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A friar's account of the Philippine Revolution:
an unpublished manuscript of Fr. Marcos Gomez, O.F.M.



First Part--The Revolution of Daet

First News. Declarations. Discovered Plan
The 14th Day of April
Events of the 15th Day
Events of the 16th Day
Events of the 17th Day
Two heroes and a loyal town
A just sentence. Its objectionable execution
The rural guides. News from Manila. Offer of rewards
Sad and happy news. The savage deeds
Commentaries on the news about Sr. Pica
The last days of August. True but sad news
The telegram of Sr. Correa. The public personages

Second Part--The Revolution of Nueva Caceres

Religious feasts. Review of volunteers
Dispositions of the volunteers. A pitiful picture
The plan of the insurgents. Advice of an Ecclesiastic
The capitulation of the fortress of Nueva Caceres
To Manila. Disorders of incommunication.
The court of Lucban. Pretensions to the Office
A memorable date. A public walk and impressions
Order emanating from a banquet
First days of December. Another new military chief
Legaspi, Chief of Camarines. Liberty to the Spaniards
A representative of the Filipino government
Viniegra in the scene. Looking for the spoon
A religious feast in jail. Visit of prisons
First expedition of soldiers returning to Tayabas
A fulfilled promise. The infirmary of San Francisco
The hour arrived. First news. On the march
On the 25th, the advance of the Americans

Appendix I
Appendix II
Notes on the Researcher

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