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By David Kresh, Reference Specialist Humanities and Social Sciences Division Arts and Humanities Team

Research Guides No. 13
December, 1993

This is a list of sources most likely to be useful in tracking
down a poem, but it is not exhaustive.  Most of these reference
works are available in the Main Reading Room reference
collection. If you need assistance, ask a librarian.

The type of indexing included in each publication is indicated by

A=Author; T=Title; F=First line; S=Subject; K=Key word; L=Last

                   INDEXES TO PERIODICALS
                  INDEXES TO OTHER FORMATS
                        OTHER SOURCES
                      Index to this Guide


1.     American poetry index, 1981-86  (A, T, F, S)   PS586.8.A45

2.     Chicorel index to poetry in anthologies and collections in
              print, 1974-77  (A, T)                   PN1022.C55

3.     Chicorel index to poetry in anthologies and collections--
              retrospective, 1975 (A, T)               PN1022.C54

4.     Columbia Granger's world of poetry (CD-ROM)  (A, T, F, S,
              K)                                            MRCRR

5.     Contemporary poets in American anthologies, 1960-1977 (A;
       does not list titles of individual poems)     Z1231.P7 C65

6.     Granger's index to poetry, 1904-  (A, T, F, S)   PN1021.G7,
              PN1022.G7, PN4321.G8
              Call numbers of anthologies indexed in Granger's 1904-
              78 can be found in A Compilation of Works Listed in
              PN1022.G7 Index, MRR Ref Desk.

7.     Last lines, 1991  (A, T, K, L)              PN1022.K55 1992

8.     Master index to poetry, 1992  (A, T, F)     PN1022.M37 1992

9.     Poem finder on disc (CD-ROM)  (A, T, F, K)  (indexes books
       by individual poets as well as anthologies; also indexes
       periodicals)                                         MRCRR

10.    Poetry index annual, 1982-  (A, T, S; also F, 1984- )        

11.    Roth's American poetry annual, 1988-89  (A, T)  (indexes
       books by individual poets; also indexes periodicals)         

12.    Subject index to poetry, 1940  (S)               PN1021.B7


13.    Bibliography of African women writers and journalists, 1985
       (A, under "Poetry")  (also indexes periodicals) 
                                                Z3508.L5 B47 1985

14.    Bibliography of Anglo-Welsh literature, 1900-65  
       (A) (also indexes periodicals)                 Z2013.3.J64

15.    Chicano anthology index, 1990  (A, under "Poems")
                                               Z1361.M4 G37 1990

16.    Childhood in poetry, 1967-  (A, K)             Z1037.S513

17.    Children's poetry index, 1938  (A, T, S)       PN1023.M25

18.    Contemporary Native American literature, 1977  (A; also T or
       F)     (also indexes periodicals)           Z1229.I52 J32

19.    Hoffman's index to poetry: European and Latin American
       poetry in anthologies, 1985  (A, T, F)  (in original
       languages)                               PN1022.H627 1985

20.    Index to Black American literary anthologies, 1979  (A,
       T)                                          Z1229.N39 K34

21.    Index to Black poetry, 1974  (A, T, F, S)    PS153.N5 C45

22.    Index to children's poetry, 1942-  (A, T, F, S) PN1023.B7

23.    Index to poetry by Black American women, 1986  (A, T, F,
       S)                                      Z1229.N39 C45 1986

24.    Subject index to poetry for children and young people, 1957
       (S)                                    PN1023.A5, PN1023.S6
25.    Where's that poem?, 1974  (A, S)  (for children and young
       people)                                      PN1023.M6 1974

26.    Women's poetry index, 1985  (A, T, F)       PN1024.G89 1985

27.    Writers of the Caribbean and Central America, 1992  (A; does
       not list titles of individual poems)  (also indexes
       periodicals)                                  Z1595.F46 1992

                       INDEXES TO PERIODICALS
              (See also items 9, 11, 13, 14, 18, 27 above)

28.    Access: the index to little magazines, 1976-78 (A, T)        

29.    American humanities index, 1975-  (A; also T, under
       "Poems")                                           AI3.A278

30.    Annual index to poetry in periodicals, 1984-86  (A, T,
       F)                                               PN1022.A56

31.    Comprehensive index to English-language little magazines,
       1890-1970  (A)                                  Z6944.L5 S23

32.    Early American periodicals index to 1850  (A, T, F)          
                                           Microopaque 84/8 MicRR

33.    Humanities index, 1974-  (A; also T, under "Poems") AI3.H85

34.    Index of American periodical verse, 1971-  (A; also T, 1971-
       74 only)                                        Z1231.P7 I47

35.    Index to American little magazines, 1900-67  (A)AI3.I54

36.    Index to Commonwealth little magazines, 1964-  (A; also T,
       1974- under "Poems")                                AI3.I48

37.    Index to poetry in periodicals, 1915-1919  (A) Z1231.P7 I48

38.    Index to poetry in periodicals, 1920-1924  (A)
                                              Z1231.P7 I478 1983

39.    Index to poetry in periodicals, 1925-1929  (A) 
                                              Z1231.P7 I479 1984

40.    Index to poetry in popular periodicals, 1955-1959  (A, T, F,
       S)                                      Z1231.P7 C37 1984

41.    Index to poetry in popular periodicals, 1960-1964  (A, T, F,
       S)                                      Z1231.P7 C372 1988

42.    International index to periodicals, 1907-65  (A; also T,
       1920-65, under "Poems")                           AI3.R49

43.    Literary index to American magazines, 1815-1865  (A; does
       not list titles of individual poems)             Z6513.W44

44.    Literary writings in America (1850-1940)  (A)    Z1225.L58

45.    Magazine index, 1980-  (A, T)      Microform and Electronic Resources Center (LJ-139, the former Computer Catalog Center)

46.    Nineteenth century readers' guide to periodical literature,
       1890-99 (A; also T, under "Poems")                AI3.R48

47.    Poole's index to periodical literature, 1802-1906 (A, T)                            
                                                  AI3.P7, AI3.W3

48.    Reader's guide to periodical literature, 1900-  (A; also T,
       1919-57 and 1982-, under "Poems")                 AI3.R45

49.    Social sciences and humanities index, 1965-74  (A; also T,
       under "Poems")                                    AI3.R49

       Indexes to many individual periodicals have been published. 
       These can be found in the Library's catalogs under the
       titles of the individual periodicals.

                       INDEXES TO OTHER FORMATS

50.    Catalog of broadsides of American verse in the Harris
       Collection of American Poetry and Plays, 1986  (A, T, F, S). 
                                                  Z1231.P7 B72 1986

51.    Chicorel index to poetry ... on discs and tapes, 1972 (A,
       T)                                             PR1175.8.C451

52.    International index to recorded poetry, 1983  (A, T, F)                              
                                                  PN1022.H63 1983

53.    Literary recordings, 1981  (A)           Z663.341.L57 1981

54.    Musical settings of American poetry, 1986  (A, T, composer)  
                                              ML128.V7 H67 1986

                         OTHER SOURCES

55. Concordances to the works of individual poets (PR1800+,                                

       Some concordances are located in the Main Reading Room;
       others are in the stacks and can be requested by call slip.
       They are entered in the Library's catalogs under [AUTHOR'S
       NAME]--CONCORDANCES. Indexing is by key words and may be
       especially useful if you know lines of a poem other than the
       first line.

56.  Quotation dictionaries (PN6080+)

       Many quotation dictionaries are located in the reference
       assistance area. Indexing is by author and/or subject and/or
       key words. These dictionaries may be especially useful if
       you know lines of a poem other than the first line.

57.  Collections of poems by individual authors

       These are entered in the Library's catalogs under the
       individual author's name. Request them from the stacks by
       call slip.

58.  Collections of poems on particular subjects

       These are entered in the Library's catalogs under [SUBJECT]-
       -POETRY.  Poetry Themes (PN1022.M3) is a bibliography of
       anthologies devoted to specific subjects. 

59.  Congressional Record
       Poems appearing in the Congressional Record since 1947 are
       listed in its annual index by title under the heading POETRY
       or POEMS and, beginning in 1948, by author. 

       English translations of poems from other languages are
       covered by many of the sources listed above.  Other sources
       for locating translations are listed in a reference guide
       entitled How to Search for Translations at the Library of

       If all else fails, your local librarian can send your
       inquiry to a column called "The Exchange" in RQ, a
       periodical for librarians, and a reader may be able to
       provide assistance.  (Questions for "The Exchange" must come
       from your librarian; you should not write directly to RQ

                        INDEX TO THIS GUIDE
(by entry number)

Author:  1-11, 13-23, 25-57, 59

Title:  1-4, 6-11, 17-23, 26, 28-30, 32-34, 36, 40-42, 45-52, 54-
       55, 59

First line:  1, 4, 6, 8-10, 18-19, 21-23, 26, 30, 32, 40-41, 50,
       52, 55-56

Subject:  1, 4, 6, 10, 12, 17, 21-25, 40-41, 50, 56, 58

Key words:  4, 7, 9, 16, 55-56

Last line:  7, 55-56 Washington, Library of Congress, 1994

***Last update 5/20/94 (lk)***
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