
Slova postnicheskie Vasiliia Velikogo 
1405-early 16th C.
S-4 Sinodik Iosifo-Volokolamskogo monastyria, otdel'nye postupleniia, op. 32, no. 52
Evangelie ot Ioanna (na grecheskom iazyke); kollektsiia V. N. Perettsa, no. 1 (glavy XVIII, 22-XXI, 15)
Evangelie Aprakos Polnyi, op. 25, no. 30
Pandekty Nikona Chernogortsa (glavy 37-63), op. 23, no. 19**
Apostol; Novgorodsko-Pskovskoe sobr. no. 21
12th-13th C.
late 15th C.
late 15th-early 16th C.
S-5 Evangelie uchitel'noe; kollektsiia V. N. Perettsa, no. 9 late 15th-early 16th C.
S-5/6 Kormchaia; Novgorodsko-Sofiiskoi redaktsii, Prichudskoe sobr. no. 48 1510s
S-6 Triod' postnaia; Ust'-TSilemskoe sobr. no. 48 1500
S-9*** 16 slov Grigoriia Bogoslova s tolkovaniiami Nikity Irakliiskogo; kollektsiia V. V. Velichko, no. 2 16th C (after 3rd decade)
S-9/10 Rimskie deianiia, op. 23, no. 80 late 17th C.
S-10/11 Trefologion; kollektsiia V. N. Perettsa, no. 74 1610s-1620s
S-11/12 Sbornik sochinenii Dionisiia Areopagita s tolkovaniiami M. Islovednika; kollektsiia V. V. Velichko, no. 11 17th C., 2nd qtr.
S-12 Sbornik; kollektsiia M. F. Pershina, no. 9  17th C., 2nd qtr.
S-13 Prolog; Severodvinskoe sobr. no. 120 Mar.-Aug. 1590
S-14/15 Kormchaia; kollektsiia M. F. Pershina, no. 20 mid-17th C.
S-16 Velikoe zertsalo; kollektsiia V. N. Perettsa, no. 174 early 18th C.
S-17/18 Triod' tsvetnaia; Karel'skoe sobr. no. 535 1610s
S-19 Psaltyr' tolkovaia; kollektsiia F. A. Kalikina, no. 72 1530s-1540s
S-20 Sbornik; otdel'nye postupleniia, op. 24, no. 26 16th C.
S-21 Zhitie i chudesa Antoniia Siiskogo, sluzhba emu (s dopolneniiami); otdel'nye postupleniia, op. 23, no. 292  1670s-1680s-2nd qtr. 18th C.
S-21/22 Sbornik; Pinezhskoe sobr. no. 113 late 17th-last qtr. 18th C.
S29/30 **** Sbornik; kollektsiia V. V. Velichko, no. 12 2nd-4th qtr. 17th C 
S-30 Sbornik sluzhebnyi; kollektsiia V. N. Perettsa, no. 113 1610s-1620s
S-31 Sbornik; Severodvinskoe sobr. no. 65 mid-18th C. 
S-32/S-33 ***** Sbornik; Verkhnepechorskoe sobr. no. 4 18th C. (1780s)
S-33 Sbornik; sluzhebnyi; Ust'-TSilemskoe sobr. no. 366 16th C. (last qtr.)
S-33/S-34 Kormchaia nikonovskaia; koll. V. N. Perettsa no. 307 18th C. (1760s)
S-34/S-35 Pomorskie otvety; koll. V. N. Perettsa no. 226 18th C. (1740s)
S-35 Sbornik; Ust'-TSilemskoe sobr. no. 10 17th C. (last qtr.)
  Kniga perepisnaia otvodnaia riznich'ia Solovetskogo monatyria; koll. F. A. Kolikina. no. 58 1712
S-36 Sbornik sluzhebnyi; Severodvinskoe sobr. no. 4 17th C. (1640s)
S-36-S-37 Sbornik; Otd. Postupleniia, op. 24 no. 150 16th C. (3rd qtr.)-17thC.(1st qtr.)
S-37/S-38 Sbornik; Latagal'skoe sobr. no. 329 15th C. (1470s-1480s)-19th C. (end)
S-38 Zvezda presvetlaia; Ust'-TSsilemskoe sobr. no. 143 1709
S-39 Torzhestvennik; Ust-TSilemskoe  sobr. no. 150
Azbukovnik (s dopolneniiami); Otd. postupleniia, op.23, no.309.
XVIII (1720s-1730s)
XVII (1620s-1630s)
S-40 Zhitie Nikolaia Mirlikiiskogo so slovami na ego rozhdestvo i perenesenia  moschei; koll. M. S. Lesmana, no. 2.
Zhitie Makariia Zheltovodskogo i Unzhenskogo; koll. V. V. Luki'ianiva, no. 51.

XVIII (2nd qtr.) cent.

* S-1 not received

** Adverse technical conditions precluded the completion of filming of designated manuscript in the affected portion of microfilm, per filmed handwritten explanatory notice in Russian

***S-7 and S-8 not received

**** S-23 through S-28 not received

***** S-32 not received

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