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Lisbon, Lisbon Center, and Lisbon Falls, Androscoggin County, Maine

The largest population concentration bearing the name "Lisbon" is a town (or township) in Androscoggin County in southern Maine. Within the bounds of this township, which currently has a population of almost 10,000, there are three villages with variations of the name -- Lisbon, Lisbon Center, and Lisbon Falls.

The town was established in 1799 and was originally named "Thompsonborough" in honor of the Thompson family, large landowners in the area. This family, as well as some of their neighbors, were of Irish descent. Because the local residents disagreed with General Samuel Thompson's unpatriotic views, they changed the name of the town to Lisbon in 1802. Although it is not known why this name was chosen, it was a common practice in Maine to name local communities for European countries and cities. Other European place names found in southern Maine include Poland, Paris, Norway, Denmark, Dresden, Palermo, Belgrade, and Vienna.
Lisbon Falls North Quadrangle, Maine
Lisbon Falls North Quadrangle, Maine. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Geological Survey, 1979. Color printed map. Geography and Map Division, USGS quads (33).

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