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This finding aid lists reference sources in the Humanities and
Social Sciences Division that are useful for identifying book
reviews in publications located throughout the Library of
Congress.  The list is by no means exhaustive.  Some important
reference tools not listed here are found in other reading rooms
of the Library.  The Science Citation Index, for example, is in
the Science and Technology Reading Room only.

The review sources on the list are divided into the following

        A.  General
        B.  Special Emphasis
        C.  History
        D.  Arts and Humanities
        E.  Science and Technology
        F.  Social Science

Although some of the categories are self-explanatory, three
require additional comment.

A.  "General" includes sources which index reviews on a variety
of subjects.  The sources in this category may index one
publication or they may cover many.

B.  "Special Emphasis" includes sources which cover a wide range
of subjects but focus on a particular area or group.  In this
category, for example, are the Hispanic American Periodicals
Index and the Children's Book Review Index.

D.  "Arts and Humanities" includes sources that index reviews of
fictional works or reviews of books on philosophy, religion, and
the fine and performing arts.

The sources are listed alphabetically by title within the
categories.  The arrangement of book review citations varies
greatly from source to source and may be confusing.  Should you
need further assistance, please consult a librarian.

Jon Simon
Reference Librarian
Retyped July 1992


Gray, Richard A.
     A guide to book review citations : bibliography of sources /
compiled by Richard A.  Gray. -- [Columbus] : Ohio
State University, [1969, c1968]. -- viii, 221 p. -- (The Ohio
State      University Libraries publications ; no. 2)
                                     Z1035.A1 G7  MRR Ref Desk

Kujoth, Jean S.
     Subject guide to periodical indexes and review indexes / by
Jean Spealman Kujoth. --         Metuchen, NJ : Scarecrow Press,
1969. -- 129 p.
                                                Z6293 .K84  MRR

Walford, A.J.
     Reviews and reviewing : a guide / edited by A.J. Walford. --
Phoenix, Ariz. : Oryx Press, 1986.          vii, 248 p.
                                 PN98.B7 R5 1986  MRR Ref Desk

ABBREVIATIONS used with the following entries

BRS --  Business Reference Services, fifth floor, Adams Building
LH&G -- Local History and Genealogy Reading Room, ground floor,
Jefferson Building
LL -- Law Library, Room 201, Madison Building
MicRR -- Microform Reading Room, first floor, Jefferson Building
MRR -- Main Reading Room, first floor, Jefferson Building
MRR Ref Desk -- Main Reading Room Reference Desk
N&CPR -- Newspaper and Current Periodical Reading Room, Room 133,
Madison Building
PARR -- Performing Arts Reading Room, Room 113, Madison Building
SciRR -- Science Reading Room, fifth floor, Adams Building

     A.  GENERAL

Access, 1975-                                       AI3 .A23 MRR

Alternative Press Index, 1969                       AI3 .A27 MRR
     (complete set in N&CPR)

American Reference Books Annual, 1970-            Z1035.1 .A55 MRR

Book Review Digest, 1905-                          Z1219 .C96 MRR
     Monthly with annual cumulations.  Indexes and excepts
     reviews of English language books appearing in 90
     journals.  Arranged by author, with a separate subject
     and title index.

Book Review Index, 1965-                         Z1035.A1 B6 MRR
     Bimonthly with annual cumulations.  Index 460
     publications, arranged by author.  Separate title index.

Book Review Index:  Reference Books,        Z1035.1 B66 1986 MRR

Canadian Book Review Annual, 1975-              F1001 .C224 MRR
     (missing 1976-1979)

Canadian Periodical Index, 1948-                AI3.C242 MRR/BRS

Choice, 1981-                                    Z1035 .C5 MRR
     (earlier volumes, 1964- in stacks)
     Monthly journal provides succinct evaluations of books,
     periodicals and databases for selection in libraries.
     Arranged by subject.  Separate author and title indexes.
     Annual cumulated index appears in July/August issue.

Christian Science Monitor Index, 1945-         AI21.C462 C45 MRR
     (several volumes missing; complete set in
     (N&CPR; separate book review section since 1979)

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Scholarly        
     Journals, 1886-1974                     Z1035.A1 C64 MRR/BRS

     Indexes 457 journals in history, political science and
     sociology.  Entries are arranged by author with a separate
     title index.

Cumulated Magazine Subject Index, 1907-1949         AI3 .C76 MRR

Cumulative Index to a Selected List of Periodicals (1896-1903).   
                                                     AI3.C76 MRR  

Current Book Review Citations, 1976-1982         Z1035.A1 C87 MRR

Early American Periodicals Index, [1728]-1850. D. Book reviews    
     (on Readex microprint cards)

Index to Literature in the New Yorker, 1925-1975      AP2 .J73 MRR

Internationale Bibliographie der Rezension Wissenschaflicher
Literatur = International Bibliography of Book Reviews of
Scholarly Literature, 1971-                         Z5051 .I64 MRR

     Semi-annual.  More than 3,500 European and American
     journals were consulted.  Arrangement is by subject with
     separate author and reviewer indexes.

Library Journal Book Review, 1967-1980            Z1035.A1 L48 MRR

Library and Information Science Annual, 1985         Z666 .L45 MRR

Library Literature, 1933-                           Z666 .C211 MRR

Literary Writings in America : A Bibliography       Z1225 .L58 MRR

Magazine Index (MAGS), 1982-                      Computer Catalog 
     Graded reviews include author, title and subject access
     in character-by-character dictionary arrangement.  This
     index may be searched online in the Library's computer

Magill's Literary Annual, 1977-                     Z1219 .M33 MRR

Microform Review, 1972-                            Z265.M565 MicRR

National Library Service Cumulative Book Review Index,
1905-1974                                    Z1035.A1 N35 1975 MRR

New York Review of Books : Ten Year Cumulative Index,
1963-1973                                           AP2 .N6552 MRR

New York Times Book Review Index, 1896-1970          AP2 .N658 MRR

     Main entry arranged by author.  Separate title by-line,
     literary category and subject indexes.

New York Times Index, 1851-                       AI21 .N45 MRR/BRS

Poole's Index to Periodical Literature, 1802-1906   AI3 .P7 MRR/BRS

     Indexes 470 British and American periodicals in a
     dictionary arrangement.  Reviews of non-fiction are
     found under subject; fiction, poetry and drama are under

Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, 1900-     AI3 .R45 MRR/BRS
     (separate book review section since 1976)

Review of Reviews : Index to the Periodical Literature of the
World, 1890-1902                                        AI3 .R5 MRR

Saturday Review Index, 1924-1944                     Z1219 .S25 MRR

Times Index (London), 1785-1790; 1908-                AI21 .T46 MRR
     (complete set including Palmer's Index in N&CPR)

Times Literary Supplement Index, 1902-1939; 1940-1980   AP4.T45 MRR
     Dictionary arrangement of author, title and subject.

United States Quarterly Book Review, 1945-1956         Z663 .A6 MRR

Washington Post Index, 1971-                    AI21 .W33 MRR/N&CPR


Africana Book Reviews 1885-1945 : An index to books reviewed
in selected English-language publications.           Z3501 .E35 MRR

American Bibliography of Slavic and East European Studies, 1957-  
                                                     Z2483 .A65 MRR
     (separate book review section since 1973)

Articles on the Middle East, 1947-1961 : A Cumulation of the
Bibliographies from the Middle East Journal          Z3013 .A76 MRR

Catholic Periodical and Literature Index, 1930-        AI3 .C32 MRR

Children's Book Review, 1965-                     Z1037.A1 C475 MRR

French Periodicals Index, 1973-                         AI7 .F7 MRR

A Guide to Reviews of Books from and about Hispanic America,
1972-                                              Z1035.A1 G84 MRR

High Interest Books for Teens : A Guide to Book Reviews and
Biographical Sources, 1988                    Z1039.S5 S27 1988 MRR

Hispanic American Periodicals Index, 1975-           Z1605 .H16 MRR
     (separate book review section since 1981)

Index to Black Newspapers, 1984-                       AI3 .I46 MRR
     (complete set in N&CPR)

Index to Jewish Periodicals, 1964-                    Z6367 .I5 MRR

Index to Black Periodical Articles, 1950-               AI3 .O4 MRR
     (formerly Index to Periodical Articles by and about Blacks)

Index to Southeast Asian Journals, 1960-1974; 1975-1979.          
                                                     Z3221.J643 MRR

Master Index to Summaries of Children's Books, 1985  Z1039 .P46 MRR

Women Studies Abstracts, 1972-                       Z7962 .W65 MRR


America : History and Life.  Part B.  Index to Book Reviews,
                                                     Z1236 .A48 MRR
     Semi-annual. More than 2,000 serials in more than 40
     languages are analyzed for reviews of books about American
     and Canadian history. Items are arranged by author with
     separate title and reviewer indexes. 

American Historical Review.  General Index, 1895-1970 
                                                       E171.A57 MRR
Genealogical Periodical Index, 1962-                CS42 .G467 LH&G

Historical Abstracts, 1955-                           D299 .H51 MRR

Index to Book Reviews in Historical Periodicals, 1972-1977.       
                                                      Z6205.B73 MRR


American Literary and Drama Reviews : An Index to Late
Nineteenth Century Periodicals, 1984                PN2259 .M37 MRR

L'Annee Philologique, 1926-                         Z7016 .M35a MRR
     Annual.  International bibliography of classical Greek
     and Roman studies.  References to review follow entry
     for books and are set off by vertical slashes.

Art Index, 1929-                                     Z5937 .A78 MRR
     Available on CD-ROM in the MRR.
     (separate book review section since 1973)
     This monthly index, with quarterly and annual cumulations,
     defines art broadly:  coverage includes archaeology,
     architecture, city planning, and crafts.  A separate book
     review section, since 1973, is arranged by author.

Arts and Humanities Citation Index                     AI3 .A63 MRR
     Selectively indexes 7,000 publications in
     archaeology, architecture, art, classics, dance, folklore,
     language, literature, music and religion; 1,500 journals
     are covered in depth.  Reviews may be searched by
     key word--"+" indicates book, film, music or theater
     review--or by reviewing author.

British Humanities Index, 1962-                         AI3 .B7 MRR

Combined Retrospective Index to Book Reviews in Humanities
Journals, 1802-1974                                  Z6265 .C65 MRR

Comprehensive Index to English-Language Little Magazines
1890-1970                                          Z6944.L5 S23 MRR

Cumulated Dramatic Index, 1909-1949                   Z5781 .C8 MRR

Guide to Critical Reviews of United States Fiction, 1870-1910.    
                                                      Z1225.E35 MRR 

Humanities Index, 1974-                                AI3 .H85 MRR
     Available on CD-ROM in the MRR.

Index to Book Reviews in Religion, 1986-              Z7753 .I5 MRR
     This bimonthly is arranged by author, title and reviewer
     in separate indexes and was formerly a section of
     Religion Index One : Periodicals.  There is an annual
     classified index.

Index to Book Reviews in the Humanities, 1960-     Z1035.A1 I63 MRR
     Since 1971 indexes all reviews appearing in 700 periodicals.
     Entries are arranged by author.

Index to Critical Film Reviews in British and American Film
Periodicals together with Index to Critical Reviews of Books
about Film (Covers 1930-1972)                      Z5784M9 .B64 MRR

Index to Little Magazines, 1900-1965                   AI3 .I54 MRR

Index to Nineteenth Century Fiction, 1945-1976      PR873 .T762 MRR

Index to Reviews of Bibliographical Publications, 1976-           
                                                      Z1002.I57 MRR 
          (language and literature)

Literary Reviews in British Periodicals, 1789-1826   Z2013 .W36 MRR

MLA International Bibliography of Books and Articles on the
Modern Languages and Literature, 1921-               Z7006 .M64 MRR
     Available on CD-ROM in the MRR

Music Index, 1949-                                   ML118 .M84 MRR
     (complete set in PARR)

Mystery Fanfare : A Complete Annotated Index to Mystery and
Related Fanzines, 1963-1981                        Z1231.F4 C68 MRR

Perspectives in Religious Studies : An Index of Reviews of New
Testament Books Between 1900-1950                  Z7772.L7 M55 MRR

Philosopher's Index, 1967-                           Z7124 .P47 MRR
     (separate book review index since 1970)

Repertoire bibliographique de la philosophie, 1949-  Z7127 .P42 MRR
     (November issue includes citations to reviews in several
     languages in section, "Repertoire des comptes rendus,"
     arranged by author.)

Repertoire international de la litterature de l'art : RILA =
International Repertory of the Literature of Art, 1975-           
                                                      Z5937.R16 MRR

Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Review Index, 1980-1984.         
                                                  Z5917.S36 H36 MRR
     (continues:  Science Fiction Book Review Index,


Applied Science and Technology Index, 1913-           Z7913 .I7 MRR
     (separate book review section since 1976)
     This monthly publication, with quarterly and annual
     cumulations, indexes 400 English-language periodicals.
     A separate book review section, since 1976, is arranged
     by author.  Also available on CD-ROM in SciRR.

Biological and Agriculture Index, 1916-              Z5073 .A46 MRR
     (recent issues only.  Complete set in SciRR)
     Monthly with quarterly and annual cumulations.
     Indexes more than two hundred English-language 
     periodicals.  A separate book review section, since 1976,
     is arranged by author.

Chicorel Index to Mental Health Book Reviews, 1976-               
                                                   Z6664.N5C487 MRR

General Science Index, 1978-                         Z7401 .G46 MRR


Book Review Index to Social Science Periodicals, 1964-1974.       
                                                   Z7161.A15B65 MRR

Business Periodicals Index, 1958-
     Available on CD-ROM from 1982 in BRS

Criminal Justice Periodicals Index, 1975-      Z5118.C9 C74 MRR/BRS

Current Law Index, 1980-
     (complete set in LL)                              K33 .C87 BRS

Education Index, 1929-                               Z5813 .E23 MRR
     (separate book review section since 1975)

Index to Legal Periodicals, 1928-                       K9 .N32 MRR

Insurance Periodicals Index, 1973-                 HG8011 .I545/BRS

Journal of Economic Literature, 1963-                   HB1 .J6 BRS

Left Index, 1982-                                 Z7164.S67 L34 MRR
     (complete set in N&CPRR)

Physical Education Index, 1979-                     GV201 .P534 MRR

Social Sciences Citation Index, 1966-                Z7161 .S65 MRR
     Available on CD-ROM in the MRR Alc.
     Selectively indexes 3,300 publications covering
     anthropology, business and finance,communication, law,
     nursing, psychology, women's studies.; 1,400 covered in
     depth.  Reviews may be searched by key word --
     indicated by a"+" -- or by reviewing author, indicated
     by a "B."

Social Sciences Index, 1974-                           AI3 .S62 MRR
     Available on CD-ROM in MRR Alc.

Sociological Abstracts, 1953-                          HM1 .S67 MRR
     (book review citations in supplement section,
     International Review of Publications in Sociology, from

Wall Street Journal Index, 1969-                       HG1 .W26 BRS

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