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Rights Data Dictionary

# Table Name Field Name Field Definition Data Type Enumerated Values
1 rightsmd credit_line Text required to be displayed or printed for a given METS object or subobject (including a specific file), e.g., "Reproduced with the permission of the Smith Company, all rights reserved." SBCS(2000) NONE
2 rightsmd licensing Information in narrative form regarding licensing of the object, e.g., contacts, process, type of forms required. SBCS(2000) NONE
3 rightsmd note General note about the rights. SBCS(255) NONE
4 rightsmd registration_number A registration number, if any, e.g., copyright registration number. SBCS(255) NONE
5 rightsmd registration_type Type of registration, if any, associated with the object, e.g., copyright (US), copyright (France), etc. SBCS(255) NONE
6 rightsmd restriction_expiration_date Date and time all restriction(s) expire or change. When output to METS (XML), this will be expressed using ISO 8601 syntax; see DateTime NONE
7 rightsmd restriction_inception_date Date upon which the restriction begins. When output to METS (XML), this will be expressed using ISO 8601 syntax; see DateTime NONE
8 rightsmd restriction_lc Defines the LC-unique types of access restrictions from a list of enumerated choices. Enumerated Type Restricted Recsound - Permission Not Sought, Restricted Recsound - Permission Granted, Restricted Folklife - Permission Not Sought, Restricted Folklife - Permission Granted, Restricted - LC Review - High Risk, Restricted - LC Review - Low Risk, Unrestricted - Copyright Expired, Unrestricted - US Government, Unrestricted - Deed of Gift, Unrestricted - LC Review Unrestricted, Restricted Copyrighted - Permission Not Sought, Restricted Copyrighted - Permission Granted, Restricted Copyrighted - Permission Denied, Restricted - Donor Deed of Gift, Restricted - Classified, Restricted - Non-Copyright Issue, Restricted - Co In Process, Restricted - Co Not Released, Restricted - Co Released No Access, Restricted - Co Released Selectable, Unknown, Restricted Folklife - Permission Denied
9 rightsmd restriction_other Note describing other restrictions. SBCS(2000) NONE
10 rightsmd restriction_territory The territory in which the restriction applies, e.g., United States, Germany, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
11 rightsmd rights_holder_address The address of the rights holder, e.g., 4213 Main St., Peoria, IL 12345, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
12 rightsmd rights_holder_email The email of the rights holder e.g., [email protected], etc. SBCS(255) NONE
13 rightsmd rights_holder_name The name of the rights holder, e.g., ABC publisher, Mr. xyz, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
14 rightsmd rights_holder_phone The phone number of the rights holder, e.g., 121-555-2314, etc. SBCS(255) NONE

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