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National Press Club Luncheon Speakers

Jimmy Carter, October 14, 1980

Image: Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter with 1973 NPC President, Donald Larrabee. National Press Club Archives

Three weeks before Election Day, President Jimmy Carter (b. 1924) outlined a new “economic revitalization program” in a speech delivered at the National Press Club. Carter’s bid for reelection was threatened by runaway inflation that had increased to double digits during his fourth year in office even as the nation’s rate of unemployment also rose to high levels and the dollar deteriorated on the international market. In addition, Carter had been unsuccessful in his efforts to rescue or arrange for the release of American hostages held in Tehran since November 1979 by the revolutionary government of Iran. Carter faced a strong challenge from the Republican nominee, the ex-Governor of California, Ronald Reagan, who had been the front runner in the polls for some time. John B. Anderson, a moderate Republican congressman running as an independent, was challenging Carter in traditional Democratic strongholds. On the day of Carter’s Press Club talk, newspapers reported that a number of celebrities who had backed Carter’s opponent in the Democratic primaries, Senator Edward M. Kennedy, announced their support for Anderson.... More [PDF; 137 KB]

Timings (hh:mm:ss)

Introductions: 00:00-04:11
Speech: 04:12-24:10
Q & A: 24:11-36:14

Topics of the Talk

  • State of the Federal Economy and Economic Recovery: 06:07-06:50
  • Impact of Federal Government on Economy and Inflation: 06:51-11:36
  • Government Addressing Causes of Inflation: 11:37-12:38
  • U.S. Economic Productivity Growth: 16:35-17:40
  • Energy Measures and Foreign Oil Consumption: 17:41-19:11
  • Proposals to Increase Employment: 19:12-21:42
  • Federal Reserve Board’s Role in Driving Interest Rates: 24:11-25:48
  • Government Role in Farming and Food Prices: 25:49-29:45
  • Changing Positions during Presidential Campaigns: 29:48-34:01
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  March 11, 2022
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