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Immigrant Arrivals: A Guide To Published Sources


Albion, Robert Greenhalgh.
Square-riggers On Schedule: The New York Sailing Packets to England, France, and the Cotton Ports
. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1938. xii, 371 p., ill., facsims., plates.
LC call number: HE767.N5A7
LC control number: 38016737

Covers 1818 to 1858. Appendix: tabular data vessel specifications, builders, years of service, speed of westbound passages, rates of freight, cargoes, and biographical notes on masters of packets.

Table of Contents | Index | Sources Cited | Catalog record

Anuta, Michael J.
Ships of Our Ancestors
. Menominee, Mich.: Ships of Our Ancestors, Inc., 1983. Reprint, Baltimore, Md.: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1993. viii, 380 p., ill.
Over 880 illustrations of ships.
LC call number: VM381.S8 1993 LH&G
LC control number: 93070622

Catalog record

Baker, William A.
The Mayflower and Other Colonial Vessels
. Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, 1983. xii, 180 p., ill., plans, bibliography.
LC call number: VM383.M348B34 1983
LC control number: 83060472

Table of Contents | Sources Cited | Catalog record

Bonsor, N.R.P.
North Atlantic Seaway: An Illustrated History of the Passenger Services Linking the Old World with the New
. Illus. by J.H. Isherwood. 4 vols. Enl.and rev. ed. Newton Abbot [Engl.]: David & Charles, 1975. Bibliographic references. Vols. 3-4 pub. Jersey, Channel Islands: Brookside Pub., 1979.
LC call number: HE822.B7 1975
LC control number: 75316725

Discusses American, British, and European steamship lines, 1829-1957, with brief comments on each vessel. Approximately 200 illustrations. Vol. 5, pub. Jersey, Channel Islands by Brookside Pub., containing a general index, nine appendices,and a bibliography, not in LC.

Catalog record

Cutler, Carl C.
Queens of the Western Ocean: The Story of America's Mail and Passenger Sailing Lines
. With a Foreword by Chester W. Nimitz. Annapolis: U.S. Naval Institute, 1961. xxi, 672 p., ill., plans, ports., bibliographic references, index.
LC call number: HE745.C8 MRR Alc
LC control number: 61011247

"Western Ocean" refers to the Atlantic Ocean. Appendix I, "Sailing Lines Between the United States and Foreign Parts," listing vessels, tonnage, masters, and some remarks for the period 1817-1860. Appendix II, "Coastal Lines."

  Table of Contents  |  General Index  |  Index to Ships' Names  |   Catalog record

Dunn, Laurence
Famous Liners of the Past, Belfast Built
. London: A. Coles [1964]. 238 p.,ill.
Descriptions arranged by steamship line; many are 20th-century vessels.
LC call number: HE565.G7D8
LC control number: 65079744

Table of Contents | Index | Catalog record

Emmons, Frederick E.
American Passenger Ships: The Ocean Lines and Liners, 1873-1983.
Newark: University of Delaware Press, 1985. Illus. by the author. 184 p., plates., ill., bibliography.
LC call number: VM381.E46 1985 MRR Alc
LC control number: 83050652

Technical data on 392 ocean-going American flag ships "of over 2,500 gross registered tons, built with iron or steel hulls, and driven by screw propulsion," with historical background on the steamship companies. The latter are divided into six geographical areas: the North Atlantic; Pacific, Hawaii, and Around-the-World; South America and Africa; Intercostal and Central America; East Coast, Gulf and Caribbean; the West Coast and Alaska.

Table of Contents | Index | Sources Cited | Catalog record

Greenhill, Basil.
The Life and Death of the Merchant Sailing Ship 1815-1965.
London: H.M.S.O.,1980. 60 p., ill. At head of title: National Maritime Museum.
LC call number: VK19.G73
LC control number: 81123981

Table of Contents | Index | Catalog record

Haws, Duncan.
Merchant Fleets in Profile
. Additional research by Stephen Rabson. 3 vols. Cambridge, [Eng.]: P. Stephens, 1978-79.
LC call number: HE945.A2H38
LC control number: 79322836

Vol. 1, ships of the P & O, Orient, and Blue Anchor lines. Vol. 2, ships of the Cunard, American Red Star, Inman, Leyland, Dominion, Atlantic Transport, and White Star lines. Vol. 3, ships of the Union, Castle and Union-Castle, Allan, and Canadian Pacific lines.

Table of Contents (Volumes 1 - 3) | Fleet Indexes (Volumes 1 - 3) | Catalog record

Heinberg, Aage.
Over Atlanten fra og til Denmark Gennem Tiderne
. Kobenhaven: J.D. Qvist & Komp, 1936. 371 p., ill., plates, ports., facsims.
LC call number: E184.S19H28
LC control number: 39013709

Information on many ships from Denmark to the U.S. with photographs, names of masters, discussion of daily life on board. Lists vessels of both the Thingvalla Line and the Scandinavian-American Line, 1880-1935.

Catalog record

Kludas, Arnold.
Deutsche Ozean-Passagierschiffe, 1850 bis 1865. [German Passenger Liners, 1850 Until 1895.]
Moers: Steiger, 1983. 144 p., ill., bibliography.
LC call number: VM381.K57 1983 LH&G
LC control number: 84164270

Approximately 120 illustrations of ships. For each vessel: date, place, builder, gross tonnage, knots per hour, length, classes of accommodations, type of engine (if steam), number of passengers and crew, and a brief history summarized in English.

Catalog record

Kludas, Arnold.
Great Passenger Ships of the World
. Charles Hodges, trans. 6 vols. Reprint, Wellingborough, Northants: P. Stephens, 1985-1986. Ill.
LC call number: VM381.K5813 1985 LH&G; MRR Alc
LC control number: 86164531

Chronologically arranged, covers the period 1858 to 1986. Includes "all passenger ships to date of over 10,000 GRT [gross registered tonnage], with all essential technical and historical data [and] the appearance of the ship recorded in photographs."

Catalog record

MacGregor, David R.
Fast Sailing Ships: Their Design and Construction, 1775-1875
. 2nd ed. Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, 1988. 319 p., ill., bibliography, pp. 283-89.
LC call number: VM144.M3 1988
LC control number: 87062528

Table of Contents | Index | Sources Cited | Catalog record

MacGregor, David R.
Merchant Sailing Ships, 1775-1815: Sovereignty of Sail
. Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, 1985. 224 p., ill., index, bibliography.
LC call number: VK19.M28 1985
LC control number: 88061517

Table of Contents | Index | Sources Cited | Catalog record

MacGregor, David R.
Merchant Sailing Ships, 1815-1850: Supremacy of Sail
. Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, 1984. 191 p., ill., index.
LC call number: VM144.M313 1984
LC control number: 83046116

Table of Contents | Index | Sources Cited | Catalog record

MacGregor, David R.
Merchant Sailing Ships: 1850-1875: Heyday of Sail
. Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, 1984. 256 p., ill., bibliography, p. 251, index.
LC call number: VM144.M314 1984
LC control number: 84061562

Table of Contents | Index | Sources Cited | Catalog record

MacGregor, David R.
Schooners in Four Centuries
. Annapolis, Md.: Naval Institute Press, 1982. 144 p., ill., bibliography, index.
LC call number: VM311.F7M33 1992
LC control number: 82073779

Table of Contents | Index | Sources Cited | Catalog record

Morton Allan Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals for the Years 1890 to 1930 at the Port of New York and or the Years 1904 to 1926 at the Ports of New York, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore. New York: Immigration Information Bureau, Inc., 1931. Reprint, Baltimore: Genealogical Pub. Co., 1979. 268 p.
LC call number: HE945.A2D5 1979 LH&G
LC control number: 78065163

The "arrivals of passenger steamships carefully compiled by the calendar year and indexed alphabetically by Steamship Line," with ports of departure and arrival, and a list of shipping lines that discontinued passenger service to U.S. ports by 1931.

Index  |   Catalog record

Passenger Ships Arriving in New York Harbor. Vol. I (1820-1850). Edited by Bradley W. Steuart; illustrated by Wayne Cooper. Bountiful, Utah, Precision Indexing, 1991. 352 p.
LC call number: VM381.P37 1981 LH&G
LC control number: 93246941

Includes the following information extracted from National Archives microfilm publication M237: date of arrival, name of ship, type of vessel, name of captain, port(s) of embarkation, three most prevalent nationalities onboard, National Archives roll number, and manifest number. Information is presented in two sections: a chronological list by arrival date, and an alphabetical list by ship name.

Table of Contents | Index | Catalog record

Schauffelen, Otmar.
Great Sailing Ships: An Illustrated Catalogue and History of 150 Extant Barks, Barkentines, Brigs,Brigantines, Frigates, Schooners, and Other Large Sailing Vessels Built Since 1628
. Translated by Inge Moore with the co-operation of Barbara Webb. New York: Praeger (1969). 278 p., Illus., bibliography, index.
LC call number: VM145.S2913 MRR Alc
LC control number: 75079074

Catalog record

Smith, Eugene Waldo.
Passenger Ships of the World, Past and Present
. 2d ed. Boston: G.H. Dean, 1978. 1097 p., ill.
LC call number: HE565 .A3S48 1978 LH&G
LC control number: 79101044

Part I, alphabetical list and description of trans-Atlantic passenger lines. Part II, trans-Pacific passenger ships. Part III, Latin American passenger ships. Part IV, passenger ships to Africa and the eastern oceans. Part V, California-Hawaiian passenger ships. Part VI, passenger lines with their fleet lists. Part VII, photographs. Part VIII, supplement with ships not listed in the first edition. Part IX, passenger vessels sold for scrap since 1960. Appendices include the world's longest ships and the distances between ports in nautical miles.

Catalog record

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