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"Origins of Life in the Universe" -- Curator's Choice

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Ring of bright pink and white lights, with two stars to either side.
Cosmic pearls, unleashed by the explosion of Supernova 1987A . Image: NASA, ESA, P. Challis and R. Kirshner.
Swirl of red colored stars around a hazy, white center.
Spiral Gallaxy MB1.
Image: JPLCaltech, S. Willnar.

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Margulis, Lynn (1938-)
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   of microbial, plant, and animal cells on the Precambrian earth.
New Haven, Yale University Press, 1970. 349 p.

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Oparin, Aleksandr Ivanovich (1894-1980)
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      A volume commemorating the sixtieth birthday of Sidney W. Fox.

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      MLCS 93/15637

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Schrödinger, Erwin (1887-1861)
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   91 p.
      Based on lectures delivered under the auspices of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies at Trinity College,
      Dublin, in February 1943.
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Other References
   Bastian, H. Charlton. The origin of life: being an account of experiments with certain superheated saline solutions in
   hermetically sealed vessels.
London, Watts & Co., 1911. 76 p.

   Symposium on Thermodynamics and the Origin of Life, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1969. Irreversible
   thermodynamics and the origin of life.
Edited by G. F. Oster, I. L. Silver, and C. A. Tobias. New York, Gordon and
   Breach Science Publishers, 1974. 69 p.
      QH325.S88 1971

Compiled by Tomoko Y. Steen, Ph.D., July 2007, Reviewed May 2017

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   May 3, 2017
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