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Photo:  A group sits around a blanket on the ground, with carriages and a racetrack in teh background.
Coaches at Jerome Park on a race day,1886.
Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.

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Picture entitled "Motor Camper and Tourist."  Shows a woman cooking over a fire, while a young boy sits in a tent looking on, and a man stands around smoking a pipe.
Family camping beside auto; woman
cooking on portable stove in foreground.
Published 1925. Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.
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Photo: People reclining on the shore of a lake, while others are in or near canoes.  One man aims a gun.

Picnic along shore of lake, near mouth of Socateau [River] Published: [between 1884 and 1891]
Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.

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   Not yet in LC

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Watercolor painting of aA man and woman about to have a picnic, cover their heads with the man's jacket to protect themselves from a downpour.Picnic in the Rain.
Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.

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Photo: a group of people at a table under a canopy, with a smoking barbeque grill nearby.Tailgate parties are all over the lawn at the University of Alabama A-Game scrimmage, Tuscaloosa, Alabama.
Prints & Photographs Online Catalog.

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   Prepared for and by fans of the rock band Phish.

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Alison P. Kelly
June 2012
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