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Labor-Related Films in the Library of Congress Collection

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The original intent of this project was to compile a list of labor history documentaries in the collection of the National Audio-Visual Conservation Center of the Library of Congress. In the course of my research, the parameters of the list gradually expanded as a result of suggestions from book and journal sources, and film bibliographies from labor history courses. Many of these works were not documentaries, though they were relevant to social and political issues in the labor history.

The resulting list is a broad collection of labor-related films. With a few exceptions, it has been limited to non-feature films about American labor history. The majority of these films represent pro-labor, pro-union, and sometimes pro-radical viewpoints, as well as few anti-union selections, which are noted as such. There are several educational selections, some specifically about labor and some social histories of the first three decades of the twentieth century (roughly the Progressive Era through the New Deal). A few of the films relate to the struggle of farmers and to the Nonpartisan League. There are several union- produced propaganda films included which are of note because they reflect the political philosophies of the time in which they were made (mostly in the 1950s), as well as portraying working conditions of the time.

For the researcher interested in reading more background literature on labor films, I would recommend Film Library Quarterly: American Labor Films, Vol. 12, Numbers 2/3, 1979 (the entire issue), which can be found in the M/B/RS subject files under "Labor". For an extensive overview of labor-related newsreel footage in other repositories, see Richard Fauss's A Bibliography of Labor History in News Film, Volumes 1-4 (Division of Social and Economic Development, Center for Extension and Continuing Education, West Virginia University, 1980), also in the M/B/RS collection.

-Adele Heagney

This project was researched and produced as part of an Independent Study course in the Library Services school at the University of Maryland under the tutelage of Dr. Frank Burke, and with the assistance of the M/B/RS staff.

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Notes on the Entries

-Entries are listed alphabetically with production credits, running time, physical description and brief annotations. (Due to time constraints, some entries lack annotations.) Shelf locations are listed in boldface at the top right of the entry.

-Unless otherwise noted, all reels are 16mm, all videocassettes are 3/4", and the films are sound, not silent.

-Abbreviations used in the content descriptions are:

FLQ - Film Library Quarterly: American Labor Films, Vol. 12, Numbers 2/3, 1979
EMP - Early Motion Pictures: The Paper Print Collection in the Library of Congress. Washington: Library of Congress, 1985.

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List of Films

ALAMBRISTA (THE ILLEGAL)                            VBB 5661-5662
       Community Television of Southern California, 1976.  Produced
       for Bobwin Filmhaus, by Michael Housman and Irwin Young,
       directed by Robert M. Young.  Presented by KCET Los
       2 cassettes, 110 minutes, color.
"A dramatic feature tells the story of a young Mexican farmworker
who crosses the border into the US illegally." (FLQ)  In Spanish,
with subtitles.                                          (Copyright collection)

       Reader's Digest in association with Freedoms Foundation at
       Valley Forge,  1962-64.  Director:  Arthur Rosenblum. 
       Creator and producer: Theodore Granik.  No (c).  
       All episodes are 1 reel, 30 minutes, b&w, including commercials.  
   Ep. 21  Automation: Are Strikes the Only Answer?                       
       FCA 8929
       Copy 2: FCA 8930
   Ep. 17  These Labor Abuses Must Be Curbed                              
       FCA 8933
       Copy 2: FCA 8934
   Ep. 35  The Union That Automation Built                                
       FCA 8941
       Copy 2: FCA 8942
                                                            (Granik Collection)

       AFL-CIO, 1959-60.  
       Each segment is 1 reel, ca. 15 minutes, b&w.
   Issue 28: Communication                                                
          FBA 8
   Issue 36: Telephone Linemen                                            
          FBA 9
   Issue 40: ICBM                                                         
         FBA 10
   Issue 42: Seebees                                                      
         FBA 11
   Issue 43: Aircraft                                                     
         FBA 12
   Issue 45: Shipbuilder                                                  
         FBA 13
   Issue 46: Structural Iron                                              
         FBA 14
   Issue 50: Television Workers                                           
         FBA 15

Series of AFL-CIO promotional pieces on union workers behind the
scenes in various industries.  

AND WOMEN MUST WEEP                                           FCA 1826
       National Right to Work Committee, 1962.  Produced by Gentron.  
       1 reel, 26 minutes, color.
Anti-union propaganda film based on a wildcat strike by the
International Association of Machinists in Princeton, Indiana, in

BEFORE THE DAY                                                FCA 127
       US Social Security Administration, 1960.  Made by Milner-Fenwick.
       1 reel (35mm), 20 minutes, b&w. (Also 16mm FBB 1626)
Portrays the employment situation before the Social Security Act
of 1935 explaining the need for a social insurance program.
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

BEFORE THE MOUNTAIN WAS MOVED                                 FDA 1488
       Robert K. Sharpe productions, Inc., 1966.
       1 reel, 60 minutes, color.

"Story of Ellis Bailey, a retired miner, who led the citizens of
Raleigh County to fight against unscrupulous strip mining
companies and to obtain State legislation to regulate stripping
in the name of environmental conservation."  (FLQ)                        
THE BLUE COLLAR TRAP                                          FDA 1423
       NBC Television, 1972.
       1 reel, 50 minutes, color.

"Study of the modern assembly line worker.  Although he is better
educated, more affluent and has more leisure time than his
predecessors, the sense of purpose and meaning in life an
individual is able to maintain is questioned." (FLQ)

CBS REPORTS: HARVEST OF SHAME                                FDA 5756
       CBS Television, 1960.
       1 reel, 54 minutes, b&w.

"From the CBS Reports series, this film is a comprehensive report
on the problems of migratory farm workers in the US, showing the
conditions under which they live and work." (FLQ)
                                                               (AFI collection)

[COMMUNIST RALLIES IN MICHIGAN]                               FAB 829
       Workers Film & Photo League(?), 1930s.
       1 reel, 20 minutes, b&w, silent.

Note: Date is assumed because film is taking place during the
'Depression Era'.  Head title and credits lacking.
                                                       (AFI/Brandon Collection)

       California Newsreel, 1978.  Produced/directed by Larry Adelman.
       1 reel, 40 minutes, color and b&w.

A torrent of images and facts showing how pursuit of profit leads
multinational corporations to hunt out 'investment opportunities'
in low-wage countries and in the process promote US imperialism.
                                                         (Copyright collection)

CONVERSATION AT THE WHITE HOUSE                              FBB 1042
       AFL-CIO, 1967.  Made by Hearst Metrotone News.
       1 reel, ca. 40 minutes, color.

Conversation between George Meany and Lyndon B. Johnson intended for use in
Johnson's 1968 Presidential election campaign, but never released.
                                                              (Gift of AFL-CIO)

DEBS                                                         VBA 9712
       American People's Historical Society, 1978.  Film by Bernard
       Sanders with Nancy Barnett.
       1 cassette, 30 minutes, b&w.

Biography of Eugene V. Debs and his relation to unionism and American social
history. (FLQ) 
                                                         (Copyright collection)

THE DETROIT MODEL                                            FCB 0660
       Educational Broadcasting Corporation & WNET/13, 1980. 
       Produced by Alan Levin.
       1 reel, 45 minutes, color.

Study of the decline of the US auto industry in the 1970s and
early 80s.                                               (Copyright collection)

DETROIT WORKERS NEWS                                         FAB 828
       Workers Film and Photo League, 1932.
       1 reel, ca. 20 minutes, b&w, silent.

"The only newsreel coverage of the historic mass march in
downtown Detroit on 2/4/32, against the policies of Hoover, and
the armed attack by Dearborn police and Ford guards at the
unemployed workers at the gates of the River Rouge plant." (FLQ)
                                                       (AFI/Brandon collection)

       ABC News, 1978, in association with the US Catholic
       conference, National Council on Churches, Jewish Theological
       Seminary.  Directed/produced/ written by Marc Siegel. 
       1 reel, 27 minutes, color.

"Story of 5,000 steelworkers who lost their jobs when Lykes Corp.
closed the Youngstown Sheet & Tube Co.  The plant reopened under
worker-community ownership.
                                                         (Copyright collection)

DO HIGHER WAGES CAUSE HIGHER PRICES                          FBB 1044
       US Department of Education in association with the AFL-CIO
       Department of Research, 1957.
       1 reel, ca. 15 minutes, color.
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

DO IT!                                                       FAA 7691
       Maurer, Fleisher, and Zon, 1976.  
       1 reel, 9 minutes, color.

Educational still film with voice-over narration explains why and
how to organize a Committee on Political Education (COPE) within
a union.
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

THE EMERGING WOMAN                                           FCA 7560
       The Women's Film Project, 1974.
       1 reel, 40 minutes, b&w.

"Uses film clips, old photographs, and newsreel footage to trace
women's struggle to attain equal rights in education, employment,
politics and in the courts." (FLQ)

      Cambridge Documentary Films, 1977.
      1 reel, ca. 43 minutes, color.

"Documentary overview of the struggles of the workers in industry
through historic union formations and workers' political parties
as observed in this film of Eugene Debs and heard in his own
words as narrated by his friend and comrade Shubert Sebree."
                                                         (Copyright collection)


FOURTH BATTLE OF WINCHESTER                                  FBA 3181
       United Rubber Workers, 1957.  Made by Washington Video
       1 reel, 16 minutes, b&w.  

Describes the circumstances which caused over 400 workers at the
O'Sullivan Rubber Company in Winchester, VA, to strike on 5/13/56
to preserve their union.  (ALSO FBB 1657 thru 1660)
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

      AFL-CIO, 1962.
      1 reel, ca. 20 minutes, b&w.
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

      Pacific Street Film, 1980.  Directed/Produced by Steven
      Fischler, Joel Sucher.
      2 reels, 60 minutes, color.

Documentary of the Jewish Anarchists in the New York garment
industry and their newspaper the Freie Arbeiter Stimme.
                                                         (Copyright collection)

THE GREAT DEPRESSION                                         FAA 8511
       Chicago Film and Photo League, 1934.  Directed by Maurice Bailen.
       1 reel, 9 minutes, b&w.

"This low-budget independent documentary provides memorable
social history of the people and events of 1934 in Chicago."
                                                                     (AFI gift)

THE GREAT SWINDLE                                            FCA 544
       United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America,
       1948.  Made by Union Films.
       1 reel, 36 minutes, b&w.

"A presentation of the UEWA position vs. the National Association
of Manufacturers  in the latter's successful campaign to force
termination of government price controls.  It explains the
relationship between wages, prices, profits and monopoly
control." (FLQ)

THE GRIEVANCE HEARING                                        FBA 470
       McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1953.
       1 reel, 15 minutes, b&w.

A dramatized incident in an industrial plant is used in showing how
grievance hearings enable representatives of labor unions and management to
arrive at compromises in the settlement of disputes.

HARLAN COUNTY, USA                                           FDA 5708-5810
       Cabin Creek Films, Ltd., 1976.  Directed/produced by Barbara Kopple.
       3 reels, 103 minutes, color.

"Chronicle of the efforts of 180 coal mining families to win a United Mine
Workers contract at the Brookside mine in Harlan County, KY in 1974." 
Academy Award winner. (FLQ)
                                                               (NEA collection)


HEALTH, EDUCATION AND POLITICS, 1960                         FBB 1041
       COPE, the AFL-CIO Committee on Political Education, 1960.   
       1 reel, ca. 12 minutes, b&w.
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

       Workers Film and Photo League of the WIR, 1933.
       2 reels (of 4, 35mm), 20 minutes, b&w, silent.

Documents the historic national hunger march to Washington, DC,
in December, 1932.                                                        
AFI/Brandon collection

IN THE COMPANY OF MEN                                        FDA 808
       Newsweek, Inc., 1969.
       1 reel, 52 minutes, b&w.

"An examination of the conflicting attitudes between minority
group workers and company foremen." (FLQ)

IN WHITE COLLAR AMERICA                                      FDA 2254 & 2255
       NBC Television, Inc., 1974.
       2 reels (picture & track), 52 minutes, color.

"A picture of the mind-numbing clerical work at Georgia Life, an
Atlanta insurance company." (FLQ)

THE INDUSTRIAL CITY                                                       
       FBA 9478
       Encyclopedia Brittanica Educational Corporation, 1970.
       1 reel, 16 minutes, color.

"Study of Detroit as an automotive industrial city." (FLQ)

THE INDUSTRIAL WORKER                                        FBA 9478
       Encyclopedia Brittanica Educational Corporation, 1970.
       1 reel, 16 minutes, color.

"An analysis of some of the implications of automation in a mass-
production factory.  The film points out that automation can free
the worker but it poses a challenge to retrain and adjust to
changing circumstances." (FLQ)

INHERITANCE                                                  FBA 3337-38
       Harold Meyer Productions and the Amalgamated Clothing
       Workers of America, AFL-CIO, 1965.
       2 reels, 58 minutes, b&w.

"Newsreel clips, still photographs and silent film shots
illustrate the history of the American labor movement for the
past 50 years, highlighted with tunes an popular songs of that
historical period.  Emphasizes that each generation must fight
for its rights." (FLQ)


IT'S GOOD BUSINESS                                           FBB 1662
       National Council for Industrial Peace, 1959.
       1 reel, 14 minutes, color.

Drama about right-to-work issues.
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

JOE HILL                                                     FGD 666-672
       Sagittarius Productions, Inc., 1971.  Produced by Jo (Bo?)
       Widerberg Film.  
       14 reels (35mm), 114 minutes, color.

"Fictional re-creation of the legendary labor leader." (FLQ)  In
Swedish with English subtitles.

       Coronet Films, 1959.
       1 reel, 14 minutes, color.

"Developments in labor's organization in the US from 1873 through
the merger of the AFL and CIO.  The role played by Samuel
Gompers, the Knights of Labor and the AFL-CIO are traced." (FLQ)

LAST STAND FARMER                                            FBB 2444
       Silo Cinema, Inc., 1975.  Produced/directed by Richard
       1 reel, 30 minutes, color.

Documents the continuing struggles of the small farmer, centering
on 1 farmer in Vermont.

       Clarity Educational Productions, 1980.  Produced/directed by
       Connie Field.
       1 cassette, ca. 60 minutes, color.

Documentary of women laborers during World War II.

LIQUID FIRE                                                  FBB 1586-87
       NBC Television, 1966.  Produced by the George Meany
       1 reel, 27 minutes, b&w.

"Traces the career of Samuel Gompers, first president of the
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

       Learning Company of America, Inc., 1974.  Produced by Robert
       Saudek Associates.
       1 reel, 30 minutes, color.

Dramatization of the Homestead steel Strike in Pennsylvania. 
Contrasts the lives of Andrew Carnegie and the workers.

MILLIONS OF US                                               FAA 158
       American Labor Productions, 1936.
       1 reel, 20 minutes, b&w.

"Drama of a young man driven by hunger to become a scab whose
experiences lead him to recognize his common interests with the
strikers and to be converted to trade unionism." (FLQ)

MINNESOTANOS MEXICANOS                                       FCA 8730-31
       Spanish Speaking Cultural Club, Inc. 1978. 
       Directed/produced by Kathleen Laughlin, Don Morstad.
       2 reels, 61 minutes, color.

"On Mexican migrant workers in Minnesota." (FLQ)         (Copyright collection)

THE NEW DEAL                                                 FBB 1393
       McGraw-Hill, Inc., 1971.
       1 reel, 25 minutes, color.

Educational film depicting the events and policies of the New
                                                         (Copyright collection)

NORTHERN LIGHTS                                              FCA 9223-9225
       CineManifest/New Front Films, 1978.  Directed/produced by
       John Hanson, Robin Nilsson.
       3 reels, 93 minutes, b&w.

"A dramatized account of a young farmer's involvement in the
Nonpartisan League which began in 1915 in North Dakota." (FLQ)

PART OF YOUR LOVING                                          FAB 3406
       Directed/produced by Tony DeNonno, 1977.
       1 reel, 20 minutes, color.
                                                         (Copyright collection)

PASSAIC TEXTILE STRIKE                                                    
       VBE 8587
       1 cassette, 49 minutes, b&w, silent.

Dramatization of an immigrant family and their involvement in the
Passaic Textile Strike.  (Film in questionable condition.)
                                                       (AFI/Brandon collection)

PENSIONS: THE BROKEN PROMISE                                 FDA 1362
       NBC Television, 1972.  
       1 reel, 39 minutes, color.

"The inadequacy of many pension plans for American workers is
revealed through interviews with workers and management." (FLQ)

PEOPLE AT WORK: HOW JOBS CHANGE                              FAB 2334
       Coronet Instructional Media, 1976.  Produced by Producers
       Group, Ltd. 
       1 reel, 12 minutes, color.

      Documents the changes in jobs and job skill requirements as
      mechanization pervades the workplace.                                
                                                         (Copyright collection)

PEOPLE OF THE CUMBERLAND                                     VBE 8586
       Frontier Films, 1937.  Directed by Sidney Meyers and Jay
       1 cassette, 18 minutes, b&w.

"A combination documentary and reenacted drama of the struggle of
poor whites in the Cumberland mountains building unions and
fighting for their rights with the help of the Highlander Folk
School." (FLQ)
                                                                Gov't.(Transfer Collection)

THE POWER PINCH                                                           
       VBC 7579
       Integrated Video Services, 1981.  Produced by Jane Kaplan,
       Victor Summa, directed by Victor Summa.
       1 cassette, 51 minutes, color.
                                                         (Copyright collection)

PRAIRIE FIRE                                                              
       FBB 5853
       Cine Manifest Productions, 1977.  Made by John Hanson and
       Rob Nilsson.
       1 reel, 30 minutes, b&w.

History of the populist, agrarian Nonpartisan League in North
Dakota, 1915-21.  Includes film segments made during that time,
plus numerous stills.
                                                         (Copyright collection)

THE PROGRESSIVE ERA                                                       
       FBB 1071
       Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation, 1971.
       1 reel, ca. 20 minutes, color.

An overview of the social contrasts in American life from the
Gilded Age through WWI, with comparisons to the New Deal and the
Civil Rights Movement.
                                                         (Copyright collection)

THE PROGRESSIVES                                                          
       FBA 8656
       Project 7 Productions and McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1969.
       1 reel, ca. 20 minutes, color.

Traces the progressive movement from its beginning in 1890
through World War I.  Notes that it was a revolt of the American
conscience in the cities and on the state and federal levels
against corruption, poverty, prejudice and other social evils.

PROJECT XX: THE INNOCENT YEARS                                            
        FDA 374
       NBC Television, 1957.  Produced by Henry Salomon, Directed
       by Donald Hyatt.
       1 reel, 53 minutes, b&w.

"A record of America changing from a rural to an industrialized
society.  Highlighting major events in national life through
1917." (FLQ)

RALPH FASANELLA: SONG OF THE CITY                                         
       FBC 0284
       Bowling Green Films, Inc. 1979.  Made by Jack Ofield.
       1 reel, 30 minutes, color.

Biography of a working class electrical plant worker/painter/CIO
                                                         (Copyright collection)

THE RISE OF BIG BUSINESS                                                  
       FBA 9709
       Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation, 1969.
       1 reel, 27 minutes, color.

Educational film.  "A portrait of the rise of industrial tycoons
(1865-1918) proposes that, after the Civil War, a combination of
economic conditions and the efforts of various individuals
produced the large business organizations.  Shows the impact of
the new economic structure on the lives of workers." (FLQ)                
                                                         (Copyright collection)

THE RISE OF LABOR                                                         
       FCA 5634
       Encyclopedia Britannica Educational Corporation, 1968.
       1 reel, 30 minutes, color.

Traces the history of the American labor movement.  Discusses
working conditions from the 19th century to the present, the
effects of early strikes in changing governmental attitudes
toward labor and the AFL and CIO.

THE RISE OF ORGANIZED LABOR                                               
       FBA 1357
       McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1960.
       1 reel, 18 minutes, b&w.

"The historic and economic determinants of unionism are examined
to illustrate trends in economic problems influencing
unionization." (FLQ)

SALT OF THE EARTH                                                         
    FGA 9641-49
       Released by Independent Productions Corp., 1954. 
       International Union of Mine, Mill and Smelter Workers. 
       Produced by Paul Jarrico, directed by Herbert J. Biberman
       9 reels (35mm), 94 minutes, b&w.

A recreation of a year-long strike of Mexican American zinc
miners with emphasis on the women's participation.
                                                         (Copyright collection)

SEEING RED                                                                
  In Processing
       Heartland Productions, 1983.  Made by James Klein and Julia
       2 reels, b&w and color.

Documentary about the American Communist Party from the 1930s
through the 50s taken from interviews with the "regular folks"
who were members.

THE SPRINGFIELD GUN                                                       
       FBB 0739
       National Right to Work Committee, 1971.  Made by Centron
       Educational Films. 
       1 reel, 26 minutes, color.

"A single incident in Springfield, MO is used to illustrate the
evils of compulsory unionism.  Several workers, including grape
pickers and a dismissed teacher suggest voluntary unionism. 
Concludes with Congressman Sam Steiger advising support for the
"right to work" issue." (FLQ)

THE TWENTIES                                                              
       FBA 8671
       Project 7 Productions and McGraw-Hill Book Co., 1969.
       1 reel, 25 minutes, color.

Analyzes the forces which arose after World War I and were at
work in the 20s.  Describes the conflict between those who
accepted the complexity of the twentieth century and tried to
cope with it, and those who rejected the new and tried to live
according to past values.

UNITED ACTION: STORY OF THE GM TOOL & DIE STRIKE 1939                     
 FCA 8005
       Brandon Films, 1940 (?).  Produced by Michael Martini.
       1 reel, 33 minutes, b&w.
                                                            (Berman collection)

UNION AT WORK                                                             
       FBB 1614
       Textile Workers Union of America, 1949.
       1 reel, 30 minutes, b&w.  Also FBB 1615

Describes how the CIO organizes textile workers.           (AFL-CIO collection)

UNION MAIDS                                                               
       FDA 5646
       Klein (Reichert) Presentations, 1976.  Directed/produced by
Julia Reichert, James              Klein, Miles Mogulescu.
       1 reel, 48 minutes, color and b&w.

Traces the organizing activities of three working class women in
the laundry, meat packing and garment industries in Chicago in
the 1930s.

UNION WITH A HEART                                                        
       FBB 1608
       Brewery Workers Union, 1974.  Produced by Maurer, Fleischer
       & Associates, Inc.
       1 reel, 18 minutes, b&w.

"Celebrates the 75th anniversary of the Brewery Workers Union." 
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

       VBB 6509
       Roadway Express, Inc, 1980.
       1 cassette, 29 minutes, color.

Educational film tracing the history of labor and the Teamsters.

WE DIDN'T WANT IT TO HAPPEN THIS WAYZ                                     
       Carrol House production, 1978.  Presentation of the
       International Association of Machinists and Aerospace
       Workers, AFL-CIO.
       1 reel, 30 minutes, color.

"When a multinational corporation moves its production overseas,
what happens to the workers and community left behind? 
Interviews Zenith Corp. workers after company plans to move to
Mexico and Taiwan." (FLQ) 
                                                         (Copyright collection)

WE DIG COAL--A PORTRAIT OF THREE WOMEN                                    
       State of the Art, 1981. Produced by Thomas Goodwin, dorothy
       McGhee, Gerardine Wurzburg,  directed by Gerardine Wurzburg.
       1 cassette, 60 minutes, color.

Biography of three women coalminers.

WE THE PEOPLE                                                             
       FBB 1649
       AFL-CIO, 1959.
       1 reel, 15 minutes, color.
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

WHAT HARVEST FOR THE REAPER                                               
    FBA 9860-61
       National Educational Television and Radio Center, 1968.
       2 reels, 59 minutes, b&w.

"A documentary of immigrant farmworkers trapped by perpetual debt
and showing recruitment, camp conditions and the type of work
they do.  The views of the growers and processors as well as
workers are presented." (FLQ)
                                                         (Copyright collection)

WHEN THE DAY'S WORK IS DONE                                               
       FBB 1043
       Somerset Productions, Inc., 1964.
       1 reel, 30 minutes, b&w.
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

WESTINGHOUSE WORKS                                                        
    FLA 5896-97
       American Mutoscope & Biograph Company, 1904.
       2 reels, ca. 40 minutes, b&w, silent.

"Begins with the camera mounted on a train passing the
Westinghouse Works, the manufacturing plant of the Westinghouse
Air Brake and Electric Motor Company and shows the personnel of
the factory, mostly women, performing tasks." (EMP)

THE WILLMAR 8                                                             
       FDA 6917
       GTY Productions, 1982.  Produced by Lee Grant and Mary Beth
       Yarrow, Directed by Lee Grant.
       1 reel, ca. 51 minutes, color.

Documentary about 8 women in Willmar, Minnesota who went on
strike because of employment discrimination.

                FDA 5645
       Women's Labor History Film Project, 1978.  Produced by Lyn
       Goldfarb, directed by Lorraine Gray. 
       1 reel, 45 minutes, color.

Story of the Women's Emergency Brigade which developed during the
GM strike in Flint, MI in 1937.  Traces the members to the
                                                         (Copyright collection)

WITH THESE HANDS                                                          
        FDA 206
       International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union, 1950.  Made by
       Promotional Films.
       1 reel, 40 minutes, color.

Dramatization.  "Story of the ILGWU as seen by Alexander Brody,
cloak operator, from 1909 to the present."  (FLQ)  Also FDA 207

WISCONSIN STORY                                                           
       FBB 1611
       Wisconsin State AFL-CIO, 1959.
       1 reel, 16 minutes, b&w.

"Shows ways in which the union cooperates in getting out the vote
on election day." (FLQ)
                                                           (AFL-CIO collection)

THE WOBBLIES                                                              
    VBB 6037-38
       Center for Educational Productions, Inc., 1979. 
       Produced/directed by Stewart Bird and Deborah Shaffer.
       2 cassettes, 89 minutes, color.

Documentary of the International Workers of the World (IWW). 
Includes interviews with surviving members and footage of the

WORKERS NEWSREEL, VOL. 1, NO. 10                                          
       FEB 5896
       Workers Film and Photo League of the WIR, 1931.
       1 reel (35mm), 8 minutes, b&w.

A record of the first mass demonstration against unemployment
during the Depression on 3/6/30 in Union Square, NY.
                                                       (AFI/Brandon collection)

Barnouw, Erik.  Documentary: A History of the Non-Fiction Film. 
New York: Oxford University Press, 1983.

Fauss, Richard.  A Bibliography of Labor History in Newsfilm, Volumes 1-4. 

       Division of Social and Economic Development, Center for
       Extension and Continuing Education, West Virginia
       University, 1980.

Film Library Quarterly: American Labor Films, Vol. 12, Numbers 2/3, 1979.

Flanzraich, Lisa.  "In Search of Rare Footage",  Sightlines,
Summer/Fall 1985.

Niver, Kent R.  Early Motion Pictures: The Paper Print Collection
in the Library of Congress.  Washington: Library of Congress, 1985.

Subject Files in M/B/RS:
       -Brandon, Thomas
       -Film and Photo League
       -Frontier Films
       -Labor (contains the edition of FLQ mentioned above)
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