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Container Gardening
A Guide to Selected Resources

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Painting of a woman's face, framed by two potted plants she is holding up.
Young woman holding two potted geraniums.
N.Y. : Liebler & Maass lith., [1896]
Prints & Photographs Catalog, Library of Congress.

Selected Books on Container Gardening

Amatangelo, Sue. Absolutely beautiful containers: the ABC's of creative container gardens. Batavia, IL, Ball Pub., 2007. 275 p.
   SB418.A43 2007

Better homes and gardens complete guide to container gardening. Hoboken, NJ, John Wiley & Sons, c2010. 224 p.
   SB418.B478 2010

Caplin, Adam. Planted junk. London; New York, Ryland, Peters & Small, 2001. 143 p.
   SB418.C364 2001

Cox, Marty, and Zia Allaway. Grow plants in pots. New York, DK, 2011. 256 p.
   SB418.C69 2011

Eddison, Sydney. Gardens to go: creating and designing a container garden. New York, Bulfinch Press, c2005. 191 p.
   SB418.E33 2005

Gardening in containers: creative ideas from America’s best gardeners. Newtown, CT, Taunton Press, distributed by Publishers Group West, c2002. 170 p.
   SB418.G377 2002

Harrison, Joanna, and Miranda Smith. The container gardener's bible: a step-by-step guide to growing in all kinds of containers, conditions, and locations. Emmaus, PA, Rodale, c2009. 192 p.
   SB418.H38 2009

Joyce, David. The complete container garden. Pleasantville, NY, Reader’s Digest, 2003. 216 p.
   SB418.J685 2003

Keeling, Jim. Container gardening through the seasons: a seasonal guide to designing and planting container gardens. London, Kyle Cathie Limited, 2007. 176 p.
   SB418.K43 2007

Marken, Bill, Suzanne DeJohn, and the editors of the National Gardening Association. Container gardening for dummies. 2nd ed. Hoboken, NJ, Wiley Pub., c2010. 314 p.
   SB418.M27 2010

McCreary, Rosemary. Container gardens: simple steps to beautiful potted plants. Alexandria, VA, Time-Life Books, 2000. 143 p
   SB418.M29 2000

Ouellet, Kerstin P. Contain yourself: 101 fresh ideas for fantastic container gardens. Batavia, IL, Ball Pub., c2003. 299 p.
   SB418.O93 2003

Rogers, Ray. The encyclopedia of container plants: more than 500 outstanding choices for gardeners. Portland, OR, Timber Press, 2010. 344 p.
   SB418.R638 2010

Rogers, Ray. Pots in the garden: expert design and planting techniques. Portland, OR, Timber Press, 2007. 247 p.    SB418.R64 2007

Taylor’s guide to container gardening. Edited by Roger Holmes. Boston, Houghton Mifflin, 1995. 453 p.
   SB418.T39 1995

Tips for container gardening: 300 great ideas for growing flowers, vegetables & herbs by the editors & contributors of Fine Gardening. Editor, Jennifer Renjilian Morris. Newtown, CT, Taunton Press, c2011. 202 p.
   SB418.T57 2011

Webster, Vicki. Container gardening. 6th ed. Menlo Park, CA, Sunset Pub., c2004. 128 p.
   SB418.B585 2004


Edible container gardens

Crandall, Chuck, and Barbara Crandall. Movable harvests: fruits, vegetables, berries: the simplicity & bounty of container gardens. Shelburne, VT, Chapters; Buffalo, NY, Trade distribution in the U.S. by Firefly Books, c1995. 128 p.
   Bibliography: p. 122.
   SB324.4.C73 1995

Guerra, Michael. The edible container garden: growing fresh food in small spaces. New York, Simon & Schuster, c2000. 159 p.
   Bibliography: p. 155-156.
   SB324.4.G84 2000

McGee & Stuckey’s the bountiful container: a container garden of vegetables, herbs, fruits and edible flowers. New York, Workman Pub., c2002. 432 p.
   SB518.M32 2002

Purnell, Bob. Crops in pots: how to plan, plant, and grow vegetables, fruits, and herbs in easy- care containers. Pleasantville, NY, Reader's Digest, c2007. 160 p.
   SB418.P88 2007

Smith, Edward C. The vegetable gardener's container bible. North Adams, MA, Storey Pub., 2011. 263 p.
   Previously published as Incredible vegetables from self-watering containers.
   SB418.S633 2011


Specialized container gardening

Calhoun, Scott, and Lynn Hassler. Hot pots: container gardening in the arid Southwest. Tucson, AZ, Rio Nuevo Publishers, c2009. 127 p.
   SB418 .C35 2009

Krezel, Cindy. Kids' container gardening: year-round projects for inside and out. Batavia, IL, Ball Pub., c2005. 72 p.
   SB418.K77 2005

Martin, Tovah. The new terrarium: creating beautiful displays for plants and nature. New York, Clarkson Potter/Publishers, c2009. 176 p.
   SB417.M37 2009

Richardson, Fern. Small-space container gardens: transform your balcony, porch, or patio with fruits, flowers, foliage & herbs. Portland, OR, Timber Press, c2012. 186 p.
   Includes bibliographical references: p. 177.
   SB418.R53 2012

Rosenfeld, Richard. Containers for patios. London; New York, DK, 2007. 160 p.
   SB418.R67 2007

Swindells, Phillip. Container water gardens. Hauppauge, NY, Barron’s Educational Series, 2001. 64 p.
   SB423.S923 2001

Townsend, Sara Begg and Roanne Robbins. Continuous container gardens. North Adams, MA, Storey Pub., 2010. 270 p.
   SB418.T69 2010


Representative Articles

Goetz, Sue. “Container gardening on the cheap.” Fine gardening, Aug. 2012: 62-65.
   WMLC 93/1412

Gruca, Deborah. “How to wow with containers.” Garden gate, v. 16, Apr. 2010: 34-39.
   WMLC 96/483

Otteson, Carole. “Growing carnivorous plants in containers.” American gardener, v. 90, Jan/Feb 2011: 18-21.

Pleasant, Barbara. “Container gardening with vegetables and herbs.” Mother earth news, v. 251, Apr/May 2012: 66-70.

Painting of a woman passing small  flowering trees in containers.
Harper's June [1899]
Prints & Photographs Catalog, Library of Congress.

Thigpen, Charlie. “Secrets to Great Containers.” Southern living, v. 44, June 2009: 58, 61-63.

Tornio, Stacy. “Cardboard gardening.” Birds & blooms, v. 18, Apr/May 2012: 24-31.

Williams, Jennifer. “Aromatic container gardens.” Brooklyn Botanic Garden all-region guides, no. 193, 2009: 62-75.

Winterrowd, Wayne. “Herbs in pots.” Horticulture, v. 107, Aug/Sep 2010: 48-49.


Representative Internet Resources

Bulbs in Pots, GardenRant Blog

Container Garden Planting Calendar for Edibles in the N.C. Piedmont,
NC Cooperative Extension

Container Gardening, West Virginia Department of Agriculture

Container Gardening Forum, Garden Web

Container Gardening Tips, Longwood Gardens

Potted plants and flowers. Photo credit: Alison Kelly.
Container Gardens, the National Gardening Association

Eifen tuin & auto, creative gardens from Holland

Growing Lavender in Containers, Colorado State University Extension

No Ground? Use Containers, from Journey to Forever

The Potted Garden, from the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Successful Container Gardens, from the University of Illinois Extension

Vegetable Garden: Container Garden, University of Arizona Cooperative Extension

Vegetable Gardening in Containers, from the Agriculture Program of Texas A&M

Compiled by Alison P. Kelly, Updated 2012..
Revised September 2012

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