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Lisbon, Howard County, Maryland

One of the smaller Lisbons is an unincorporated village in the rural, western part of Howard County, Maryland. This crossroads community, which was originally known as "New Lisbon," was established about 1805 when Caleb Pancoast built a house at an intersection on the Baltimore-Frederick Pike. Although there is no documentation as to why the name Lisbon was selected, local tradition indicates that the name commemorates the Portuguese capital city famed for its 1755 earthquake. Most of the residents and land owners in this area were of English descent.

During the nineteenth century, this community was one of the most prosperous farm villages in the western part of the county, but it never had more than several hundred residents. Today, the town, with a population of almost 1,000, is again experiencing growth by virtue of its location on the suburban fringe of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area.
Woodbine Quadrangle, MD
Woodbine Quadrangle, Maryland. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Geological Survey, 1979. Color printed map. Geography and Map Division, USGS quads (32).

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