Thesaurus for Graphic Materials I: Subject Terms (TGM I)
INTRODUCTION (1995 printed edition)

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Sample Catalog Records and Illustrations

The following catalog records and illustrations demonstrate how TGM I and TGM II terms, TGM I appendix subdivisions, and headings from the LC authority files are used in combination to provide subject and genre/form access to images in Library of Congress collections. The examples (shown with MARC format field tags) represent both item-level and group-level cataloging and a variety of material: photographs, prints, political cartoons, and architectural drawings. The captions highlight application guidelines discussed in the Introduction.

Example 1: Subdivisions (Topical and geographic)

       :001  92-522637 PP
       :050  Item in LOT 12342-7 <P&P>
       :245  Another preparedness measure that society is taking up seriously [graphic].
       :260  1917 March 21.
       :300  1 photographic print.
       :500  National Photo Company Collection.
       :520  Mr. J. Leon Phillips holding yarn for his wife as she knits for war effort in Palm Beach, Florida.
(1)    :600  Phillips, J. Leon--Family. 
       :650  Knitting--Florida--Palm Beach--1910-1920. [lctgm]
(1)    :650  World War, 1914-1918--Social aspects--Florida--Palm Beach. 
(2)    :655  Portrait photographs--1910-1920. [gmgpc]
(2)    :655  Group portraits--1910-1920. [gmgpc]
(2)    :755  Photographic prints--1910-1920. [gmgpc]
       :037  LC-USZ62-106947 DLC (b&w film copy neg.)

(1) Topical subdivisions from TGM I appendices may be used with a personal name and the name of a war.
(2) TGM II terms (portrait photographs, group portraits, and photographic prints) are in 655 and 755 fields.

Example 2: "Of" and "about" indexing.

       :001  92-513368 PP
       :050  CD 1 - Koerner, no. 1 (A size) <P&P>
       :100  Koerner, W. H. D. (William Henry Dethlef), 1878-1938, artist.
       :245  Spring house cleaning -- why not? [graphic] / Koerner.
       :260  [19]14.
       :300  1 drawing.
       :520  Cartoon showing large broom "womans suffrage" sweeping woman, gambler, and bartender.
       :500  Title on verso of piece.
       :581  Published in: Evening journal (Wilmington, Delaware)
(1)    :650  Women's suffrage--United States--1910-1920. [lctgm]
(1)    :650  Sweeping & dusting--1910-1920. [lctgm]
(1)    :650  Prohibition--United States--1910-1920. [lctgm]
       :650  Gambling--United States--1910-1920. [lctgm]
       :655  Editorial cartoons--American--1910-1920. [gmgpc]
       :755  Drawings--1910-1920. [gmgpc]
       :037  LC-USZ62-105106 DLC (b&w film copy neg.)

See Introduction, Section II.B for more detailed discussion of "of" and "about" indexing.

(1) The image depicts sweeping, thus the cataloger assigned the subject term "Sweeping & dusting" to reflect what the image is "of." However, the cartoon is actually "about" women's suffrage and prohibition, and thus the cataloger also has included these index terms in the record.

Example 3: Subdivisions (Nationality and geographic).

       :001  90-712283 PP
       :050  FP 2 - Chadbourne, no. 133 (D size) <P&P>
       :100  Utagawa, Yoshikazu, fl. 1848-1863, artist.
       :245  [Picture of foreign parade in Yokohama] [graphic].
       :260  [Japan : Izumi Ichi, 1861]
       :300  1 print : woodcut, color.
       :500  Title translated from Japanese.
       :520  Military parade led by soldier carrying American flag, Japanese bystanders looking on.
       :650  Military parades & ceremonies--Japan--Yokohama-shi--1860-1870. [lctgm]
(1)    :650  Soldiers--American--Japan--Yokohama-shi--1860-1870. [lctgm]
       :755  Woodcuts--Japanese--Color--1860-1870. [gmgpc]
       :037  LC-USZC4-1627 DLC (color transparency)
       :037  LC-USZ62-72 DLC (b&w film copy neg.)

(1) This record demonstrates how both the geographic and nationality subdivisions may be used with the subject term "Soldiers."

Example 4: Genre terms as subjects.

       :001  91-794884 PP
       :050  Item in LOT 2220  <P&P>
       :245  How U.S. movies are made. First step in set construction is artist's sketch [graphic].
       :260  1943?
       :300  1 photographic print.
       :500  Black Star photo.
       :500  No. 1.
       :500  Part of Portrait of America, no. 120.
       :520  Man sketching shot for movie showing man gesturing toward the couch on which he hopes to
       :650  Motion picture industry--1940-1950. [lctgm]
       :650  Drawing--1940-1950. [lctgm]
(1)    :650  Set design drawings--1940-1950. [lctgm]
       :755  Photographic prints--1940-1950. [gmgpc]
       :037  LC-USZ62-95601 DLC (b&w film copy neg.)

(1) The subject heading "Set design drawings" is a TGM II term, usually found in the 655 and 755 fields. However, in this record, the cataloger used it as a subject heading (650 field) because the photograph is about the making of set design drawings; the image is not, itself, a set design drawing.

Example 5: Chronological subdivision.

       :001  90-713269 PP
       :050  ADE - Unit 1807, no. 4 (E size) <P&P>
       :100  Waterman, Thomas Tileston, 1900- .
       :245  [Front elevation of Governor's Palace, Williamsburg] [graphic].
       :260  1930 Sept. 12.
       :300  1 drawing on tracing paper : graphite.
       :500  "Preliminary for budget estimate only," "Floor heights and window heights from Jefferson data."
       :610  Governor's Palace (Williamsburg, Va.)
(1)    :650  Official residences--Virginia--Williamsburg--1930. [lctgm]
(1)    :655  Architectural drawings--1930. [gmgpc]
(1)    :755  Graphite drawings--1930. [gmgpc]
       :037  LC-USZ62-101650 DLC (b&w film copy neg.)
       :037  LC-USZC4-2500 DLC (color film copy transparency)
       :037  LC-USZ62-107451 DLC (b&w film copy neg.)

(1) The date of the drawing is used rather than the date of the building because the drawing documents the appearance of an 18th century building in 1930.

Example 6: People vs. activity headings.

       :001  92-522309 PP
       :050  FP - XVII - Visscher (C.), no. 8 (B size) <P&P>
       :100  Visscher, Cornelis, 1629-1658, artist.
       :245  [Le Vendeur de mort aux rats]. Fele fugas mures ...  [graphic] / Clemendt de Jonghe excudit.
       :260  [1655]
       :300  1 print : engraving.
       :510  Le Blanc 155 (4th state)
       :520  Ratcatcher with live and dead rats, a dog and a boy.
(1)    :650  Ratcatchers--1650-1660. [lctgm]
       :650  Rats--1650-1660. [lctgm]
       :755  Engravings--1650-1660. [gmgpc]
       :037  LC-USZ62-106909 DLC (b&w film copy neg.)

(1) The "people" heading "Ratcatcher" is more appropriate than an activity heading "Ratcatching," because the activity of ratcatching is not shown. The image focuses on the ratcatcher and the tools of his trade.

Example 7: Group-level record.

       :001  92-510420 PP r943
       :050  LOT 13024 (H) <P&P>
       :100  Gentile, Charles, 1835-1893, photographer.
       :245  Series of photographic views and portraits of Arizona and Arizona Indian tribes [graphic].
       :260  1870-1872.
       :300  1 album (41 albumen photographic prints) :  26 x 21 cm. (album).
       :500  Captions and photo numbers written under each image by photographer, Charles Gentile. 
       Gentile's handwriting identified by Dr. Cesare Marino, Smithsonian Institution. Some captions identify sitters.
       :500  Written on front cover before title: "No. 1." Written on front cover after title: "photographed by
       Charles Gentile and published by William H. Mardock & Co., No. 15 Amily (?) St., New York. This
       series to be copyrighted."
       :500  Copyright office label on inside cover states that no copyright information was found in 1906
       before album was transferred to the Division of Prints. No copyright information was found in the
       Library of Congress Copyright Office, General Index, 1870-1897.
       :500  Additional information about the album is available in the Collections File, Prints & Photographs Division, Library of Congress. Caption list located with album.
       :520  SUBJECT: Images of Mohave, Yuma, Maricopa, Yavapai, Pima, and Apache people in Arizona
       and one image of California Native Americans. Includes portraits of Pretty Bird, a Mohave "captain";
       two Tonto Apache girls; Apache and Yavapai prisoners in shackles at Camp Verde; Juana, a Pima
       woman with baskets and pottery; an Apache warrior with a Mexican captive; Juan Chivaria, a
       Maricopa leader and his family; and others. Also includes images of the "first Indian school in
       Arizona" with students and Euro-American couple in front of building; San Xavier del Bac mission;
       Tumacacori mission; the commanding officers' quarters at Camp Colorado; Camp Apache in the White
       Mountains; Hohokam ruins at Casa Grande; Maricopa Wells; a posed image of US soldiers "repulsing"
       an attack of Apaches; and bearded man, possibly Gentile, posed in rocks with wagon.
       :541  Transfer, Copyright Office, 1906 July 14.
       :610  Mission San Xavier del Bac (Tucson, Ariz.).
       :650  Mexicans--Arizona--1870-1880. 
(1)    :650  Indians of North America--Clothing & dress--California--1870-1880.
(1)    :650  Indians of North America--Clothing & dress--Arizona--1870-1880. 
       :650  Indians of North America--Capture & imprisonment--Arizona--1870-1880.
       :650  Indians of North America--Arts & crafts--Arizona--1870-1880. 
       :650  Indians of North America--Children--Arizona--1870-1880. 
       :650  Indians of North America--Education--Arizona--1870-1880. 
       :650  Indians of North America--Women--Arizona--1870-1880. 
       :650  Pima Indians--1870-1880. 
       :650  Yavapai Indians--1870-1880. 
       :650  Mohave Indians--1870-1880. 
       :650  Apache Indians--1870-1880. 
       :650  Yuma Indians--1870-1880. 
       :650  Maricopa Indians--1870-1880. 
(2)    :650  Missions--Arizona--1870-1880. [lctgm]
       :650  Tribal chiefs--United States--1870-1880. [lctgm]
(2)    :650  Prisoners--Arizona--1870-1880. [lctgm]
       :650  Officers' quarters--Arizona--1870-1880. [lctgm]
       :650  Indian reservations--Arizona--1870-1880. [lctgm]
       :650  Military facilities--Arizona--1870-1880. [lctgm]
(2)    :650  Schools--Arizona--1870-1880 [lctgm]
       :650  Ruins--Arizona--1870-1880. [lctgm]
       :651  Tumacacori National Monument (Ariz.)--1870-1880.
       :651  Maricopa Wells (Ariz.)--1870-1880.
       :655  Portrait photographs--1870-1880. [gmgpc]
       :655  Group portraits--1870-1880. [gmgpc]
       :655  Photograph albums--1870-1880. [gmgpc]
       :755  Albumen prints--1870-1880. [gmgpc]

This is a group-level catalog record for 41 images. Multiple geographical subdivisions and subjects are often necessary when cataloging more than one item in the same record.

(1) Multiple geographical subdivisions (Arizona and California).
(2) Multiple subjects (missions, schools, prisoners).

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