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Video (Source) Data Dictionary

# Table Name Field Name Field Definition Data Type Enumerated Values
1 videosrc analog_digi_flag Indicator of the how this entity is describe in the METS document instance. Enumerated Type Analog, PhysDigital, FileDigital
2 videosrc aspect_ratio The desired aspect ratio of the image on screen, e.g., 4:3, etc. Some files produced for display on non-square-pixel monitors have a desired aspect ratio that differs from the ratio of horizontal to vertical pixels. SBCS(255) NONE
3 videosrc bits_per_sample The number of bits of sample depth, e.g., 8, 24, etc. Large signed number NONE
4 videosrc calibration_ext_int Indicator that the calibration information is contained within the file or externally. SBCS(255) NONE
5 videosrc calibration_location Temporary location of the calibration file if it is external e.g. URL SBCS(255) NONE
6 videosrc calibration_type Type of calibration used. SBCS(255) NONE
7 videosrc closed_captioning_note Information about closed captioning in this source item. SBCS(255) NONE
8 videosrc closed_captioning_type Type of closed captioning. SBCS(255) NONE
9 videosrc codec_creator_app The name of the application used to apply the codec, e.g., LEADTOOLS MCMP/MJPEG codec. SBCS(255) NONE
10 videosrc codec_creator_app_version The version of the application used to apply the codec, e.g., 1.2. SBCS(255) NONE
11 videosrc codec_name The name and version (or subtype) of the compression algorithm used, e.g., Frauenhofer xyz ["xyz"] is a placeholder for versioning information]. SBCS(255) NONE
12 videosrc codec_quality Indication whether the codec is lossy or lossless. Enumerated Type Lossy, Lossless
13 videosrc color_burst Indicates presence or absence of color burst signal. Enumerated Type Yes, No
14 videosrc condition Narrative description of the physical condition of the item, e.g., sticky shed tape, deformed by slots in reel, etc. MAVIS terms exist. SBCS(2000) NONE
15 videosrc data_rate Data rate of the audio in an MPEG or other compressed file expressed in mbps, e.g., 8, 12, 15, etc. Large signed number NONE
16 videosrc data_rate_mode Indicator that the data rate of the video is fixed or variable. Enumerated Type Fixed, Variable
17 videosrc dimensions_depth Depth of the object expressed in the unit of measure indicated in dimensions_unit, e.g., 12. Large signed number NONE
18 videosrc dimensions_diameter Diameter of any circular object expressed in the unit of measure indicated in dimensions_unit, e.g., 3.5, 5, 7. Large signed number NONE
19 videosrc dimensions_height Height of the object expressed in the unit of measure indicated in dimensions_unit, e.g., 23. Large signed number NONE
20 videosrc dimensions_note Desciption of odd-shaped objects that cannot be described using the standard dimensions fields. SBCS(2000) NONE
21 videosrc dimensions_unit Unit of measurement of the source object, e.g., inches. SBCS(255) NONE
22 videosrc dimensions_width Width of any non-circular object expressed in the unit of measure indicated in dimensions_unit, e.g., 3.5, 5, 7. Large signed number NONE
23 videosrc disposition What became of the source item, e.g., reshelved on shelf number 1234, discarded, loaned to XYZ organization, destroyed, etc. SBCS(2000) NONE
24 videosrc dtv_note Note about digital video source item. SBCS(2000) NONE
25 videosrc dtv_resolution Resolution of digital video source item expressed as horizontal lines. SBCS(255) NONE
26 videosrc dtv_scan Indication whether digital video source item is scanned in an interlaced or progressive mode. Enumerated Type Interlaced, Progressive
27 videosrc duration Elapsed time of the entire file, expressed using ISO 8601 syntax; see SBCS(255) NONE
28 videosrc frame_rate The number of frames per second at which the video source item was captured. Large signed number NONE
29 videosrc gauge Gauge or width of source tape, including indication of unit of measure, e.g., 8 mm, 0.5 inch, 0.25 inch, etc. MAVIS terms exist. SBCS(255) NONE
30 videosrc generation Generation of physical source item which was digitized, e.g., studio master, preservation tape copy, photostat copy, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
31 videosrc interlacing Draws either the even or the odd horizontal lines of the image, then returns to the top and draw the remaining lines. SBCS(255) NONE
32 videosrc length Length of source open-reel tape recording, including indication of unit of measure, e.g., 700 feet, 1200 feet, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
33 videosrc note Additional information about the video source item. SBCS(2000) NONE
34 videosrc num_sample_frames The number of frames within a video file. SBCS(2000) NONE
35 videosrc number_carriers The number of carriers (reels, cassettes) needed to house the video source item. SBCS(255) NONE
36 videosrc phys_format Name for the physical format of the source e.g., Videotape, Film Reel etc. SBCS(255) NONE
37 videosrc pixels_horizontal The horizontal size of a frame in picture elements. Large signed number NONE
38 videosrc pixels_vertical The vertical size of a frame in picture elements. Large signed number NONE
39 videosrc reflective_layer The substrate of an optical disk. SBCS(255) NONE
40 videosrc sampling The video sampling format (in terms of luminance and chrominance), e.g., 4:2:0, 4:2:2, 2:4:4, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
41 videosrc signal_format Signal format of the video source item. Analog-source examples include composite monochrome, NTSC (composite color), PAL, SECAM, and analog component. Digital-source examples include digital component and others. [Future action: identification of set o SBCS(255) NONE
42 videosrc sound Indicator of the presence of sound in the video file. If the value "yes" is selected, then the video file will also be associated with an instance of audioMD (metadata for audio files) or audiophysrcMD (metadata for physical-form audio source items). Enumerated Type Yes, No
43 videosrc stock_brand Manufacturer and stock number for source recording, e.g., Scotch XYZ, Ampex ABC, etc. MAVIS codes exist. SBCS(255) NONE
44 videosrc tape_thickness The thickness of a tape. SBCS(255) NONE
45 videosrc time_stamp Exact location of calibration tones within a file. SBCS(255) NONE
46 videosrc timecode_record_method Method for recording timecode on the video source item, e.g., longitudinal, vertical interval, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
47 videosrc timecode_type Type of timecode recorded on video source item, e.g., SMPTE dropframe, SMPTE nondropframe, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
48 videosrc tracking_type The type of tracking code, e.g., MAVIS number, actual shelf numbers, bar-code, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
49 videosrc tracking_value Shelf number or other identifier for source, e.g., MAVIS number, actual shelf numbers, etc. SBCS(255) NONE
50 videosrc videodisc_type Identification of whether this videodisc recording is constant linear velocity (CLV) or constant angular velocity (CAV). Enumerated Type CLV, CAV
51 videosrc videotape_type General type of videotape format, e.g., 2-inch quadraplex, 1-inch type C, VHS, Betacam SP, etc. Complementary to stock_brand. SBCS(255) NONE

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