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Dining on the Railroad

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Drawing of a dining car with people seated at tables and a waiter carrying a tray. Interior of a palace hotel car used on the Pacific Railroad, sketched by A. Waud. Harper’s weekly, 1869, May 29, p. 348.  Library of Congress, Prints & Photographs Online Catalog. //


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LC call number: TX715.F74 1992

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LC call number: TF668.F84 2003

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Includes bibliographical references.
LC call number TX715.G811473 2009

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Bibliography: p. 234-235.
LC call number: TF668.L68 1996

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Originally published under the title: Dining car line to the Pacific. St Paul, Minnesota Historical Society Press, 1990.
LC call number: TF668.M38 2004

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Bibliography: p. 367-372.
LC call number: TX715.P848 1993 SciRR

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Includes indexes.
LC call number: TX715.P849 2004

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Includes bibliographical references.
LC call number: TF668.Q56 2014 SciRR

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LC call number: In-process



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Bibliography: p. 27-28.
LC call number: TF668.A76 2000

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Originally pub.: Good things to eat, as suggested by Rufus. Chicago, R. Estes, 1911
Estes was the first African American railroad chef, not the first African American chef.
LC call number: TX715.E8 2004

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Bibliography: p. 69-71.
LC call number: NK4005.K73 2008

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Includes index
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Includes index.
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Bibliography, v. 1, p. 191.
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Includes index.
LC Call number: NK4005.M37 1990 FT. MEADE



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LC call number: TF668. A1A5

Railway epicurean. Chicago, T. Burdine, 1905-1909.
LC call number: TF668.A1R3
LC is the only Library reporting holding this journal of which it has v. 1-2; 7-8.
Lists menus of many railroad lines.



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