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U.S. Presidential Inaugurations: Calvin Coolidge

Calvin Coolidge, half-length portrait, facing left
[Calvin Coolidge, half-length portrait, facing left].
Harris & Ewing, copyright; c1924.
Prints and Photographs Division.

Oath of Office - August 3, 1923 |  Second Inauguration - March 4, 1925

Oath of Office - August 3, 1923


  • Coolidge assumed the Presidency upon the death of Warren G. Harding. Harding died of an apparent stroke on August 2, 1923, in San Francisco, California.












Calvin Coolidge taking the oath of office
[Calvin Coolidge taking the oath of office].
Halftone photomechanical print created in 1924.
Prints and Photographs Division.

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Second Inauguration - March 4, 1925


  • First Inaugural ceremony broadcast nationally by radio
  • First time a former President, William H. Taft, administered the oath of office as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

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* This information is based on a compilation by the Office of the Curator, Architect of the Capitol, Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, from contemporary accounts and other sources. Additional research provided by Library of Congress staff.

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