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Brief Outline of Sources of Information on Federal Government Contracts

Compiled by: George Caldwell, Senior Specialist in U.S. Government Documents

Library of Congress, Serial and Government Publications Division
December 6, 1988 (revised August 2, 1994)


  • Federal Data Systems has huge govt. database of contracts awarded. (Tel.: 202-401-1529)
  • Business Service Center, General Services Administration (Tel.: 202-472-1298/1804)
  • Office of Procurement and Technical Assistance, Small Business Administration (Tel.: 202-658-6635)
  • Director of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization, Office of Secretary of Defense
    (Tel.: 703-697-1151)
  • Contract Policy & Administration, Defense Procurement (Tel.: 703-697-0895)
  • Business Assistance Staff, Office of Business Liaison, Department of Commerce August 2, 1994
    (Tel.: 202-377-3176)
  • Defense Logistics Studies Information Exchang, Fort Lee, VA (Tel.: (804) 734-4255/734-3130).
    (Database of over 60,000 logistics documents and studies
  • 5000-6000 documents on military procurement, including data on such items as F-16, C-5, etc.
  • Headquarters Library, Defense Logistics Agency, Cameron Station (Tel.: 703-274-6055)
  • Naval Supply Systems Command Library, Crystal Mall, Arlington, VA (Tel.: 202-695-4707)
  • National Contract Management Association, McLean, VA (Tel.: 703-442-0137) Library open by
  • Dialog, Inc. (Databases: Commerce Business Daily, Frost & Sullivan, DMS. Dialog Information
    Services Inc., Arlington, VA (Tel.: 703-524-8004)
  • United Communication Group, Bethesda, MD (Commerce Business Daily online) (Tel.: 301-961-8700)
  • Dun & Bradstreet, Rockville, MD ("Government Activity Reports"
  • large database which displays federal government contracts which each corporation or firm has)
    (Tel.: 301-984-8500)
  • Dunhill International List Co., Fort Lauderdale and New York City (Mailing lists of government contractors)
    (Tel. toll-free 800-223-1882)
  • General Services Administration (GSA) Library. (Tel.: 202-501- 0788). Info on civilian contracts.


  • Commerce Business Daily. (GPO subscription). Online databases are offered by Dialog and United
    Communication Group. The US Government Printing Office is coming out with an electronic version
    of Commerce Business Daily, available at your local Depository Library.
  • DIOR Reports. Directorate for Information Operations and Reports, Department of Defense
    (Tel.: 703-604-4569).
    • Catalog of DIOR Reports. February 1984. 23 pages. (Aug. 1994: DIOR said that 1993 edition is
      the latest. New edition being prepared.) Lists over 50 serial titles. Examples: 100 Companies
      Receiving the Largest Dollar Volume of Prime Contract Awards (annual); 500 Contractors Receiving
      the Largest Dollar Volume of Prime Awards for RDT&E (annual); Prime Contract Awards by Region
      and State (annual); Companies Participating in the DOD Subcontracting Programs (quarterly); Prime
      Contract Awards Over $25,000 by Federal Supply Classification and Service Codes.
    • Government Reports Annual Index. Lists DIOR reports under subject heading, "Contracts." Can
      purchase from NTIS (Example: Dollar Summary of Contract Purchase Awards, NTIS no. AD-A176 979/3.
      Science Division of the Library of Congress had AD- reports on microfiche in its technical reports
    • Monthly Catalog of U.S. Government Publications. In recent years, GPO got these out of DOD, distributed
      to depository libraries. SuDocs no.: D 1.57, and variations (Examples: 100 Companies...D 1.57: 500
      Contractors...D 1.57/2: Alphabetical List of DOD Prime Contractors...D1.57/3-3:) GPO does not get
      all DIOR reports for depository libraries. GPO does sell DIOR reports.
    • American Statistics Index. Lists a limited number of DIOR reports in sections 3542 and 3544.
      Accompanying microfiche set contains texts of reports.
    • Requirements for Recurring Reports to Congress. GAO. Subject index portion lists DIOR reports
      under heading, "Military Contacts."
  • DMS information is available online: Dialog file 589; DMS Market Intelligence Reports, and File 588;
    DMS Contracors Records.
  • Department of Defense, FY, Research and Development Programs. Information Group.
  • Government Prime Contracts Monthly (thin paper issues), Directory of Governmnet Production Prime
    Contractors, etc. Government Data Publications, Washington, D.C.
  • Aerospace Daily. Example of specialized trade publication that contains some information on contracts,
    with periodic reports on "Pentagon Contracts Awarded.." and Top NASA Contractors." Another example
    is Defense Week. Wall Street Journal and New York Times carry some information on big contracts awarded.
  • D-U-N-S Contractor Identification file, Alphabetic Listing. Federal Procurement Data Sysytem. Lists
    contractors alphabetically. (Depository libraries have been offered at least one copy of this. (SuDocs
    number; PrEx 2.2: P94).
  • Small Business Subcontracting Directory. Small Business Administration, Office of Procurement Assistance.
    SuDocs number: SBA 1.2/10: .
  • Federal Supply Classification;Cataloging Handbook (H-2 series). Part 1, Groups and Classes. Part 2,
    Numeric Index of Classes. Defense Logistics Agency. (SuDoc number: 7.6/2:2-1,2-2).
  • Federal Supply Code for Manufacturers... (H-4 series). Cataloging Hanbook 4-1. (DLA publication listing
    manufacturers which have produced items used by the Federal government. Includes manufacturers'
    addresses. (SuDoc number: 7.6/ 2-2:4-1).
  • Federal Item Name Directory; Cataloging Handbook H-6. Section A, Alphabetic Index of Names.
    (SuDoc number: D 7.6/2:6).
  • Selected Reference Works on...Government Contracting; an annotated bibliography. 1978. General
    Accounting Office Library.
  • The Military in Your Backyard; how to determine the impact of military spending in your community.
    1984. 176 pages. Good detailed information as of 1984 in sections on "Military Contracts," "Sources
    of Information on Military Products," "More Information about Contract Listings..." Center for Economic
    Conversion, 222 View Street, Suite C, Mountain View, CA 94041. Tel.: (415 968-8798). In 1984 a copy
    was $14.20 including postage and mailing.
  • Doing Business with the Federal Goverment. (SuDocs number: GS 1.2: B96/2). Example of procurement
    publications sold by the Government Printing Office. Other examples:
    • Selling to the U.S. Government (SuDoc number: SBA 1.2:Se4).
    • Selling to the Military.
    • A Guide to Doing Business with the Department of State (SuDoc number: S1.40/2:B96).
      (Similar guides are available for various Executive Departments and agencies, as well as for
      branches of the armed services).
  • How to Win Government Contracts. By Robert E. Greenly, 1983. New commercial books of this
    sort appear regularly. Other examples: Government Contracts; proposalmanship and winning
    strategies, by Herman Holtz; Directory of Federal Purchasing Offices:
    where, what, how to sell to the U.S. Government, by Herman Holtz ("Government Marketing Consultant,"
    Silver Spring).
  • Purchasing. Example of a periodical in the field. Others: Purchasing Week, Communique, etc.

mb 8/94, C.Bean 2/95

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