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Amish Resources at the Library of Congress with Paul Connor

Poster promoting Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, showing an Amish familyMeet Paul Connor, Reference Specialist in the Local History & Genealogy Reading Room, Library of Congress.

Paul Connor, Reference Specialist in the Local History & Genealogy Reading Room, Library of Congress, draws on the Library’s extensive resources in Amish Studies to discuss the unique history and culture of Amish Americans.

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Library of Congress Online Catalog, Advanced Search
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Search for: subject=Amish AND personal name=Hostetler John Andrew 1918-,
Kraybill Donald B, Scott Stephen 1948- , Bachmann Calvin George, Johnson-Weiner Karen Nolt Steven M 1968-, Meyers Thomas J 1952-, Zimmerman-Umble Diane, Weaver-Zercher David 1960-, Testa Randy-Michael, McKusick Victor A, Tice George A, Coleman Bill 1925-, Jones Darryl D.

Prints and Photographs Online Catalog
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American Memory

Use the “Search all collections” box on the upper right of the American home page [//] and other pages to search on the word Amish. Results will include digitized historical materials from several online collections.

Other Library of Congress Sites

The American Folklife Center
Use the search box at the top of the home page to search on the word Amish.

Exhibition: When They Were Young: A Photographic Retrospective of Childhood
This exhibit contains a photograph of Amish children from the Library’s collections. To find it, use the search box at top left to search on the word Amish. Click on the image for a larger view.

The Learning Page, Immigration – German: The Call of Tolerance

Other Materials of Interest at the Library of Congress

Audio Recordings in the Archive of Folk Culture, American Folklife Center

Alan Lomax Ohio and Indiana Collection
AFS number: AFS 1763-1767
Includes five discs with ten Ausbund hymns sung by Amish bishop Eli J Bontreger,1868-1958, and Joni Easch. Recorded in Goshen, Indiana, April 13, 1938. (30 minutes; tape copy on LWO 4872 reels 124B-125A.)

Marcus Bach and Addison Alspach / Iowa Recordings
AFS number: 6994-7013; 7068-7082; 7738-7753
Forty-nine 12-inch discs and two 16-inch discs, including Amish hymns. Recorded by Marcus Bach and Addison Alspach in Iowa, 1943-44.

Martin Ressler / Old Order Amish Lob-song
AFS number: AFS 17472
“‘S Lobg’sang” (“The Hymn of Praise”--Ausbund. Das 131. Lied). “O Gott Vater, wir loben dich, . . .” Thirty minutes. Recorded at an Old Order Amish service, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, May 31, 1972, by hymnal bibliographer Martin E. Ressler.

Victoria Larimore & Michael Taylor Amish Collection
AFC number: AFC 1987/014
AFS number: AFS 24370-24458
Eighty-nine 5-inch tapes of children's songs, interviews of Amish and formerly Amish people, New Order Amish songs, Old Order Amish hymns, and various sounds of Amish life. Recorded in Ohio by Victoria Larimore and Michael Taylor, September 1983-July 1984. The collection includes fifty-two pages of correspondence and notes.

Subscription Databases

Search on the word Amish to find materials in these databases, which are accessible only onsite through ProQuest Databases.

Digital Dissertations

ProQuest Databases: ProQuest Newspapers

ProQuest Historical Newspapers

disclaimerOther Web Sites of Interest

The Amish in Northern Indiana.
From a Goshen College Web site.

Amish Studies, from the Young Center for Anabaptist and Pietist Studies at Elizabethtown College, Pennsylvania

Bethel College, Kansas
138 Amish-related articles.
To search the text of the Luther (German) Bible of 1545, use the pull-down menu to select Deutsch (DE), Luther Bibel 1545. Then search for a word or phrase; e.g., “Unser Vater in dem Himmel.”

Countries and Their Cultures: Amish Overview, by Donald B. Kraybill
Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia: Hartzler Library
Search the catalog on the word Amish to find more than 1500 titles.

“For the Amish, Almanacs Help Keep the Year in Order.” Mennonite Weekly Review, January 12, 2004.

Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online
Search by keyword or phrase: Abrath, Almanacs, Alms, Alsace (France), Amish Aid Plans, Amish Aid Society, Amish Division, Amish, Amish Mutual Fire Insurance Association, Ammann Jakob, Amusements and Entertainment, Anointing with Oil, Ausbund, Automobile, Avoidance, Beard, Bishop, Bonnet, Black Board Bulletin, Brauche, Buggies, Catechism,Chorister (Vorsanger), Christian Calendar, Coffins, Counsel Meeting, Courtship, Customs, Deacon, Dialect Literature and Speech, Pennsylvania German, Diener zum Buch, Dress, Education,
Ernsthafte Christenpflicht, Excommunication, Family History, Fasting, Feetwashing, Folk Arts, Folk Lore, Folk Medicine, Amish and Swiss Pennsylvania German Folklore, Furniture and Woodworking, Geistliches Lustgärtlein, Genealogy Resources, Genealogy, Hymnology of the Swiss, French, and South German, Mennonites, Martyrs Mirror, Menno Simons, Nonconformity, Occupations, Old Order Amish Settlement, Ordnungsgemein, Pathway Publishers, Photography, Plain People, Publishing, Quilts, Radio, Reconciliation, Schisms, Simplicity, Singing, Singing Old Order Amish, Singings Amish, Statistics, Stewardship, Taufer- Testamente, Tourism, Tunes, Weddings, Work Ethic, Worship Public (North America).
Search : (Amish Family Names): Augsburger, Bachman, Bender, Bergey, Boshart, Brenneman, Burkholder, Egli, Eicher, Engel, Erb, Esch, Eshleman, Frey, Gingerich, Hershberger, Hertzler, Hostetler, Jutzi, Kanagy, Kauffman, Kennel, King, Lapp, Litwiller, Mast, Miller, Nafziger, Schlegel, Schrag, Shantz, Smucker, Swartz, Swartzendruber, Troyer, Weaver, Yoder, Zehr, Zimmermann.

Goshen College, Indiana
231 Amish-related articles.

Goshen College, Indiana: Mennonite Historical Library at the Harold and Wilma Good Library
Search the Good Library Catalog on the word Amish to find more than 3000 titles.

International Quilt Study Collection, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Search on the word Amish.

Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Martyrs Mirror
Text and images.

Mennonite Life. Bibliographies, 1946-2005.
Use your browser’s Find or Search feature to find titles containing the word Amish.

Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheets: Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering.
Driving Safely in Amish Country, AEX 596
Buying the Right Battery for Your Buggy, AEX 596.1
Buggy Battery Safety, AEX 596.2
Buggy Highway Safety Tips for You and Your Family, AEX 596.3
Boosting visibility of Ag Equipment, AEX 598
Additional Marking of Horse Drawn Vehicles = Additional Safety, AEX 598.1

Pennsylvania State University--Special Collections--Amish: John A Hostetler Collection (Archive)
Follow the link to The CAT and use the Advanced Search form to search for materials in this archival collection.

Pictures of Amish on educational and government Web sites
Use Google Images, 8&oe=UTF 8&hl=en&tab=wi&q=
Google (Web),
Search on the following text strings:
amish site:edu
amish site:gov

Swiss Anabaptist Genealogical Association: James C. Hostetler Database
Taken from the SAGA-OMII group, James C. Hostetler database.

Search for: Almanac, Amish, Ausbund, Jacob Ammann, Martyrs Mirror, Old Order Amish, Pennsylvania German Language, Shunning, Swiss Brethren.

Other Materials of Interest

Print Sources: Books

Ausbund, Das Ist, Etliche, Schöne, Christliche Lieder: Wie Sie in dem Gefängnis zu Passau in dem Schloss von den Schweizer-Brüdern und von Anderen Rechtgläubigen Christen Hin und Her Gedichtet Worden. 13. Aufl. Lancaster County, Pa.: Verlag von den Amischen Gemeinden, 1995.
LC call number: BV481.M4 A84 1995

Beiler, Katie. Descendants and History of Christian Fisher, 1757-1838. 3rd ed. Rev. and updated by a committee of Fisher descendants. [United States]: Eby’s Quality Print., 1988.
LC call number: CS71.F533 1988

Byler, John M. Amish Immigrants of Waldeck and Hesse: A Record of 263 Immigrants, with a Record of Their Descendants to Those Who Were Married by about 1865, plus Historical Records of Germany, Shiplists, etc. Bellville, Ohio: J.M. Byler, 1993.
LC call number: E184.M45 B95 1993

Cross, Harold E., and Beulah Hostetler. Index to Selected Amish Genealogies. Baltimore: Division of Medical Genetics, Dept. of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, [1970?].
LC call number: Z5313.U5 C73

Fisher, Gideon L. Farm Life and Its Changes. Gordonville, Pa.: Pequea Publishers, 1978.
LC call number: S451.P4 F53

Gingerich, Hugh F., and Rachel W. Kreider. Amish and Amish Mennonite Genealogies. Gordonville, Pa.: Pequea Publishers, c1986.
LC call number: E184.M45 G56 1986

Hostetler, John A. Amish Society. 4th ed. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, c1993.
LC call number: E184.M45H63 1993

-----. Annotated Bibliography on the Amish. Scottdale, Pa.: Mennonite Pub. House, 1951.
LC call number: Z7845.M4 H6

-----, and Gertrude Enders Huntington. Amish Children: Education in the Family, School, and Community. Rev. ed. Fort Worth: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, c1992.
LC call number: LC586.A45 H67 1992

Igou, Brad, comp. The Amish in Their Own Words: Amish Writings from 25 Years of “Family Life” Magazine. Scottsdale, Pa.: Herald Press, 1999.
LC call number: BX8129.A5 A43 1999

Kraybill, Donald B., and Carl F. Bowman. On the Backroad to Heaven: Old Order Hutterites, Mennonites, Amish, and Brethren. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, c2001.
LC call number: BX8129.H8 K73 2001

Lindee, Susan. Moments of Truth in Genetic Medicine. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, c2005.
LC call number: RB155 .L555 2005

Scott, Stephen. Amish Houses & Barns. Intercourse, Pa.: Good Books, [1992].
LC call number: E184.M45 S35 1992

-----. The Amish Wedding and Other Special Occasions of the Old Order Communities. Intercourse, Pa.: Good Books, c1988.
LC call number: BX4951.U6 S38 1988

-----, and Kenneth Pellman. Living without Electricity. Intercourse, Pa.: Good Books, c1990.
LC call number: E184.M45 S36 1990

Print Sources: Periodicals

Mennonite Quarterly Review.
LC call number: BX8101.M4
Search the MQR index for 88 Amish articles:

Pennsylvania Mennonite Heritage.
LC call number: F160.M45 P46
The PMH Index 1978-2002 has 30 Amish articles:

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