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Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


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Photo: two persons kneeling near a fence.  One has a stick that is in a hole in a ground.

Photo: Close up of the stick being placed in the hole.

Photo: pest trap on the ground outside, with  tubiing leading to a small drum shaped container.
Conducting Urban Rodent Surveys. Photos from Center for Disease Control and Prevention Web site.


Currently several techniques exist for limiting damages caused by agricultural pests. The application of pesticides alone is the most common approach, but it can be harmful to the agroecosystem in which it is used and can be less effective than other methods. Another means of pest control is biological control, which seeks to eliminate the use of pesticides. In biological control preservation of the pest’s natural enemies is essential, as is the utilization of biopesticides, naturally occurring substances that are harmful to the pest. A third technique in agricultural pest control is Integrated Pest Management, or IPM, which utilizes biological control techniques, but also uses chemical pesticides as a last resort. This guide updates TB 82-6, Biological Control of Insects, and provides a representative sample of Library of Congress titles on the control of agricultural pests. Not intended as a comprehensive bibliography, this compilation is designed--as the name of the series implies--to put the reader "on target."



Herren, Ray V. The science of agriculture: a biological approach. 3rd ed. Clifton Park, NY, Thomson/Delmar Learning, c2007. 646 p.
   See especially Chapter 15, “Agricultural Entomology.”
   S495.H625 2007 <SciRR>

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   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB936.B55 2004



Subject headings used by the Library of Congress, under which works on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) can be located in Library catalogs, include the following:

Highly Relevant






More General




Hajek, Ann E. Natural enemies: an introduction to biological control. Cambridge, Eng., New York, Cambridge University Press, 2004. 378 p.
   Bibliography: p. 347-365.
   SB933.3.H37 2004 <SciRR>

Insect pest management: techniques for environmental protection. Edited by Jack E. Rechcigl and Nancy A. Rechcigl. Boca Raton, FL, Lewis Publishers, c2000. 392 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB933.3.I53 2000

Integrated pest management: potential, constraints, and challenges. Edited by Opender Koul, G. S. Dhaliwal, and G. W. Cuperus. Wallingford, Eng., Cambridge, MA, CABI Pub., c2004. 329 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB950.I4577 2004 <SciRR>

Norris, Robert F., Edward P. Caswell-Chen, and Marcos Kogan. Concepts in integrated pest management. Upper Saddle River, NJ, Prentice Hall, c2003. 586 p.
   Bibliography: p. 523-532.
   SB950.N638 2003 <SciRR>

Pedigo, Larry P., and Marlin E. Rice. Entomology and pest management. 5th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2006. 749 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB931.P39 2006 <SciRR>

Thacker, J. R. M. An introduction to arthropod pest control. Cambridge, Eng., New York, Cambridge University Press, 2002. 343 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB931.T52 2002



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   Bibliography: p. 203-224.
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Biological control in IPM systems in Africa. Edited by P. Neuenschwander, C. Borgemeister, and J. Langewald. Wallingford, Eng., Cambridge, MA, CABI Pub. in association with the ACP-EU Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Co-operation and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, c2003. 414 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
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Biological control: measures of success. Edited by Geoff Gurr and SteveWratten. Dordrecht, Boston, Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2000. 429 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Bibliography: p. 342-398.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB975.E26 2004 <SciRR>

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299 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB933.3.E58 2006

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   Bibliography: p. 259-305.
   SB937.H34 2006

Hill, Dennis S. Pests of stored foodstuffs and their control. Dordrecht, Boston, Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2002. 476 p.
   Bibliography: p. 445-451.
   Originally published as Pests of stored products and their control. Boca Raton, FL, Belhaven Press, 1990.
   SB937.H55 2002

Insect management for food storage and processing. 2nd ed. Edited by Jerry W. Heaps. St. Paul, MN, AACC International, c2006. 231 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB937.I57 2006 <SciRR>

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   Includes bibliographical references
   SB931.I43 2004

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   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB950.I4573 2003 <SciRR>

Invasive arthropods in agriculture: problems and solution. Editors Guy J. Hallman, Charles P. Schwalbe. Enfield, NH, Science Publishers, c2002. 447 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB990.I564 2002

Theoretical approaches to biological control. Edited by Bradford A. Hawkins and Howard V. Cornell. Cambridge, Eng., New York, Cambridge University Press, 1999. 412 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Bibliography: p. 325-327.
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   Bibliography: p. 295-347.
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no. 77)
   Bibliography: p. 441-502.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
   SF518.A38 1989

Advances in microbial control of insect pests. Edited by Rajeev K. Upadhyay. New York, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, c2003. 330 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB933.34.A38 2003

Alternatives to pesticides in stored-product IPM. Edited by Bhadriraju Subramanyam, David W. Hagstrum. Boston, Kluwer Academic Publishers, c2000. 437 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB937.A48 2000

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343 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB933.34.E58 2003

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   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB976.F85F86 2001

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   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Bibliography: p. 221-249.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
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Microbials in insect pest management. Editors, S. Ignacimuthu, A. Sen. Enfield, NH, Science Publishers, c2001. 174 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB931.M63 2001

Nematodes as biocontrol agents. Edited by Parwinder S. Grewal, Ralf-Udo Ehlers, and David I. Shapiro-Ilan. Wallingford, Eng., Cambridge, MA, CABI Pub., c2005. 505 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   SB976.N46N46 2005

New strategies in locust control. Edited by S. Krall, R. Preveling, and D. Ba Diallo. Basel, Boston, Birkhauser Verlag, c1997. 522 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
   Papers presented at a conference in Bamako, Mali, Apr. 3-8, 1995.
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   Bibliography: p. 323-395.
   Revised and enlarged edition of the book titled Breeding for resistance to diseases and insect-pests by the first author which was published by Springer-Verlag, Germany in 1986.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
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   “University of California Statewide Integrated Pest Management Project.”
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   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
   Papers from an International Organization for Biological Control symposium held in Montpellier, France, 2002.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Includes bibliographical references.
   Contributed papers presented at the symposium held on 7-8 Feb., 2002.
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   SB950.2.O7F56 2005
   URL: (28.1 MB)
   (The freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print this resource.)

Pesticide regulation: evaluation report. St. Paul, MN, Office of the Legislative Auditor, Program Evaluation Division, 2006. 99 p.
   Includes bibliographical references.
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   Bibliography: p. 70.
   SB950.2.O7R44 2006
   URL: (3.92 MB)
   The freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print this resource.)

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   SB950.2.A1U55 2001
   URL: (2.10 MB)
   (The freely available Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view and print this resource.)



Dissertations may be identified by using online resources or the following indexes located in the Main Reading Room. Consult any reference librarian about options. Some dissertations may be available in full text through electronic resources on public terminals at the Library of Congress.

Comprehensive Dissertation Index (1861-1972)
   Z5053.X47 1973

Comprehensive Dissertation Index. Supplement (1973- annual)

Dissertation Abstracts International (1938- monthly)
   Z5053.D57 and Electronic format



Arevalo-Rodriguez, Hector Alejandro. A study of the behavior, ecology, and control of flower thrips in blueberries towards the development of an integrated pest management (IPM) program in Florida and southern Georgia. Ann Arbor, MI, University Microfilms, 2007.
   UMI publication number AAT 3248955
   Collation of the original: 167 p.
   Thesis (doctoral)--University of Florida, 2006.

Daugherty, Matthew Patrick. Plant productivity, consumer feeding preferences, and biological control in a terrestrial arthropod food web. Ann Arbor, MI, University Microfilms, 2007.
   UMI publication number AAT 3253823
   Collation of the original: 152 p.
   Thesis (doctoral)--University of California, Berkeley, 2006.

Hannon, Eugene Russell. Developing an IPM program to control the carpenterworm moth and poplar-and-willow borer in irrigated hybrid poplars. Ann Arbor, MI, University Microfilms, 2007.
   UMI publication number AAT 3252291
   Collation of the original: 191 p.
   Thesis (doctoral)--Washington State University, 2006.

Heard, Edward. Establishment of blackberries and detection and management of raspberry crown borer. Ann Arbor, MI, University Microfilms, 2007.
   UMI publication number AAT 1439517
   Collation of the original: 63 p.
   Thesis (Masters)--Mississippi State University, 2006.

Moning, Elias T. Reinventing indigenous knowledge: a crucial factor for an IPM-based sustainable agricultural development. Ann Arbor, MI, University Microfilms, 2007.
   UMI publication number AAT 3212743
   Collation of the original: 372 p.
   Thesis (Doctoral)--University of Massachusetts Amherst, 2006.

Moreno, Carlo R. The role of relative abundance and identity in the effectiveness of generalist predators as biocontrol agents of Pieris rapae L. (Lepidoptera: Pieridae). Ann Arbor, MI, University Microfilms, 2007.
   UMI publication number AAT 1439172
   Collation of the original: 95 p.
   Thesis (Masters)--University of Maryland, College Park, 2006.

Neumann, Gabor. Dual-strategy biological control of the alfalfa snout beetle, Otiorhynchus ligustici L. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), using persistent entomopathogenic nematodes in a single- vs. multispecies natural enemy approach. Ann Arbor, MI, University Microfilms, 2007.
   UMI publication number AAT 3246744
   Collation of the original: 124 p.
   Thesis (doctoral)--Cornell University, 2007.



Abstracting and Indexing Services that index relevant journal articles and other literature are listed below. Some suggested terms for searching are “biological control,” “pest management,” “insect pests,” or other headings, depending upon the topic of interest. Many of the titles may now be available in electronic format. Please consult a reference librarian for the location and format of abstracting and indexing services.

Applied Science & Technology Index (1913- )
   Z7913.I7 <SciRR A&I> & Electronic Format

Bibliography of Agriculture (1942-2000)
   Z5073.U572 <SciRR A&I> and AGRICOLA (Electronic Format)

Biological Abstracts (1927- )
   QH301.B37 <SciRR A&I> and Electronic format

Biological & Agricultural Index (1916- )
   Z5073.A46 <SciRR A&I> and Electronic format

Garden, Landscape & Horticulture Index
   Electronic format

Ecological Abstracts (1974- )
   QH540.E27 and Electronic format

Environmental Sciences and Pollution Management (1967- )
   Electronic format

General Science Index (1978- )
   Z7401.G46 & Electronic Format

Horticultural Abstracts (1981- )
   SB1.H65 <SciRR A&I>

Readers’ Guide to Periodical Literature (1900- )
   AI3.R48 <BusRR> and Electronic format

Science Citation Index (1961- )
   Z7401.S365 <SciRR A&I> and Electronic format



Journals that often contain articles relevant to IPM and biological control:

Agricultural and Forest Entomology SB599.A4
Agricultural Research S1.A1815
Appropriate Technology T1.A66
The Florida Entomologist QL461.F6
HortScience SB317.5.H675
Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology QL495.I49
Insect Science QL483.C6I57
International Journal of Pest Management SB950.A1P18
Journal of Applied Entomology SB599.Z37
Journal of Economic Entomology SB599.J5
Journal of Invertebrate Pathology SB942.J6
Journal of Stored Products Research TX599.J6
Pest Management Science SB950.9.P46



Amevoin, K., and others. Biological control of bruchids infesting cowpea by the introduction of Dinarmus basalis (Rondani) (Hymenoptera: Pteromalidae) adults into farmers’ stores in West Africa. Journal of stored products research , v. 43, no. 3, 2007: 240-247.

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Selected materials available in the Science Reading Room pamphlet boxes include the following:

Bauce, Éric, Nathalie Carisey, and Alain Dupont. Carry over effects of the entomopathogen Bacillus thuringiensis ssp. Kurstaki on Choristoneura fumiferana (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) progeny under various stressful environmental conditions. Agricultural and forest entomology, v. 8, Feb. 2006: 63-76.

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Association of Applied IPM Ecologists (AAIE)
P.O. Box 526
Oxnard, CA 93030
Phone: (805) 483-6246
E-Mail: [email protected]

Association of Natural Biocontrol Producers (ANBP)
c/o Maclay Burt, Exec.Dir.
2230 Martin Dr.
Tustin, CA 92782
Phone: (714) 544-8295
Fax: (714) 544-8295
E-Mail: [email protected]

Bio-Integral Resource Center (BIRC)
P.O. Box 7414
Berkeley, CA 94707
Phone: (510) 524-2567
Fax: (510) 524-1758
E-Mail: [email protected]

National Pest Management Association International (NPMA)
9300 Lee Hwy., Ste. 301
Fairfax, VA 22031
Phone: (703) 352-6762
Fax: (703) 352-3031
Toll-Free: (800) 678-6722
E-Mail: [email protected]



The Internet offers a number of sites useful for finding information on integrated pest management. Several of the organizations listed above provide links to related sites from their web sites. You might try the sites described below, or use your favorite search engine (such as Google or Yahoo) and appropriate key words to identify more specific resources.

Advanced Pheromone Technologies (APTIV)

Biocontrol for the Layman

Biocontrol Methods in Commercial Greenhouses

Biocontrol Network

Cornell University Biological Control

EPA - IPM Website

Global IPM Technology Network

International Association for the Plant Protection Services

International Organization for Biological Control - Arthropod Mass Rearing and Quality Control

Iowa State - IPM

IPM Institute of North America

Pacific Biocontrol

Pesticides Action Network Pesticides Database

Plant Protection Sciences

Understanding Biological Control for the Layman

University of California IPM Home Page

USDA Regional IPM Centers Information System

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