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Russian Films in the Library of Congress

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Please note: This is a list of films produced in Russia that are at the Library of Congress. It does not include the extensive holdings of films made by foreigners in Russia or about Russia that are at the Library (The Julian Bryan and Rony Collections, "From Tsar to Lenin", etc.)

By Title

AGONI                (1975, Released in U.S. 1985)                 VAA 4393-94
(AGONY)                                                  2-1/2" Videocassettes
(U.S. Release Title: RASPUTIN) 
      Mosfilm, 1975. Dir: Elem Klimov. Screenplay: Semyon Lunghin and
      Ilya Nusikov. Camera: Leonid Kalashnikov. Music: Alfred Schnitke. 
      Cast: Alexei Petrenko, Anatoly Romashin, Velta Linne, Alice
This looks like an extremely interesting film treatment of Rasputin and
the end of the Romanov dynasty.  Unfortunately, the copyright deposit is
a widescreen film squeezed onto a Betamax half-inch videotape, and is
virtually unwatchable.
       Russian track with English subtitles.

AIR CREW USA/PARIS/MOSCOW      (1980)                              VAA 3815-16
(EQIPAG)                                                    1/2" Videocassette
      Copyrighted 1982 by Five Star Films.  Director: Alexander Mitta.
      Camera: Valerii Shuvalov. Executive Producer: Boris Krishtul. 
      Cast: Georgii Zhzktanov, Anatolii Vasil'ev, Leonid Filatov,
      Alexandra Yakoleva.
     All we have is a half-inch Betamax.
     Dubbed in English.

ALISHER NAVOI (1947)                                             VBF 6167-6170
                                                         2-3/4" videocassettes
      Taskent Studio, 1947. Dir: Kamil Yarmatov. Scen. A. Speshnev, I.
      Sultanov, S. Uigin, Victor Shklovsky. Phot. M. Krasniansky. Design.
      Varshan Yeremian. Music: Reinhold Gliere, T. Sadykov.
All commentators agree that this is a remarkable film, and is an example
of the innovative film making that was done outside of Moscow even at
the height of the Stalinist period.  Unfortunately, our 16mm print is so
worn and shrunken that it is unviewable.  A videocassette has been made
of the film. 
    Russian track.

BALLADA O SOLDATE                                                  FGC 7601-05
(BALLAD OF A SOLDIER)                                                 9r, 35mm
      Mosfilm, 1959.  Presented by J. Jay Frankel.  Director: Gregory
      Chukrai.  Cast; Vladimir Ivashov, Shanna Prokhorenko, Antonina
      Maximova, Eugenii Urbanski.
At the time it was released in this country, it was wildly
overestimated, probably as a result of the Kruschev thaw as much as
anything.  It is the story of a young soldier on leave from the front
during World War II and how he spends his ten days leave.  It is a
pleasant enough film, but reminds one of a Saturday Evening Post story.
     Russian track with English subtitles.

BOEVYE BUDNI (Military Alarm)     (1940)                           FEB 2786-90
      Dir: C. Kyrov and I. Kravchunovsky                              5r, 35mm
original L of C title: RED ARMY                                 reel 2 missing
     A film about the military maneuvers of the Red Army in 1940, with
shots of the Mannerheim Line in Finland, as well as Timoshenko and his
staff.  This film was probably made to show the world, as well as
Russia's ally at the time, Germany, that Russia was a military power. 
Russian military prowess was not then highly regarded, partly as a
result of the humiliating Russo-Finnish War.  Film in fair shape,
scratches on picture.
     Russian track. 

BOLSHOI BALLET 67                                                  FGB 9460-64
                                                                      9r, 35mm
      Mosfilm Productions, released in US by Paramount Pictures, 1966. 
      Directors: Leonid Lavrovsky, Alexander Shelenkev. Camera, Alexander
      Shelenkev, Iolanda Chen. Screenplay: Lavrovsky, Shelenkov and Leo
      Arnstam. Choreography: Lavrovsky.
Ravel "Waltzes"................Natalia Bessmertnova, Mikhail Lavrovsky
Adam "Giselle".................Nina Sorokina
Krein "Laurancia"..............Nina Timofeyeva
Minkus "Don Quixote"...........Maya Samokhvalova
Rachmaninoff "Paganini"........Yaroslav Sekh, Ekaterina Maximova
Ravel "Bolero".................Elena Kholena, Alexander Lavrenjuk, S.    
Saint-Saens "The Dying Swan"...Alla Osipenko
Prokofiev "The Stone Flower"...Raissa Struchkova, Y. Grigoriev, Vladimir 
                                    Levashev, Natalia Kasatkina, A.
Clive Barnes felt that this film was a good idea that went wrong (New
York Times, September 30, 1966).  The ballet sequences are filmed with
excessive business, and a framing story involving young aspirants to the
Corps de Ballet interferes with, rather than expands the film.  Our
print is in technicolor and is in excellent shape.  
     Russian and English track.

BRONENOSETS `POTYOMKIN'                                               VAA 5128
(BATTLESHIP POTEMKIN)  1926                                 1/2" Videocassette
      Goskino, 1926. Dir: Sergei Eisenstein. Scen.: Nina Agadzhanova-
      Shutko. Assistants: Grigori Alexandrov, Alexander Antonov, Mikhail
      Gomarov, A. Levshin, Maxim Strauch. Camera: Eduard Tisse. Des:
      Vasili Rakhals. Sub-titles: Nicolai Aseyev.  Music for performance
      abroad: Edmund Meisel. Cast: Antonov, Alexandrov, Vladimir Barsky,
      Levshin, Gomarov, Strauch.
     Unfortunately, we only have a 1/2" Videocassette.
     English intertitles.

(STALINGRAD)                                                         6r, 35mm 
      Paramount Pictures.  Narration written in English by John
      Wexley,spoken by Brian Donlevy 
     This is an English language version of STALINGRAD.  The Russian
credits are as follows:
      Compiled by the Central Newsreel Studios in Moscow.  Edited by
      Leonid Varlamov for Artkino Pictures.  From motion pictures taken
      by Soviet cameramen on the Don and Stalingrad fronts.  Photography:
      Boris Vakar, A. Kazakov, V. Orliankin, A. Sofin, G. Ostrovsky, A.
      Krichevsky, D. Ibragimov, Nikolai Vikhirev, Y. Mukhin, M. Golbrikh,
      I. Goldstein, M. Poselsky, V. Shadronov, I. Katzman, Ivan Malov. 
Musical arrangements by V. Smirnov.
"Song of Stalingrad" by V. Lebedev-Kumach and V. Mokrousov
"One of the war's greatest film achievements...."  Jay Leyda, Kino, p.
375.  The film is in excellent shape, and the footage is first rate. 
The English narration is extremely heavy-handed.

DVA BOITSA                                                         FEB 2778-85
(TWO SOLDIERS)                                                        9r, 35mm
                                                                reel 4 missing
      Taskent Film Studios, 1944.  Dir: L. Lukov. Screenplay: Eugene
      Gabrilovitch.  Music: N. Bogoslavsky.  Cast: Mark Bernes, Boris
      Andreyev,Vera Shershneva, Yannina Zheimo, Maxim Straukh, I.
      Kuznetsov, S. Krilov, Peter Matsokha.
     Story about two soldiers during the siege of Leningrad.  It is a
pretty routine film, somewhat enlivened by Bernes' singing of "Dark
Nights," "Song of Odessa," and "Song of Leningrad."  Some good stock
footage of Leningrad in October, 1941.  With the exception of the
missing reel 4, the print seems fine.
     Russian track.

27-I (DVADTSAT SEDMOI) OKTIABR                                        VBF 1495
L of C title: MARSHALL STALIN'S REPORT)                     3/4" Videocassette
                                                              1r of 5, r5 only
      Moscow, Central Studios of Documentary Film, 1944. Director: I.
      Kopalin.  Cameramen: I. Belyakov, S. Semenov, V. Dobronitsky, etc.
     Marshall Stalin's report on the state of the nation given to the
Supreme Soviet on November 6, 1944.  We only have reel 5.
     Russian track.

FRONTOVYE PODRUGI (Front Line Girl Friends)(1941)                  FEA 5720-32
(THE GIRL FROM LENINGRAD)                                            10r, 35mm
                                                3 of the above reels are dupes
      Lenfilm Studios, Leningrad 1941.  Artkino release in U.S. Dir:
      Victor Eisimont, Cast: Alexander Abrikosov, Boris Blinov, Oleg
      Zhakov, Zoya Fydorova, Yuri Tolubeyev, English subtitles, Russian
    Deals a group of nurses in the Russo-Finnish war.  the plot is
banal, but the film works because both the director and the actors tried
to portray the hardships of the war as realistically as possible.  Jay
Leyda wrote in Kino,"[Eisimont] was given the delicate job of making the
first studio film about the war with Finland."  Delicate indeed.  At
least in the Artkino version, Eisimont handles the subject by never
naming the enemy or discussing what the war is all about.  The picture
was a smash hit in the Soviet Union.   Our print is scratched, and there
seems to be some missing material in reel 9.       Russian track with
English subtitles.

IASTREBINOE GNEZDO                                                    VBF 0405
(US release title: THE CLOVEN TONGUE)                       3/4" Videocassette
(English translation: THE HAWK'S NEST)                      2r of 5 (r1 and 4)
(Previous cataloging states possible transliterated title: TROJKA
      Russian Art Film Corporation, 1916.  Dist in U.S. by Pathe
      Exchange, Inc., 1918.  Dir: Eugene Bauer.  Based on a story by A.M.
      Pushkin.  Cast: Nadya Lesienka, P.A. Baksheef, N.V. Panov, Sophie
      Karabana.  The Library of Congress unfortunately only has 2 reels
      of 5, reels one and four.
     "The story opens with the return of Sonia Orloff to her father's
estate after several years of school.  Orloff, one of the petty gentry
and a man of reduced circumstances, deals in horses.  In this work, he
is assisted by an employee named Stephan. Orloff also has in his employ
a housekeeper known as Glasha Antonova, a Circassian woman of great
physical charm, but a deceitful nature.

     "Glasha has a great love for running things in her own way and at
once conceives a dislike for Sonia.  She has a hold upon the girl's
father.  When a neighbor, Prince Alexis, falls in love with Sonia, the
housekeeper immediately stirs up trouble.  She goes so far as to
denounce the prince as having made love to herself.  Stephan, in love
with Glasha, offers to kill the prince, but later Glasha herself is
killed.  Stephan then accuses the prince, and circumstances are very
much against him.  But it develop that Glasha was killed by some peasant
women whose hatred she had won, and the love story between the prince
and Sonia goes on to a happy conclusion." Moving Picture World, vol. 35,
January 19, 1918, p. 378. 

                                                                   VBF 0761-62
                                                            3/4" Videocassette
      Central Studio for the Documentary Film, 1945. 60 min.  Dir: M.V.
      Bolshinsov.  Cameramen: A. Vorontsov, R. Zuikov, V. Dobronisky, V.
      Emurin, A. Zenyakin, R. Karmen, K. Kutub-Zade, A. Levitan, V.
      Myakuna, E. Mukhan, N. Panov, M. Poselsky, M. Segal, V. Soloven, A.
      Sologubov, M. Troyanovsky. 
     This film was presented by the Chief prosecutor of the USSR to
document the chief accusations of the Soviet Union against the Germans
in the Nuremberg Trials [Ocherkii Istorii Sovetskogo Kino, (Moscow:
Academy of Science USSR, 1959) Vol. 2., p. 599].  There are photographs
at the beginning of the film of signed affidavits of all Soviet
cameramen involved as well as the director stating that none of this
material was faked or retouched.                
     It is a compilation of footage showing the atrocities committed by
the Germans in Russia, as well as at Maidenek and Auschwitz.
     English track.

KUTUZOV                                                               FEB 0327
                                                                      1r, 35mm
      Mosfilm, 1944. Dir: Vladimir Petrov. Scen.: Vsevolod Solovyov.
      Phot: Mikhail Gindin. Design: Vladimir Yegorov. Music: Yuri
      Shaporin. Cast: Alexei Diki, Nikolai Okhlopov, S. Zakariadze,
      Sergei Mezhinsky.
     This sounds like an interesting film on the war of 1812.  According
to Jay Leyda, the director arranged to shoot the batle of Borodino on
the 131st anniversary of the actual battle, in August 1943. 
Unfortunately, we only have the last reel of the film.
     Russian track with a small amount of English narration.  

LEBEDINOE OZERO                                                       VAA 0761
(SWAN LAKE)                                                 1/2" Videocassette
      Bolshoi Theater and Tvorcheskoe Obedinenie Ekran.  Copyrighted by
      Five Star Entertainment, 1983.  Ballet by Peter I. Tchaikowsky. 
      Director: Algis Zhupaitis. Ballet staff and choreographers: a.
      Gorskogo, L. Ivanova, M. Petina. Cast: Natalia Bessomertnova as
      Odetta/Odile, Alexander Bogatirev as Prince Siegfried, I. Nesterova
      as the Princess Mother, B. Akimov as Rothbart, Y. Papka as
      Wolfgang, E. Zernov as the Jester.
      We only have a bad half-inch beta of the performance.
      Russian titles

MAT'                                                           FGE 6519-6522  
(MOTHER)                                                         8r on 4, 35mm
      Mezhrabpom-Russ, 1926.  Dir: V. I Pudhovkin. Asst. Mikhail Doller,
      V. Strauss. Scenario: Nathan Zarkhi (from Gorki's novel).
      Photography: Anatoli Golovna. Design: Sergie Kozlovsky. Cast: Vera
      Baranovskaya, Nikolai Batalov, A. Chistyakov, Ivan Koval-Samborsky.
    Along with Eisenstein's work, Pudhovkin's MOTHER and THE END OF
SAINT PETERSBURG are the accepted masterpieces of Soviet cinema.  Our
print was made from nitrate that was a gift of the Museum of Modern Art. 
The quality of the image varies.
     English intertitles.

MONANIEBA  (1983)                                                VBF 0310-0312
Russian title: POKAYANIYE                                   3/4" Videocassette
English title: REPENTANCE
      Kinostudia Kartuli Pilmi. 1983.  Dir: Tengiz Abuladze. Scenario:
      Tengiz Abuladze, Nana Janelidze, Rezo Kveselava.Camera: Mikhail
      Agranovich. Art Direction: Georgy Mikeladze. Cast: Atvandil
      Makaradze, Zeinab Botsvadze, Ketevan Abuladze, Edisher Giorgobiani,
      Kakhi Kavsadze, Iya Ninidze, Merab Ninidze.
     Georgian track

MOSCOW STRIKES BACK (1942)                                         FBA 3513-14
                                                                      2r, 16mm
      This is the American version of RAZGROM NEMETSKIKH VOISK POD
      MOSKVOI (Defeat of the German Armies near Moscow) American Credits:
      Narrator: Edward G. Robinson, English commentary by Albert Maltz,
      Editing and montage by Slavko Vorkapich, Music, Dmitri Tiomkin,
      Sound, Hayes Page, Chief of Production, Nicholas Napoli.     
      Russian credits: Dir: Leonid Varlamov, Ilya Kopalin; Camera: Fyodor
      Bunimovich, G. Bobrov, P. Kasatin, A. Krylov, A.Lebedev, M.
      Schneiderov, Alexander Elbert, Roman Karmen, V. Soloviev, Boris
      Sher, I. Belyakov, Victor Statland, Boris Makaseyev, Maria Sukhova,
      v. Frolenko, I. Sokolnikov, Vladimir Yeshurin.
     The Library of Congress has a very bad print, made on 16mm film
from nitrate negative which has since been (unfortunately) discarded. 
The footage is first rate, but the American version also suffers from
the stupid and fulsome script written by Albert Maltz.  MOSCOW STRIKES
BACK won an academy award in 1942 however, and Jay Leyda wrote that the
American version was " of the most powerful propaganda weapons in
an alliance that began the day after the Moscow battle, when the
Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour"(Kino, pp. 370-71).
     English track.

OBYKNOVENNYI FASHIZM, Parts I and II                             FEA 4975-4995
(ORDINARY FASCISM)                                                   14r, 35mm
      Mosfilm, 1964.  Script: Mikhail Romm, M. Turovskaia, Iu. Khaniutin. 
      Director: Mikhail Romm, Music: E. Khachaturian, Dialogues: A.
     A tremendously hard-hitting compilation film on the rise of Fascism
in Germany and its effects both in Germany and on the world, intercut
with shots of Muscovites in 1964 going on with their normal lives.  The
film is also interesting because it shows the range of materials
available in Soviet archives.  Romm spent over two years in over twenty
different archives in the countries in the Soviet sphere, and much of
his footage is unknown to western audiences.  The film contains some
striking footage of Socialist and Communist marches in pre-Hitler
Germany, as well as London, Paris and New York in the twenties and
thirties.  It has one shot of Heinrich Himmler kissing Alfred Krupp on
the cheek that must bring joy to any doctrinaire Marxist.  it should be
pointed out that Jay Leyda criticized Romm for using newsreel footge out
of context (Films beget Films, p. 130, 132).  The similarity between the
Marine Corps and the Waffen SS is also not overlooked, although Romm is,
as is usual in these compilation films, reticent about the Hitler-Stalin
     Russian track.

OCTOBER (1928)                                                        VAA 8848
(aka TEN DAYS THAT SHOOK THE WORLD                          1/2" Videocassette
      Goskino, 1928. Dir and Scen: Sergei Eisenstein, Grigori Alexandrov. 
      Assistants: Maxim Strauch, Mikhail Gomarov, Ilya Trauberg, Phot.:
      Eduard Tisse, photo-assistants, Vladimir Nilsen, Vladimir Popov.
      Des.; Vasili Kovrogin: Music (for performance abroad): Edmund
      Meisel.  Cast: Nikandrov (Lenin), N. Popov (Kerensky).
     Unfortunately, we have only a 1/2" videocassette, with an organ
score by Rosa Rio.  Her sen sitivity to the subject matter can be
measured by her use of the old Csarist Russian anthem to accompany shots
of Lenin.  The God sequence is also missing, as it usually is in the
American release of the film.
     English intertitles  

OTETS SERGII  (1918)                                                  VAA 7168
(FATHER SERGIUS)                                            1/2" Videocassette
      Dir: Jakov Protazanov. Scen. (From Tolstoi's story): Alexander
      Volkov. Camera:
Fyodor Burgasov, N. Rudakov. Design: Vladimir Balliuzek, A. Loshakov, N.
Vorobyov.  Music(For performance): Y. Bukke.  Cast: Ivan Mozhukin, V.
Dzeneyeva, Vladimir Gaidarov, Natalia Lisenko, Vera Orlova, Pyotr
Baksheyev, Nikolai Panov.
     "It may not have the epic quality of Griffith's war-time work, but
it is easily comparable to Sjostrom's famous Berg-Ejvind, produced that
year, in intensity and character revelation."  Jay Leyda, Kino, p. 108. 
Unfortunalely, we only have a half-inch videocassette of bad material.
     English intertitles.

PADENIYE BERLINA                                                      FCA 7311
(THE FALL OF BERLIN)                                          1r, 16mm exerpts
      Parts One, Two, Mosfilm, 1949.  Dir: Mikhail Chiaureli. Story;
      Pyotr Pavlenko, Chiaureli. Oolor photography: Leonid Kosmatov.
      Design: Vladimir Kaplunovsky, A. Parkhomenko. Music: Dmitri
      Shostakovich.  Cast: Mikhail Gelovani, Boris Andreyev, Oleg
      Froelich, Victor Stanitsin, V. Savelyov
    This film was made during the height of the apotheosis of Stalin. 
We see a totally omniscient and omnipotent Stalin who wins World War II
in spite of his allies who, either on purpose or through bungling, do
all they can to help Hitler.  He also invites steel workers to lunch and
plants trees in his spare time.  This must be a fairly embarrassing film
for Russians now.  Unfortunately, we have only excerpts on a worn black
and white 16mm copy.   
     Russian track with English subtitles.

PAREI' IZ NACHEGO GORODA  (1943)                                   FEB 6129-30
(A LAD FROM OUR TOWN)                                              r-1&8, 35mm
      Central Art Film Studios of Alma Ata, 1943.  Dir: Alexander Stolper
      and Boris Ivanov.  Producer: Frederick Ermler.  Scenario:
      Konstantin Simonov.  Cast: Nikolai Kriuchkov, Anna Smirnova,
      Nokolai Mordvinov, V. Stepanov, V. Medvedyev, A. Alekseyev, P.
     Unfortunately, we only have the first and last reels. It is about a
Soviet tank officer who fights first in Spain, then in Russia.  Bosley
Crowther felt that it was pretty bad, but reported that the film
contained the wonderful subtitle, "An Omsk Tank School graduate doesn't
take the easy way!"       
      Russian track. Credits in English.

PASO A LA JUSTICIA!                                                FAA 6548-54
                                                                      7r, 16mm
(Original Russian Title: SUD IDYET (The Court is in Session)
      Special Production of Cine Chronica, Moscow, 1943.  Originally
      produced by Central Studios, Moscow.  Dir: I Kopalin. Camera: A.
      Lebedev, A. Lapti'i, B. Frolenko. Sound: V. Petrov.
     This film is a Spanish language version of SUD IDYET. The film
covers the trial of three Germans, Wilhelm Langheld, Hans Ritz, Reinhard
Retzlaw, and one Russian, Mikhail Bulanov, for the atrocities carried
out by the Germans in the city of Kharkov.  The trial took place between
December 12 and 15, 1943.  For a shortened version of the same film, see
     Spanish track with some German and Russian testimony.

POTSELUI MERI PICKFORD                                             FGD 9355-57
(A KISS FROM MARY PICKFORD)                                           6r, 35mm
      Mezhrapom-Rus, Soviet Union.  1927.  Prod Credits: S. Kozlovskii,
      D. Kolupaiev,  Sergei Komarov.  Original idea: Anatoli Lunacharsky.
      Cast: Ihor Illins'kyi, A. Sudakevych, Mary Pickford, Douglas
      Fairbanks, Ie Rozenstein, N. Syzova.
SUMMARY: A moving-picture usher is in love with a hopeful cinema
actress, who has a violent crush on Douglas Fairbanks, and who ignores
him.  He decides to break into films to get her attention.  While at the
studio, he happens to meet Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks, who are
in Russia and making a studio tour.  Pickford gives him a peck on the
cheek, which makes him a huge celebrity.  His Russian girl friend
becomes jealous, and falls for him after all. 
     The film was a gift from Pickford, and the print, which is in
excellent shape, was given to her by Gosfilmofond.  It is especially
interesting because it incorporates footage from the Pickford-Fairbanks
tour of the Soviet Union during the summer of 1926.  While owing more to
Harold Lloyd than Eisenstein, it does use montage effectively to
incorporate Pickford and Fairbanks into a fictitious story.  It is also
quite funny, even to a non-Russian speaker.  It is a film that was
totally unknown here, and is a definite asset to the collection.
     Ukrainian intertitles.

PRIVIDENIE, KOTOROE NE VOZVRASHCHAETSIA                            FDA 1287-88
(THE GHOST THAT WILL NEVER RETURN)                                    2r, 16mm
      Sovkino, 1930.  Dir: Abram Room. Scen. (from a story by Barbusse)
      Valentin Turkin. Phot. Dmitri Feldman. Des. Victor Aden. Cast: B.
      Ferdinandov, Olga Zhizneya, Maxim Strauch.

     "...The literary base was a story by Henri Barbusse, The Ghost That
Will Not Return, about a political prisoner somewhere in a Latin
American oil country.  The grotesque prison authorities grant Jose Real
the day of freedom with his family that is legally due him; no paroled
prisoner has returned alive to the prison, for a police agent is ordered
to follow and shoot at the end of twenty-four hours.  The authorities
trick Real into accepting their offer, and the agent that follows him
lets him squander precious hours needlessly.  Real finally reaches his
family, but instead of returning to prison, or being shot, he leads an
armed revolt, presumably against the oil companies, with consequences so
ambiguous as to leave his future unclear--at least in my mind." (Jay
Leyda, Kino, p. 256).  The films shows a very interesting avant-garde
tendency, and the concept of the  gourmandising, flower loving secret
policeman is marvelous.  Unfortunately, we have only a 16mm print with
English intertitles.  Credits missing. 

PYOTR PERVYI  Part 1                                               FGE 4813-17
(PETER THE FIRST PART I)                                        10r of ? on 5r
      Lenfilm, 1937.  Director: Vladimir Petrov. Scenario: Alexei
      Tolstoi, Petrov. Photography: Vyacheslav Gardanov, Vladimir
      Yakoviev. design: Nikolai Suvorov.  Music: Vladimir Scherbachov. 
      Cast: Nikolai Simonov, Alla Tarasova, Nikolai Cherkasov, Mikhail
      Zharov, Mikhail Tarkhanov, I. Zarubina.

PYOTR PERVYI  Part 2                                               FGE 5016-21
(PETER THE FIRST PART II)                                             5r, 35mm
      Lenfilm, 1939.  Director: Vladimir Petrov, S. Bartenev. Scenario:
      Alexei Tolstoy, Petrov, N. Leschenko.  Photography: Vladimir
      Yakovlev. Design: Nikolai Suvorov, V. Kalyagin. Music: Vladimir
      Scherbachov.  Cast: Nikolai Simonov, Alla Tarasova, Nikolai
      Cherkasov, Mikhail Zharov, Mikhail Tarkhanov, I. Zarubina.
     Jay Leyda did not like these films much, and found their style
overly grandiose and theatrical, but they are important historically. 
There is an obvious analogy between Peter's dragging Russia into the
18th century and Stalin's attempts to make Russia a modern industrial
nation in the thirties.  The style and content of the film both
represent the increasing conservatism of the film industry.  In both
parts, the frame jumps in our prints quite a bit, and some scenes appear
to have been cut.
     Russian track.

RADUGA                                                   FEA 4834, FEB 3411-19
(RAINBOW)                                               11r, 35mm (missing r9)
      Kiev and Ashkabad Studios,1944.  Director: Mark Donskoy. Scenario:
      Wanda Wasilewska fron her novel. Photography: Bentsion Monastirsky.
      Design: V. Khmelyova. Music: Lev Schwartz.  Cast: Natalia Uzhvi,
      Yelena Tyapkina, A. Dunaisky, Hans Klering.
     A grim and no doubt realistic depiction of the Nazi occupation of a
small Russian village in the Ukraine.  "The Rainbow, Wanda Wasilewska's
adaptation of her novel 

about occupied Ukraine, directed with all the anger that Donskoy was
capable of expressing--an anger that was missing from his first war
film.  Donskoy's enemy portraits were more subtle and more powerful than
in previous fictional films, possibly because he took the trouble to
interview and study a number of German prisoners, both officers and
soldiers.  Hans Klering, who plays the German garrison commander, gives
as credible a performance as the group of fine actresses: Natalia Uzhvy,
Nina Alisova, Yelena Tyapkina." (Jay Leyda, Kino, p. 379).  James Agee,
however, felt that it was a dangerous piece of agit-prop (Agee on Film,
pp. 123-26). The film received the Stalin Prize for 1944.  Although we
are missing reel 9, the film still belongs on the A list.  The print is,
except for reel 9, in good shape.   
     Russian track.

SERYOZYHA                                                          FGC 7989-92
(A SUMMER TO REMEMBER)                                                8r, 35mm
      Mosfilm, 1960. J. Frankel presentation.  Director: Georgi Danelia
      and I. Talenkin.  Scenario: Vera Panova. from her novel.  Cast:
      Borya Barkhatov, Sergei Bondarchuk, Irina Skobtseva, Natasha
      Chechotkina, Lesha Lotsenko, Seryozha Metelsin, L. Sokolova, Vasili
     This is a story of a five-year old boy whose mother is a widow who
decides to remarry.  Seryozha likes his stepfather, who is the mamager
of a collective farm, very much, but then finds out that his family has
to move, and can not take him.  However, at the last moment, his
stepfather can not bear to leave him behind.
     The story is not much, and I am not very susceptible to cute
children in movies, so I was prepared not to like this film, but I have
to admit that I agree with Bosley Crowther: "This may sound pat and
sentimental, and it might be if it weren't so nicely done, so pleasantly
brightened with humor, so sparked with a witty musical score and so
warmly played by everybody...."
The directors got a wonderful performance out of Borya Barkhatov, and
Bondarchuk is good as the bearlike, soft-hearted stepfather.
     Russian track with English subtitles.

SHANGHAISKY DOKUMENT                                             FGE 8354-8356
(A SHANGHAI DOCUMENT)                                                 6r, 35mm
      Soyuzkino, 1928. Dir.: Yakov Blyokh. Photography: V. Stepanov.
      Exchange with Gosfilmofond, 1989.                                   

SHESTAIA CHAST' MIRA                                               FEB 4912-18
(SIXTH PART OF THE EARTH)                                             7r, 35mm
      Kul'tkino. 1926. dir.: Dziga Vertov, Ass't Dir.: Elizaveta Svilova. 
      Cameraman: Mikhail Kaufman. Photo; Ivan Beliakov, Samuel
      Benderskii, Nikolai Konstantinov, Aleksandr Lemberg, Nikolai
      Strukov, Iakov Tolchan, Petr Zotov.  Music: Berezovskii.
     The film was a gift from Gosfilmofond, and one of the most famous
documentary films from the experimental phase of Soviet filmmking before
the Stalinist freeze.  Not only is it a documentary film about Russia,
but it also tries to educate the viewer into how the whole Soviet system
works economically.  One famous example of the interest of Vertov and
other early Soviet film makers in linguistic experiments with film
through montage are the shots of the icebreaker Lenin.  Not only do the
shots show the ice in a harbor being broken up, but they also represent
the Soviet system breaking up centuries of decay and ignorance to bring
this port, and the rest of Russia into the new age.  The Library of
Congress print is shorter than the release print, so some material may
have been excised by the Russians.  Our print is of mixed quality, with
some jumps and splices.
     Russian intertitles.

SVINARKA I PASTUKH  (1941)                               FEA 4630, FEB 6164-73
(The Shepherd and the Girl Swineherd)                                10r, 35mm
American Title: THEY MET IN MOSCOW  
      Dir: Ivan Pyriev, story: Victor Gusev,phot.: Valentin Pqvlov, des.:
      A. Berger, Mus.: Tikhon Khrennikov.Cast; Marina Ladynina, V.
      Zeldin, Nikolai Kruchkov.
     A musical comedy about a lady swineherd and a dashing shepherd from
the Caucasus who meet at a trade fair in Moscow.  It looked to me rather
as if MGM had had made it, but I must be wrong, because Jay Leyda gave
it a favorable opinion, and James Agee gave it a rave: "The songs they
sing are excessive, vivid, pretty, uncommercial, and solidly rooted in
alphabetic emotions.  They are handled and photographed as if real faces
and fresh-air landscapes could not but be more pleasing than death masks
peopling a vacuum-sealed magniloquence of scarlet linoleum and dry-ice
mist....The Russians show us how to make a musical comedy."     The film
also got a good review in Variety and The New York Times, but most
Russian films did during the War. Our print is in good shape, except for
a few splices and some muffled sound. 
     Russian track.

TIKHI DON (1957)                                    Video Viewing Copy Ordered
      Gorky Film Studios. Dir.: Sergei Gerasimov, story: Gerasimov, based
      on Sholokov's novel.Phot.: Wulf Rapoport, Design: Boris Dulenkov,
      Music: Yuri Levitin. Cast: Daniel Ilchenko, Pyotr Glebov, Yelina
      Bystritskaya. Zinaida Kirienko.
      Russian track with English subtitles.

VOINA I MIR   (1966)                                             CGA 8935-8954
(WAR AND PEACE)                                                      19r, 35mm
      In Four Parts Mosfilm, 1966. Dir: Sergei Bondarchuk. Scen.
      Bondarchuk, Vasili Solovyov. Color Photography: Alexander
      Shelenkov, Chen Lu-Chan, Anatoli Petritsky. Design:M. Bogdanov, G.
      Mysnikov. Music: Vyacheslav Ovchinnikov. Cast: Ludmilla Savelyova,
      Bondarchuk, Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Victor Stanitsin, Oleg Tabakov,
      Anatoli Ktorov, Anastasia Vertinskaya, Irina Skobtseva, Vasili
      Lanovoi, Vladislav Strzhelchik.
     We have received the English language version, and, as Renata Adler
points out ( New York Times, April 26, 1968), the version released in
the United States was dubbed quite badly into English, and over an hour
was cut out of it.  The film only arrived in the division on December 9,
1987, so I have not seen it, but we appear to have the dubbed and cut
version, unfortunately.  Our print also appears to be in very bad shape,
and we may reject it.
     English track.   

YESLI ZAVTRA VOINA                                                    FEA 4268
(If War Comes Tomorrow)                                                1r of 6
                                                     LC has rest on fine grain
      Mosfilm, 1938. Dirs: E. Dzigan, L. Antsipolovskii, G. Berezko, N.
      Karminskii. Camera: E. Efimov. Scenario: M. Svetlov, E. Dzigan, G.
     Shows maneuvers of the Red Army against an imaginary adversary
which wears French helmets and speaks German.  Sound track is very bad. 
We seem to have the film in its entirety, but have only made a reference
print of one reel.  We reeived our copy from the Germans, who entitled
     Mostly Russian track.         


BOEVYIA OTRAVLIAIUSCHIE VESHCHESTRA                                   FPC 0560
(POISON GASES)                                                 1r master, 35mm
      Yperit, 1943.  Not viewed.

BOLSHOI TOKYO   (1932)                                                VBF O4O6
(GREAT TOKYO)                                               3/4" Videocassette
      Soviet Film, Russian-Japanese coproduction.  Dir: Vladimir
      Schneiderov. Camera: Mark Troyanovsky.  
     Jay Leyda wrote in his diary that in this film, Vladimir
Schneiderov treated interesting material uninterestingly.  However, the
material is even more interesting than it was in 1932, since it shows a
Tokyo that has totally disappeared.  Schneiderov appears to have used
Ruttman's BERLIN as a guide, since the film depicts a day in the life of
     Musical track with Russian intertitles.

BOR'BA S VRAZHESKIMI TANKAMI  (1941)                               FEB 2969-70
(ANTI-TANK COMBAT)                                               2r of ?, 35mm
     Russian training film from 1941.  Some of the methods of stopping
tanks seem a bit optimistic.  Includes footage on how to make a Molotov
cocktail.  The picture is fine, but the sound is just about gone.
     Russian track.

CHTO MU DOLZHENY DELAT DOMA                                           VBF 0394
(WHAT WE MUST DO BEFORE THE AIR RAID WARNING)               3/4" Videocassette
      Mostekhfilm, 1941. Scenario; V. Lezerson. Dir: O. Gudkov. Camera:
      Y. Berliner
     Training film.
     Russian track.

IX (DEVIATNYI) MOSKOVSKII MEZHDUNARODNYI                           FEA 9676-77
(NINTH MOSCOW FILM FESTIVAL)                                          2r, 35mm
      Central Studio of Documentary Films. 1975.
     Scenes of the participants in Moscow for the 9th Moscow
International Film Festival held in July 1974; partipants appear at
ceremonies, seminars and a Mosfilm tea party.  Among those appearing
are: Filipp Yermash, Chairman of the Soviet Goskino; Ettore Scola,
Italian film director; Jabe Osheroff, American film director; and
Hoteensia Bussi de Allenda of Chile.
     Russian track

DYM NA PEREPRAVE     (1943)                                        FEB 3263-65
(USE OF SMOKE DURING RIVER CROSSINGS)                                 3r, 35mm
      Official Film MID 3036-R, War Department
      Dir.: S. Y. Snitko, Scenario: Snitko, M. S. Bituknubskogo
     A training film.  The sound and image is fine.  According to the
catalogue card, "This film was first captured by the Nazis and then by
the Americans.  Either the Nazis or MID tried unsuccessfully to block
out the sound track on the original nitrate.  The sound on the dupe neg
is therefore very dim, and a separate track with improved sound quality
was made." 
     Russian track

FIVE MEN OF VELISH                                                    VBF 0760
(Russian title unknown)                                     3/4" videocassette
      Made by the Soviet War News Film Agency.  Presented in English
      translation by the British Ministry of Information. Narration by
      Winfred Pickles.
     A series of still photographs taken from a dead Russian soldier
show the hanging of five Russian civilians.  A general introduction
appears to have been added to the existing material in the English
     English track.
IN AN ELECTRIFIED UKRAINAN VILLAGE;                                   FEB 3374
MEETING OF THE VILLAGE COUNCIL                                    1r of?, 35mm
     No beginning or ending credits.  I have a hunch that it is part of
a Dziga Vertov film (IN THE ELEVENTH YEAR?), but I cannot prove it yet.

JUBILEE                                                               VBF 0441
                                                            3/4" Videocassette
      Mosfilm, 1944. Dir: Vladimir Petrov. Scenario from vaudeville by
      Chekhov.  photography: Vladimir Yakolev, N. Brusilovskaya. Design:
      Vladimir Ywgorov: N. Galustian. Music: Nicolai Kryukov.  Cast:
      Victor Stanitsin, Olga Androvskaya, Vasili Toporkov, A. Zuyeva.
     A bank celebrates its anniversary, and everything goes absolutely
wrong.  This film, which like SVADBA (also in LC collection), was based
on a Vaudeville by Chekhov, was  released on the fortieth anniversary of
Chekhov's death.  Many of the actors are members of the Moscow Art
Players.  It is recommended that a 35mm copy be made of this material.
     Russian track.

KARIERA LEITENANTA GOPPA (1942)                                    FEB 2717-18
(THE CAREER OF LIEUTENANT HOPP)                                       2r, 35mm
      Part of FIGHTING FILM ALBUM # 11. Scen.: Boris Laskin, I. Sklyut.
      Dir.: N. Sadkovich.  Cast: Sergei Martinson, O. Abdulov, E. Geller.
     A two-reel anti-German farce.  The pictyure is good, but the sound
is fairly bad.
     Russian track.     

KHARKOV WAR TRIAL  (1944)                                          FAA 6574-77
(SUD IDYET)                                                           4r, 16mm
      Central Newsreel Studio, Moscow
     This film is a shortened version of SUD IDYET (THE COURT IS IN
SESSION, USSR, 1943) rerecorded by the O.S.S., and the narration is in
English. For a complete description of the film, see PASO A LA JUSTICIA!

      Kino Journal No. 12/25, Moscow, 1947.         Video Viewing Copy Ordered
      Tsentralia Studia Dokumentalnykh Filmov, 1947.  Narrator: V.

NASH MARSH (196-)                                                  FEA 9061-63
(Our march)                                                           3r, 35mm
      Eksperimental'hoe Tvorcheskoe Obshchestvo.  Film made by R.
      Varshavsky, A. Shein and A. Svetlov.  Poems of V. Mayakovsky read
      by Yu. Levitan.
     A brief, candy-coated overview of the history of the Soviet Union
which breaks up the wide screen into a triptych.  This appears to be the
kind of film that would be shown to groups of American tourists in
Russia by Intourist, and is very similar to the semi-official films
shown to schoolchildren at some of the national monuments in Washington. 
The film uses many re-enacted clips from Soviet fiction films, as well
as actuality footage.
      The track is in English and Russian.  The print is in fine shape.

NEMETSKAIA OBORONA I EE PREODOLENIE                                   VBE 8331
(GERMAN DEFENSE LINE AND BREAKTHROUGH)                      3/4" Videocassette
      Voetekhfil, 1943.  Dir: Vladimir Schneiderov, Scen. I. Iakushin.
Routine training film, some good combat footage.
     Russian track.

NOTICIARIO SOVIETICO No. 56, November 1943                         FEB 3538-39
      Official Film MID 3059-R                                        2r, 35mm
      War Department
Russian-made newsreel in Spanish language.  This issue features the
expulsion of the Germans from the Taman Peninsula, and the battle for
the liberation of the Caucasus.  Shots of Generals Timoshenko and
     Spanish track.

NOTICIARIO SOVIETICO No. 5, February 1944                          FEB 3536-37
      Official Film MID 3058-R                                        2r, 35mm
This is Soyuzkino Journal no. 7/1944 in Spanish language.  This issue
features the tenth session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, with shots
of Stalin and Molotov, the first steel being produced at Yenakiyevo in
the Donyets basin at a rebuilt factory, and footage from the Leningrad
front.  Peter the Great's recently liberated castle is shown, gutted by
the Germans, as well as fighting in the outskirts of Gatchina.  See also
Soyuzkino Journal no. 7/1944 infra.
    Spanish track.

NOTICIARIO SOVIETICO No. 12, March 1944                               VBE 8330
                                                            3/4" Videocassette
Russian-made newsreel in Spanish language.  this issue features the
award of the Suvorov Medal First Class to M. Kalinin and other officers
at the Kremlin; The opening of new stations in the Moscow subway, and a
report of the liberation of Krivoi Rog in the central Ukraine.
     Spanish track.

NOVOSTI DNIA  No. 67, November, 1947                                  VBF 0399
(NEWS OF THE DAY)                                           3/4" Videocassette
      (MID 3806 War Department)
      Centralnya Ordenya Krasnogo Znameni Studia Dokumentalny Filmov.
      November, 1947.
     Mostly reports on progress in heavy industry.
     Russian track and titles.

100,000,000 WOMEN  (1942?)                                             FAA 517
(Original Russian title unknown)                                      1r, 16mm
      Soviet War News Film Agency.  English editor: Jiri Weiss. 
      Distributed by the English Ministry of Information.
     Describes the role of Russian women in the war. Excellent footage. 

RAZVEDCHIKI   (1942)                                               FEA 4641-42
(RECONNAISSANCE)                                                      2r, 35mm
(MID 3011-K, War Department)
      Mostexfilm, 1942. Dir: Vladimir Schneiderov. Camera: L. Tsigelman.
     A training film describing reconnaissance techniques for troops in
the field.  Good image and sound.
     Russian track.

THE SIKHOTE ALINE METEORITE  (1956)                                FEA 1315-16
      Central Documentary Film Studio                                     35mm
Dir: I. Gradov, Consultant: V. Fesenkov
     A well-photographed documentary film on the scientific
investigation of the Sikhote Aline Meteorite that fell in Siberia in
1947.  Print is in good shape, with one splice.  Probably of most
interest to specialists, either in meteorology or those interested in
Soviet scientific methods in the late 1940s.
     English track.

THE SOVIET SCHOOLCHILD (1945)                                         VBF 0757
(Russian title unknown)                                     3/4" Videocassette
      Central Documentary Film Studio.  British credits: Narration:
      Beatrice King, Douglas Allen.  Our card states that the film was
      made for the MOI.  Interesting footage.
     English track.

SOVIETY SPORTY NO. 2/15 (1947)                      Video Viewing Copy Ordered
      Dir: Moselsku, C. Kantor. Music: I. Stiagman.  Skiing, ice skating,
      weight lifting, wrestling, water polo in Moscow and Leningrad.

SOYU ZUKINO JUMARU Report No. 1 (1930)                                VBF 0401
      Soviet News Report for Japan                          3/4" Videocassette
     The first report of the peoples Commissar for Foreign Affairs,
change of Presidium members, logging operations, opening of dam, wheat
harvest, preparations for what appears to be an Arctic expedition.
     Silent, Japanese intertitles.

SOYU ZUKINO JUMARU Report No. 2 (1930)                               VBF 0400 
      Soviet News Report for Japan                          3/4" Videocassette
     The National Convention, with shots of Stalin and Molotov. 
Industry and weapons exhibit, lumber being transported by train across
the steppes, scientific chicken farming, building a bridge, and shots of
a fifteen kilometer swim.
      Silent Japanese intertitles.

SOYUZKINO JOURNAL NO. 55/1942  (June, 1942)                           FEB 2716
      Proizvodstovo Centralnoi Studio                                 1r, 35mm
     Contains material on several flag ceremonies, students choosing a
professor at a technical academy, report on the food supply for
Leningrad, reports from the fronts, and a report on Moscow's air
     Russian track.
SOYUZKINO JOURNAL NO. 86/1942  (December 1942)                        VBE 8328
      Proizvodstovo Centralnoi Studio.  Camera: B. Kotor    3/4" Videocassette
     Contains shots of Mongol Delegation to Moscow, a report on
Stalingrad and the central front.  According to the lab: "Film
evaluation; scratches, high contrast ratios, muffled sound track."
     Russian track.

SOYUZKINO JOURNAL NO. 37/1943  (June 1943)                            VBF 0404
      Proizvodstovo Centralnoi Studio.                      3/4" Videocassette
     Much of this newsreel appears to be a drive for the Victory Fund.
It also features members of the RAF getting the Order of Lenin at the
Russian Embassy in London, a report fom the Kuban Delta, artillery
bringing down a German aircraft, and soldiers receiving medals for the
defense of Leningrad.

SOYUZKINO JOURNAL NO. 46/1943  (June 1943)                            VBE 8325
                                                            3/4" Videocassette
      Proizvodstovo Centralnoi Studio. Dir: Ivan Setkovic, Music, Dmitri
     Contains a report on the Soviet Navy on its 25th anniversary.  Each
episode is a report from a different theater of operations.  The quality
of the film, according to the lab:"soft focus, scratches, emulsion
damage, muffled sound track."
     Russian track.

SOYUZKINO JOURNAL NO. 53/54/1943  (August 1943)                       VBE 8327
                                                            3/4" Videocassette
      (Official Film MID 3082-12, War Department)
      Proizvodstovo Centralnoi Studio.  Dir: I. Setkovic, Music: Dmitrov
     Contains shots of wheat harvest, cutting peat(?), dedication of a
naval memorial to Stalin, Mongol life, and the construction of a large
building, demonstration of a naval gun to a Soviet soldier.  The quality
of the film, to quote from the lab is as follows: "Scratches, high
contrast ratios, washed out video."
     Russian track.

SOYUZKINO JOURNAL NO. 66-67/1943  (November 1943)                     VBE 9769
                                                            3/4" Videocassette
      Proisvodstovo Centralnoi Studio
     Russian troops cross the Dnieper, gateway to Kiev and the Ukraine. 
Includes shots of Nikita Kruschev.
     Russian track.

SOYUZKINO JOURNAL NO. 68/1943 (November 1943)                         VBE 8326
                                                            3/4" Videocassette
      (Official Film MID 3050-R, War Department)
      Proisvodstovo Centralnoi Studio
     Contains shots of workers in a gun factory, pilot of a Stormovik
talking to other factory workers, presumably urging higher production,
and shots of a battle with Germans on the shore of a lake in the Crimea. 
The quality of the film, according to the lab: "Soft focus, scratches,
muffled sound."    
     Russian track.

SOYUZKINO JOURNAL NO. 73-74/1943: SRAZHENIE ZA GOMEL                  VBE 8329
(The Battle of Gomel) (December 1943)                       3/4" Videocassette
      Proisvodstove Centralnoi Studio    
     Covers the taking of Gomel, one of the major cities in Byelorussia,
by Soviet troops in November, 1943.  An excellent newsreel.

SOYUZKINO JOURNAL (No Number) (December 1943)                         VBE 8324
                                                            3/4" Videocassette
      (Official Film MID 3087-12, War Department)
      Proisvodskovo Centralnoi Studio
     Contains reports on Briansk, Pavlinko, Karatschev, Dimitrosk and
Orlovsk.  The quality of the film, according to the lab: "Soft focus,
scratches, emulsion damage, muffled sound track."       
     Russian track.

SOYUZKINO JOURNAL NO. 7/1944                                          VBF 0402
                                                            3/4" Videocassette
      Proisvodskovo Centralnoi Studio 
     This issue features the tenth session of the Supreme Soviet of the
USSR, with shots of Stalin and Molotov, the first steel being produced
at Yenakiyevo in the Donyets basin at a rebuilt factory, and footage
from the Leningrad front.  Peter the Great's recently liberated castle
is shown, gutted by the Germans, as well as fighting in the outskirts of
Gatchina.  See also Noticiario Sovietico no. 5, supra.

SPORTIVNYI DEN STOLITSY                             Video Viewing Copy Ordered
Special Edition of the Russian Newsreel Sovetskii Sport 1947
      Central Studios of Documentary Films

SVADBA (WEDDING)                                                   FEB 3546-50
     Also known as MARRIAGE                                   35mm, 5r (of 7?)
      Tbilisi Studio, 1944.
      From vaudeville by Anton Chekhov.  Dir.: Isidor Annensky; phot.:
      Yuri Yekelchik; Design: S. Mandel; Music: V. Zhelobinsky.
      Cast: Alexei Gribov, Faina Ranevskaya, Erast Garin, Mikhail
      Yanshin, Sergei Martenson, Vera Maretskaya, Nikolai Plotnikov, Lev
     This film and JUBILEE (also in L of C collection) were both
released on the 40th anniversary of Chekhov's death in 1944.  it is
extremely well acted and directed.  According to Bosley Crowther, "
[SVADBA]... is a delightful little farcical satire on a marriage
ceremony in a middle-class Russian home."
Many of the players are members of the Moscow Art Theater.  Our print is
not in good shape: the sound is muffled, there are many scratches, and
there appears to be some missing material, but it still deserves special
     Russian track.

THREE IN A SHELL-HOLE                                                  FAA 550
                                                                      1r, 16mm
      English version produced by the Ministry of Information and
      arranged by the oviet War News Film Agency of TROYE V VORONKYE.
      English editing by Jiri Weiss.  English voices: Harry Ross and
      Elizabeth Mauger.
Alexei Olanin, Camera: N. Naumov-Strazh. Scen.: Leonid Leonov.  Cast: N.
Petropavlovskaya, M. Yandulsky, A. Gehr.  A Russian nurse is trapped in
a shell hole with a wounded Russian soldier and a wounded German
     English track.

TO WIN THE GOLD                                                       VAA 4392
(Russian title unknown)                                     1/2" Videocassette
      Produced by Robert H. Estes and Sovinfilm Studios, Moscow, 1983. 
      Script: Dmitri Polonsky. Dir: Dmitri Gassiuk. Chief Consultant: A.
      I Kolessov. Consultant: A. I. Zlodareva. Cameramen: V. Altschuler,
      D. Gassiuk, B. Golovna, V. Koliushev, I. Sosenkov. A. Klementov, I.
      Kusnetsov, P. Filimov, S. Tchernyshev, Y. Shupliakov, Robert Estes.
     Preparations for, and some footage of the 1980 Moscow Olympics.
     English track.       

UDSSR AUF DER LEINWAND n. 3                                           FEB 3896
(USSR ON THE SCREEN, N. 3)                                            1r, 35mm
      Russian News in German edition, 1940                     
     Includes material on tenth anniversary of the death of the poet
Mayakovsky, tractor production in Stalingrad, Moscow's subway, the
Russian painter Grabar, Life in the Taiga, Spring in Georgia, trotting
races in Moscow.  An interesting example of how the Russians wanted to
be seen by the Germans during the Hitler-Stalin Pact.
     German track.        

VANKA                                                                 VBF 0389
                                                            3/4" Videocassette
      Part of Fighting Film Album No. 12. 1942. Dir: Herbert Rappaport.
      Scenario: S. Politzky, M Tevelev. Cast: Yanina Zheimo, Nikolai
      Cherkasov, Y. Bogoliubov, M. Zharov.
     A young girl joins the partisans and proves her courage. In spite
of its subject matter, the treatment is light and often funny.  The
director, Herbert Rappaport was formerly Pabst's assistant before
leaving Germany.
     Russian track.  

VELIKII VSENARODNYI PRAZHDNIK  (1947)                                 VBF 0403
(GREAT NATIONAL HOLIDAY)                                              1r of 3 
                                                            3/4" Videocassette
    (Original LC title: ELECTIONS TO THE SUPREME SOVIET, 1947)           
      War Department Official Film 3805                        
      Fragment only.  1 35mm reel of ? Director: I. Kopalin. Camera: S.
      Avlochenko, N. Bihirev, I. Gugman, and many others.  
     Scenes are shown from all over the Soviet Union of the 1947
elections, including Tashkent, Kirgiz S.S.R., Kazakh S.S.R.,  Yerevan in
the Armenian S.S.R., and Baku in the Azerbaizan S.S.R.
     Russian track.

VOSPROMINANIA O LENINE                                                FAB 2455
(Recollections of Lenin)                                              1r, 16mm
      Central Documentary Film Studio, Moscow, 1959. Dir: S. Gurov,
      Camera, O. Reisman.
     This is a routine documentary film about Lenin, leaning heavily on
the localities in Russia where Lenin worked and taught.  We have a
complete print, but only reel one has been printed.
     English track, Russian credits.

VSTRECHA VO VLADIVOSTOKE                                              FGC 7496
(MEETING IN VLADIVISTOCK)                                             1r, 35mm
      Central Studio for Documentary Films, 1974. Dir: E. Vermisheva.
      Photography: I Bagantsev, C. Voinor, L. Maksimov, A. Sarantsev.
      Text: M. Sturua. Editor: V. Guzanov.
     Summit meeting between Leonid Brezhnev and Gerald Ford in November,
The print is in good shape.
     English track, Russian titles.

VSTUPLENIE KRASNOI ARMI'I V BUKHAREST                                 FAB 2825
(Entry of the Red Army into Bucharest)                                1r, 16mm
      Special Film Installment No. 6. 1944. Dir: N. Kopalin. Camera: G.
      Donyets, A. Rubinovich, A. Krichyevskii, A. Schekutyev.  Our print
      is not very good.
     Silent Film, Russian titles.


(Alt. Ti. TOM SAWYER)                                    3-1/2" Videocassettes
      Odessaya Kinostudia, by order of the State Committee for Television
      and Radio Broadcasting.  Three episodes.  Directors: N. Popova, E.
      Nadobenko. Producers: Galina Bovzhuchenko, Leonid Volchov.  Cast:
      Vladik Sukhachev, Valentina Schendrikova, Bekhaily Mengesha.  Based
      on the story by Mark Twain. (c) 1981.
     All we have are half-inch Betamax copies.
     Russian credits and track.

THE UNKNOWN WAR. Soviet release series title: THE GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR
(VELIKAYA OTECHESTVENNAYA VOINA).  Production by vo/Sovinfilm &
      Kleinerman/Lalser Associates Ltd. for Bregin Film Corp., AG.
      U.S.S.R. & U.S.A. 1978. Dist Air Time International. Various
      Directors. Exec Prod: Isaac Kleinerman. Prod: Fred Weiner. Scen.
      for English version: John Lord. Script Adaptation: Rod McKuen &
      Fred Weiner.  Artistic Director and Supervision: Roman Karmen. 
      Telecast: WOR-TV.

No. 1: June 22, 1941                                                  VBA 6406
     Dir: Roman Karmen                                      3/4" Videocassette
No. 2: Battle for Moscow                                              VBA 6407
     Dir: Ilya Gutman                                       3/4" Videocassette

No. 3: The Siege of Leningrad                                         VBA 6408
     Dir: Thengiz Siemenov                                  3/4" Videocassette

No. 4: To the East                                                    VBB 0451
     Dir: Igor Grigoriev                                    3/4" Videocassette

No. 5: The Defense of Stalingrad                                      VBB 0452
     Dir: Seda Pumpiansky                                   3/4" Videocassette

No. 6: Survival at Stalingrad                                         VBB 0453
     Dir: Seda Pumpiansky                                   3/4" Videocassette

No. 7: The World's Greatest Tank Battle                               VBB 0454
     Dir: Thengiz Siemonov                                  3/4" Videocassette

No. 8: War in the Arctic                                              VBB 0455
     Dir: Leonid Kristy                                     3/4" Videocassette

No. 9: War in the Air                                                 VBB 0456
     Dir: Zoya Fomina                                       3/4" Videocassette
No. 10: Partisans: The Guerilla War                                   VBB 0457
     Dir: Vassily Katanian                                  3/4" Videocassette

No. 11: The Battle of the Seas                                        VBB 0458
     Dir: Siemen Kisselov                                   3/4" Videocassette

No. 12: The Battle of the Caucasus                                    VBB 0459
     Dir: Gemma Firsova                                     3/4" Videocassette

No. 13: The Liberation of the Ukraine                                 VBB 0460
     Dir: Lev Danilov                                       3/4" Videocassette

No. 14: The Liberation of Byelorussia                                 VBB 0461
     Dir: Igor Guelein                                      3/4" Videocassette

No. 15: From the Balkans to Vienna                                    VBB 0462
     Dir: Igor Guelein                                      3/4" Videocassette

No. 16: The Liberation of Poland                                      VBB 0463
     Dir: Ilya Gutman                                       3/4" Videocassette
No. 17: The Allies                                                    VBB 0464
     Dir: Nina Solevjeva                                    3/4" Videocassette

No. 18: The Battle of Berlin                                          VBB 0465
     Dir: Alexandra Rybakova                                3/4" Videocassette

No. 19: The Last Battle of the Unknown War                            VBB 0466
     Dir: Igor Grigoriev                                    3/4" Videocassette

No. 20: A Soldier of the Unknown War                                VBA 6409  
     Dir: Roman Karmen                                      3/4" Videocassette

Animated Films

     A company called variously Five Star Films, Five Star International
and Five Star Films International has copyrighted on half inch videotape
a series of animated cartoons (as well as some other material) in the
United States that were originally produced in the Soviet Union.  These

films have not been viewed.  A list of the animated films follows:

BOA'S GRANDMA                                                         VAA 4408
GOOD SCOUTS                                                           VAA 4066
THE LION AND THE TURTLE                                               VAA 4408
THE LITTLE MOUSE                                                      VAA 4408
THE LITTLE TURTLE                                                     VAA 4408
JUST YOU WAIT: NO. 1: SEASIDE FOLLIES                                 VAA 2389
JUST YOU WAIT: NO. 2: CARNIVAL CAPERS                                 VAA 2388
JUST YOU WAIT: NO. 2: (Sic) BIG TOP BOZO                              VAA 2388
JUST YOU WAIT: NO. 3: FREEWAY FROLICS                                 VAA 2388
JUST YOU WAIT: NO. 4: ATHLETE'S FEAT                                  VAA 2388
JUST YOU WAIT: NO. 9: SEEING STARS                                    VAA 2390
JUST YOU WAIT: NO. 6: COUNTRY DAZE                                    VAA 2388
JUST YOU WAIT: NO. 10: WRECKING CREW                                  VAA 2388
JUST YOU WAIT: NO. 12: MUSEUM MADNESS                                 VAA 2389
THE KOSAKS AT THE OLYMPICS                                            VAA 4407
THE KOSAKS' SALTY ADVENTURE                                           VAA 4066
THE KOSAKS TO THE RESCUE                                              VAA 4066
THE MAGIC PILL                                                        VAA 4066
SANTA AND THE WOLF                                                    VAA 4407
THREE FROM THE VILLAGE                                                VAA 4413
THE WISE WOMAN                                                        VAA 4407
WORLD CUP KOSAKS                                                      VAA 4408
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