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Personal Belongings in the
Science and Business Reading Room

Researchers using the Science, Technology & Business Reading Room must enter by the security guard station and show a valid Reader Identification Card.

Starting October 24, 2022:

NEW Science and Business Reading Room Personal Belongings Policy

Individuals should limit the amount of personal property they bring into the Library.

Science and Business Reading Room researchers must use a free, self-service locker to store the following personal items:

  • Briefcases, laptop bags, and cases for other equipment
  • Computers or monitors larger than laptop size
  • Containers larger than 9.5 x 6.26 inches (includes paper bags, boxes, backpacks, shopping bags, sleeping bags, etc.)
  • Food and/or drinks, which must be in an air tight and sealed container
  • Handbags or purses larger than 9.5 x 6.25 inches
  • Musical instruments and their cases
  • Newspapers
  • Outerwear (such as raincoats and jackets)
  • Scissors or other cutting implements
  • Umbrellas

Prohibited items that cannot be brought into Library buildings:

  • Oversized (not exceeding 25 x 15 inches) suitcases or bags that will not fit on the x-ray conveyor belts
  • Dangerous weapons that include, but are not limited to, firearms, explosives, knives, razors, and box-cutters

The guard post or LOC staff can refuse items to be stored in lockers based on unsanitary or uncleanliness of items.

No overnight storage is allowed. The Library reserves the right to refuse items for storage. Items left overnight will be turned over to the Lost and Found.

Personal scanners must be approved by Science, Technology & Business Division management for use in the Reading Room.

Items that are larger than lockers must be taken to one of the Library's two cloakrooms located in the Madison or Jefferson Buildings. Note: Duffle bags, oversized luggage and large storage bags are NOT permitted in the cloakroom.

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   October 13, 2022
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