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Brady National Photographic
Art Gallery (Washington, D.C.).
Portrait of Pvt. Charles Mitchel, Company D, 107th New York Volunteers,
ca. 1861-1865
Prints & Photographs Division

The Grand Army of the Republic and Kindred Societies

Compiled by Albert E. Smith, Jr., Reference Librarian
Humanities and Social Sciences Division
Library of Congress, Washington, D.C., 2001


Table of Contents

Introduction Bibliographic Essay
  1. General Works
  2. National Encampments: Listing and Bibliography
  3. State Encampments: Listing by Department, with Bibliography
  4. Auxiliary and Allied Organizations
    1. Woman's Relief Corps
    2. Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic
    3. Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War
    4. Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Appendix: List of posts and location by department

Alabama (all posts)
Arizona (all posts)
Arkansas (all posts)
California/Nevada (all posts)
Colorado/Wyoming (all posts)
Connecticut (all posts)
Delaware (all posts)
Florida (all posts)
Georgia/South Carolina (all posts)
Idaho (all posts)
Illinois (Posts 1-100)
Illinois (Posts 101-200)
Illinois (Posts 201-300)
Illinois (Posts 301-400)
Illinois (Posts 401-500)
Illinois (Posts 501-600)
Illinois (Posts 601-700)
Illinois (Posts 701-779)
Indiana (Posts 1-100)
Indiana (Posts 101-200)
Indiana (Posts 201-300)
Indiana (Posts 301-400)
Indiana (Posts 401-500)
Indiana (Posts 501-592)
Iowa (Posts 1-100)
Iowa (Posts 101-200)
Iowa (Posts 201-300)
Iowa (Posts 301-400)
Iowa (Posts 401-519)
Kansas (Posts 1-100)
Kansas (Posts 101-200)
Kansas/Indian Territory
(Posts 201-302; Post 1)

Kentucky (Posts 1-110)
Kentucky (Posts 111-221)
Louisiana/Mississippi (all posts)
Maine (Posts 1-100)
Maine (Posts 101-167)
Maryland (all posts)
Massachusetts (Posts 1-104)
Massachusetts (Posts 105-210)
Michigan (Posts 1-100)
Michigan (Posts 101-200)
Michigan (Posts 201-300)
Michigan (Posts 301-428)
Minnesota (Posts 1-100)
Minnesota (Posts 101-192)
Missouri (Posts 1-100)
Missouri (Posts 101-200)
Missouri (Posts 201-308)
Montana (all posts)
Nebraska (Posts 1-100)
Nebraska (Posts 101-200)
Nebraska (Posts 201-300)
Nebraska (Posts 301-354)
New Hampshire (all posts)
New Jersey (all posts)
New Mexico (all posts)
New York (Posts 1-100)
New York (Posts 101-200)
New York (Posts 201-300)
New York (Posts 301-400)
New York (Posts 401-500)
New York (Posts 501-600)
New York (Posts 601-670)
North Dakota (all posts)
Ohio (Posts 1-100)
Ohio (Posts 101-200)
Ohio (Posts 201-300)
Ohio (Posts 301-400)
Ohio (Posts 401-500)
Ohio (Posts 501-600)
Ohio (Posts 601-700)
Ohio (Posts 701-745)
Oklahoma (all posts)
Oregon (all posts)
Pennsylvania (Posts 1-100)
Pennsylvania (Posts 101-200)
Pennsylvania (Posts 201-300)
Pennsylvania (Posts 301-400)
Pennsylvania (Posts 401-500)
Pennsylvania (Posts 501-619)
Potomac (all posts)
Rhode Island (all posts)
South Dakota (Posts 1-100)
South Dakota (Posts 101-155)
Tennessee (all posts)
Texas (all posts)
Utah (all posts)
Vermont (all posts)
Virginia/North Carolina (all posts)
Washington/Alaska (all posts)
West Virginia (all posts)
Wisconsin (Posts 1-100)
Wisconsin (Posts 101-200)
Wisconsin (Posts 201-275)
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