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Portuguese Land Owners near Jacksonville

The locality where the immigrants from Madeira settled near Jacksonville is illustrated on this page from a county land ownership atlas for Morgan County. By 1872, when this atlas was published, these immigrants had become small land owners in the rural area to the north and northeast of Jacksonville. Names possibly of Portuguese origin include Ornellis in Section 5; Romio, Corio, and Baptista in Section 8; Gonsolve and Fernandes in Section 10; and Don Carlos in Section 14. Because many of the smaller tracts of land in this area are only identified by initials, it is likely that many of these lots were also owned by the Madeirans.

County land ownership atlases, which were commercial publications, gained wide popularity after the Civil War in the northeastern, midwestern, and Great Plains states. These atlases, which were published on a subscription basis, include maps of each township within the county, identifying the individual land owners. They often included a history of the county, biographies of the more prominent citizens, and illustrations of the more prosperous farms, for which their owners paid an additional fee.
Atlas Map of Morgan County, Illinois "Township 15 North, Range 10 West," from Atlas Map of Morgan County, Illinois. Davenport, Iowa: Andreas, Lyter & Co., 1872. Color lithograph. Geography and Map Division, G1408 .M8A55 1872 (23).

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Portuguese Land Owners near Jacksonville

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