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The Webcasts listed below focus on P&P activities and collections.

Presentations by Artists | Presentations Relating to P&P Collections | Presentations Relating to Visual Librarianship

Presentations by Artists

"Art in Action: A Conversation with Amos Paul Kennedy Jr."
Presenter: Amos Paul Kennedy Jr.
Event date: 2019

"Art in Action: A Conversation with Helen Zughaib"
Presenter: Helen Zughaib
Event date: 2019

"Phil Sanders on Robert Blackburn's Printing Workshop": Overview; Part 1; Part 2; Part 3
Presenter: Phil Sanders
Event date: April 8, 2016

"A Pointed View"
Presenter: David Levine
Event date: November 9, 2004

The Photographs of Marilyn Nance
Presenter: Marilyn Nance
Event date: November 9, 2004

"Oh No, It's Monday, and I've Run Out of Ideas: A Cartoonist's Crisis"
Presenter: Nicole Hollander
Event date: March 15, 2004

In the Wake of Progress: Images of the Industrial Landscape
Presenter: Edward Burtynsky
Event date: June 12, 2003

The Graphic Novel
Presenter: Will Eisner
Event Date: April 1, 2003

Speechless: The Alternative Comix and Illustrations of Peter Kuper
Presenter: Peter Kuper
Event date: March 25, 2003

Comic Book Artists and Illustrators and 9/11
Panelists: Will Eisner, Paul Levitz, Jeff Mason, Peter Kuper and Trina Robbins.
Event Date: October 2, 2002

Capturing History: Photojournalists and 9/11
Moderator: Dr. Jeremy Adamson, Chief, Prints and Photographs Division, Library of Congress
Panelists: Bolivar Arellano, New York Post; Daryl Donley, Washington, D.C.; Steven Hirsch, New York Post
G.N. Miller, New York Post; Susan Watts, New York Daily News
Event Date: June 20, 2002

Presentations Relating to P&P Collections

Using the Prints & Photographs Reading Room
Presenter: P& P staff
Date: May 30, 2019

Comics in 19th Century Time and Space
Presenter: Joshua Kopin (Swann Fellow)
Date: April 9, 2019

Paul M. Rudolph Symposium:
Acquisition, Preservation, Organization, Access & Use of the Paul M. Rudolph Collection
Paul M. Rudolph's New Space Concept - Presenters: Sean Khorsandi and Dan Webre of the Paul Rudolph Foundation
Paul Rudolph's Standing in Architectural History - Presenter: Kurt W. Forster
Date: October 26, 2018

Model City: Buildings and Projects by Paul Rudolph for Yale and New Haven
Presenter: Timothy Rohan
Event Date: December 16, 2008

Photographs of Ben Shahn, Russell Lee and Marion Post Wolcott
Presenter: Timothy Egan
Event Date: October 16, 2008

150th Anniversary of the J&R Lamb Studios
Event Date: November 28, 2007

"Lighthouses" and "Bridges" Book Launch (Norton/Library of Congress Visual Sourcebooks series)
Presenter: various speakers, including Sara E. Wermiel (author of "Lighthouses") and Richard L. Cleary (author of "Bridges")
Event date: May 9, 2007

Presenter: Craig Morrison
Event Date:  December 6, 2005

Books and Beyond: Images of Early African American Life
Presenters: David Levering Lewis and Deborah Willis
Event Date: October 29, 2003

Presenter: John Michael Vlach
Event Date: April 10, 2003

Books and Beyond: Children of the Depression
Presenters: Hilary Mac Austin and Kathleen Thompson
Event Date: February 12, 2002

The Warren and Margot Coville Collection of Photographs from the Clarence H. White School of Photography
Presenters: Warren Coville and Kathy Erwin
Event date: October 11, 2001

Presentations Relating to Visual Librarianship

"Opening the Photo Vaults: A Web 2.0 Pilot Project to Enhance Discovery and Gather Input for the Library's Photograph Collections"
Presenters: Helena Zinkham, Justin Thorp, Barbara Natanson, Phil Michel, Dave Woodward, Michelle Springer, George Oates
Event date: Jan. 29, 2008

The Digital Challenge: Accessioning, Description, and Reference for Contemporary Pictures from September 11th
Brett Carnell, "Accessioning Born-Digital and Computer-Generated Pictures"
Mary Mundy, "Extending Graphic Materials Rules for Born-Digital and Computer-Generated Pictures"
Mary Ison. "'Can We Use It?' Capturing and Conveying Rights Information for Contemporary Images"
Event date: November 13, 2003


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