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Finding E-books: A Guide

Created by J. Cheyenne Hohman, University of Kentucky*, Updated by Yasmeen Mughal, Ithaca College**

Pre e-book technology.
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The Library of Congress provides access to a wide array of resources, both on-site as well as online. E-books, or electronic books, are texts that can be viewed or downloaded to be read digitally. In recent years readers have increasingly turned to e-books for their research and leisure activities. Marketplaces such as and Barnes & Noble have made it easy to access texts at any time and from anywhere, including on the go. Devices such as the Kindle and Nook can store hundreds of titles while offering access to additional texts through cloud-based services. This guide presents currently available options for finding e-books, including how readers can access Library of Congress e-books through desktop computers, mobile devices, and e-readers.

Accessing E-books

Accessing e-books requires either a proprietary device, laptop, desktop, or smartphone. If you do not own a specific e-reader, applications such as Kindle and Nook are available for free in your device’s app store or online for download. Sometimes, the text will be available as a PDF (portable document file), .txt, or as an .html source where it can be read without the use of other applications. Be sure to check your device's manufacture information to see which files it is able to support.


*2011 Alternative Spring Break Internship Participant.

**Junior Fellow Program 2017


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  February 20, 2018
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