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WORLD WAR II: A Selected List of References

Compiled by Jon Simon, Congressional Research Service and
Albert E. Smith, Jr., Humanities and Social Sciences Division

June 1992


     At 4:45 AM, September 1, 1939, the German military machine
known as Blitzkrieg (lightning war) ripped through the border of
Poland, its 2,000 planes and 2,800 tanks overwhelming the ill-
prepared Polish defenders. Two days later Britain and France
declared war against Germany. The Second World War had begun. 

     It officially ended on September 2, 1945, when Mamoru
Shigemitsu, foreign minister of Japan, signed the formal
instrument of surrender on the deck of the U.S.S. Missouri in
Tokyo Bay. In those six years between the invasion of Poland and
the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the world was caught in
the most destructive war in history. Armed forces of more than
seventeen million fought on the land, in the air, and on the sea.
Thousands of soldiers perished under fire. The civilian toll--
from concentration camps, bombings, disease, and starvation--
reached uncountable millions.

     From the beginning, the catastrophic events of the war
generated an enormous body of literature. Fifteen hundred entries
under the subject heading, "World War, 1939-" are listed in the
Cumulative Book Index covering 1938-1942. The first cumulative
volume of the Bibliographic Index, covering the same period,
cites more than three hundred bibliographies about the war. Fifty
years later the Library of Congress Computer Catalog includes
fifty thousand titles on the subject.

     This guide was prepared to make the huge volume of material
less daunting to the general reader or the beginning researcher.
We have identified the most useful reference tools--
bibliographies, dictionaries, chronologies, histories, and
documentary sources--in the Library of Congress that pertain to
the war and United States involvement. However, this bibliography
is not intended to be comprehensive. Although it was prepared
using the Library's collections, we have selected titles with an
eye toward availability. Almost all the reference sources are in
English and have been published or reprinted within the last ten
years. (Significant titles published earlier or in other
languages are cited in several of the listed bibliographies.) In
addition to the traditional reference sources, we have included a
section of general histories which offer a good introduction to
the political, diplomatic, or social aspects of the war. Also, we
have incorporated bibliographic essays and bibliographies from
the backs of books if a specific topic was otherwise poorly

     The guide is divided into eight sections, within which
entries are listed alphabetically. Descriptive annotations were
provided unless a title was self-explanatory. For the convenience
of readers using the Library of Congress, location information is
provided for books that are part of the reference collections of
the Main Reading Room (MRR), Newspaper and Current Periodical
Reading Room (N&CPR), Microform Reading Room (MicRR), Motion
Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division (M/B/RS),
Geography and Map Division (G&M), and Local History and Genealogy
Reading Room (LH&G). Most titles cited are also available at
large public and research libraries. A reference librarian can
provide assistance in finding these items. 


     Topic                         Entry numbers

Abstracts and Indexes               

     General                       1-18
     Arts and Literature           19-21
     War Crimes & Holocaust        22-23
     Military                      24-32
     Third Reich (Nazis)           33-36
     United States                 37-42
     Women                         43-45

Chronologies                       46-47

     General                       48-55
     Biography                     56-57
     Language                      58-60
     Military                      61-63
     Third Reich                   64-65

     General                       66-70
     African-Americans             71-74
     Indians of North America      75
     Japanese-Americans            76-78
     Military                      79-82
     Motion Pictures               83-85
     Women                         86-87

Maps                               88-90

Statistics                         91

     Documents                     92-96
     Guides                        97-106



     The following general titles have proven especially useful
for identifying current books and articles about World War II.
Annual cumulations include at least one hundred entries.

America, History and Life. -- 1964-
                                      Z1236.A48 <MRR Alc> <N&CPR>

Arts and Humanities Citation Index. -- 1976-
                                        AI3.A63 <MRR Alc> <N&CPR>

Bibliographic Index. -- 1937/42-
                                     Z1002.B595 <MRR Alc> <N&CPR>

Cumulative Book Index. -- 1922-
                                      Z1219.M78 <MRR Alc> <N&CPR>

Historical Abstracts. -- 1955-
                                                D299.H5 <MRR Alc>

Humanities Index. -- 1974/75-
                                        AI3.H85 <MRR Alc> <N&CPR>

Social Sciences Citation Index.
                                      Z7161.S65 <MRR Alc> <N&CPR>

Index to Military Periodicals.
(United States. Air University Library)
                                               Z6723.U27 <SciRR> 

Writings on American History
                                     Z1236.L331 <MRR Alc> <N&CPR>



     In addition to the bibliographic sources cited here, mention
should be made of two quarterly journals that consistently
produce extensive bibliographies. They are the Journal of
Military History (formerly Military Affairs), E181.M55; and
Guerres Mondiales et Conflits Contemporains (formerly Revue
d'Histoire de la Deuxieme Guerre), D731.R49. 


Barnard, Roy S.
The era of World War II : general reference works, biography / by
Roy Barnard, William Burns, Duane Ryan. -- Carlisle Barracks, Pa.
: Army Military History Institute ;  Washington : U.S. Govt.
Print. Off., 1977. -- viii, 185 p. -- (Special bibliography / US
Army Military History Institute ; no. 16, v. 1)
                                                     Z6207.W8 B32
 Lists general histories, bibliographies, and biographies among
the holdings of the institute. Most entries are in English with
short descriptive comments.

Bayliss, Gwyn M.
Bibliographic guide to the two world wars : an annotated survey
of English-language reference materials / Gwyn M. Bayliss. --
London ; New York : Bowker, 1977. -- xv, 578 p.
                                                Z6207.E8 B39 1977
 A selective annotated survey of more than two thousand
bibliographical guides and other reference sources published
before 1976. Items are arranged by form of the reference work
with annotations and an author, title, and subject index.

Bloomberg, Marty.
World War II and its origins : a select annotated bibliography of
books in English / Marty Bloomberg, Hans H. Weber. -- Littleton,
Colo. : Libraries Unlimited, 1975. -- xiv, 311 p.
                                                     Z6207.W8 B58
 Includes more than sixteen hundred entries with evaluative
annotations, selected to provide a balanced sample of popular,
scholarly, and official works. Excluded are fiction, unit
histories, registers of the dead, and escape accounts.

Cronon, Edmund David.
The Second World War and the atomic age, 1940-1973 / compiled by
E. David Cronon, Theodore Rosenof. -- Northbrook, Ill. : AHM Pub.
Corp., c1975. -- xiv, 146 p. (p. [144]-146 blank). -- (Goldentree
bibliographies in American history)
                                              Z1245.C76 <MRR Alc>
 Covers military, economic, social, and political subjects. Items
are arranged by topic and indexed by author and subject.

Enser, A.G.S.
A subject bibliography of the Second World War : books in English
1939-1974 / A.G.S. Enser. -- Boulder, Colo. : Westview Press,
1977. -- 592 p.
                                           Z6207.W8 E57 <MRR Alc>

Enser, A.G.S.
A subject bibliography of the Second World War : books in
English, 1975-1983 / A.G.S. Enser. -- Aldershot, Hants, England ;
Brookfield, Vt. : Gower, c1985. -- 225 p.
                                                Z6207.W8 E58 1985
 An updated version which focuses attention on documentation
unavailable to historians until 1974.

Funk, Arthur Layton, 1914-
The Second World War : a bibliography ; a select list of
publications appearing since 1968 / compiled by Arthur L. Funk.
-- Gainesville, Fla. : American Committee on the History of the
Second World War, 1972. -- 32 p.
                                                     Z6207.W8 F78
 "A compilation of items which have been cited in the newsletters
of the American Committee on the History of the Second World
 A comprehensive list of bibliographies, research aids,
collections of documents, general histories, and titles dealing
with tactics and strategy, operations, and political and
diplomatic aspects of the conflict, which were published from
1975 to 1985.

Morton, Louis.
Writings on World War II. -- Washington : Service Center for
Teachers of History, [1967]. -- iv, 54 p. -- (Service Center for
Teachers of History ; Publication no. 66)
                                                     Z6207.W8 M58
 Bibliography: p. 50-54.
 General survey of English-language literature prepared for
teachers of secondary and undergraduate level history. Titles
were selected for accessibility, and books on military operations
were excluded.

New York Public Library. Research Libraries.
Subject catalog of the World War II collection / the New York
Public Library, the Research Libraries. -- Boston : G.K. Hall,
1977. -- 3 v.
                                      Z6207.W8 N48 1977 <MRR Alc>
 Approximately 43,000 entries for books in Roman-character
languages, with a concentration on military aspects.

Rose, Lisle Abbott, 1936-
The long shadow : reflections on the Second World War era / Lisle
A. Rose. -- Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1978. -- 224 p. --
(Contributions in American history ; no. 70 ; 0084-9219)
 Bibliography: p. [207]-216.
 This bibliographic essay includes such topics as Hitler and
totalitarianism, strategy, origins of the Cold War, and postwar

Ryan, Duane.
The war in the Pacific : general reference works, biography /by
Duane Ryan. -- Carlisle Barracks, Pa. : U.S. Army Military
History Institute ; Washington : U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1978. --
vi, 81 p. -- (Special bibliography / US Army Military History
Institute ; no. 16, v. 2)
                                                     Z6207.W8 R93
 Subjects include unit histories, general histories, operations,
and prisoners of war.

The Second World War / Clifton R. Franks ... [et al.] (Department
of History, United States Military Academy). -- Wayne, N.J. :
Avery Pub. Group, c1984. -- 2 v. : ill. -- (The West Point
military history series)
                                                   D743.S384 1984
 Bibliography: v. [1], p. 415-420 ; v. [2], p. 315-318.
 Contents: [1] Europe and the Mediterranean -- [2] Asia and the
 Critical annotated entries are arranged in three broad
categories: general, battles and campaigns, and personalities.

Smith, Myron J.
The secret wars : a guide to sources in English / Myron J. Smith,
Jr. ; with an historical introd. by Lyman B. Kirkpatrick, Jr. --
Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-Clio, c1980-c1981. -- 3 v. --
(War/peace bibliography series ; #12-14)
                                           Z6724.I7 S63 <MRR Alc>
 Vol. 3 has foreword and selected chronology by Lloyd W.
 Contents: v. 1. Intelligence, propaganda and psychological
warfare, resistance movements, and secret operations, 1939-1945
-- v. 2. Intelligence, propaganda and psychological warfare,
covert operations, 1945-1980 -- v. 3. International terrorism,

Spier, Henry O.
World war II in our magazines and books, September 1939 to
September, 1945 : a bibliography compiled by Henry O. Spier. --
[New York : The Stuyvesant Press Corp.], 1941. -- 96 p.
                                                     Z6207.W8 S72

The Two world wars : selective bibliography. -- Oxford : New York
: Pergamon Press, [1965, c1964]. -- 246 p. : ill., facsims.
                                                Z6207.E8 T85 1965
 Added t.p.: Les Deux guerres mondiales : bibliographie
selective.-- Bruxelles : Editions Bepols, 1964.
 Most works cited are about World War II or the period between
the wars. Entries included are in major European languages, with
introduction and brief descriptive annotations in French and

The United States and World War II : a selected bibliography. --
[Teokyeo] : University of Tokyo, 1983. -- 101 p.
                                                   Z1244.U55 1983
 Cover title in Japanese: Amerika Gassheukoku to Dainiji Sekai
Taisen, bunken mokuroku.
 Includes references to journal articles, books, and pamphlets. A
wide range of subjects is covered including Japanese Americans,
women, blacks, labor, and political biographies.

Wellner, Cathryn J., 1946-.
Witness to war : a thematic guide to young adult literature on
World War II, 1965-1981 / by Cathryn J. Wellner. -- Metuchen,
N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1982. -- x, 277 p.
                                                   D757.W387 1982
 Bibliography: p. 201-253.
 Titles in French, English, and German were chosen to put "flesh
and blood on the bare bones of history."

Wright, Gordon, 1912-.
The ordeal of total war, 1939-1945. -- [1st ed.]. -- New York :
Harper & Row, [1968]. -- xv, 315 p. : ill., maps, ports. -- (The
Rise of modern Europe)
                                                    D743.W68 1968
 Bibliography: p. 269-305.
 A bibliographic essay arranged by topic and covering all aspects
of the war.

Arts and Literature
Landrum, Larry.
World War II in the movies : a selected bibliography of sources /
[by] Larry Landrum and Christine Eynon. -- In Journal of popular
film. -- Vol. 1 (spring 1972) ; p. 147-153.
 Includes journal articles and books that focus on feature length
films, but omits references to non-fiction material.

Smith, Myron J.
Novels of the air war, 1939-1945 : an annotated list. -- In
Aerospace historian. -- Vol. 223 (fall 1975) ; p. 166-168.
                                                    UG633.A1 A515

Waldmeir, Joseph J.
American novels of the Second World War / by Joseph J. Waldmeir.
-- The Hague ; Paris : Mouton, 1969. -- 180 p. -- (Studies in
American literature ; 20)
                                                      PS374.H5 W3
 Bibliography: p. [166]-177.
 A list of novels written before 1966 about Americans in World
War II. 

War Crimes and the Holocaust

Edelheit, Abraham J.
Bibliography on Holocaust literature / Abraham J. Edelheit and
Hershel Edelheit. -- Boulder : Westview Press, 1986. -- xxxvi,
842 p.
                                      Z6374.H6 E33 1986 <MRR Alc>
 Lists over nine thousand titles of English language books,
pamphlets, dissertations, periodical articles, eyewitness
testimonies, and newspaper reports.

Tutorow, Norman E.
War crimes, war criminals, and war crimes trials : an annotate
bibliography and source book / compiled and edited by Norman E.
Tutorow with the special assistance of Karen Winnovich. -- New
York : Greenwood Press, 1986. -- xx, 548 p. -- (Bibliographies
and indexes in world history, 0742-6852 ; no. 4)
                                     Z6464.W33 T87 1986 <MRR Alc>
 Lists more than four thousand monographs, government documents,
dissertations, and articles. Most entries are in English, but
some titles in European languages and Japanese are included.


Alfoldi, Laszlo M.
World War II, 1939-1945 : the Eastern and Balkan fronts, the Axis
forces in Europe / by Laszlo M. Alfoldi. -- Carlisle Barracks, Pa
: [Dept. of Defense], Dept. of the Army, U.S. Military History
Institute, 1976. -- (Special bibliography, Army Military History
Institute ; no. 16, v. 3)
                                             Not in LC Collection

Arnold, Louise.
The era of World War II : Mediterranean and Western European
theaters of operation / by Louise Arnold. -- Carlisle Barracks,
Pa. : [Dept. of Defense], Dept. of the Army, U.S. Army Military
History Institute, [197-]. -- viii, 299 p. -- (Special
bibliography, Army Military History Institute ; no. 16, v. 4)
                                             Not in LC collection
 Some portion of this work was published with the title, "War in
General--W.W. II," in Readers Advisory Service. -- Vol. 8 (1981)
; p. 557 [1]--557-12 (Z1007.R313).

Ellis, John, 1945-
The sharp end : the fighting man in World War II / John Ellis. --
New York : Scribner, c1980. -- 396 p. : ill.
                                                    D743.E44 1980
 Bibliography: p. 379-390.
 Includes a list of published eyewitness accounts.

Miller, Samuel Duncan, 1921-
An aerospace bibliography / compiled by Samuel Duncan Miller. --
[2nd ed.]. -- Washington : Office of Air Force History, 1978. --
vii, 341 p.
                                                 Z6725.U5M54 1978
 An updated and expanded ed. of United States Air Force history;
an annotated bibliography, compiled by M. A. Cresswell and C.
Berger, published in 1971.

O'Quinlivan, Michael.
An annotated bibliography of the United States Marine Corps in
the Second World War / compiled by Michael O'Quinlivan and Jack
B. Hilliard. -- Washington : Historical Branch, G-3 Division
Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps, 1965. -- ii, 42 p. -- (Marine
Corps historical bibliographies)
 Contains books dealing with Marine Corps operations and related
matters in World War II. Sections include major operations, unit
histories, and biography.
                                                      Z6725.U5 O7

Schaffer, Ronald.
Wings of judgment : American bombing in World War II / Ronald
Schaffer. -- New York : Oxford University Press, 1985. -- xiv,
272 p.
                                                    D790.S33 1985
 Bibliography: p. 252-261.
 A bibliographic essay.

Smith, Myron J.
Air war bibliography, 1939-1945 : English-language sources / by
Myron J. Smith, Jr. -- Manhattan : Aerospace historian,
c1977-<c1982  >. -- v. <1-5  >. -- (Military affairs / Aerospace
historian instant publishing series)
                                                     Z6207.W8 S56
 Vol. 5, pt. 7: Published by Aerospace historian for the Air
Force Historical Foundation.
 Reviewed in American reference books annual. -- Vol. 11 (1980) ;
p. 729.
 Over twelve thousand citations are included here with reference
to monographs, government documents, journal articles, doctoral
dissertations, British and Japanese monographs, and aviation
fiction, all relevant to miliary aviation and its employment in
World War II.

Smith, Myron J.
World War II at sea : a bibliography of sources in English / by
Myron J. Smith, Jr. -- Metuchen, N.J. : Scarecrow Press, 1976. --
3 v.
                                                     Z6207.W8 S57
 Reviewed in American reference books annual. -- Vol 8 (1977) ;
p. 1218 : also in Choice. -- Vol. 14 (July 1977) ; p. 516.
 Contents: Vol. 1. The European theater / with forewords by D.
Macintyre, B.F. Cooling -- Vol. 2. The Pacific theater / with
forewords by E.H. Simmons and E.L. Beach.--Vol. 3. pt. 1. General
works, naval hardware and the all hands chronology (1941-1945) /
with forewords by F.S. Wishington and K.J. Bauer. pt. 2. Home
fronts and special studies / with forewords by E.M. Eller and
D.C. Allard.
 A comprehensive bibliography of over ten thousand entries with a
subject arrangement. Each section provides a narrative
introduction of background information; approximately a fourth of
the entries are annotated.

United States. Navy Dept. Library.
Guide to United States naval administrative histories of World
War II / compiled by William C. Heimdahl and Edward J. Marolda.
-- [Washington] : Naval History Division, Dept. of the Navy,
1976. -- xix, 219 p.
                                                Z6835.U5 U45 1976
 Lists unpublished histories of the Navy Department, Shore
Establishment, and Operating Forces maintained in the collections
of the Navy Department Library.

Third Reich (Nazis)

Kehr, Helen.
The Nazi era, 1919-1945 : a select bibliography of published
works from the early roots to 1980 / compiled by Helen Kehr and
Janet Langmaid. -- London : Mansell Pub. ; Bronx, New York :
Distributed in the United States and Canada by H.W. Wilson Co.,
1982. -- xvi, 621 p.
                                            Z2240.K44 1982 <LH&G>
 About half of the entries are relevant to World War II topics.
Although twenty languages are represented, a majority of the
works are published in German and English.

Rich, Norman.
Hitler's war aims. -- [1st ed.]. -- New York : Norton, <1973-  >.
-- <v. 1-2  > : ill.
 Bibliography: v. 1, p. 313-342 ; v. 2, p. 503-529.
 Contents: Vol. 1. Ideology, the Nazi State, and the course of
expansion -- Vol. 2. The establishment of the new order -- 

Snyder, Louis Leo, 1907-
The Third Reich, 1933-1945 : a bibliographical guide to German
national socialism / selected, annotated, and edited by Louis L.
Snyder. -- New York : Garland Pub., 1987. -- 284 p. -- (Canadian
review of studies in nationalism ; vol. 7) 
-- (Garland reference library of social science ; vol. 384)
                                               Z2241.N27 S65 1987
 Eight hundred and fifty items were selected and annotated by a
renowned scholar to include "as wide a range as possible" of
material dealing with the psychological and historic dimensions
of World War II.

The Third Reich, 1933-1939 : a historical bibliography. -- Santa
Barbara, Calif. : ABC-Clio Information Services, c1984. -- xii,
239 p. -- (ABC-Clio research guides)
                                                   Z2240.T47 1984
 Lists over nine hundred abstracts of articles from ABC-Clio's
history database published between 1973 and 1982. Topics covered
include social, political, cultural, and economic aspects of the
Nazi regime prior to World War II.

United States

Heath, Jim F.
Domestic America during World War II : research opportunities for
historians. -- In Journal of American history. -- Vol. 58 (Sept.
1971) ; p. 384-414.
 A comprehensive review essay.

Flynn, George Q.
The mess in Washington : manpower mobilization in World War II /
George Q. Flynn. -- Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1979. --
xi, 294 p. -- (Contributions in American history ; no. 76
 Bibliography: p. [259]-265.
 This narrowly focused bibliographic essay cites documentary
sources and monographs.

Hess, Gary R.
The United States at war, 1941-1945 / Gary R. Hess. -- Arlington
Heights, Ill. : H. Davidson, c1986. -- xiv, 166 p. : maps. --
(The American history series)
                                                    D769.H47 1986
 Bibliography: p. 143-162.
 A thematic bibliographic essay that covers a wide range of
relevant topics.

Smith, Myron J.
Pearl Harbor, 1941 : a bibliography / Myron J. Smith, Jr. -- New
York : Greenwood Press, 1991. -- xxv, 197 p. : ill. --
(Bibliographies of battles and leaders. 1056-7410 ; no. 4)
                                               Z6207.W8 S564 1991
 An annotated resource guide covering virtually all factors
surrounding the attack and its 1941 background.

Winkler, Allan M., 1945-
Home front U.S.A. : America during World War II / Allan M.
Winkler. -- Arlington Heights, Ill. : H. Davidson, c1986. -- ix,
115 p. -- (The American history series)
                                                    E806.W55 1986
 Bibliography: p. 99-108.
 An Evaluative bibliographic essay.

World War II from an American perspective : an annotated
bibliography. -- Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-Clio, c1983. -- vi,
277 p.
                                                Z6207.W8 W67 1983
 Reviewed in American reference books annual. -- Vol. 15 (1984) ;
p. 172 : Reviewed in Choice. -- Vol. 20 (July 1983) ; p. 1580.
 Over one thousand citations were selected from more than two
thousand journals covering a full decade (1971-1981) of scholarly
writings in historical journals. All aspects of World War II as
it related to North America are covered.


Campbell, D'Ann.
Women in uniform : the World War II experiment. -- In Military
affairs. -- Vol. 51 (July 1987) ; p. 137-139.
 A bibliographic essay covering "virtually all the useful
material published in English."

Rupp, Leila J., 1950-
Mobilizing women for war : German and American propaganda,
1939-1945 / Leila J. Rupp. -- Princeton, N.J. : Princeton
University Press, c1978. -- xii, 243 p. : ill.
                                                       D810.W7 R8
 Bibliography: p. 189-237.
 Cites titles in English and German for archival sources, books,
articles, and dissertations.

Wedborn, Helena.
Women in the First and Second World Wars : a checklist of the
holdings of the Hoover Institution on War, Revolution, and Peace
/ compiled by Helena Wedborn. -- [Stanford, Calif.] : Hoover
Institution, Stanford University, c1988. -- viii, 73 p. --
(Hoover Press bibliography ; 72)
                                                Z6207.E8 W38 1988
 About half of the entries for books, pamphlets, and manuscripts
deal with World War II. Entries are arranged by Library of
Congress subject headings.



Royal Institute of International Affairs.
Chronology and index of the Second World War. -- [1st ed.] ;
[reprinted with index]. -- Reading : Newspaper Archive
Developments Ltd, 1975. -- 446 p.
                                                  D743.5.R65 1975
 Originally published in 1947 under title: Chronology of the
Second World War. "A consolidated edition of a chronology which,
after an initial issue covering the period September 1938 to
March 1941, was published in quarterly parts throughout the war.

United States. Library of Congress. Legislative reference
Events leading up to the world war II. Chronological history of
certain major international events leading up to and during World
War II with the ostensible reasons advanced for their occurrence,
1931-1944. -- Washington : U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1944. -- iii,
421 p. -- ([United States] 78th Cong. 2nd sess. House. Doc. 541)
                                            D743.5.U653 <MRR Alc>
 Bibliography: p. 1-3.




Encyclopedia of World War II / general editor, John Keegan. --
London ; New York : Hamlyn, 1977. -- 256 p. : ill. (some col.),
col. maps, col. plans, ports. (some col.).
 Concise entries, often interpretive, cover weapons systems,
campaigns, and biographies.

Goralski, Robert.
World War II almanac, 1931-1945 : a political and military record
/ Robert Goralski. -- New York : Bonanza Books : Distributed by
Crown, 1984, c1981. -- xv, 486 p. : ill.
                                        D743.5.G64 1984 <MRR Alc>
 Bibliography: p. 456-466.
 Includes maps, photographs, and statistics.

The Historical encyclopedia of World War II / edited by Marcel
Baudot ... [et al.] ; translated from the French by Jesse Dilson
; with additional material by Alvin D. Coox, Thomas R.H. Havens ;
[ill. by Andre Dumoulin]. -- New York : Facts on File, 1980. --
xxii, 548 p. : ill.
 Bibliography: p. 545-548.
 Translation of Encyclopedie de la Guerre, 1939-1945.
 A conceptual, technical approach with a European slant.

The Marshall Cavendish illustrated encyclopedia of World War II:
an objective, chronological, and comprehensive history of the
Second World War / authoritative text by Eddy Bauer ; consultant
editor, James L. Collins, Jr. ; editor-in-chief, Peter Young. --
Reference ed. -- New York : Marshall Cavendish, 1985. -- 12 v. :
ill. (some col.).
                                                  D743.5.M37 1985
 Bibliography: v. 12, p. 5-44.
 Reviewed in American reference book annual. -- Vol. 18 ; p. 210.
 Comprehensive, heavily illustrated volumes.

Morella, Joe.
The films of World War II, / by Joe Morella, Edward Z. Epstein,
and John Griggs. ; introduction by Judith Crist. -- [1st ed.]. --
Secaucus, N.J. : Citadel Press, [1973]. -- 249 p. : ill.
 Summaries and excerpts of reviews of dramatic films produced by
major studios during the war about the war. Each article is
accompanied by several still pictures.

The Simon and Schuster encyclopedia of World War II / edited by
Thomas Parrish ; chief consultant editor, S.L.A. Marshall. -- New
York : Simon and Schuster, c1978. -- 767 p. : ill.
                                              D740.S57  <MRR Alc>
 Bibliography: p. [716]-721.
 A balanced combination of history and biography illustrated by
photographs and battle maps.

Snyder, Louis Leo, 1907-
Louis L. Snyder's Historical guide to World War II / Louis
L.Snyder. -- Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 1982. -- xii, 838
                                                    D740.S65 1982
 Bibliography: p. 790.
 Nearly nine hundred items in dictionary format, most with
bibliographic references. Emphasis is on the social aspects of
the war.

The World almanac of World War II : the complete and
comprehensive documentary of World War II / edited by Peter
Young. -- 1st rev. ed. -- New York : World Almanac, 1986, c1981.
-- 613 p. : ill. (some col.).
                                                  D743.5.W67 1986
 Reviewed in: American reference books annual. -- (1982) ; p.
217: Choice. -- Vol. 12 (1982) ; p. 612 : Reference quarterly. --
(winter 1981) ; p. 305.
 Brief entries arranged in four sections: Chronology, Weapon
Systems, Biography, and Statistics.


Tunney, Christopher, 1924-
A biographical dictionary of World War II. -- London : Dent,
1972. -- viii, 216 p.
 Short, conversational sketches of soldiers, sailors, airmen,
secret agents, politicians, and other characters of the World War
II era.

Who was who in World War II / edited by John Keegan. -- London :
Arms and Armour Press, 1978. -- 224 p. : ill. (some col.).
 A popular collection of photographs with some text.


Chant, Christopher.
The encyclopedia of codenames of World War II / Christopher
Chant. -- London : Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986. -- viii, 344 p.
                                                    D740.C47 1986
 Important strategic and operational codenames listed in a
dictionary format.

Partridge, Eric, 1894-1979.
A dictionary of forces' slang, 1939-1945 / ed. by Eric Partridge.
Naval slang / Wilfred Granville. Army slang / Frank Roberts. Air
Force slang / Eric Partridge. -- [1st ed.]. -- London : Secker &
Warburg, 1948. -- xi, 212 p.
                                                    PE3727.S7 P25
 Brief, straightforward definitions with a British orientation.

Taylor, Anna Marjorie, 1892-
The language of World War II : abbreviations, captions,
quotations, slogans, titles and other terms and phrases /
compiled by A. Marjorie Taylor. -- New York : The H. W. Wilson
Co., 1944. -- 94 p.
                                                PE3727.S7 T3 1944
 "List of Books Referred To": p. [89]-90.
 Includes a list of popular songs.


Gunston, Bill.
The illustrated encyclopedia of combat aircraft of World War II /
[by] Bill Gunston. -- London : Salamander Books Limited, 1978. --
256 p. (12 fold.) : ill. (chiefly col.).
 Arranged by country and by manufacturer, with many
illustrations, specifications, and history of use.

The Illustrated encyclopedia of 20th century weapons and warfare
/ [editor, Bernard Fitzsimons ; John Batchelor, ill.]. --
Milwaukee : Purnell Reference Books ; New York : distributed by
Columbia House, c1979. -- 24 v. (2685 p.) : ill.
 Entries provide technical information and history of use. The
index is arranged by weapon type, e.g., warships, aircraft,
tanks, small arms, missiles, and artillery.

Macdonald, John, 1945-
Great battles of World War II / John Macdonald ; foreword by Sir
John Hackett. -- New York : Macmillan, 1986. -- 192 p. : ill.
(some col.), maps (some col.), ports. (some col.).
                                                    D743.M16 1986
 Bibliography: p. 188-191.
 Abundantly illustrated with maps, photographs, and computer

Third Reich

Snyder, Louis Leo, 1907-
Encyclopedia of the Third Reich / Louis L. Snyder. -- New York :
McGraw-Hill, c1976. -- 410 p. : ill.
                                             DD256.5.S57 <M/B/RS>
 Bibliography: p. [389]-410.
 A comprehensive and detailed work which includes information
about the Weimar Republic and the Bonn government, as well as the
World War II period.

Taylor, James, 1931-
The Third Reich almanac / James Taylor and Warren Shaw. -- New
York : World Almanac, c1987. -- 392 p., [21] p. of plates : ill.
                                                DD256.5.T283 1987
 Bibliography: p. [391]-392.
 British ed. published in 1987 under title: A dictionary of the
Third Reich.
 Succinct entries of historical and biographical material.




Buchanan, Albert Russell, 1906-
The United States and World War II. -- [1st ed.]. -- New York :
Harper & Row, [1964]. -- 2 v. (xvii, 635 p.) : ill., ports.,
maps. -- (New American National series)
                                                D769.B8 <MRR Alc>
 Bibliography: p. 595-612. ; Bibliographical footnotes.
 Documented, concise survey of United States involvement in the
war, with concentration on the military aspects.

Calvocoressi, Peter.
Total war : the story of World War II / [by] Peter Calvocoressi
and Guy Wint. -- [1st American ed.]. -- [New York] : Pantheon
Books, [1972]. -- xiii, 959 p. : ill.
                                                    D743.C24 1972
 Bibliography: p. [905]-919.
 A general account of the diplomatic, political, social,
economic, and military aspects of the war.

History of the Second World War / editor-in-chief, Sir Basic
Liddell Hart. -- New York : Exeter Books : distributed by
Bookthrift, 1980. -- 464 p. : ill.
                                                   D743.H585 1980
 Commentaries on the war drawn from discussions with British,
Allied, and German officers.

Michel, Henri, 1907-
The Second World War / Henri Michel ; translated [from the
French] by Douglas Parmee. -- London : Deutsch, 1975. -- xxii,
947 p. : maps.
                                                  D743.M4913 1975
 Bibliography: p. [851]-915.
 Encyclopedic in scope, with a slight French bias, this work
presents a sweeping synthesis of the social, military,
diplomatic, and technical ramifications of the war.

Spector, Ronald H., 1943-
Eagle against the sun : the American war with Japan / Ronald H.
Spector. -- New York : Free Press, c1985. -- xvi, 589 p., [16] p.
of plates : ill.
                                                    D767.S69 1985
 Bibliography: p. 567-572.
 A one-volume narrative account (documented but popular) of the
Japanese-American conflict. The emphasis is on political and
military aspects. The author asserts that American economic
strength ultimately led to the United States victory.


Francis, Charles E.
The Tuskegee airmen : the men who changed a nation / by Charles
E. Francis. -- 300 p. : ports.
                                                   D790.F637 1988
 Bibliography: p. [297]-300.
 Highlights the story of airmen who went to war as members of the
99th Fighter Squadron and the 332nd Fighter Groups as integral
parts of the 12th and 15th Air Forces. Appendixes include: Combat
Record of African American Airmen; Record of Enemy Aircraft Shot
Down by African-American Pilots; Pilots Awarded the distinguished
Flying Cross; Letters of Commendation; and the Tuskegee Honor

The Invisible soldier : the experience of the Black soldier,
World War II / compiled and edited by Mary Penick Motley ; with a
foreword by Howard Donovan Queen. -- Detroit : Wayne State
University Press, 1975. -- 364 p. : ill.
                                                      D810.N4 I58
 An oral history that relates the experiences of more than fifty
black servicemen and their units during World War II.

Lee, Ulysses Grant.
The employment of Negro troops / by Ulysses Lee. -- Washington :
Office of the Chief of Military History, United States Army.
[U.S. Govt. Print. Off.], 1966. -- xix, 740 p. : ill., maps (part
fold,, part col.) ports. -- (United States Army in World War II :
special studies)
                                             D810.N4 L4 <MRR Alc>
 Bibliographical footnotes.
 An extensive study based on documentation from official sources.

Osur, Alan M., 1941-
Blacks in the Army Air Forces during World War II : the problem
of race relations / by Alan M. Osur. -- Washington : Office of
Air Force History : U.S. Govt. Print. Off., foreword 1977. -- 227
p., [4] leaves of plates : ill.
 Reprinted in Washington by the U.S. Govt. Print. Off. in 1986.
 Bibliography: p. 207-217.
 Recounts the development of Air Force policy toward black troops
and black efforts to attain equal treatment. The conflict between
the stated wartime goals of democracy and freedom and the
realities of segregation in the military is demonstrated.

Indians of North America

Bernstein, Alison R., 1947-
American Indians and World War II : toward a new era in Indian
affairs / by Alison R. Bernstein. -- 1st ed. -- Norman :
University of Oklahoma Press, c1991. -- xiv, 247 p. : ill.
                                                 D810.I5 B47 1991
 Includes bibliographical references (p. 225-237) and index.
 Covers the wartime activities of Native Americans and the
difficulties they faced after they returned from the war.


American concentration camps / edited with an introduction by
Roger Daniels. -- New York : Garland, 1989. -- 9 v. : ill.
                                                  D753.8.A77 1989
 Includes bibliographies.
 Contents: v. 1. July 1940-December 31, 1941 -- v. 2. January 1,
1942-February 19, 1942 -- v. 3. February 20, 1942-March 31, 1942
-- v. 4. April 1942 -- v. 5. May 1942 -- v. 6. June 1942-December
1942 -- v. 7. 1943 -- v. 8. 1944 and 1945, Japanese of Hawaii --
v. 9. June 1942-November 1945, raising Japanese American troops.

Duus, Masayo, 1938-
Unlikely liberators : the men of the 100th and 442nd / by Masayo
Umezawa Duus ; translated by Peter Duus. -- Honolulu : University
of Hawaii Press, c1987. -- xi, 259 p. : ill., map.
                                                D753.8.D8813 1987
 Bibliography: p. 247-252.
 Translation of: Buriea no kaiheoshatachi.
 The story of the individual soldiers (almost exclusively
Japanese-Americans of the 100th Infantry Battalion and the 442nd
Regimental Combat Team, of their families in Hawaii or in
mainland relocation camps, and of their struggle for recognition
and equality.

Weglyn, Michi, 1926-
Years of infamy : the untold story of America's concentration
camps / by Michi Weglyn. -- New York : Morrow, 1976. -- 351 p. :
                                                    D769.8.A6 W43
 Bibliography: p. 331-336.
 Filmography: p. 336-337.
 Records the bigotry and gross exploitation of American fears,
which led to the painful World War II experiences of
Japanese-Americans, sho were uprooted from their homes and herded
into camps under Army supervision, on the assumption that they
were or could be traitors to their country.


Morison, Samuel Eliot, 1887-
History of United States naval operation in World War II. -- [1st
ed.]. -- Boston : Little, Brown, 1947-1962. -- 15 v. : ill.,
ports., maps (part fold., part col.)
 This multivolume work describes all the activities of the Navy
from the Battle of the Atlantic to the liquidation of the
Japanese Empire.

Stanton, Shelby L., 1948-
Order of battle, U.S. Army, World War II. -- Novato, Calif. :
Presidio, c1984. -- xiv, 620 p., [8] p. of plates : ill. (some
                                                   UA25.S767 1984
 Reviewed in Choice. -- Vol. 22 (fall 1985) ; p. 869.
 Lists and describes every major tactical designation and type of
army ground combat force from battalion through division in size.

United States. USAF Historical Division.
The Army Air Forces in World War II / prepared under the
editorship of Wesley Frank Craven [and] James Lea Cate. --
[Chicago] : University of Chicago Press, [1948-58]. -- 7 v. :
ill. ports., maps (part fold.)
 Includes bibliographical references.
 Vols. 1-2 prepared by the Division under its earlier names: v. 1
by the Office of Air Force History and v. 2 by the Air Historical
 Contents: v. 1. Plans and early operations, January 1939 to
August 1942 -- v. 2. Europe: Torch to Pointblank, August 1942 to
December 1943 -- v. 3. Europe: Argument to V-E Day, January 1944
to May 1945 -- v. 4. The Pacific: Guadalcanal to Saipan, August
1942 to July 1944 -- v. 5. The Pacific: Matterhorn to Nagasaki,
June 1944 to August 1945 -- v. 6. Men and planes -- v. 7.
Services around the world.
 Presents a "running account" based chiefly on official documents
of the United States Air Force.

Wheeler, Richard.
A special valor : the U.S. Marines and the Pacific war / Richard
Wheeler. -- 1st ed. -- New York : Harper & Row, c1983. -- xii,
466 p. : ill.
                                                  D767.9.W47 1983
 Bibliography: p. 449-453.
 Focuses on the amphibious elements of the Marine Corps used to
tackle Japan's fortified islands.

Motion Pictures

Dick, Bernard F.
The star-spangled screen : the American World War II film /
Bernard F. Dick. -- Lexington : University Press of Kentucky,
c1985. -- ix, 294 p : ill.
                                                 D743.23.D53 1985
 Bibliography: p. 275-283.
 Reviewed in Library Journal. -- Vol. 110 (July 1985); p. 89.
 Examines the films from the standpoint of the studio system that
created them and the culture that embraced them. Of primary
interest are those films produced during the 1940s.

Koppes, Clayton R., 1945-
Hollywood goes to war : how politics, profits, and propaganda
shaped World War II movies / Clayton R. Koppes, Gregory D. Black.
-- New York : Free Press ; London : Collier Macmillan, c1987. --
x, 374 p., 12 p. of plates : ill.
                                                 D743.23.K66 1987
 Bibliography: p. 359-363.
 Depicts the influence of government, especially the Office of
War Information (OWI) on the movie industry by revealing the
propaganda agency's influence and idealogy, infighting with other
government agencies, and relationships with studio executives and
creative personnel.

Orriss, Bruce W.
When Hollywood ruled the skies / Bruce W. Orriss. -- 1st.
softbound ed. -- Hawthorne, Calif. : Aero Associates :
Distributed by Limelight Editions, c1985. -- viii, 219 p. : ill.
-- (The Aviation film classics of World War II)
                                                 D743.23.O77 1985
 Bibliography: p. 217-218.
 Deals with the aviation films of World War II from 1938-1980.
Oriss studies the radical changes in aim and purpose of these
films and gives special emphasis not only to the stories that
these aviation films depicted, but also to the stories behind
their making and the people who made them.


Keil, Sally Van Wagenen.
Those wonderful women in their flying machines : the unknown
heroines of World War II / by Sally Van Wagenen Keil. -- 1st ed.
-- New York : Rawson, Wade Publishers, c1979. -- x, 334 p., [8]
leaves of plates : ill.
                                                 D810.W7 K43 1979
 Reviewed in Kirkus reviews. -- Vol. 47 (Jan. 1, 1979) ; p. 47.
 Chronicles the experiences of the Women's Airforce Service
Pilots (WASPs) from 1942 to 1944, highlighting the vital flying
missions performed by them in America's massive preparation for
war in the air.

Saywell, Shelley.
Women in war / Shelley Saywell. -- Markham, Ont., Canada ; New
York : Viking, 1985. -- x, 324 p., [16] p. of plates : ports.
                                                D810.W7 S284 1985
 Bibliography: p. [322]-324.
 Reviewed in Booklist. -- Vol. 82 (Oct. 15, 1985) ; p. 308.
 Presents interviews with women from the United States, Britain,
Europe, and the Soviet Union about the experiences of war they
had in common. Narratives begin with World War II and also
include first hand accounts of war in Palestine, Indochina,
Vietnam, the Falklands, and El Salvador.



The Times atlas of the Second World War / edited by John Keegan.
-- 1st ed. -- New York : Harper & Row, c1989. -- 1 atlas (254 p.)
: ill. (some col.), col. maps.
                                              G1038.T6 1989 <G&M>
 Includes bibliographical references (p. 208).
 The atlas takes a global approach, examining political and
economic aspects as well as military. It is arranged by
geographic area and year and includes chronology, glossary, and

Young, Peter, 1915-
Atlas of the Second World War / edited by Peter Young.
Cartography by Richard Natkiel. -- [1st American ed.]. -- New
York : G.P. Putnam's Sons, [1974, c1973]. -- 288 p. :ill., maps.
(part col.)
                                            G1038.Y6 1974 <G & M>
 With a focus on military aspects, this atlas is arranged by
major campaigns and subdivided by battles or phases of war.

United States Military Academy. Dept. of Military Art and
The West Point atlas of American Wars / chief editor: Vincent J.
Esposito ; with an introductory letter by Dwight D. Eisenhower.
-- New York : Praeger, [1959]. -- 2 v. : col. maps. -- (Books
that matter)
                               G1201.S1 U5 1959 <MRR Alc> <G & M>
 Includes bibliographies.
 Contents: v. 1. 1689-1900 -- v. 2. 1900-1953.
 The second volume includes 168 color battle maps covering World
War II.



United States. Army Medical Dept.
Medical statistics in World War II / Medical Department, United
States Army ; prepared and published under the direction of
Richard R. Taylor, the Surgeon General, United States Army ;
editor in chief, John Lada ; editor for medical statistics, Frank
A. Reister. -- Washington : Office of the Surgeon General, Dept.
of the Army : U.S. Govt. Print. Off., 1975, i.e. 1976. -- xvii,
1215 p. : graphs. -- (Medical Department, United States Army, in
World War II)
                                 UH224 1941/45.U54 1976 <MRR Alc>

Flower, Desmond, 1907-
The war, 1939-1945 / edited by Desmond Flower and James Reeves.
-- London : Cassell, [1960]. -- 1120 p. : ill.
                                               D743.F55 <MRR Alc>
 Compendium of brief eye-witness accounts by world leaders,
soldiers, workers, journalists, and peasants.




Gantenbein, James Watson, 1900-1960.
Documentary background of World War II, 1931 to 1941 / [compiled
and edited by James W. Gantenbein]. -- New York : Columbia
University Press, c1948. -- xxxiii, 1122 p.
 Reprinted in New York by Octagon Books in 1975.
 Collection of speeches, diplomatic correspondence, and other
documents reflecting foreign policies of major war participants,
arranged by country.

Langsam, Walter Consuelo, 1906-
Historic documents of World War II / [edited by Walter C.
Langsam]. -- Princeton, N.J. : Van Nostrand, [1958]. -- 192 p.
                                                D735.L3 <MRR Alc>
 Reprinted in Westport, Conn. by Greenwood Press in 1977.
 Describes, from an American perspective,  basic source materials
touching all aspects of the war.

Nazism, 1919-1945 / edited by J. Noakes and G. Pridham. --
[Exeter] : University of Exeter ; Atlantic Highlands, N.J. :
Distributed in the U.S.A. by Humanities Press, [1983-1988]. -- 3
v. : ill. -- (Exeter studies in history, 0260-8628 ; no. 6, 8,
                                                DD256.5.N365 1983
 Includes bibliographies.
 Reprinted in two volumes in New York by Schocken Books
(distributed by Pantheon Books) in 1990.
 Contents: v. 1. The rise to power, 1919-1934 -- v. 2. State,
economy, and society, 1933-1939 -- v. 3. Foreign policy, war, and
racial extermination.
 Includes material from a wide range of published and unpublished
sources such as newspapers, speeches, diaries, memoirs, and state
and party documents.

World War II, policy and strategy : selected documents with
commentary / Hans-Adolf Jacobsen and Arthur L. Smith, Jr. --
Santa Barbara, Calif. : Clio Books, c1979. -- xiii, 505 p. : ill.
 Includes bibliographical references and index.
 More than two hundred complete and excerpted documents were
selected to illustrate the political processes of the major
powers from 1939-1945. Included are glossary, maps, and


Boyd, Carl.
Recent documentation for the study of the second World War. -- In
Microform review. -- Vol. 10 (fall 1981) ; p. 271-279.
                                                Z265.M565 <MicRR>
 A descriptive survey of the major microform collections of
Allied and Axis documents, with emphasis on United States

Bookman, John T.
The march to victory : a guide to World War II battles and
battlefields from London to the Rhine / John T. Bookman and
Stephen T. Powers. -- 1st ed. -- New York : Harper & Row, c1986.
-- xi, 340 p. : ill.
                                          D747.B65 1986 <MRR Alc>
 Bibliography: p. [321]-326.
 Intended for travelers and students, this guide includes
descriptions and maps of major battles in northwestern Europe,
arranged geographically.

Denfeld, Duane.
World War II museums and relics of Europe / by Duane Denfeld. --
Manhattan, Kan. : Military Affairs/Aerospace Historian Pub.,
c1980. -- v, 216 p. : maps. -- (Military Affairs/Aerospace
Historian instant publishing series)
                                            D733.E85D46 <MRR Alc>
 Bibliography: p. 216.

Dornbusch, C. E. (Charles Emil), 1907-
Unit histories of the United States Air Forces / compiled by C.
E. Dornbusch, and United States Air Force history / compiled by
Lawrence J. Paszek. -- [New York : Arno Press, 1980]. -- vii, 245
p. : ill. -- (Flight, its first seventy-five years)
                                                Z6724.A3 D66 1980
 Reprint of two works, the first published in 1958 by Hampton
Books, Hampton Bays, N.Y., and the second published in 1973 by
Office of Air Force History, Washington.
 Lists combat histories of Air Force units, both regular and
special, from squadrons to commands for World Wars One and Two.
The list is not complete. Included are a guide to United States
Air Force history documentary sources and an index to
depositories of Air Force collections.

Mayer, S.L. (Sydney L.), 1937-
The two World Wars : a guide to manuscript collections in the
United Kingdom / S.L. Mayer & W.J. Koenig. -- London ; New York :
Bowker, 1976. -- xii, 317 p.
                                           Z6611.H5 M38 <MRR Alc>
 Lists important primary sources in the public domain.
Descriptions, arranged by city, concentrate on military aspects.

Research Publications, Inc.
Administrative histories of World War II civilian agencies of the
Federal Government ; Administrative histories of U.S. civilian
agencies, Korean War : a guide to the microfilm collections. --
Woodbridge, Conn. : Research Publications, 1979. -- vii, 107 p.
                                                 Z6207.W8R45 1979
 Dictionary catalog of more than four hundred histories prepared
by the Committee on Records of War Administration in the 1940s.
The microfilm collection itself is not in the Library of

United States. National Archives.
Federal records of World War II. -- Washington : [U.S. Govt.
Print. Off.], 1950 [i.e. 1951]. -- 2 v. -- (Its Publication ; no.
                                                    DA735.A1 U52 
 Reprinted in Detroit by Gale Research Co. in 1982. (Z6207.W8U767
 Includes bibliographical references and indexes.
 Contents: v. 1. Civilian agencies -- v. 2. Military agencies.

United States. Naval History Division. Operational Archives.
World War II histories and historical reports in the U.S. Naval
History Division : partial checklist. -- [Washington : The
Division], 1973. -- vi, 226 p.
                                                  CD3034.N38 1973
 Lists declassified documents relating primarily to the
operations and administration of naval commands during World War

Weinberg, Gerhard L.
Guide to captured German documents / prepared by Gerhard L.
Weinberg and the WDP staff under the direction of Fritz T.
Epstein. -- [Maxwell Air Force Base, Ala., : Air University,
Human Resources Research Institute, 1952]. -- ix, 90 p. --
(Columbia University. Bureau of Applied Social Research. War
documentation project study no. 1)
 Preliminary survey of unrestricted German materials found in
certain American, Dutch, English, and French depositories.

Zobrist, Benedict.
Resources of presidential libraries for the history of the second
World War. -- In Military affairs. -- Vol. 49 (Apr. 1975) ; p.
 The director of the Truman Library argues forcefully for the
recognition of the significance of presidential libraries in the
study of the war. He surveys the collections of the Hoover,
Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower libraries.

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