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East Central European Genealogy and Local History:
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Genealogical Guides and Handbooks: Polish

Ames, Mary Ann Boczon.
How to research your personal Polish family history. New Carrollton, Md.: Ames, 1976. i, 30 leaves. Ill.
LC call number: CS49.A43
LC control number: 76384076

Basic, older guide for the beginning genealogist.

Chorzempa, Rosemary A., 1951-.
Polish roots = Korzenie polskie. Baltimore, Md.: Genealogical Pub., 1993. xxii, 240 p., ill.
LC call number: E184.P7C5 1993
LC control number: 93077159

Excellent general guide to Polish genealogical research.

Frazin, Judith R., compiler.
A translation guide to 19th-century Polish-language civil-registration documents birth, marriage and death records. Northbrook, Ill.: Jewish Genealogical Society of Illinois, 1989. vi, 311 p.
LC call number: CS871.F73 1989 LH&G
LC control number: 89084516

Defines Polish words as used in19th-century Polish-language civil registration documents that followed the Napoleonic format (roughly 1808 through 1867) and gives examples of their usage. Provides model sentences in the Polish language for genealogical correspondence.

Gnacinski, Janneyne Longley and Len Gnacinski.
Polish and proud: tracing your Polish ancestry. West Allis, Wis.: Janlen Enterprises, 1979. i, 78 p., ill.
LC call number: CS49.G57 LH&G
LC control number: 79084318

Introductory guide. Surveys resources useful in Polish-American research. Includes maps of historical counties of Poland.

Hoffman, William F.
Polish surnames: origins and meanings. Chicago: Polish Genealogical Society of America, [1993?] viii, 295 p., map.
LC call number: CS2840.H64 1993 LH&G
LC control number: 94180511

Traces history of Polish surnames in general, describes name meanings and variants. Alphabetical name index lists surnames by root with their presumed meanings and variant forms.

Hoskins, Janina W.
Polish genealogy & heraldry: an introduction to research. Washington: Library of Congress. For sale by the Supt. of Docs., U.S.: G.P.O., 1987. xi, 114 p. ill.
LC call number: CS872.H67 1987 LH&G
LC control number: 87600087

Many citations are in the Polish language. Useful, however, is the section on "English-language publications for Americans seeking their Polish heritage." Extensive listings of general historical and biographical reference materials include English- and German-language titles.

Kruszka, Waclaw.
[Historia Polska w Ameryce. English]
A history of the Poles in America to 1908. Edited, with an introduction by James S. Pula; translated by Krystyna Jankowski; associate editors, M.B. Biskupski & Stanley Cuba; assistant editors, T. Lindsay Baker, et al. 3 vols. Washington, D.C.: Catholic University of America Press, 1993-1998.
LC call number: E184.P7K913 1993 LH&G
LC control number: 92024608

Translated and edited version of the 1905 publication. Traces settlement of Poles in America, focusing on Illinois, the eastern, and southern states.

Markowski, Benedict, compiler.
An annotated and topical list of aids to Polish genealogy. Detroit, Mich. (5201 Woodward Ave., Detroit 48202): Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library, 1984. [19] p.
LC call number: Z1361.P6M37 1984 LH&G
LC control number: 85130859

Titles found in the Detroit Public Library, divided into ten subject categories (guides to Polish genealogy, Polish and Slavic sources, Poles in Michigan, Poles in the United States and Canada, Polish newspapers and periodicals, Polish surnames, Polish family histories, Polish heraldry, Polish churches and records, maps and gazetteers).

Ortell, Gerald A.
Polish parish records of the Roman Catholic Church: their use and understanding in genealogical research. Buffalo Grove, Ill.: Genun, 1989. iii, 87 p., ill.
LC call number: CS873.O77 1989 LH&G
LC control number: 90105518

Assistance in deciphering Polish- and Latin-language vital records, on microfilm or in original form. Notes traditional practices not easily interpreted in customary registration forms of birth, marriage, and death records.

Renkiewicz, Frank, compiler.
The Poles in America, 1608-1972; a chronology & fact book. Dobbs Ferry, N.Y.: Oceana Publications, 1973. vii, 128 p.
LC call number: E184.P7 R46
LC control number: 73001879

Provides a chronological history of Polish settlement in United States, 1608-1972. Includes texts of documents relevant to Polish-American history.

Rollyson, Carl Sokolnicki, and Lisa Olson Paddock.
A student's guide to Polish American genealogy. Phoenix, Ariz.: Oryx Press, 1996. v, 170 p., ill. (some col.).
LC call number: E184.P7R575
LC control number: 95041416

Lists published resources that provide historical background for Polish-American family history.

Schlyter, Daniel M.
Essentials in Polish genealogical research. Chicago: Polish Genealogical Society of America, [1993.] 12 p.
LC call number: CS872.S34 1993
LC control number: 93203633

Brief summary of primary sources available in both the United States and Poland (prepared for Polish Genealogical Society).

Shea, Jonathan D.
Russian language documents from Russian Poland: a translation manual for genealogists. Illustrated by Constance M. Ochnio and Denise Bryzgiel Roberts. Buffalo Grove, Ill.: Genun Publishers, 1989. ii, 73 p., ill., maps.
LC call number: PG2498.S49 1989
LC control number: 89081378

Guidance in interpreting vital records in both Russian and Polish, with many comparisons of the two. Explains usage for names and dates. Analyzes the component parts of birth, death, and marriage records.

Wellauer, Maralyn A.
Tracing your Polish roots. Milwaukee, Wis.: M.A. Wellauer, 1991. ii, 108 p., ill.
LC call number: CS49.W45 1991
LC control number: 91213313

Stresses research that can be done in the United States.

Who's who in Polish America. Francis Bolek, editor. New York: Arno Press, 1970 [c1943]. 579 p.
LC call number: E184.P7W49 1970
LC control number: 75129390

Reprint of 1943 edition. Contains 1,000 brief biographies of Polish individuals, fewer than half of them born in the United States. Offers useful genealogical data.

Who's who in Polish America: 1996-1997. Edited by Boleslaw Wierzbia'nski. New York: Bicentennial Pub. Corp., 1996. 571 p.
LC call number: E184.P7 W49 1996
LC control number: 96007273

Zurawski, Joseph W.
Polish American history and culture: a classified bibliography. Chicago: Polish Museum of America, 1975. xiv, 218 p.
LC call number: Z1361.P6Z87
LC control number: 75024789

English-language books and articles on a variety of Polish American topics, many of them useful to the genealogist and ethnic historian.

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