Audio-Visual Prototyping Project

Presentation of Recorded Sound Items to Researchers

March 2002

These seven slides offer a sketch of the online presentation of two recorded sound items that have been reformatted for preservation. Such presentations will be offered to researchers on secure workstations in Library of Congress reading rooms. The presentation shown here employs prototype client software; another prototype delivery system is being developed that will work in browser software. The content presented includes the intellectual, structural and administrative metadata contained in a METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard) XML document, together with the essence files or bitstreams that contain reproductions of sounds, images, and machine- readable texts.
Table of Contents. Use arrows on each slide to go to the next or previous slide. You may have to scroll in order to see the entire slide. Better legibility is provided by the actual PowerPoint show (2.3 MB), which is viewable in some browsers and may require downloading in others.

1. Folk music item: portion of METS document displayed in browser.
2. Folk music item: initial item display, showing navigation tree and image of wire-recording box and spool.
3. Folk music item: item display including archivist's documentation; audio playback underway (no audio in slide show).
4. Long-playing record album: initial display including thumbnail images of container and booklet.
5. Long-playing record album: enlarging cover of container; audio playback underway (no audio in slide show).
6. Long-playing record album: zooming in on booklet page; audio playback underway (no audio in slide show).
7. Long-playing record album: administrative metadata displayed over image of disc label; audio playback underway (no audio in slide show).

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