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Adventure Vacations

Science Reference Guide No. 36


The following is a guide to adventure travel--books, magazines, and sources of information--in the collections of the Library of Congress. The titles suggested here are meant to spark imagination and to provide a sampling of the kinds of materials available in libraries and bookstores


Cohen, Ann E. Finding adventure in travel. Library journal, v. 121, Mar. 1, 1996: 51-54.

Hills, Brian J. A guide to adventure travel. Parks & recreation, v. 30, Sept. 1995: 56-65.



Subject headings used in book, online, and CD-ROM catalogs that may be useful in locating materials on adventure vacations include the following:


Also, use the subheading--DESCRIPTION AND TRAVEL following the names of particular regions or countries, e.g., NEPAL--DESCRIPTION AND TRAVEL or specific types of vacations, e.g. BACKPACKING, DUDE RANCHES, KAYAKING, SAILING



The Adventure vacation catalog. By the publishers of Specialty travel index. New York, Simon & Schuster, 1987, c1984. 382 p.
   G516.A38 1987 <MRR AK>

Adventure vacations: from trekking in New Guinea to swimming in Siberia. Edited by Richard Bangs. Santa Fe, N.M., John Muir Publications; New York, Distributed to the book trade by W. W. Norton, c1990. 241 p.
   GV191.35.A35 1990

Brause, Dianne G. Directory of alternative travel resources. Berkeley, Calif., One World Family Travel Network, c1988. 26 p.
   G154.B72 1988

Casewit, Curtis W. Summer adventures. New York, Collier Books, Maxwell Macmillan International, 1994. 306 p.
   GV166.C37 1994

Castner, James L. Rainforests: a guide to research and tourist facilities at selected tropical forest sites in Central and South America. Gainesville, Fla., Feline Press, c1990. 380 p.
   QH323.S63C37 1990
   Includes a chapter on "hands-on" organizations describing "programs that enable both laymen and students to participate in on-site research or education in some aspect of tropical biology" and a "partial list of the many companies and institutions that offer natural history or special interest tours to rainforest areas."

A Connoisseur's guide: unusual trips for the discriminating traveler. Edited by Suzi Kobrin. Del Mar, Calif., ZapoDel, c1985. 325 p.
   G153.4.C635 1985

Crawford, J. Directory of low cost vacations with a difference. Rev. ed. Babylon, N.Y., Pilot Books, c1989. 68 p.
   G155.A1C73 1989

Dickerman, Pat. Adventure travel North America. Scottsdale, Ariz., Adventure Guides, c1993. 288 p.
   GV191.35.D53 1993 <SciRR>

Fodor's great American learning vacations. 2nd ed. New York, Fodor's Travel Publications; Distributed by Random House, c1997. 323 p.
   L901.F63 1997 <SciRR>

Fodor's great American sports and adventure vacations. New York, Fodor's Travel Publications, c1994. 346 p.
   GV191.35.F63 1994

Foehr, Stephen. Eco-journeys: the world guide to ecologically aware travel and adventure. Chicago, Noble Press, c1993. 351 p.
   G155.A1F63 1993 <SciRR>
   Organized according to comfort level. Includes section featuring trips designed for people with special needs due to physical disability or behavior disorders.

Geffen, Alice M., and Carole Berglie. Ecotours and nature getaways: a guide to environmental vacations around the world. New York, C. Potter, c1993. 324 p.
   G155.A1G355 1993 <SciRR>
   Includes annotated list of tour operators (p. 279-319), geographical and trip indexes, and a brief bibliography (p. 320).

Graham, Scott. Adventure travel in Latin America: where to backpack, camp, and find adventure in Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America, and South America. Berkeley, Calif., Wilderness Press, 1990. 182 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   GV199.44.L37G73 1990

Graham, Scott. Backpacking and camping in the developing world: a how-to adventure guide for travelling on your own or with a group. Berkeley, Calif., Wilderness Press, 1988. 144 p.
   Bibliography: p. 143-144.
   GV191.48.D4G73 1988

Graham, Scott. Handle with care: a guide to responsible travel in developing countries. Chicago, Noble Press, c1991. 167 p.
   G155.D44G73 1991

Grotta, Daniel, and Sally Wiener Grotta. The Green travel sourcebook: a guide for the physically active, the intellectually curious, or the socially aware. New York, Wiley, c1992. 304 p.
   Bibliography: p. 251-253.
   G155.A1G79 1991
   See especially "Geographic Index of Programs" (p. 261-296).

Guide to academic travel. 1st- ed., 1990- Coral Gables, Fla., Shaw Associates.
   LB2375.G85 1990
   "Adult study vacations worldwide sponsored by museums, colleges, & educational organizations."

Heise, Jon O., and Julia R. Rinehart. The travel book: guide to the travel guides. 2nd ed. Metuchen, N.J., Scarecrow Press, 1993. 397 p.
   Z6011.H4 1993 <MRR Alc>

High-school student's guide to study, travel, and adventure abroad. Council on International Educational Exchange. 5th ed. New York, St. Martin's Press, 1995. 308 p.
   LB1696.H54 1995

Holing, Dwight. Earthtrips: a guide to nature travel on a fragile planet. Los Angeles, Living Planet Press, c1991. 209 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   QH75.H64 1991
   "Continent-by-continent samplers of some of the most fascinating and unusual nature destinations serviced by nonprofit and commercial tour operators." There are additional chapters on volunteer vacations and nature-study travel programs.

Jeffrey, Nan, and Kevin Jeffrey. Adventuring with children: an inspirational guide to world travel of the outdoors. Ashland, Mass., Avalon House Pub., c2000. 312 p.
   Not Yet in LC

Kaye, Evelyn. Free vacations & bargain adventures in the USA. 2nd ed. Boulder, Colo., Blue Penguin Publications, c1998. 222 p.
   G155.U6K29 1998

Le Bon, Leo. The Adventurous traveler's guide. With a foreword by Sir Edmund Hillary. New York, Simon & Schuster, c1985. 174 p.
   Includes bibliographies.
   G516.L43 1985

Long, Kim. Encyclopedia of field trips & educational destinations. Santa Barbara, Calif., ABC-CLIO, c1991. 355 p.
   Bibliography: p. 315-316.
   LB1047.L63 1991 <SciRR>

McMenamin, Paul. The ultimate adventure sourcebook: the complete resource for adventure, sports, and travel. Rev. ed. Atlanta, Turner Pub., c1997. 400 p.
   GV191.35.M36 1997

McMillon, Bill. Volunteer vacations: short-term adventures that will benefit you and others. 5th ed., rev. and expanded. Chicago, Chicago Review Press; Distributed by Independent Publishers Group, c1995. 453 p.
   Bibliography: p. 447-453.
   HN49.V64M35 1995 /p>

McMillon, Bill. Wilderness U: opportunities for outdoor education in the U.S. & abroad. Chicago, Chicago Review Press, s.1.; Distributed by Independent Pub. Group. 281 p.
   LB1047.M38 1992
   Includes cross-referenced indexes by subject, region, and college credit, and a bibliography of books, directories, and periodicals "concerned with various types of learning vacations" (p. 277-279).

Nolting, Mark. Africa's top wildlife countries. 5th ed., rev. and updated. Pompano Beach, Fla., Global Travel Publishers, c1997. 614 p.
   QL337.S78N65 1997 <SciRR>

Ocko, Stephanie. Environmental vacations: volunteer projects to save the planet. 2nd ed. Santa Fe, N.M., J. Muir Publications; New York, Distributed by W. W. Norton, c1992. 248 p.
   Q182.3.O24 1992 <SciRR>
   See especially "Organizations offering environmental opportunities" (p. 206-245).

Peterson's summer opportunities for kids and teenagers. 6th- ed., 1989- Princeton, N.J., Peterson's Guides. annual.
   GV186.S85 <SciRR>

Rice, Larry. Baja to Patagonia: Latin American adventures. Golden, Colo., Fulcrum Pub., c1993. 217 p.
   Bibliography: p. 215-217.
   F1409.3.R53 1993

Simmons, James C. The big book of adventure travel. 3rd ed. Santa Fe, N.M., John Muir Publications; Emeryville, Calif., Distributed to the book trade by Publishers Group West, c1997. 389 p.
   GV191.35.S56 1997



Abode of snow. Edited by Kim Larsen. Buzzworm, v. 5, May/June 1993: 53-56, 58-59.
   Ecotravel in the Himalayas. Includes information on selected guided tours and a review of expedition clothing options.

Amazing Amazon. Edited by Jon Christensen. Buzzworm, v. 5, Mar./Apr. 1993: 46-50, 52-53.

Anderson, Geri. Adventurers wanted. Sunset, v. 204, June 2000: 52-53.
   Adventure vacations specifically for those who are aged 55 and older.

Beeh, Jenny H. Adventure vs. ecotourism. E: the environmental magazine, v. 10, May/June 1999: 46-47.

Belize, Bali, and beyond. Washingtonian, v. 30, Apr. 1995: 98-99.

Davis, Andrew S. Looking for fun. American visions, v. 14, Apr./May 1999: 48+
   Information is provided on several companies that offer outdoor adventure vacations geared toward African-Americans.

Dworetzky, Tom. Touring the jungle: ecotourism in Costa Rica. Omni, v. 14, Mar. 1992: 46-50, 52-53.

Ecotravel in America. Buzzworm, v. 5, July/Aug. 1993: 55-58, 60-61, 63.
   Features 12 great trips, from viewing Mexico's annual monarch butterfly congregation to hiking, biking, and kayaking through the diverse ecosystem of Hawaii's Big Island.

Ham, Kimberly. The wild life of a safari guide. Cosmopolitan, v. 216, Mar. 1994: 86-87.

Jaffe, Matthew. Eye to eye with orca in the Sea of Cortez. Sunset, v. 190, Mar. 1993: 100-107.

Jungle journal. Buzzworm, v. 5, Mar./Apr. 1993: 54-57, 59-60, 62-63
   A series of brief articles on jungle trips and ecoventures in Ecuador, Columbia, Peru, Venesuela, and Brazil.

Keating, Bern. Pack your parka for an ecotrip. Travel & leisure, v. 22, Jan. 1992: 52, 54-55.

Keating, Bern. T & L trip planner: bagging the best safari. Travel & leisure, v. 23, Feb. 1993: 94-101, 135-136.
   Covers questions Where in Africa? Which outfitter? What time of year?

Kostyal, K. M. The ecotourism alternative. National Geographic traveler, v. 9, Mar./Apr. 1992: 32, 34-36.
   "Environmentally responsible travel is becoming a reality thanks to a novel alliance among developers, conservationists, and concerned citizens."

Lawrence, Michael. Exuma fantasea: eco-diving in the Central Bahamas. Skin diver, v. 42, Sept. 1993: 76-

Lobb, Welles, and Pamela Cooper. Looking for adventure: trips for runners. Runner's world, v. 34, May 1999: 90-93.

Lustgarden, Steve. Biking in the parks of south India. Great expeditions, no. 74, spring 1993: 43-45.

Melzer, Bruce. Play hard, tread lightly. Alaska, v. 59, July 1993: 22-27.
   Ecotravel in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Norris, Ruth. Ecotourism in the national parks of Latin America. National parks, v. 68, Jan./Feb. 1994: 32-37

Pendleton, Tonya. Adventurous spirits living on the edge: 10 adventure travel spots. Essence, v. 26, July 1995: 96-99.

Scott, James, and Joanne Robertson. Lost in the Himalayas. Reader's digest, v. 146, Jan. 1995: 149-175.

Tedeschi, Tony. Natural attractions of the Caribbean & Central & South America. Audubon, v. 95, Nov./Dec. 1993: 33-43.
   A special advertising section with descriptive information for environmentally oriented tourists.

A True course to adventure. Field & stream, v. 99, Jan. 1995: 50-63.
   Provides information sources, i.e., outfitters, guidebooks, fish and wildlife departments, etc., for fishing and hunting adventures.

Watkins, Steve. It's eco-logical. Geographical, v. 72, June 2000: 66-67.

Wise, Jayne. Dolphin quest in Belize. National Geographic traveler, v. 10, Nov./Dec. 1993: 24, 26-28.



Adventure Travel Society
228 North F Street
Salida, CA 81201
Tel:     719-530-0171
Fax:    719-530-0172
A membership organization, the Adventure Travel Society has published the 1991, 1992, and 1993 World Congress on Adventure Travel and Ecotourism Proceedings.

Partners in Responsible Tourism
P.O. Box 237
San Francisco, CA 94104-0237
Tel:     415-675-0420
PIRT has held educational seminars on tourism, the environment, and opportunities for alternative forms of travel.

Earthwatch Expeditions, Inc.
P.O. Box 9104
Watertown, MA 02272
Tel:    617-926-8200
Sponsors scientific research using scientists, artists, teachers, students and volunteers. Earthwatch magazine describes the research projects, providing details on time, cost, etc., for potential participants.

International Ecotourism Society
P.O. Box 668
Burlington, VT 05402
Tel:     802-651-9818
Fax:    802-651-9819
Founded in 1990 to foster a true sense of synergy between outdoor travel entrepreneurs, researchers, and conservationists.

Outward Bound
Route 9D, R2, Box 280
Garrison, NY 10524
Tel:     800-243-8520
Tel:     914-424-4000
Operates 5 wilderness schools and 10 urban centers in the U.S. to help young people and adults discover and extend their own resources and abilities by confronting them with a series of increasingly difficult challenges. Programs operate in 22 states.

Wilderness Inquiry
1313 5th Street, S.E.
Minneapolis, MN 55414-1546
Tel:     800-728-0719
Tel:     612-379-3858
A non-profit organization providing outdoor adventure for people of all ages and abilities.



The Internet offers a growing number of sites useful for information on adventure vacations and ecotourism. Many of the organizations listed above provide this type of information, as well as links to related sites from their web sites. It is also possible to find web sites using a search engine such as Alta Vista, Google, or Northern Light, to locate additional sites. The following sites may be of interest.

All World Vacation Station
This site features links to a variety of adventure and ecotourism vacations, including African safaris and Hawaiian adventures.

Gordon's Guide
Listed as one of the world's top 300 sites by Has a special section of adventure travel opportunities just for women.

Mountain Travel*Sobek
A sleek, well-designed site puts all of this travel company's offerings at your fingertips, with difficulty levels, prices, itineraries, and departure dates.

Specialty Travel Index
Specialty Travel Index is the #1 source for adventure and special-interest vacations worldwide. Features tour and contact information for over 500 adventure tour operators around the globe.

Travelon's trip finder
If you don't know what you're looking for, search for travel packages to out-of-the-way spots offered by various companies.

Compiled by Nathan L. Trail and Kori Calvert
April 1996, updated November 2000

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