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The countryside near the Tennessee Valley Authority dam site, Douglas Dam vicinity, Tenn.
The countryside near the Tennessee Valley Authority dam site, Douglas Dam vicinity, Tenn.
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"Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee”

Naval Adm. William Porter Lawrence

Legislation Recognizing Official Status:
Adopted as state poem in 1973 by the 88th General Assembly (Acts 1973, ch. 111, § 1; 1977, ch. 329, § 1; Tennesse Code, § 4-1-303).

Poem Text:
From the Tennessee Code Annotated.

Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee

Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee
What Love and Pride I Feel for Thee.
You Proud Ole State, the Volunteer,
Your Proud Traditions I Hold Dear.

I Revere Your Heroes
Who Bravely Fought our Country's Foes.
Renowned Statesmen, so Wise and Strong,
Who Served our Country Well and Long.

I Thrill at Thought of Mountains Grand;
Rolling Green Hills and Fertile Farm Land;
Earth Rich with Stone, Mineral and Ore;
Forests Dense and Wild Flowers Galore;

Powerful Rivers that Bring us Light;
Deep Lakes with Fish and Fowl in Flight;
Thriving Cities and Industries;
Fine Schools and Universities;
Strong Folks of Pioneer Descent,
Simple, Honest, and Reverent.

Beauty and Hospitality
Are the Hallmarks of Tennessee.

And O'er the World as I May Roam,
No Place Exceeds my Boyhood Home.
And Oh How Much I Long to See
My Native Land, My Tennessee.

Further Resources:
To learn more about this poem's history, see the Tennessee Blue Book, "Tennessee Symbols and Honors" (page 525).


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  March 16, 2022
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