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Martin Van Buren: A Resource Guide

martin van burenMartin Van Buren, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front
1 print: engraving
[between 1860 and 1880]
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Digital Collections

Martin Van Buren Papers, 1787 to 1910

The Martin Van Buren Papers in the Library of Congress Manuscript Division contains more than 6,000 items dating from 1787 to circa 1910. The bulk of the material dates from the 1820s, when Van Buren was a U.S. senator from New York, through his service as secretary of state and vice president in the Andrew Jackson administrations(1829-1837), to his own presidency(1837-1841), and through the decade thereafter.

A selection of highlights includes:

Additional Digital Collections

Capital and the Bay: Narratives of Washington and the Chesapeake Bay Region, 1600 to 1925

This collection includes a variety of publication types such as first-person narratives, promotional brochures, and early histories that capture in words and pictures a distinctive region as it developed between the onset of European settlement and the first quarter of the twentieth century. Search this collection on the exact phrase Van Buren. Results include an array of documents reflecting interesting viewpoints of the social and political activities unfolding during the Van Buren administration. For example:

A Century of Lawmaking for a New Nation: U. S. Congressional Documents and Debates

This collection contains a large selection of congressional material related to Martin Van Buren's political career as a member of the U.S. Senate, Secretary of State, and President. Search this collection by date and type of publication to find materials related to Van Buren.

  • The Congressional Globe provides the text of congressional debates from Van Buren's service in the Senate (1821-28). It also contains the text of congressional debates and presidential messages from Van Buren's presidency (1837-41), including his First, Second, Third, and Fourth Annual Messages to Congress. The Register of Debates also contains congressional debates from 1824 to 1837.
  • Elliot's Debates is considered to be the best source for materials about the national government's transition period between the closing of the Constitutional Convention and the opening of the First Federal Congress. It also includes documents pertinent to discussions on the ratification of the nation's charters and interpretations of them. Van Buren's comments on Bankruptcy and the Judicial System as presented in the Constitution are found here.
  • The Senate Journal presents a copy of Van Buren's inaugural address delivered on March 4, 1837.
  • The United States Congressional Serial Set contains House and Senate documents and reports, including House Document 351, United States and Mexico, Message from the President of the United States, April 27, 1838.
  • The United States Statutes at Large contain the full text of all the laws enacted and treaties ratified during Van Buren's presidency, including the First Independent Treasury Act on July 4, 1840

James Madison Papers, 1723 to 1859

The James Madison Papers include 33 items to, from, or related to Martin Van Buren.

Printed Ephemera: Three Centuries of Broadsides and Other Printed Ephemera

The Printed Ephemera collection comprises 28,000 primary source items dating from the seventeenth century to the present and encompasses key events and eras in American history. Search in the bibliographic records and the Full Text to find items related to Martin Van Buren such as correspondence in which he expresses viewpoints on topics such as the Bank of the United States and abolition, 1840 election tickets and an 1848 election song sheet.

Slaves and the Courts 1740 to 1860

This collection contains more than 100 documents concerning the difficult and troubling experiences of African and African-American slaves in the American colonies and the United States. Included are the arguments presented by John Quincy Adams and Roger S. Baldwin before the Supreme Court of the United States regarding the Amistad case which was tried during the Van Buren administration.

Thomas Jefferson Papers, 1606 to 1827

The Thomas Jefferson Papers include 5 items of corresondence to, from, or related to Martin Van Buren. To find them, go to the collections search page and search on the exact phrase Van Buren.

U.S. Presidential Inaugurations: "I Do Solemnly Swear..." A Resource Guide

This collection includes items relating to presidential inaugurations including Martin Van Buren's inauguration in 1837.

Words and Deeds in American History: Selected Documents Celebrating the Manuscript Division's First 100 Years

The Manuscript Division staff selected approximately ninety representative documents spanning from the fifteenth to the mid-twentieth century to celebrate and honor their centennial in this online presentation. The following items are related to President Van Buren:

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