Audio-Visual Prototyping Project

Text (Source) Data Dictionary

# Table Name Field Name Field Definition Data Type Enumerated Values
1 textsrc analog_digi_flag Indicator of the how this entity is describe in the METS document instance. Enumerated Type FileDigital, Analog, PhysDigital
2 textsrc charset Character encoding scheme used in the text document, e.g, ASCII, UTF-8, Unicode, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
3 textsrc font_script null SBCS(255) NONE
4 textsrc language null SBCS(255) NONE
5 textsrc linebreak null Enumerated Type NONE
6 textsrc markup Type of markup language used to markup the document, e.g, SGML, XML, HTML, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
7 textsrc markup_version null SBCS(255) NONE
8 textsrc note Additional information or comments about the text object. SBCS(2000) NONE
9 textsrc printing_requirements null SBCS(2000) NONE
10 textsrc viewing_requirements null SBCS(2000) NONE

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