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Virgin Islands 19th and 20th Newspapers in Original Format

(Bound Volumes)
Inventory of Volumes Held in Remote Storage

NOTE: To access bound newspapers see: Requesting Bound Newspapers from Remote Storage. "Misc." may include single issues of titles from cities not listed and may supplement holdings of cities listed. For detailed holdings of bound volumes, contact Reading Room staff.

CITY TITLE Control # Summary Holdings Volume Count
Christiansted St. Croix Avis 10018 1847-1866; 1868-1904 31
Christiansted Herald 10019 4/1917-6/1924 13
Christiansted St. Croix Tribune 10020 1927-1932 7
St. Thomas St. Thomas Herald 10022 7/19/1882-12/29/1884 1
St. Thomas Daily News 10024 1932-1933; 2/1944-1948; 1950-1953; 1956 18
St. Thomas St. Thomas Times 10025 1873-1904 16
St. Thomas St. Thomas Times 10026 1875-1879 2

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