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Selected Lesson Topics
Using the Library of Congress
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Photo: Library staff help school children to conduct experiments
at the "Science Safari" at the Library of Congress on March 18, 2003

Library staff person smiling as a student  uses materials for an experiment.


1. Create your own Everyday Mystery

Using the Everyday Mystery model, have students research a science topic.
Everyday Mysteries //

Guide to creating your own Everyday Mystery:
Ed-U-Bit #11

2. Let it Grow! School Gardening

Have the students create a garden.

School Gardening: A Guide to Selected Resources

School Gardening Activities: A Guide to Selected Resources

More gardening resources such as guides on children’s, container and fragrant gardens can be found at

3. History of Household Technology

Ask the students to pick a household technology item and learn about its history.

The History of Household Technology with Constance Carter -- Webcast: (17 mins)
Constance Carter, Head of the Science Reference Section at the Library of Congress, describes the evolution of washing machines, irons, and stoves and its effect on the work of women in the home.
long. //

The History of Household Technology, a Science Tracer Bullet

4. Scientists

Have the students learn about a scientist.

African-Americans in Science and Engineering

Hispanics in Science and Engineering

Biography, History of Science -- Science Subject Guide

5. Barbecue: A History of the World's Oldest Culinary Art

Have the students learn about the history of BBQ.

Barbecue: A History of the World’s Oldest Culinary Art -- Webcast (70 mins)
Steven Raichlen is the author of 26 cookbooks and the host of "Barbecue University," a television show on PBS. He discusses the history and practices of in cultures the world over.

BBQ History: Guide to Selected Resources

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