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Shadrach Standish House
Shadrach Standish House

Timber-frame Houses in the Historic American Buildings Survey

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Shadrach Standish House
Shadrach Standish House

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Bibliography on Timber-frame Houses (partially annotated)

Anderson, L.O. Wood-frame House Construction. Washington, D.C.: U.S. Dept. of Agriculture (Govt. Printing Office), 1975. 223 p.; illus. [LC call number TH4818 .W6A52 1975]
Also published by Dover Publications with title How to Build a Wood Frame House, 1973. 223 pp.; illus.

Andrews, Jeanmarie. "Stories from the Ipswich House." Early American Life, vol. 32 no. 3 (June 2001):. 52-60.

Focuses on the exhibition "Within These Walls..." at the National Museum of American History, May 2001. Discoveries that guided the restoration work on the timber-frame Ipswich House from Massachusetts.

Benson, Tedd. Building the Timber Frame House: the Revival of a Forgotten Craft. Illus. by Jamie Page. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1995, c.1980. 211 pp; illus. [LC call number: TH4818 .W6B46]

Major coverage of all aspects of practical carpentry in diagrams, including timber layout, bents, cutting, tools, finishing, assembling roof trusses, structural design aspects, examples of plans.

Benson, Tedd. "Sheathing with Skins." Custom Builder, vol. 4 no. 2 (Feb. 1989): 33-35.

Benson, Tedd. The Timber-frame Home: the Art and Craft of the Post-and-Beam Home. Newtown, Conn.: Taunton Press, 1999. 232 pp; illustrated, chiefly in color. [LC call number TH4818 .W6B46523 1999]

Heavily illustrated presentation of 29 modern timber-frame homes from Nova Scotia to British Columbia, with many East Coast and Colorado examples. Includes generalized isometric drawings and plans.

Benson, Tedd. The Timber-frame Home: Design, Construction, Finishing. Newtown, Conn.: Taunton Press, 1997. 2nd rev. ed. 234 pp; illustrated, some in color. [LC call number TH4818 .W6B464 1997]

Useful overview with isometric drawings, showing the evolution and anatomy of a timber frame, frame design, details, foundation design, wiring and lighting, plumbing. Includes bibliography and sources of supply.

Binzen, Jonathan. "Some Assembly Required." This Old House, vol. 7 no. 3 (April 2002):. 92-104. Illus. (color).

Details the reconstruction of a 1790 Walpole, Massachusetts house to a new location.

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Brown, J. Carter. "Rescuing a Rhode Island Landmark: the 1972 Nightingale-Brown House is Restored Timber by Timber." Architectural Digest, vol. 51 (Feb. 1994): 26-34.

This 1792 Providence house is traditionally described as the largest wooden-frame house to survive from 18th century America.

Bruyere, Christian and Robert Inwood. Country Comforts: the New Homesteader's Handbook. New York: Drake Publishers, 1976. 237 pp.; illus. [LC call number: TH4818 .W6B78]

Clark, Sam. The Real Goods Independent Builder: Designing and Building A House Your Own Way. Illustrated with line drawings by Sam Clark; photos by Thorsten Horton. White River Junction, Vt.: Chelsea Green Pub., 1996. 522 pp.; illus. [LC call number: TH4815 .C5524 1996]

Pages 186-210 relate to timber frame houses; some appendixes with tables showing values, strengths of timber. Basically a design planning book to help envision needs, money, and time to build. How to make a plan, and understanding how structures work. Not all examples are timber frame.

Cummings, Abbott Lowell. The Framed Houses of Massachusetts Bay, 1625-1725. Cambridge, Mass.: Belknap Press, 1979. 261 pp; illus. [LC call number NA730 .M4C85]

Excellent historical and practical study of timber-framing, from English influence to assembly and finish. 280 illustrations, including many isometric drawings. Many houses documented by HABS are included.

Diesenhouse, Susan. "The Craftsmanship of Timber Framing." New York Times, vol. 14 no. 51167 (May 24, 1998), Section 11:1

Craftsmanship and cost of timber frame houses; background on their popularity.

Elliott, Stewart with James Brooks and Doug Baer. The Timber Frame Planning Book. Chicago: Contemporary Books, 1978. 350 pp; illus. [LC call number: TH4818 .W6 E43]

Evans, Barrie. "Timber Building US-Style." Architects' Journal, vol. 205 no. 8 (Feb. 27, 1997): 47-51.

Lessons learned from the U.S.'s wide experiences with timber framing are related.

Fairbanks Family in America. The Fairbanks Home [web site]. Dedham, Mass.: 2000

Information about the oldest surviving timber frame house in America.

Gotz, Karl-Heinz. Timber Design & Construction Sourcebook. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1989.
288 pp. [not in LC]

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Hackenberg, Larry Michael. The Greenwood House: How to Design, Build, and Own an Inexpensive Beautiful House. Charlottesville: University of Virginia Press, 1976. 139 pp.; illus. [LC call number: TH4818 .W6H3]. Out of print, but available as a free PDF file; contact the author at: [email protected]

How to Build Woodframe Houses. New York: Drake Publishers, 1973. 223 p; illus. [LC call number: TH4818 .W6H68]

Inwood, Robert, and Christian Bruyere. Creative Country Construction: In Harmony With Nature. New York: Drake Publishers, 2000. 288 pp.; illus. [LC call number TH4815 .I56 2000]

Owner-built homes and building techniques that focus on individual creativity and problem-solving. Design solutions. Not all are timber frame houses.

Isham, Norman M. and Albert F. Brown. Early Connecticut Houses. New York: Dover Publications Inc., 1965. 303 pp; illus., map, plans. [LC call number NA7235 .C8I7 1965]

Case studies of individual houses within a historical overview; includes 3 periods of Connecticut colony history and related house types, with a chapter on construction, including woodwork and framing. Six of the houses in the case studies are documented by HABS: the Benjamin House, the Harrison-Linsley House, the Stephen Hempstead House, the Moore House, Thomas Painter House, and the Joseph Webb House. Illustrations include floor plans, sections, framing details.

Jones, Clayton. "Timber!" Christian Science Monitor, vol. 91, no. 227 (Oct. 20, 1999): 15. Illus (color).

Reports on renewed interest in timber frame houses in the United States.

Kelly, J. Frederick. The Early Domestic Architecture of Connecticut. New York: Dover Publications, Inc., 1963. 210 p., illus., diagrs., plans. [LC call number: NA7235 .C8K42 1963]
Also published: Yale University, 1924.

Useful pictorial study which focuses primarily on examples of early frame houses; some houses documented by HABS are included with drawings. 48 plates and 242 illustrations, showing plans, sections, details, etc. In the section on house frames, shows a typical framing plan.

Kirby, Ian. "Mortise and Tenon: A Primer." Woodworker's Journal, vol. 26 no. 6 (Dec. 2001): 32-40; 4 diagrams.

Describes the three main ways of using the mortise-and-tenon joint.

Kniffen, Fred Bowerman and Henry H. Glassie. Building in Wood in the Eastern United States: A Time-Place Perspective. New York: American Geographical Society, 1966. 66 pp.; illus. [not in LC]
Also included in Geographical Review, vol. 56, no. 1: 40-66. [LC call number: G1 .G35]

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Oberg, Fred R. Heavy Timber Construction. Chicago: American Technical Society, 1972.

O'Connell, Tracy Davis and Smith, Paul M. "The North American Timber Frame Housing Industry." Forest Products Journal, Jan. 1999 vol. 49, no. 1 (Jan. 1999): 36.

Overview of the industry; survey of 301 U.S. and Canadian companies; results of survey.

Originals. Seattle, Wash.: Lindal Cedar Homes, 1994. 266 pp; illustrated, chiefly in color. [LC call number: NA737 .L49A4 1994]

Designs and plans for construction in red cedar.

Ozelton, E.C. and J.A. Baird. Timber Designers' Manual. London: Crosby Lockwood Staples, 1976. 656 p.; illus.[LC call number: TA666 .O93] 1984 ed. not in LC

Manual with advice and shortcuts, and facts on timber engineering. Materials, stress levels, loading, design and types of beams, column design, joints, trusses. Includes tables, drawings, figures.

Parker, Harry. Simplified Design of Structural Timber. New York: John Wiley and Sons, Inc., 1994. 5th ed. 265 p., illus. [LC call number: TH1101 .P37 1994]

Discusses structural uses of wood, design methods including beam design and behavior , trusses, columns. Gives design examples for timber houses with illustrations.

Pirozzolo, Dick and Linda Corzine. Timberframe Interiors. Salt Lake City: Gibbs Smith, 2000. 187 pp; color illustrations. [LC call number: NK2004 .P63 2000]

"Reflections of a Timber Framer: Ed Levin shares the Experiences..." Design Spirit, vol. II, no. 1 (Winter/Spring 1990): 21-26.

One of the founders of the Timber Framers Guild of North America, and an influential leader in the field, Ed Levin sums up his timber frame experience and the changes in the field in a question-and-answer interview.

Riverbend Timber Framing. Planning the Timber Frame Home: A Design Primer. Blissfield, MI: Riverbend Timber Framing, 1997. 10th ed. Illustrated, some in color. [not in LC]

Roberts, Nadine. How to Build Your Own Wood-Frame House from Scratch. Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.: Tab Books, 1981. 432 pp.; illus. [LC call number: TH4818 .W6R62]

Roebuck, Alan D. How to Put Up Your Own Post-Frame House and Cabin. Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.: Tab Books, 1979. 377 pp.; illus. [LC call number: TH4818 .W6R63]

Some aspects of timber frame construction are presented in this variant type of construction which does not have ground foundations. Gives ten types of wall designs, eight types of house designs. Practical procedures on construction, tables showing lumber stress loads.

Schneider, Keith. "Finding a Future in the Distant Past: A Tiny Concern Leads a Revival of Timber Farming." The New York Times, Dec. 22, 1987, vol. 137 p. 8, A20, col. 1.

Sherwood, Gerald E. and Robert C. Stroh. Wood Frame House Construction: A Do-It-Yourself Guide. Armonk, N.Y.: Sterling Pub. Co., 1992. 306 pp.; illus. 1989 edition also published by Superintendent of Documents, U.S., Government Printing Office; 260 pp.; illus. [LC call number: TH4818 .W6W658 1992]

Sims, David. "Building to a Different Drummer." Smithsonian, vol. 33 no. 1 (April 2002): 100-111.

Revival of timber frame architecture. Technical aspects ; training of timber framers.

Skinner, Tina and Hanslin, Tony. Barn Style Homes: Design Ideas for Timber Frame Houses. Atglen, Pa.: Schiffer Pub., 2001. 192 pp.; illustrated, chiefly in color. [LC call number: NA7173 .S58 2001]

Sobon, Jack and Roger Schroeder. Timber Frame Construction: All About Post and Beam Building. Pownal, Vt.: Garden Way Pub., 984. 204 pp.; illus. [LC call number: TH4818 .W6S63 1984]

Historical overview; parts that comprise timber framing; steps to cutting, assembly, and raising.

Stephens, William H. Build Your Own Low-Cost Timber and Beam House. [Brentwood, Tenn.]: Authors Book Nook, 1999. 130 pp; illus. [not i April 2, 2014 Encyclopedia of Timber Framing & Carpentry. Harrisburg, PA: National Historical Society, 1990, 1902. Pp. 297-404; illustrated, some in color. [not in LC]

Timber Framer's Guild of North America [website]

Founded in 1985, this non-profit organization is dedicated to education and presentation of timber-framing to the public.

Wahlfeldt, Bette Galman. Wood Frame Housebuilding: An Illustrated Guide. Blue Ridge Summit, Pa.: TAB Books, 1988. 262 pp., illus. [LC call number: TH4818 .W6W34 1988]

Practical information on choosing a plan. Includes isometric drawings of details, buildings credited to USDA.

Williams, Henry L. and Ottalie K. Williams. A Guide to Old American Houses, 1700-1950. New York: Bonanza Books, 1967. 168 p.; illus., map, plans. [LC call number: NA7205 .W5]

The wooden house: when to restore, when to remodel, how to reconstruct. Valuable studies of early types of houses such as the center-chimney house. Chapters on restoration of timbers, and on building reproduction houses.

Woodframe Houses: Construction and Maintenance. New York: Sterling Pub. Co., 1981. 223 pp; illus. [LC call number: TH4818 .W6W66]

Prepared by: Marilyn Ibach, Reference Specialist. Last revised: May 2003.
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