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Related Resources

Miss Zonia Baber, representative in United States of the women of Porto Rica [Puerto Rico], consulting with Mrs. Burnita Shelton Matthews, Legal Research Secretary of the National Woman's Party, on the drafting of a bill for introduction in Congress extending suffrage to the women of Porto Rica.
Miss Zonia Baber, representative in United States of the women of Porto Rica [Puerto Rico], consulting with Mrs. Burnita Shelton Matthews, Legal Research Secretary of the National Woman's Party, on the drafting of a bill for introduction in Congress extending suffrage to the women of Porto Rica.
1 photograph: print.
[ca. 1926 June-July]
National Woman's Party Records.
Manuscript Division.
Digital ID: mnwp 147013

American Folklife Center

Folklife in Your State: Puerto Rico

The collections of the American Folklife Center contain rich and varied materials from Michigan that document the diversity of the state's folk traditions. Puerto Rico's Local Legacies Projects, an exploration of local traditions and celebrations, are available on the Center's Web page.

America's Library

America's Library is especially designed for elementary and middle- school students.

Jump Back in Time

U.S. Raised the Flag in Puerto Rico, October 18, 1898


The African-American Mosaic: African-American Culture and History

This exhibit marks the publication of The African-American Mosaic: A Library of Congress Resource Guide for the Study of Black History and Culture. Covering the nearly 500 years of the black experience in the Western hemisphere, the Mosaic surveys the full range size, and variety of the Library's collections, including books, periodicals, prints, photographs, music, film, and recorded sound. The exhibit includes a poster in the WPA section Books are Weapons. Read About...The Negro in National Defense; Africa and the War; Negro History and Culture, welcoming readers to use the New York Public Library's Schomburg Center for Black History and Culture. The Schomburg Center was established by Arthur A. Schomburg, a Puerto Rican of African descent.

Creative Space: Fifty Years of Robert Blackburn's Printmaking Workshop

This exhibition features artwork from the Robert Blackburn Printmaking workshop Archives and Collection, including a selection of Blackburn’s work and prints by collaborators, students, personal friends, and colleagues.  The Seeds and Collaborations section contains the following items by two Puerto Rican artists.

Exploring the Early America: the Jay I. Kislak Collection

This exhibition features selections from the more than 3,000 rare maps, documents, paintings, prints, and artifacts that make up the Jay I. Kislak Collection at the Library of Congress. Search using the term Puerto Rico to find several items related to Puerto Rico.

When They Were Young: A Photographic Retrospective of Childhood

Captures through photographs the experience of childhood as it is connected across time, different cultures, and diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Four images of  Puerto Rican children are included in this exhibition.

Geography & Map Division

Places in the News

This site provides interesting details about areas of the world as news events focus our awareness on them. Puerto Rico was featured in May 2000.

Global Gateways

Parallel Histories: Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier

Parallel Histories: Spain, the United States, and the American Frontier is a bilingual, multi-format English-Spanish digital library site that explores the interactions between Spain and the United States in America from the fifteenth to the early nineteenth centuries. The project presents in digital format books, maps, prints and photographs, manuscripts, and other documents from the collections of the partner libraries. Search using Puerto Rico to find nine items pertaining to Puerto Rico.

Hispanic Division

Hispanic Americans in Congress, 1822-1995

The origin of this site is a print publication, Hispanic Americans in Congress, 1822-1995. Most entries include at least a photograph and biographical information.  Contemporary entries usually link to the members official webpage. See geographical location to find Puerto Rican members.

The World of 1898: The Spanish-American War

This presentation provides resources and documents about the Spanish-American War, the period before the war, and some of the fascinating people who participated in the fighting or commented about it. Information about Cuba, Guam, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Spain, and the United States is provided in chronologies, bibliographies, and a variety of pictorial and textual material from bilingual sources.  The special presentation on Puerto Rico includes authors, maps, an index of cities, a chronology, and an essay about wartime.

Law Library of Congress

The Guide to Law Online

Guide to Law Online, prepared by the Law Library of Congress Public Services Division, is an annotated guide to sources of information on government and law available online. It includes selected links to useful and reliable sites for legal information on U.S. states and territories, including Puerto Rico.

Global Legal Information Network (GLIN)

This  is a public database of official texts of laws, regulations, judicial decisions, and other complementary legal sources contributed by governmental agencies and international organizations. These GLIN members contribute the full texts of their published documents to the database in their original languages. Each document is accompanied by a summary in English and, in many cases, in additional languages. Use the search feature to find documents related to Puerto Rico.


September 11 Web Archive  Puerto Rico  Herald

Puerto Rico Herald, a Web Site produced by Puerto Rico Herald, a press organization, is part of the Library of Congress September 11 Web Archive and preserves the Web expressions of individuals, groups, the press and institutions in the United States and from around the world in the aftermath of the attacks in the United States on September 11, 2001.

Prints and Photographs Division

Prints & Photographs Online Catalog (PPOC)

Search PPOC using the subject heading Puerto Rico to find digital images related to Puerto Rico, such as prints, photographs, and political cartoons. Search in PPOC using the term Puerto Rico or names of cities, towns, and sites to locate additional images.

Teachers Page

Features & Activities


The feature provides an introduction to the study of immigration to the United States. It is far from the complete story, and focuses only on the immigrant groups that arrived in greatest numbers during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Included in the presentation is a section titled Puerto Rican/Cuban.

Primary Sources by State

The Library of Congress has rich documents and artifacts from every state, the U.S. territories, and the District of Columbia.

Lesson Plans

Creating a Primary Source Archive: All History Is Local

Examine the interplay between national, state, local, and personal history. Students produce a digital collection of primary sources from their family or local community based on the collections in American Memory.

Exploring Community Through Local History: Oral Stories, Landmarks and Traditions

Students explore the local history of the community in which they live through written and spoken stories; through landmarks such as buildings, parks, restaurants, or businesses; and through traditions such as food, festivals and other events of the community or of individual families.

Local History: Mapping My Spot

Students create their town’s history for coming generations and place themselves on the map in a literal as well as figurative sense, by producing portions of an updated version of an early twentieth century panoramic map from the American Memory collections.

Today in History

February 15

February 15  1898, an explosion of unknown origin sank the battleship U.S.S. Maine in the Havana, Cuba harbor, killing 266 of the 354 crew members. The sinking of the Maine incited United States passions against Spain, eventually leading to the start of the Spanish-American War.

April 25

On April 25, 1898, the United States formally declared war against Spain.  The U.S. and Spain signed a peace treaty in December of 1898. Spain gave up its claims to Puerto Rico, Cuba, and Guam and, for 20 million dollars, transferred the Philippines to the U.S.

October 18

On October 18, 1898, American troops fighting the Spanish-American War raised the United States flag in Puerto Rico formalizing U.S. control of the former Spanish colony.

Veterans History Project

Veterans History Project Home Page

The Veterans History Project (VHP) collects and preserves the remembrances of American war veterans and civilian workers who supported them. Search the database on the term Puerto Rico and select the notes field to locate Puerto Rican veterans.


The XVI Poetry Marathon of Teatro de la Luna

The Hispanic Division of the Library of Congress hosted an afternoon of Spanish poetry featuring poets from Spain, Latin America and the Caribbean. Each poet read a selection in Spanish, followed by an open discussion in English.  Featured poets included Juana Goergen, Puerto Rico.

450 Years of Spanish Poetry in the United States

The Hispanic Division and Argentinian-American poet Luis Alberto Ambroggio sponsored the celebration of "450 Years of Spanish Poetry Written in the United States." Readers included Puerto Rican poet Naomi Ayala.

Judith Ortiz Cofer: 2006 National Book Festival

Judith Cofer, a native of Puerto Rico, is a poet, novelist and essayist whose writings include a novel and several collections of poetry and essays.  Her most recent book is "The Meaning of Consuelo."

Wise Guide to

The portal includes an article entitled: A brief history of Puerto Rico.


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